Past lives and sacred messages: What heaven says about sharing information

Dearest reader, I send my heartfelt love and greetings to you. Thank you for returning.

I have always hoped to please everyone. Especially for the sake of others when presenting myself carefully, lovingly, and with compassion. However this is online interaction and communication. Because of that, there can be many misunderstandings. We also have a lot of planetary energies that are mingling together to create even more miscommunication and chaos, and so I just wanted to say; that due to the sensitivity these days, I’m going to add a disclaimer before, or at the end of my articles.

It’s never in my intention to hurt anyone or to pass off the wrong message. I truly love everybody, and that applies to all of the people that I haven’t met yet, to those that I have known but don’t talk to any longer, and for those that are still around. My love is beyond the waters of the earth for all of you.


This article is not directed toward any person specifically. It’s just a question that I’ve had coming up quite often lately. I want to address the subject because of several messages that I have received regarding people sharing their past life information. If it seems coincidental that Im writing this now and you happen to be one of the beautiful people that brought up the subject, please don’t take this article personally. It wasn’t written for you. This is written for a larger audience of those that share the same question. I do feel that I’ve covered this already in the past, but just for the sake of those that may have forgotten or those who are new and have asked, here’s what heaven had to say about the subject of sharing one’s information.

Heaven’s view on disclosing information

I wanted to write an article because I feel that the subject has come up a lot lately. It’s something that I’ve had people ask me throughout the past, but more so in recent days. In the past I have stressed to those that are really serious about their path, that they probably shouldn’t share the information that they get in their readings. It’s nothing to do with me, it’s just that it’s a very sacred thing. It’s not common that people get an opportunity to learn about their past life times and they don’t get to speak to heavenly messengers every day. If it were that available, the world would be far different because people would be more aware and informed that they would make better choices.

For that, a lot of the people that have come to find me have done so because they were guided by a greater source. This was for their benefit of learning, change, bettering themselves and so on. Those sacred pieces of information especially pertaining to the akasha, are a gift from heaven. It doesn’t matter who the person was in the past, it matters in how who built it them into who they are today. So even if someone was an important figure from the past, it doesn’t make a difference now, it’s what they’ve done with it, all the way up until this point. What condition is their life in? What type of choices are they making? Even if there was a great thing that they have done in their past life, they are more than likely not in the same position in this life.

The heavens feel that when a person shares an important historical figure, that it’s for showing off or self glorification. Because those that are humble would take the information and while keeping it to themselves, use it to understand the character that it’s helped them to become spiritually today.

However, the past is a part of the higher self. Humans are only living through the avatar self here. Many of the traits, wisdom, and traits that pertain to that past figure, aren’t really accessible. If it were, they would not have needed someone to help them with the reading to begin with.

The heavens have always told me that if humans were meant to know who they were or reference it now, they would have been born remembering who they were or they would’ve remembered on their own at some point. Since that’s not the case, the information is a gift and to be used responsibly. It’s actually against the heavenly laws to share the information because it helps others to pinpoint and locate those in history that did certain things, that placed them in a position of responsibility for their acts. It also causes judgment.

Metatron and Michael both have said that sharing one’s origins was a beneficial thing though. While it is important, it still doesn’t add much today considering the soul has lived many lifetimes. That soul changes. They grow, stay the same or they fall. But it helps connect souls from certain locations that may share similar purposes, missions, and hardships that they face when waking up. A person‘s past life wouldn’t be relevant in that way because the people that they share it with would not have had anything to do with that and they were not the same figure. Therefore, they probably would not understand the hardships such a person faced as that individual.

The heavens feel that anything that you get pertaining to your journey, should be kept for the sake of your journey. When it comes to your past life information, heaven has observed that most people wish to share the lifetimes that are labeling them as former powerful figures. I have had a lifetime as such, and I didn’t openly come out about it. I hinted around about it here and there for the sake of helping others to accept their own, but that’s just me acting as a teacher. But for the most part, I have also kept a lot of mine secret when it comes to readings that I get, and specific forms of information that the heavens provide regarding past lifetime experiences. As a teacher, it would be natural for me to share a lot more than others, only for the sake of helping others when understanding their own. But that is me as a messenger, not as a human.

As an endnote I would merely follow the regulations of the heavens and protect your information. You wouldn’t want other people tapping into your consciousness that you don’t know, and most certainly wouldn’t understand. And you want to show gratitude to the heavens for providing you with the information, by respecting it. To awaken means that a person is now embracing the path of illumination. That is the path that leads to true enlightenment. In that place, there isn’t any room for ego. As many of my students already know, ego is the image of a person’s self that they wish to portray in the world. Many other gurus and swamis out there also teach to be selfless and to put aside one’s identity to be a part of the collective. Therefore, even though the what a person has learned in past lifetimes matter regarding what they have to transcend in life for enlightenment, it doesn’t really matter who they were. It’s about the lessons that came with the character that they were.

Let us always show appreciation for heaven, and to act as the Gods would. Divinity equals wisdom and virtue. That includes to conduct yourself righteously and to always have respect toward the teachings of the heavens. This is your blueprint that you’re talking about here. Even when it comes to messages that you get from the heavens or advice, they take the time out to talk to you at all about these things, and that’s special. I don’t tell people all of the conversations that I have. Look at it this way, act as if you’re having a personal private phone call with someone on the phone about something deep that you wouldn’t want to tell other people… That’s how you should look at your readings.


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