The Symbolism behind the 2021 Christmas Star

The Christmas Star now, represents a great ritual that was planned for this specific moment in time. The Star is actually not a Star but the alignment of planets which give it the illusion that it’s a big bright star. However, it’s not just the alignment that is being referenced . Mainstream is also talking about the comet Leonard, referring to it the same. It too, is being called “The Christmas” Star.

It is a very rare comet that hasn’t been seen for 80,000 years. Its visible around Christmas this year of 2021 and it’s the last and final time that it’ll reach Earth. Leonard may be of the person who discovered it, but much is covered up. Leonard is the name of a demon that is used in great black magic sabbaths. When is the greatest sabbath? Christmas time.

They say that this could be the star of Bethlehem, but that would be nearly impossible considering that they said that Jesus existed around some 2000 years ago and this comet has entered the picture 80,000 years ago. The timing wouldn’t add up according to scholars and theologians. Is it wormwood perhaps? No it’s not that either. Wormwood already came. I’ll explain more in my course, Indignation.

For now, this star/comet actually represents the beginning of a “time”. It’s another celestial event that marks a very important passage that mankind will go through. For many, they don’t know about how in the cold… You’ll tide is actually a huge Sabbath for those who are deep in the witchcraft and Satanist circles. A lot of different cultures and spiritual backgrounds around this time, celebrate rituals and festivities at Christmastime. Not all of them are evil, but just a part of the ancient old ways before Catholicism took over as the major religious belief and banned what they called “pagan festivities”. but when researching more deeply, you’ll find that a lot of the traditions followed by holidays associated with room, or still practiced today and are very similar to those that were practiced by the ancient pagans. Christmas itself actually falls around the same time as the room and holiday of saturnalia. And it worshipped “The Sol Invictus”. You can see the same symbolism associated with it, in the church today. The truth is, they still do practice a lot of the old rituals, but they try to hide it and make it what they want it to seem on the surface, for everybody else. There are actually very dark things that take place in secret circles

When it comes to some of the darker Luciferian agenda, Yuletide is used for ceremony and sacrifices. Everything happening in the world, has actually been planned out as a part of the “master builder’s” agenda. This is highly associated with Freemasonry which is practiced by almost every religion in the world, underneath the surface value of things. It’s kept mystical and secret as a part of the occult, in only exclusive elite circles. All of the countries around the world actually work together in a global agenda. And so the appearance of this comet merely just signals the next move that they’re going to make. I’ll talk more about wormwood in an other article, but for now… Leonard, (which is who the comet is named after) is the name of a demon in the Ars Goetia In demonology.

But they can’t disclose that and that’s why they have attributed the discovery to an astronomer two bears a last name, that is identical. They claim that he discovered it, when the truth is… This comet has been seen before. It’s been moving this way for quite some time now and only just recently being mentioned publicly. How else would they explain its appearance? It’s obvious that other stargazers and astronomy lovers, would have noticed it at some point. And since it’s only just being recognized now, many people are attributing it to being associated with Christmas. But it’s only association with Christmas is that it’s closer around this time, and it marks a huge black sabbath ritual. There will be a lot of sacrifices being made in the near future. And that’s the thing. People think that just because it is a ritual, that all of the sacrifices have to take place on that specific day. That’s actually not true. According to freemasonry, as long as numbers add up, they can do it on any date that amounts to the same numeric value, associating it with the day that they’ve started the ritual itself and then close it out at a later time. So another words they can keep the ritual going until all sacrifices are finished, doing those sacrifices on specific days aligned with numerology.

You could say that it is a Christmas comment in a way, as it does signal this huge ritual taking place, and it is appearing closer to the earth around this time… But reality is, there is definitely not Wotmwood, and it’s not the star of Bethlehem either. The Star of Bethlehem was actually when Venus aligned with the star regulus and acted as if it were crowning “the lion of Judah”, since regulus is the star at the top of the constellation of the Leo which is the lion. there are a lot of stars and planets that lineup together creating the illusion of a bigger brighter star though. And yes they do all have meaning as well. But when it came to the story of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem was referring to Venus and regulus for sure.

I have so much information on the subject. A lot of it will blow your mind and it’ll show you just how I lied to you have been. I’ll save that for the people in my courses though for now. We are getting ready to peek into the height of information pretty soon. I’ve been just waiting for some things to take place in the world so that I could better explain them when I finally go into the lessons. I know people will have a lot of questions coming up. For now, don’t worry about wormwood. That’s already been happening for quite some time and I talked about that earlier and one of my blogs. This star is associated with Leonard. The coming of a huge mass sacrifice. And it’s going to be horrific in the mass quantity in the number of people that will die for the sake of it. You’ll see as time goes by. Sacrifice is done in so many ways. Even at large, on a global scale really. And with the appearance of this comment, it signals a new time that they will be enforcing, with new ways and walls. Christmas has been at the center of Christianity from the beginning of it and as they associated it with the birth of the Messiah. But now that all of that is going to change, the ritual being held in the name of the comment and for your tide… Will be in honor of what’s to come… In their eyes. And their way of doing things, it only makes sense that all of it would take place on the biggest holiday associated with religious teachings. This goes into every religion since they talk about how Krishna was born of a virgin and had 12 followers. Mithras was also said to hold the same story. Everyone has been following a similar religious foundation, no matter what culture they are from. Their religion just might have different names and ways of telling the stories. We are getting ready to enter into a whole new religious doctrine. Get ready. It isn’t going to be like it used to be at all and that religious doctrine, leans only upon science. this coincides with Biblical predictions where they talked about how God not continue with mankind. This is found at Genesis 6:3 where it said;
“Then the LORD said, My spirit shall not abide in humanity forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years.” There are a few more scriptures like this in the New Testament as well.

While that has other meanings spiritually to, it is worked into the call agenda for the global New World order as well.

Thank you so much for reading. I was glad to be able to shed some light on this subject. I know that it really stinks that a lot of the interpretations of things lead to something on the darker side of the spectrum, and I really wish it didn’t have to be that way. But this is the world that we live in and how things have been done for a very long time. Keep your head up and stay strong during these tribulation times.

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