The truth behind, The Lion’s Gate Portal

Let me start by saying that I have not had a lot of my work shared as much as I know it probably should have been. The reason for that is because a lot of people are intimidated by how truthful I am. I don’t play into the trends and I certainly don’t go along with propaganda. Trends are no more than hyped up ideas that have much simpler meaning.

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However, they’re glammed up to draw attention to them. Most of the time, people go along with it because it’s fun, it’s popular, or they just don’t really know what it means. Therefore, I’ve always believed in honesty. It helps people more to tell them the truth. I wouldn’t want someone believing in something that could potentially hurt them in some way. I also wouldn’t want them to figure things out later and feel hurt that I had lied or something. And so, it is in my heart’s greatest intention, to always keep it 100% real with all of you. And that’s exactly what I’ll do today. 

It’s true that people want to hear happy things because they want to forget about all of the troubles that they have in everyday life. It’s a way to escape reality I suppose. But the whole idea of being awakened, is that you’re facing reality and building beyond it. Yet there is a new influencer out there these days that seems to think that being awake is not really the best form of consciousness to go through life with. I totally disagree. 

It’s in everyone’s right to be 100% aware of everything going on around them so that they can at least be in control of their choices rather than going along with the crowds based on illusionary ideas. I apologize if my work sometimes presents negatives along with the positives, but then again that awareness can help a person to prepare better in the future or to even avoid those negatives that are mentioned to come.

That’s what brings me to this new article. Lately a lot of people have been talking about the Lionsgate portal because it’s currently the month of August. The Lionsgate portal idea is one that’s been going on for the longest time. But I doubt that many people really understand what it truly is. I’m going to go into what it really is. Are you ready? 

Are you really ready?

It’s nothing! LOL

All that it really is is a fancy way of trying to say that it’s August and the zodiac Leo (The Lion) has become official!

That’s it! There is nothing else behind it. It’s really just that simple. Don’t they make it sound like it’s some kind of magnificent event? Maybe for those who have their sun sign  in the zodiac of Leo. For everyone else, it’s just August. 

Sure, the different zodiacs definitely have a different effect on people throughout each month, even for those that are in them themselves. But that doesn’t really have as much of an effect as the different individual planets and stars do. Therefore I can’t really see where all of the hype is really coming from then. I only have noticed that people really hate this time up because Leo is one of the strongest and most charismatic signs in the zodiac. They believe it to be a time of success, happiness and good fortune. But is it?

Many people will experience this month differently according to their own astrological energies at birth. However, I do have to say that when you look at a lot of the hype surrounding the numerological digits, added with the Lion’s Gate portal it really does make it sound exciting doesn’t it? Yet don’t forget, 11:11 really does have its own meaning in the dark as well as the light and wear some, that darkness may just be downright sinister. For others, the light of its meaning may be blinding and beautiful. But again that ring does depend upon where every person is, regarding their spiritual journey.

 Well at least now you know that there isn’t any true spiritual portal that really opens up during this time, it’s simply just a transition into the new month and the new zodiac which for August represents a lion. Thus, you get “Lions gate”. I wonder why we don’t have a “Goat’s gate” for Capricorn or a “fish gate portal” for Pisces? Ah, perhaps maybe those don’t sound as good lol. I totally have a lot of love and respect for those that are born in the zodiac of Leo. Yet even so, I genuinely had to disagree with how much importance they placed upon it, in comparison to some of the other zodiac months. All of them are equally just as important. And again it really doesn’t have anything to do with the transition into the zodiac except for the person’s born in that month but even then…. for everyone including Leos’ it has to do with the different planets and how they affect each individual. 

With that said, for August, everybody’s going to go through something differently.

Especially these days! I have another article getting ready to launch just in a few moments if you want to take a look. In it, there is valuable information that I think people should know about. Have a look when you get a chance.


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