Past lives and sacred messages: What heaven says about sharing information

Dearest reader, I send my heartfelt love and greetings to you. Thank you for returning.

I have always hoped to please everyone. Especially for the sake of others when presenting myself carefully, lovingly, and with compassion. However this is online interaction and communication. Because of that, there can be many misunderstandings. We also have a lot of planetary energies that are mingling together to create even more miscommunication and chaos, and so I just wanted to say; that due to the sensitivity these days, I’m going to add a disclaimer before, or at the end of my articles.

It’s never in my intention to hurt anyone or to pass off the wrong message. I truly love everybody, and that applies to all of the people that I haven’t met yet, to those that I have known but don’t talk to any longer, and for those that are still around. My love is beyond the waters of the earth for all of you.


This article is not directed toward any person specifically. It’s just a question that I’ve had coming up quite often lately. I want to address the subject because of several messages that I have received regarding people sharing their past life information. If it seems coincidental that Im writing this now and you happen to be one of the beautiful people that brought up the subject, please don’t take this article personally. It wasn’t written for you. This is written for a larger audience of those that share the same question. I do feel that I’ve covered this already in the past, but just for the sake of those that may have forgotten or those who are new and have asked, here’s what heaven had to say about the subject of sharing one’s information.

Heaven’s view on disclosing information

I wanted to write an article because I feel that the subject has come up a lot lately. It’s something that I’ve had people ask me throughout the past, but more so in recent days. In the past I have stressed to those that are really serious about their path, that they probably shouldn’t share the information that they get in their readings. It’s nothing to do with me, it’s just that it’s a very sacred thing. It’s not common that people get an opportunity to learn about their past life times and they don’t get to speak to heavenly messengers every day. If it were that available, the world would be far different because people would be more aware and informed that they would make better choices.

For that, a lot of the people that have come to find me have done so because they were guided by a greater source. This was for their benefit of learning, change, bettering themselves and so on. Those sacred pieces of information especially pertaining to the akasha, are a gift from heaven. It doesn’t matter who the person was in the past, it matters in how who built it them into who they are today. So even if someone was an important figure from the past, it doesn’t make a difference now, it’s what they’ve done with it, all the way up until this point. What condition is their life in? What type of choices are they making? Even if there was a great thing that they have done in their past life, they are more than likely not in the same position in this life.

The heavens feel that when a person shares an important historical figure, that it’s for showing off or self glorification. Because those that are humble would take the information and while keeping it to themselves, use it to understand the character that it’s helped them to become spiritually today.

However, the past is a part of the higher self. Humans are only living through the avatar self here. Many of the traits, wisdom, and traits that pertain to that past figure, aren’t really accessible. If it were, they would not have needed someone to help them with the reading to begin with.

The heavens have always told me that if humans were meant to know who they were or reference it now, they would have been born remembering who they were or they would’ve remembered on their own at some point. Since that’s not the case, the information is a gift and to be used responsibly. It’s actually against the heavenly laws to share the information because it helps others to pinpoint and locate those in history that did certain things, that placed them in a position of responsibility for their acts. It also causes judgment.

Metatron and Michael both have said that sharing one’s origins was a beneficial thing though. While it is important, it still doesn’t add much today considering the soul has lived many lifetimes. That soul changes. They grow, stay the same or they fall. But it helps connect souls from certain locations that may share similar purposes, missions, and hardships that they face when waking up. A person‘s past life wouldn’t be relevant in that way because the people that they share it with would not have had anything to do with that and they were not the same figure. Therefore, they probably would not understand the hardships such a person faced as that individual.

The heavens feel that anything that you get pertaining to your journey, should be kept for the sake of your journey. When it comes to your past life information, heaven has observed that most people wish to share the lifetimes that are labeling them as former powerful figures. I have had a lifetime as such, and I didn’t openly come out about it. I hinted around about it here and there for the sake of helping others to accept their own, but that’s just me acting as a teacher. But for the most part, I have also kept a lot of mine secret when it comes to readings that I get, and specific forms of information that the heavens provide regarding past lifetime experiences. As a teacher, it would be natural for me to share a lot more than others, only for the sake of helping others when understanding their own. But that is me as a messenger, not as a human.

