No footprints…

“When there are no footprints, and that you were not carried, remember that it is God who is always with you and needs not feet nor arms to see you through”… ~ Alura Cein

There is a saying called “Footprints in the Sand” that my mother and I always loved. It was the only quote related to God that mom took a liking to. We even had a photo with a beach on it, footprints running off into the distance. My parents really liked that quote because it reminded them of how many times they had felt alone in different situations but at the end of the situation, they realized that God had always been there to help them through it. But what about the times that the situation didn’t turn out the way that they wanted it to at all? Did they see it the same way?

More than likely nobody sees God’s hand at work when there is a situation where it seems that it does not turn out the way that they wanted or needed it to at first. I have answers in that regard, but for a little while, ponder over my counter-quote, and see if you can understand how God works in those cases.… we will come back to this another time in an article to posted called:, “God works in mysterious ways” coming soon.

It’s true that sometimes it seems that God disappeared everyone or answer all of their prayers. There are many times when a person feels the absence of God around them. One of those times? Is it true that God has backed off or left the individual because they are feeling that way? What are some of the more mysterious ways that God works in our lives? Thoughts for our day….


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