The Rule of Man

The power of duality who is often misunderstood or overlooked. Everything must come in balance. For every thing is, was, and always will be.  In actuality, in this particular reality, humans make their very own rules and regulations. As I’ve said before, they once believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. To those of us who know the truth, there is no mystery. For those who don’t? There is still a question. Many people do not understand, that everything around you is a manifestation of some higher power’s, will and desire. But at some point later on, that higher power’s very own imagined creation, rebelled against it! Man thought that it was in his own right, to lead himself. And now look at the world around us. In the beginning, this world was created by visitors who walked into our reality.

Imagine if you were playing Minecraft or Sims3? The character that you are playing suddenly turns around and starts talking to you? The avatar tells you that they are going to do whatever they want there, and that they will also lead the people who are “programmed” residents in that virtual reality. Yes, pretty much like that. However,  if you take a look at what’s really going on, theres something even deeper beyond the surface. Deeper than I have ever explained before. I am going to save that information for another time. But let us talk about balance, since we are working on this subject and it goes quite extensively. It has a lot to do with the reality that we are in, and also your existence.
Many people do not realize that balance is required, for learning. But our reality is disharmonic in it’s balance. Overexcessive on both sides. Many people ask why God has left the world this way? Or why God does not step in and do something? In actuality, the only people that can put an end to it, is the human race, or the consciousness of this planet itself. But really, they all feed off of each other. The earth needs the people, and their energies, as the energy cycles from up and down. Sort of like how plants absorb sun and water to make chlorophyll. Well, human beings absolutely need to have the energy from the sun and the crust of the earth, just as the earth needs that energy to be cycled into waste. This is to fertilize that very same crust that absorbs the sun. We all work together, as we all see the reality and experience it. The higher powers used to care for this, with man on the surface running things according to the divine will. However, man took over rulership and built technology, and other things that destroy the face of the Earth. How could this have happened? Now man will reap what he has sown. The new age approaches and some will remain here to be yet again another sleeping slave, and others with the holy spirit will ascend into a newer state of heaven.

The rule of man continues until its last day, why be under that rulership of struggle and injustice when you can ascend into paradise?



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