Welcome to the Church of I.M. The “I.M” stands for, Illumination of Metatron. This is an online church, or better yet path builder for change and the ascension process toward illumination and divinity. The articles here are merely only introductory articles, many having hidden meaning under the surface of how they are worded or presented. The deeper truth is found at the actual online classroom for those who see the deeper message in these articles, seeing beyond the surface metaphors and symbolism.

If you are ready, please go to the classroom for more. For now, open your mind as you read through the site.  “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through” Matthew 7:13. Even that scripture has a hidden meaning. The narrow gate not only applies to the harder but more righteous path in life trying to live as a good person, but it also applies to the path of those trying to reach illumination. The wide and broad gate is the one that most people take for learning, as it is trendy, and filled with ego. It allows the belief that one is really a spiritual master but never provides the fulfillment of what being one really means. It leads only to illusion. The narrow gate with few finding it, is the one that is less popular, harder, but real. Illumination is a path that has been offered since ancient times for those in exclusive elite secret circles. The knowledge would never be allowed to slip through those circles for the whole world to obtain. The whole world like it being found easily all over the internet and in large spiritual communities. All of that is merely just used to distract people from finding the real thing. The forbidden knowledge is something that even those in elite circles have had to work most of their lives for, being initiated step by step, some never making it to the top of the illuminated light. Why would it be so easy now for people to find? It’s not.

The truth is, the narrow gate is hidden from anyone entering it because knowledge at this kind, means power and truth. The truth sets you free and empowers you. That means that you are no longer able to be controlled by this world anymore but instead enter into a new kingdom. That is why Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”. He had wisdom that made him subject to another, even while he was here. He was above this system. Much of his knowledge has been twisted so that no one ever finds what he really tried to teach, so that no one ever becomes above this system spiritually. This would make a person who is above it, unable to be controlled. Control is what this world is all about. Look around you!

Everything that you see is just another tactic of controlling you. Your mind is told what to think through what you see around you every day through logos, commercials, movies, celebrity trends, music and so much more. Without one thing to, you have been conformed into a slave. Every day people have to work hard just to survive. It exhausts them and the only thing left for them to do is to sit at home on the Internet or television which is filled with ads that embed into their mind. Without thinking about anything, that burger commercial from a few hours before that they saw may come up in the form of a craving instead of a thought. The person doesn’t remember that they saw the commercial, they only know that they’re craving for the burger. Then, out the door they go…to go get one. The money that they spent hard working for, goes right back into the pockets of the corporations. The more depressed people are, the more vulnerable they are to influence. Whatever their Temptations are, the more vulnerable they are as well. And that’s why there are so many influences that pertain to all of the Temptations that a person can have as far as, flaws like addictions, eating disorders or over eating habits, and so much more.

The truth is is that everyone is just a pawn for those at the top of the pyramid so to speak, to keep pushing them into a form of commercialized slavery. People are miserable every day. They struggle to make ends meet and don’t have enough money to live their dreams. They go to church but they never really find any real true deep fulfillment. Just a sense of gratification. There are so many people out there that don’t even ask if there is anything more to learn about when it comes to God, the meaning to life, their purpose? And when they do ask, they are given superficial answers that are explained away through the reinterpretation of man’s religious doctrines time and time again. The ascended masters who have come here have all known the truth. But every time that they tried to lead the masses toward change, their teachings were stolen and integrated into the worldwide agenda. That’s right, worldwide.

Once upon a time, an ancient race came to earth and integrated with the people who were originally native here. Creating their own hybrid species, they went onto create a whole new race of mankind that had more intelligence than the natives. Through that they could have intelligent slaves, but not a people that would bypass their own intelligence level that could potentially become uncontrolled. More and more they found ways to control the people. Everything was to satisfy their hunger for greed. The little man was always suppressed or used as a tool for those in the greater circles of The families of those ancient races so that they could continue to be at the top of that pyramid that I spoke of. There are a lot of people out there today claiming that they know the truth behind a similar story.

However, I can guide you into the real truth and then take you into a higher knowledge thats not available here. Great! There is more spiritual truth, only earthlings do not have it. The ancient race of beings had been cut off from their origins once they came here and as a result had no further ability to gain access to the truth. They slowly forgot more and more as time went by and a lot of it had faded into the background of their suppressed memories. The only parts of truth that they had, were those that they could document down through ancient writing. A lot of it was missing and would always remain so, until now. Archangel Metatron offer is this path to those who are worthy of it. Even those that walk the path of masonry to the 33 degree Illumination I never have ever reached the real meaning of what that is. Their illumination is merely only based upon their own earthly definition of it which still makes them so much higher than the every day average person. But now there’s a chance for the every day average person to rise up and finally set themselves free from the confinement of this world’s deception and spiritual suppression.

Once you enter this path, you can never turn back. Your eyes will be opened to many things that you can’t even imagine to know right now. That’s why not many find the narrow gate. For so long, many people have been seeking for this kind of knowledge. It’s not been made easy even just to find the kind of knowledge that is hidden in the elite circles, let alone that of heavenly truth. For those that have found the earthly version of it that the elite circles have, they always use it for evil purposes. The knowledge has been used for self serving agendas, that have even lead people to hurt other people time and time again. This type of knowledge that I have, it’s only meant for those that are ready to enter the path of divinity. The path of divinity is what real illumination is. It is a true illuminated crown or halo around the head. This means that a person has now entered into the path of total righteousness. With that righteousness comes the total truth. You cannot have one without the other. And that is why the narrow gate is so hard to enter through. No one is courageous or selfless enough to give up the human perspective and its desires, to enter into the path of divinity which is selfless and without attachment. Only if you have ever come close to it. For anyone else, the truth has always been hidden away.

Now is the time that the human race is being called for true ascension toward real illumination. But only those that are truly worthy of it, will receive it. The heavens will block those who have evil in their hearts, from reaching the rest of the way. Only those who are truly sincere with the purest of hearts can actually really make it. That is because only those pure of heart will be able to interpret the meaning of a lot of the teachings as they are richly encoded protect their true meaning from those that do not have a pure heart or clear ninth. That is because those whose hearts are not pure and who live without a clear conscience are the ones that use great knowledge for power that yields wickedness. Enter this path cautiously.