The suspicious spies….

OK so just an interesting story here, and an update for the stalkers. Last night, I’m on the phone. I hear movement in my backyard. Fearful, I still get up to look. There are two men standing in my yard. Both men are Standing in the shadows of the trees next to a shed, looking diagonally into my windows which again have no shades or blinds, because need purely to come in for positive energy. The one man darts across the street to the little store which closes around 9 PM every night. This is around 2 AM in the morning.

Well, I keep my eye on the one guy still in my yard, (since he is closest to me), and the other guy got busy picking the lock on the door to the store, in which he got open. And when he did, the second Man in my yard darted across the street over to the store to join him. They did not go in though, they just stood in the open doorway. Both started shining flashlights all around the building where they were standing, to see if there were cameras. I wondered why they didn’t do that at first? Obviously, any criminal would have looked around for cameras before they opened a door to break into a place. But then they had shown the flashlights over at me. They kept shining the lights at me, until they finally walked around the front of the building, shining their flashlights up at the roof and then back at me a few times until, they crossed the street into the edge of the woods and they started shining their flashlights out into the wooded area.

Then they turned around, flashed their flashlights at me once more, and then walked down the street disappearing down the road. Still in the video call, my cell phone was cutting in and out. My cell kept getting disconnected, and the person on the phone got to witness some of it on WebCam, but again it kept cutting us off. My son was playing some kind of meditation music from his room last night, which then was picked up by my cell phone and played out of the speakers of my device. Then it would cut out again, allowing us to return to the call, only to continue happening throughout the next half hour. So, I decided I was going to sneak outside to see if I could hear anybody else, or if anybody had been in the yard still. When I crawled sneakily out of our back sliding glass doors, a car suddenly pulled in and around, to shine his highbeams on me. I got scared, and felt like a deer caught in headlights. I was a little bit in shock until I hurried up and scurried back into the house. I wondered how did they know? There have been doing around and no other cars. And suddenly I come out of the door, crawling a little low so that it would not be seen… In this car just comes out of nowhere, makes a U-turn to turn around right at me, and shined his highbeams at me and sat there doing so for couple minutes until I got very much afraid. Scurried back through the door and the car left the scene as soon as I got back in.

I thought it was over, but when I turned around to head back downstairs, I looked out of the front window, and there was a another guy standing right out front of my house, just starring at the house. What’s more, is that on the day of my shower someone had showed up, and sat right in front of the house staring at the windows and writing down the license plates of my parents vehicles, and my friend Bella’s too. Things are getting weird.

It was really dark in my backyard so I can get pictures of them when they were there, just gave me a dark screen. But I did capture them outside of the store. One of the guys had to have been around six foot five, and then the other guy was about my height.

I also got a picture of the door earlier today, where you can see the lock had been busted off with the door knob.

I’m gonna keep on the lookout but I need to start calling the police every single time this happens now.


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