The 2021 Full Moon Eclipse- Beaver Moon

Partial lunar eclipse in Taurus leading into a full moon in Gemini. Witness the event at 3:26 am. November 2021 Beaver Moon.

For the first time in 600 years, we will experience an eclipse that is the strongest it’s ever been in the last six centuries. The beaver moon this year of 2021 is going to throw a lot of peoples physical energy and emotional energies into an imbalance.

Some symptoms

A few days before and a few days after, people will have already started feeling the effects of the full moon. This is common every month, as the full moon usually triggers a lot of emotional response for many people. However when it comes to an eclipse in a full moon such as this, a lot of people will feel as though their equilibrium has been thrown off. You’ll notice that you feel a little weaker especially in your arms and perhaps even more tense in the muscle regions from your arms and into your neck and shoulders. You may also feel it around your wings in your back. The left arm may also experience a lack of circulation here and there. This moon will surely affect the circulatory system that leads into the usage of your muscles and joints. You’ll also feel especially sleepy. It’s going to take a lot out of you. But that includes only the physical reaction that your body will have. There will also be an emotional and mental effect as well.

Emotionally, every little thing will seem to upset you. You’ll feel intense emotional responses to communications with others as well as some doubts, confusion and uncertainty. Just know that what you were experiencing has to do with the cleansing energies of the eclipse. That’s right! I said cleansing! The energies of this event are here to help everyone to cleanse out energies they’ve been carrying for most of their lives.. Since it’s the first one in 600 years it is a very important event that symbolizes a lot more. In the last six centuries the world has changed in so many ways.

What it means…

The moon is going to Eclipse out of Taurus into Gemini, which is the opposing side of the procession of the equinox determining the new age. In my courses I talk about this quite a bit but I won’t be able to mention more here, as it is utterly reserved for those who are studying the forbidden knowledge of the world and the matrix with me. For my students who are reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, as the moon merges into Gemini, you’re going to feel a little bit of a battle within yourself. The moon is here to help you confront that other side to who you are, that you are often at conflict with. This is called the shadow self, but with the shadow self there are parts. All of those parts are conjoined into one, making up what I call “the ego”.

The ego is merely just a persons earthly self… how they want to be viewed by others and how others actually view them. But many people want to transcend that, overcoming their human nature and into a more enlightened self. For those who are a part of the 144,000 group, this is important.

As the moons eclipse marks the turning of the age as it has been moving into a new time, a lot of that has been kept hidden from the world, proposing that they are in a different age than what they really are. That is because they try to keep humanity somewhat behind where the elite have moved up into. For an example of technology… Aquarius was the age where people were not only holding law and order from the age of Aries, but taking on the new consciousness of the newage of Aquarius by advancing in technology. Technology is so advanced that many people have been left in the dark, not knowing just what the elite are capable of. One thing that I can mention is V2K. This is a form of communications that can send voices and commands to a persons mind remotely. This is something that they’ve had out for a very long time which has left a lot of people that have experienced it, being diagnosed as having delusions and hallucinations. That led them right into the hands of the psychological field, bringing in more money for pharmaceuticals into the companies. But if the world had been honest about the technology out there, things would’ve made a lot of sense for people rather than regarding them as being ill when they really weren’t. There’s also Coincides with the new technology that they came out with where they can actually put something on your head and translate your inner thoughts, into spoken communication through a computer system. This is pretty similar to the V2K concepts, but they never spoke about the V2K technology. It’s only now that they’re starting to release what they’re really truly capable of doing.

While I’ll talk more about that in my courses in the next lesson, for now just know that this beaver moon is a very important mystical event. as I strive to educate my students as to the consciousness of the time we are truly in, many of you out there who are reading this, who may not be in my courses can have the understanding that the ego is being promoted more so than anything else in the world. The elite want people to be more ego-based because it is the earthly-based self that holds one back from the true definition of divinity. In order to get to the next level, one must graduate from the one that they’re on so to speak. I say this repetitively in my teachings. However, how can one ascend into the next dimension of existence if they can’t even overcome this one? A lot of people don’t realizeThat the very things that they playing to win a daily basis, or the very things that are keeping them from getting where they have to go. Cell phones for example are one of them. We all have to use them yes. We don’t have the same ability to use pay phones etc. therefore, everybody has to use some form of communications, and if people are only left with one option… Then that’s the option that society hast to roll with. Doesn’t change the fact that for the longest time I’ve been testifying that cell phones change your energy big-time. They alter the way that you think, your focus levels, and whether you are awake or sleepy. Science is finally done their research about this, proving that it is a fact.. Yet, just two years ago this article came out to prove it. I’ve been saying it ever since cell phones became the only form of communication since people used to use flip phones and home phones for the majority of their communications with loved ones.

In 2017, it was also proven how it reduces your brain power to use cell phones. You can read about it here. The elite want it this way because they want you to use less brain power and act more instinctively-based. That equals out to more dysfunction and chaos in the world because people won’t think and how they act toward other people anymore. They will just merely react. This is a good example of what we’re seeing in society today. I predicted global chaos back in the Angelic Herald in 2019, only to see it take place the following year. Please see more at http://www.Alura’s in the Angelic Herald articles.

I always knew these things were coming because I was sent here as a messenger to tell people about it in order to help prepare them more. And I have been trying to broadcast it as much as I can. Even in my video on YouTube called the “Indoor Generation”, I spoke about how being stuck in the house and on your devices, can change how you view life and interact in it greatly. I also spoke on how it changes how people treat one another. And it’s happening as we speak. I have the perfect example of what happen just the other day.

I tell my loved ones every day just how crazed everybody is becoming in humanity. I was in a car with someone with my little ones getting a ride back from a sushi place that I had visited. On the highway, it wasn’t as packed with traffic but there were a lot of cars on the way home.The person that was driving the car I was in, moved over in the lane just a little bit but hadn’t crossed over into anyone else’s. Apparently the person in the next lane must have gotten a little nervous thinking that a little bit of movement was going to lead to a lot and that my driver might just end up coming into their lane for whatever reason. Even though there were no signs of that taking place, it was what the person was thinking about and so, they just honked their horn a little bit to let us know that they noticed. My driver waved over to them to say “thanks” but they just merely flipped him the bird. I said aloud; “How rude. The person gave us a heads up and we say thank you with a wave, and yet they still act aggressively by giving us the finger”. And so my driver rolled down the window and told the man to show some respect, because he felt that I was offended by the vulgar reaction. I wasn’t offended by it, I was just a little taken aback. I already know what to expect from people, but I do try to have hope that there are good people out there and so I don’t prejudge. But here this person went and acted ignorantly even though we were trying to say “thank you”. nevertheless, after my driver told him to show some respect, the other driver purposely started trying to plow into us. He was trying to sideswipe us and then began trying to force himself in between our car and the car in front of us. There wasn’t any room and so with him doing so it would’ve caused a motor vehicle accident. He kept going in and out of the lane trying to jump in there and hit his brakes super hard so that we would rear end him. I was very upset by the situation because I kept wondering why he was acting so aggressively. We hadn’t done anything but just wave and say thank you and it seem to have started at all. A little further into the situation, he finally got in front of us, and our lane. He still kept trying to drive up a little bit, slam the brakes, repetitively in order to get us to hit him. I was extremely upset by that time because I knew that the man was aware that I had my kids in the car. Before, when he was in the the lane next to me, he had scanned over our car to see who is all inside. Even upon seeing two small children in the backseat, knowing we hadn’t done anything wrong to him… Here he was trying to cause an accident. I wondered in my mind if he even cared about his own car? Causing the accident would cause damage for both he and us? Why didn’t he seem to care? No, instead he just wanted to try to provoke harm. And so, we switched over into the next lane to get away from him. Next to us on the opposite side, he rolled down his window and threw a large cup of soda and ice at us. I thought in my own mind, if my window has been down for either of my children, he would’ve hit them. Even though it was just a cup with ice and a drink… throwing it out the window while moving with the speed of traffic, could hurt them as it intensifies the impact of an object when already in motion. It was devastating to see a person react this way over so little.

These types of things are happening every day. Parents are murdering their children, people are killing each other for even less than my experience, and I see it every day. Whether it’s in the news through my news app, or it’s some thing I witness out in public with myself. I’ve seen a lot of people get into altercations with one another went at the store even. Anyhow I don’t want to spend most of this article of time, describing all of the chaos and disorder out there. But I hope that you get the point.

Spiritual Meaning & Effects

What does any of this have to do with the lunar eclipse tonight? A lot. Celestial events mark the turning of events in time and have, since the beginning of time itself. As the eclipse throws its shadow over the moon and the moon itself moves into the sign of the twins, this is a testament of sorts celestially. It’s saying that we are getting ready to move into a time where society and people are at odds against one another and themselves. Although it’s already begun, this energy and enhances it. And so get ready for a rough road ahead in society. Afterwords, there will be a few more events that will mark the permanence of the new age we are in.

But as for you personally, energies affect people differently but in a lot of ways similarly. I can tell you that you’ll feel it odds within yourself for sure. A lot of people are already battling their shadow self through the dark consciousness that triggered them to do so when it rolled in back in 2017. The energy itself can trigger actions and thoughts as well as emotions… that are not a persons own. But some will come from within the deepest darkest places of a person. How will they know whether it’s theirs or coming from out there? They won’t. And that’s where the battle really gets them. That’s what causes the confusion. That’s why it’s good to get a full body cleanse and to also work with your angels in figuring out what is coming from within you and what’s not. Life coaching helps as well because it helps you to strengthen how you react to things by changing the way that you think about things.

In the meantime though, the energies will help purge and cleanse a lot of things from within a person as you start to get fed up with certain things in your life and actually start doing something about it. But you have to make sure that you’re making the right choice. How do you know that your decision isn’t really going to hurt you later on, that you could’ve handled it a different way? Could it be something within your shadow self that is causing you to think about something in a way that perhaps maybe thinking about it a little differently could change everything? A lot of you out there will have situations in your life like this. Your thoughts will also put you against the people closest to you as well. One minute you’ll feel trustworthy toward them, and another minute greatly suspicious. You may even start analyzing the actions that those around you take, as being a certain way that maybe they really are. Everyone forgets that everything is a reflection of them self and that they project those reflections on to others in their lives. Maybe what they think they see in that person is really just their own thinking analyzing it that way?

It’s truly confusing indeed. However, you don’t have to be alone in your inner battle. The way that the moon will cleanse your energy will be through the things that you start to make sense of that feel right, and turn out right. So it will be a process, not something that happens overnight with the eclipse or anything. It’s just a series of changes in your life that are triggered by it. And this will bring you to a point in your spiritual journey where you can face your old self and really see where you were going wrong at one point in time. For others though, be careful that this event doesn’t lead you toward merging into your shadow self permanently. Gemini is representing twins. Have you ever heard the story of the good twin and the evil twin? This is what this is representing. There’s a good side and a bad side to yourself, and a lot of the darkness that comes from that bad side, is hidden unconsciously and subconsciously within oneself. If you’re not careful, you may make choices in your life that keep your thinking permanently in place, looking at things negatively or counter intuitively rather. Trust in your angels above. They have the best intentions for you and want to help you through this. You want to be the good twin not the bad one LOL.

Last but not least, always remember that as above so below, and as I always add… And so in between. The elite use blessed energies from the heavens Celeste really, bye moving the frequencies differently to create and opposite reaction. They do this a lot through magic and ritual. But they also do so through programming through society as well too. That’s how they get everyone to move with the agenda. And as more and more people pick up on it, that energy channels back into the earth since humans are connected to it, and the earth is connected to humans vice versa. It’s then that the earth and society settle into and adapt to, the new age and it’s consciousness. We can make a better consciousness for it by being the better change that we wish to see. This way, we can pump good energy into the earth through our connection to it energetically, in the way that we try to promote goodness within ourselves and to others. While I think that’s a longshot though because of the way things are going, for those that are really serious about helping heaven, you can do the best that you can where you are. Don’t be manipulated by society or what’s going on today.

The lunar eclipse gets you to confront your darker side and through it, you can actually make strides towards overcoming your ego self in the shadows that come with it. It’s purely liberating. But you have to know what you’re up against, and don’t resist the changes. This moon also reflects the times that we are in, that society seems to be going through a bit of a Civil War within itself. Just know that while that’s going on around you, you don’t actually have to be a part of it. And so, keep your awareness about you but don’t allow it to bring you down. You don’t have to be a product of the world. Remember that you are driving toward being no part of the world and trying to become your divine self. But you have to go with the flow of the changes, and be sure that the changes that are flowing are the right ones. The energies are shifty and sneaky and they could be trying to push you more so into your shadow self then your good side. That’s why it’s always good to have the help. If you’re experiencing a lot of the symptoms of dark consciousness lately, then it would be a good idea to have some assistance.

For others, those that are on a good path already, what you can expect to experience will be, some in balance here and there. You may have some thoughts that come up for you that you still have to work through. You may also feel extra sensitive and emotional during this time. For the majority and you, you’ll also have some confrontations with others in your life as they work through their stuff and you try to work through yours. It’s a time that is most rejuvenating and cleansing, if it’s done the right way. It’s start in Taurus marks this bullheaded, hardheaded, and stubborn way that people have been seeing things for the last six centuries, having had it get worse for this generation as society came to be against itself. The tactics are very strategic because as everyone knows anything that comes against itself is divided, and comes apart. And so while the destructive forces try to bring down the ways of society through the last 600 years, you don’t have to allow those energies to tear you down within side of your self spiritually. There are a lot of mental head games up in the air and a lot of inner conflict that you’ll come a crossed. Try to be strong and bypass it with positive thinking and, staying busy. Be around positive people and if you start questioning them to out of paranoia from these energies, remind yourself of the good things that you know about them to help you. If you experience any physical symptoms such as fatigue, then rest. If you feel any nervousness, meditate. Take a bubble bath for yourself and get back into some of your old spiritual habits that you used to love. You may feel numb these days and as though the magic has been torn out of you as a result of the new consciousness and the trials that our world has been facing. But that magic isn’t dead. It’s still found within you, and only you can bring it back to life. Use these energies wisely. And quite frankly, do whatever it takes to keep yourself in a better place. Don’t lie to yourself and say that you’re not experiencing a lot of these things, when you know that you are. Get a nice spiritual cleansing for yourself and start up some of your old spiritual practices again. Having positive people around you while doing so, will really help restart things up in a positive direction for you. And don’t forget seek help from your angels. This is a crucial time to do so more than ever before.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that this article has helped you to understand the event, what it stands for and what it does. I’m here for you if you need anything. Many blessings.

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