The Machine?

The Universe. What is it? Was it made? Who is right science?… or religion? Let’s take a look……..

One of my most favorite quotes is:

“There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact. To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine.”-Nikola Tesla

How true is that statement? Is man no less than a machine? Look at the human eyes for starters. They are created better than any camera in the world. Our blinking is like a shutter that digitally stores images into the files. The images themselves are observed in reverse until the signal reaches the back of the mind where it plays in upright. How complex! We also have the pineal gland that stores light like a tiny energy store house of the Akashic programming within.

Our digestive system is better than any vehicle. We put the fuel in, it distributes through the Body and then releases. It is the same with our Circulatory system. The blood holds the programming that runs through the body and it distributes to the organs that run the entire body.

It works in perfect synchronicity with all of it’s parts. The DNA is the uploaded program of us. We move, think, and rest on auto pilot. So, yes, we are a machine made of organic material in a third dimensional setting. So if we are in fact machine, who is the real us? The light within the programming? The person who is driving from another place? The Creator? Those are good questions.

I believe it is all 3 of those. In this day in age science is trying to dismiss a Creator, and man is trying to replace a Creator with their own selves. It pains me greatly that many would have that ideology.  How can we be intricately designed vehicles for an intricately designed Energy that is aware, if there was no creator? Does anyone truly believe the Universe went “BANG!!” and we magically appeared?

It couldn’t possibly be so. Some grand designer brought everything into existence. I couldn’t except any other answer from the experience I have had first hand with the Creator and the Universe. Someone out there, much bigger than you could ever know, much bigger than you could ever imagine…Made the Universe and everything in it.

I know the world wants a logical explanation as to how it all got here and why. But sometimes logic does not fill in the blanks. Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction. Let us continue to keep that in mind and not worry about how and why, ,but instead feel love and gratitude for the fact we were made at all. In a world and a  body more beautiful than any objects anywhere. You exist and continue to upgrade as you go,. One day you will not need this vehicle (the body) any longer and you can leave it  to find out what really is out there.

We will all rejoin the infinite source of energy that powers this world. To Earthlings and others, Source looks like a mass of light energy. Just like to Source..we look like tiny molecules in size. But Source is a being, just too big to comprehend, just as we are beings only too small to comprehend to larger bodies. The Universe is made of specks. From Molecular size to Extreme. Even molecules almost invisible to us are little worlds. Just you can’t see it does not mean it isn’t there. We all live within one another and so on, and all  with a grand design.. So indeed we are a machine of sorts and so is the entire Universe. All with ability to create since we stem from Source who is the light we have within our consciousness.  I’m with Tesla on this one.

To go even further into this topic. Let’s consider consciousness. It runs through the brain in a large interconnecting web of light that carries thoughts, and memories. In deep meditation you can envision a whole other world and project yourself into it. You can experience it! It’s like a virtual reality! Now, we have Source doing exactly that. The universe is his consciousness within and he projects himself into it through all of us. It is amazing. Then there are even bigger worlds (thoughts) that make up portions in the consciousness that are Principalities, medium ones as dominions, and small ones as virtues, and even smaller ones , and so on and so on. Smaller beings within bigger beings and so on.

Everything is connected, but this reality here, made everyone forget and feel disconnected. The answer has always been right there. Tap into the Machine! Go deep into the Computer that is you! The truth is in the program.  The Entire Universe is an entire computer, that streams light with intricate and detailed imagery. And everything has another programming within that.

Extraterrestrials are beings so advanced, that they are able to hack into another memory or thought in the programming, taking them into other worlds. It is so complex but at the same time all so simple if you just think about it. The energy is spirit, because spirit is light, and light is consciousness. Our creator is the one who designed it.  And there is someone who created that being, who made all of this. So, Science can try to dismiss a creator all that it wants, and religion can try to confine it, but I will never settle for either simply as the answer in a whole. Put the two together maybe, but it still goes well farther beyond that. Each one of us plays an important role in it too. I am hoping everyone will find their truth and importance, and make a difference in their realities. Then, each soul who fixes their reality combines with all of us who already have, and one day this portion of the reality will be even better. It only became this way when humans worked against the thought inside of the consciousness of Source. When humans began to act as if they were on their own and not connected, this all has become disharmonious. It can be fixed.

One thing that is true is this, we are a Universe of living light. As a result, it is designed as a computer system, in it’s network of light. It is an amazing thing. we live in another body! The Creator’s, and within it, is like a huge network, that holds together this machine, that we call, The Grand Design.

Look At A Simulation of our Universe! The same thing happens in the mind of a newborn when a fetus is developed in the womb!