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Greetings to you reader!

If you are new here, welcome. If you are already a long term site visitor and/or a student, welcome back. This is a blog entry that will serve as an update as well as a post of important information pertaining to the courses.


It used to be that the courses were only able to be purchased by a private invoice. This was because I have a lot of technical issues, as many of you know from working with me throughout the years. If it isn’t one thing, it’s certainly always another. I wasn’t able to operate the payment gateway in order for others to be able to purchase the courses through the actual school. Therefore, anyone interested in continuing higher spiritual enlightenment would come to me via an email to inquire about how to enroll. I would then send an invoice and then manually enroll them through the online classroom.

Now, anyone who is interested in enrolling can simply just purchase from the online school directly and be automatically enrolled. We are currently getting ready to start the new course called; “The Bible Untold”. However, there are some things that I think that potential and current students should know. I’ll go into that information a bit below but for now just keep in mind that you have access to enroll there in the future should you feel interested in any of the other courses that I provide.

Time & Instruction

The first thing that I wanted to touch on, concerns timing. I don’t think a lot of people visited the terms and conditions page on the classroom’s website in the past. Since maybe there were some people that didn’t know about it, I just wanted to go over what the terms are for the courses, here. Firstly there is a timeframe as to when the courses can be viewed. I have a VIP membership subscription on my spiritual services website which lasts one year. It’s a fantastic membership because it provides 15% off of individual purchases, and then 20% off of larger invoices. You are provided with one free healing that you can submit at any time throughout the year of your subscription, and you get a goodies box to go with it. But The very best perk of that subscription is that I allow those members if they were students in my courses already, to have access to the courses during their subscription for the year. This means that any courses that they have bought in the past, they are entitled to continue having access to. They are guaranteed a one time reenrollment. However, once the membership subscription ends, then they will not be reenrolled if they renew the subscription later. They can only continue having access if the subscription continues to auto renew. 

For all other students, The students only are open for 90 days from the first lecture’s audio upload or lesson. So it doesn’t matter if you started long before and we’re waiting for the course to begin. That’s not going to count. As soon as that first lesson is published into the course, the 90 days becomes relevant. To be fair since I know that a lot of things come up in life, I also allow an additional 90 day grace period after that time allowance is over. That means that all together students in each course, have an approximate 180 days to learn from the course. That’s six months total. However, in the past there were students that didn’t keep up with the courses. I try to be fair and I left them up for a very long time and then I would publicly announce that I was going to shut the courses down since they had been long over with. Then I would get an email suddenly from someone stating that they hadn’t even finished them yet. It had been well over a year. I can’t do that anymore. I have to abide by the time. Allowance because, what many people don’t understand is that those courses may be “listen at your own pace”, but I am also contacted on the side as an instructor and mentor to answer questions. I have a lot of other projects going on and it is hard to get back to everybody. Everything has to be scheduled out. That means that throughout the year I have to have time to work on the lessons for the courses. But I also have to have time open in the week just in case anyone wants extra help with the lesson that they’ve listened to. Once the courses have ended, that leaves me with time and space to work on other things. However, a lot of times I get set back because I’m busy jumping backwards and helping people that didn’t finish the courses in time. That holds me up for a lot of other things that I need to finish. This is why I always tell everyone that I’m launching the course and then losing enrollment. But in the kindness of my heart I have allowed others to enroll in far later periods and then stay in the course for a great length of time. That definitely held me back in being consistent with my other projects. I have a certain time of year that I do life coaching, certain times of the week that I do readings and Akasha records, and then there are other days that I work on only healings. This is also similar when it comes to teaching.

VIP Membership Equals Ongoing Access

With that being said, please take note of what I’ve explained above. If you have been in any course and it’s been over 180 days and you are not a VIP member, then be expected to be unenrolled from the course. I cannot add you back to the course after that. Just like any college, if a person doesn’t attend their semester, then they have to re-enroll like everyone else. The VIP membership subscription allows that one time reenrollment, and I think that that’s a wonderful gift. If you are interested in getting back into the courses, then consider the VIP membership. It saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to purchase all of the courses all over again. But just keep in mind that you’re only allowed to re-enroll that one time during your subscription. If you want to have ongoing access you’ll have to auto renew that membership.


Another thing that I wanted to touch base with everyone on, is that this new course is going to be pretty lengthy. It’s heavy information and definitely requires a lot of studying. It’s a course that I’ve always wanted to teach since I was a little girl. There is nothing more that I love than teaching spiritual truth. The Bible though, has always been a great subject a fascination for me, not in learning it, but in helping others understand it. I remember as a little girl I could already see the hidden understandings of the book. But I always enjoyed rereading it again and again to memorize it. It was like a little bit of a hobby of mine, even though I knew that the Bible wasn’t the only form of spiritual wisdom in the world. I also know very well that it isn’t 100% true in some places, and in some ways. With that, I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge and read the Bible with those that are serious about learning. This means that to be consistent, I’m going to have to have a pretty tight schedule. 

You will need some tools for this course, but don’t worry. The heavens gave me instructions to provide those tools for the students. I’ll be gathering them together to make a little course packages, and then sending them out by the second or third week of April, no later. 

I will also provide you with appropriate links on the Internet that you will need to refer back to. 

The time allowance for this course will be a little bit longer as it is going to be instructed for a lengthy period of time.


If you already submitted a payment in the past when I first mentioned wanting to do the course, please don’t worry. I have your name written down and I will enroll you the day that the first lesson is uploaded. I will send you an email from the school directly, to let you know.

Limited Space

One last thing. For those of you that have signed up to the online classroom but have not purchased any courses there, I will have to delete your login. Yeah platform only allows me to have a certain number of actual students and I want to leave the number open for those that are actually serious and taking a course rather than just having their name there. I really do appreciate your support and having signed up to be a part of some thing I’m doing but for this particular site I do have to be very limited in the space. Therefore, if you actually wanted to enroll in a course and you have a login there, I would suggest doing so soon as I will probably be deleting the profiles by March 31.


I also want to add that if you are a VIP member, discounts do not apply to the courses. The only reason is, because you already will be getting a whole year free of access to those courses through the membership. Or more if you continue the auto renewal of your subscription. I think that is a pretty good deal. I apologize for any confusion and I hope that this blog has certainly cleared a lot of things up. I enjoy working with all of you and apologize for the delays of the past. Going forward things should be moving pretty smoothly throughout. I will add a copy of my weekly schedule for my followers, so that many of you will know when I am available for specific services and needs.

10% Charity

Since there are many things going on in Ukraine and we can pretty much expect a lot more to happen out there in the world with the times that we are living in, I will be making a nice donation from the purchases that are made from the online classroom and for any energy services that are purchased from my main Spiritual services website. I’ve been taking 10% of every purchase, and setting it to the side, in order to submit payment for providing relief to those affected by the war and Ukraine as well as any other relief funds that need to be acknowledged throughout the United States. I thank all of you for taking part in all of my projects as it not only helps me but it helps causes that I support

Courses are found at- or

Spiritual Services are found at- and VIP memberships can be found under the pricing plans.


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