An angel above, below and in between…

Angels are made in the state of non-duality or they are made in one extreme to the other. However, when we get to a state of non-duality, we have all knowing wisdom in both sides that we can choose one or the other, or stay in the state of non-duality itself. The point, that I am trying to make is this: Obviously, even though we have knowledge in either side we’re beyond both. It was the Humans here on planet earth that took the knowledge that was offered to them and corrupted it. I wonder sometimes how I’m supposed to feel about that? Especially, when I see humans still doing it. It’s like you try to help so many people and you give so much love, and from heaven it wouldn’t really matter how a person reacted as long as the love and acceptance had been given by those of us sent to give it. But being on earth and exercising some human emotion, I can say that I totally am fed up with the way that humans can be. I am nothing like anybody here. I’ve never been jealous, or competitive. I’ve never used wisdom to hurt anybody but instead to help them. I’ve never gotten angry except maybe a little frustrated at times. I’ve never set out to deliberately hurt or deceive anyone. I would never dream of hurting anyone. I also have never in my life used anybody, manipulated anyone or thought to abandon anyone either.

I never do anything for my own ends or means. I have never been selfish, and I have never cheated anyone out of anything. I’ve never taken credit for something that wasn’t mine, I’ve never presented myself under false terms or character. And I have only ever exercised the virtues and lived selflessly. But seeing how the heavens view the earth and the people on it, and seeing how hurtful it all really truly is down here on earth, I can actually say that I totally understand why some of the angels who came here and took over the rulership of Earth didn’t want humans to grow any longer. They only use wisdom for themselves in a corrupt manner, never to help anyone. In order to ascend the earth, people have to ascend themselves and others. But all I ever see are people working just for them selves.

No, the powers here make people live selfishly, egotistically, and slaves to the system of commercialism and social conditioning. And people just buy right into it. There’s no respect for heaven nor wisdom, nor any of the true messengers that come here. Just abuse of it. So looking at it from the earths ruling hierarchy’s perspective, now I can totally understand the use of the symbol. There is no belief in the unseen and men only believe in what they can build with their own hands and see in front of them… And that is what will doom the earth and everything in it. How can we Angels/masters keep helping, if nobody cares? Why should we? And then everybody cries out wondering why God doesn’t intervene? Obviously humans think that they have this thing called free will so how can God change something that humans don’t want to be changed? They may say that they do, but do their actions speak of that desire? No. I majority of their thoughts, and actions lead to the truth that it seems that everybody is content with the way that things are here or they would put more effort into trying to transcend. And that’s why it was said that when it’s time, the heavens will close the door and say that they never knew anyone,As most people at that time will cry out that they want to change and that they tried to be good, but have and will have seen all things internally and externally about them just as I do.


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