The truth of enlightenment is, that you will have trouble fitting in. You will feel out of place a lot of the time. There will be moments when you see things others can not. You will have an understanding that is beyond the norm. Everything in life will seem to thrive. You will even notice the plants move and speak. People will criticize you, call you weird, or “different” and more than likely you will find that you don’t have too many friends. You will actually enjoy the time alone. The enlightened self is okay with being at one with the I am and does not need anyone to complete them, but themself and their heaenly connection.

Your ideas and thoughts will seem like science fiction, but be closer to the truth than anything ever thought of before. There will be times where you have no energy, there will times you have unlimited energy.  Days will seem like nights and nights will become days. Y Time will also not exist and you will feel every vibration in the air around you. You will feel like you are walking around in a dream. The material world will now be seen in truth, as unreal as it truly is, and the world of energy will be your only  truth. You will feel close to all of the life forms around you here, but still feel a lack of a connection due to their being unenlightened. You will see more energy in the air around you, and the world of spirit will be more closer to you than any physical being. There is total peace in this state of consciousness. Nothing that bothered you before will still bother you. Hard times could come and you will take them in stride, This is because you know that it is a part of the delusion of this world. Perhaps you may feel like the atmosphere is a holograph all around you, and you will sense that more is going on than meets the eye. A fake simulated environment is what this world now feels like, now that you are enlightened. Sometimes at night when you go out side,  it may feel like a waking dream. People seem like figments of your imagination and you will feel like you are are the only one who is actually alive for the moment. Like a Sim, in the Sim’s game. Like it is a world created only for you. The people and places  around will seem like they are programmed for your learning purposes only.

The old you will feel like it never existed. The past will fade away. It will seem like fragments of a dream.  Most of the memories will be so far away that you will only recall images, no longer vivid stories of your past. You will see the static energy in the air. You feel as if someone is watching you. This is spirit and you will know it. You get along by yourself, and with animals… more than anyone. That is because you will realize that they are the only pure thing left in this world. You will learn easily, as your brain will act like a sponge, soaking up knowledge. And it will seem as if you can not get enough knowledge. Everything is fascinating.

There will be no job that will fit you, no school that can teach you, no person to understand you, and in truth since there are not many out there who are truly enlightened, you will be mainly alone. You will feel like you know all there is to know, that you have seen all that there is to see,. The immorality in this world will disgust you, as you will feel like there is more to life than a good time. You will feel that there is more to life than pettiness. You will have high emotions at times over things serious but to all other things, you will lack the emotion as you are now floating in life.  Life is more alive to you. Mother Earth is growing and developing, giving birth, the flowers,trees and animals seem to have character, and you notice the tiny bit of life in everything. You become more aware of the life around, it’s feelings, it’s wants and needs. You start to care for yourself as a worthy living creature, and insecurity fades away. You are accepting now. Of yourself and of others. You know the truth about others, and the world. You see the terrible corruption and you want to be the one who saves everyone. You are now conscious of everything! It has its negatives though.

In awakening, you can never return to an ignorant state. So, if its overwhelming, it may not be possible for you revert the changes, and it could be hard to cope with. Having a support system is helpful. Definitely, because you will see wonderful things, but you will also encounter everything within the negative side of life. Be sure to have a trusted master to ask questions with. It brings some depression and feelings of not being able to do enough, will set in. Being enlightened there exists no ego, only virtues. The deadly sins of life fade away. You become the divine self. The divine self does not care about self, nor being like everybody else. It does not care about materialism although if here, one does have to survive. Being awake, leads you to want to have only mercy, forgiveness, and understanding, and it leaves you without judement nor opinion, but only insight of the truth with unconiditional love. There are no assumptions. You no longer abide by the 3D laws nor time, unless you want to, and that includes a need for food or sleep.  You live at a higher frequency that you takes you away from the 3D needs, unless you have to live one foot in and one foot out. But even then, you will cross over here and there and while you do, you will see the true reality of the 3D world and the spirit world that brings you all knowing wisdom and knowledge.

All work is copywritten.