As an endnote I would merely follow the regulations of the heavens and protect your information. You wouldn’t want other people tapping into your consciousness that you don’t know, and most certainly wouldn’t understand. And you want to show gratitude to the heavens for providing you with the information, by respecting it. To awaken means that a person is now embracing the path of illumination. That is the path that leads to true enlightenment. In that place, there isn’t any room for ego. As many of my students already know, ego is the image of a person’s self that they wish to portray in the world. Many other gurus and swamis out there also teach to be selfless and to put aside one’s identity to be a part of the collective. Therefore, even though the what a person has learned in past lifetimes matter regarding what they have to transcend in life for enlightenment, it doesn’t really matter who they were. It’s about the lessons that came with the character that they were.

Let us always show appreciation for heaven, and to act as the Gods would. Divinity equals wisdom and virtue. That includes to conduct yourself righteously and to always have respect toward the teachings of the heavens. This is your blueprint that you’re talking about here. Even when it comes to messages that you get from the heavens or advice, they take the time out to talk to you at all about these things, and that’s special. I don’t tell people all of the conversations that I have. Look at it this way, act as if you’re having a personal private phone call with someone on the phone about something deep that you wouldn’t want to tell other people… That’s how you should look at your readings.


Celestial Consciousness: Important Event: The Vicious Six

 Welcome dear reader. 

I would ask what brings you back, but I already know. You are curious about how the celestial bodies may affect you presently and into the future, am I right? You have come to the right place!

It’s true that people wanna hear happy things because they want to forget about all of the troubles that they have in everyday life. It’s a way to escape reality I suppose. But the whole idea of being awakened, is that you’re facing reality and building beyond it. It’s in everyone’s right to be 100% aware of everything going on around them so that they can at least be in control of their choices rather than going along with the crowds based on illusionary ideas.

With that said, I apologize if my work sometimes presents negatives along with the positives, but then again that awareness can help a person to prepare better in the future or to even avoid those negatives that are mentioned to come.

That’s what brings me to this new forecast. I’d like to present to you, energies that you may need to be aware of from now into the autumn months to come.

Astrology, retrogrades, six retrograde planets, celestial consciousness, alura cein, astrological forecast, warning

It always an important event when a planet goes retrograde. But what about the times that many go retro, all at the same time? Many stress the effects of Mercury’s rx but fail to apply preparation during any of the others. Every planet in it’s retro has some pretty intense effects.

I posted a piece on some important sky events to observe that will happen throughout the rest of the year. I added retrogrades that I felt were significant due to the changes that they could make or the symptoms that they could bring. However, I saved this life changing event for an article all its own. 

I call it, “The Vicious 6”. And no, I’m not referring to the villains in the latest Minions movie. Let me explain. 

By August 2022, six celestial bodies will all be in retrograde together. What matters even more, is which celestial bodies those are. 

  1. Jupiter 
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus 
  4. Neptune 
  5. Pluto 
  6. Chiron

As you can see, there are important planets in that retrograde line up!  This indicates major influences that will bring about a lot of epic changes in your life, who you are, and more. 

Firstly this isn’t just about you or me. The planets going into these positions are definitely signaling a huge alert system to let everyone know that it’s time to stop living in delusions. Look at what’s happening in the world! If anybody was wise, they would interpret these energies truthfully, rather than trying to add the glitz and glam to it, to appease everybody. The truth isn’t always going to please everyone. But for those that want it and know that the truth equals wisdom, they’ll know how to be strong when hearing it.  Coming together, what will happen? What can everyone expect to experience?

This is a time of cleansing.. We know that the planets will return to their direct stations at some point in time, and so while they are in retrograde together, there will be a lot of cleansing. However, it may not be as clear to what’s being cleansed in your life when it’s happening. It’ll happen so subtly, and under the radar, that you won’t really realize it until later on when time has gone by. 

You’ll also notice that you’re feeling as if you’ve lost a lot, but a lot of what you lost wasn’t really working for you anymore. Even if some of those things had positive results in your life, somehow they just weren’t getting you where you needed to be. For those good things that are ending in your life, don’t mourn them. Go with the process, as it’s trying to help you to clear your past for better insights on what you can do to be more happy in the future.

You may also notice that you feel a bit distant from others. That’s because the Universe is trying to help you go into a place of introspection within yourself. If you’re used to having a lot of people around, or you usually have people to go to… you’re not going to take that time out for yourself. Humans are creatures of habit, and so they will do what is in their routine to do. The universe is trying to end some of those routine habits, so that they can create these changes for you even if you don’t want them at the time. This means that there may be a lot of things that you have been doing repetitively every day for quite some time, The universe wants to see change in your direction and that means that if you’re not going to do it, it will. The laws of karma definitely have a way of working themselves into the universe‘s agenda. 

Don’t get upset if you find that the people you get along with most, are changing toward you negatively. Negatives are usually tools used by the universe or your spirit guides, to provoke some kind of change that perhaps you won’t do unless something goes wrong. For example, nobody’s going to tell their friend that they don’t want to be around them anymore. I mean there may be some, but let’s be honest, most people are kind to their friends. Because of that, the universe will provoke arguments to drive a wedge between them instead, so that it’s goal of getting you to be alone will be successful. Don’t be mad at the universe for this. It has its very best intentions for you. 

Additionally, expect changes to happen in areas like your job, relationships, and how you feel about your life generally… It’s all about to change too. 

You will also be doing a lot of thinking.

You’re also going to feel like there’s just something out there pulling you toward it but you won’t know quite what that is. You feel this need inside of yourself for change, yet for all of this time you didn’t know how to go about initiating it. The universe does. However, even though some things may happen quickly, the process will be one that happens over a period of time. You are being called to get on a path that will really be most beneficial to you later on, if you go with the flow.

The only thing I’d like to say is that, this is a period of time that will be different for every person individually. Because of that, I can’t really give too much of a forecast here considering that it will apply for everybody if I did. Everybody will experience very specific things in their life throughout this time, and in my very best professional opinion, I would suggest that if you’re really looking for that insight as to what to expect so that you can be better prepared, go where you know you can find and trust the insight needed. Since I know how crucial this time is, I’m going to add another specialty reading up on my page that will only go up for this time period. I had one a few years back called Time Shift. I figured that for the sake of those wanting no more, I would bring that reading back, but use it for this specific combination of retrogrades. You can find it on my website titled: “Time Shift. Effects of Vicious Six”.

I will put it on the homepage as my monthly feature. I have to change those readings on that page anyhow. I’ll describe what that area is for in another article, now that I think about it. I don’t think a lot of people really understood why I added it there. In the meantime, there are going to be a lot of things happening from this point forward into the autumn months ahead. Even though a lot of these planners will change back to their direct stations in October, it’s still going to have a lingering effect on word until the end of the year. Most of those changes will probably follow you into next year with a ton of other stuff that’s on its way. Don’t forget also, Mercury’s retrograde cycle is right around the corner and unfortunately, that’s just going to add a little bit more baggage to what many people are going to end up carrying from all of this.

No, don’t get discouraged. There are people that have good luck with these events. Believe it or not, there are actually some people that have nothing but good luck through combination retros. I’ve seen it many times before. Therefore, you may go through a lot of the hard energies that this brings, or you could be one of those people that actually benefit from the blessings of it without too much difficulty. I hope that with the generalized forecast that I gave above though, that it at least gives everybody a little bit of something to hang onto in order to be better prepared. I’m sure a lot of people no matter who they are will still experience a lot of what I’ve said above, whether just a bit, or to the extreme. