Life Talk- The lazy complainers


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Scenario 1 of negative toxic people- The Lazy Complainers

I think it was really wonderful that our friend mentioned something like this in the group for our challenge of getting ourselves in a better place in regards to people that have hurt us, those were toxic, or even those who make life a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. Challenge that we’re all doing is combination of fitness, spiritual health, as well as emotional and mental life coaching. We want to make our lives positive and happy. Challenge that we’re all doing is combination of fitness, spiritual health, as well as emotional and mental life coaching. We want to make our lives positive and happy. Since our weekly exercise surrounds toxic or negative people, so our member had mentioned something wonderful in the group that corresponded with the subject. I thought to elaborate because it was definitely one of the things on my list. Maybe it will help her? Or others…

I do a lot of things around the house that I know that other people should have done or at least had thought to do. I can’t do everything, but somehow I end up always doing everything. It does get a little hurtful sometimes because you’re thinking “why does everybody else sit around and do nothing? Or have it easy?”

But in the long run least you know that you’re the better person in that respect because you took care of things. We can’t change what other people do or don’t do, but keeping in mind that you always do what’s best, is what can keep you going. That’s what I tell myself. Sometimes even just mentioning it to somebody that they didn’t do something or that they left it unfinished, or that they put a ton of stuff on top of you, turns into an argument. Where in example my daughter Amber does a lot for me. I have a whole entire house downstairs, while my parents have a house of their own upstairs. I am a perfectionist, so every day I clean and I have to do it very sanitarily. Then I have to run the business, advertise and write the blog, run errands, and now I’m running back-and-forth to hospital for the baby. Amber is usually helping me with all of those tasks and by the end of the day we are not really tired but we want to sit back and talk and relax without responsibility. But my mother will complain as soon as we get upstairs, that somebody didn’t take out the trash, or something insignificant that.

Now, my mom does not have a job, never had one.. and it is totally OK if she chose to be a housewife. She does straighten up The house lately in the morning, and then she does help to care for my father who has some health issues by fixing his meals three times a day and giving him his meds. But other than that she is generally on the couch watching television. So if you have an easy day doing absolutely nothing, sitting on the couch watching movies and ordering out, why bother pestering the girls in the house who have 1000 things to do? Now that is how any normal person would think right?

Well, we have to look at things in a different manner. We have to look at that person’s point of you besides just our own. First of all, are they a strong person like you, or are they the type of person that can only do minimal in life because of their motivation level? Are they the type of person who has a sense of entitlement? If so, then you’re definitely never going to win any argument at all. Is this a person that can only handle so much stress well you could probably handle a lot more on top of responsibility? Because some people can only do so much, while others can do much more. That’s only in their own eyes though. Most people could do almost anything, if they just believe in themselves. But maybe, they just don’t have that mentality.

So the point is, while it could be a bit aggravating at times when you have someone ragging on you who does less, or everything is on top of you, all that you have to do is just see where that person is motivational standpoint is in life, and just go about how you do things knowing, that maybe they are just not at the level that you’re on. You cannot let it bother you because then it brings you down to their level. Most people with the lack of motivation have a lack of motivation because, they suffer from depression or other mental ailments. They could even just feel fatigued because of medications that they take or that they have issues coping with life. Usually all of those things there, one or the other or all of them, are under the surface of the person’s behavior. So really knowing that, you can focus on the fact that you are in a better place and can handle much more and the negativity of the situation will fade, just for a little while. More than likely it will come back here and there, but you just have to redirect your thoughts in this direction.


2 thoughts on “Life Talk- The lazy complainers

  1. Thank you for doing this article. I have had issues with this in the past and was just in the process of reflecting back on that old aggrivation. This gave me perfect guidance.


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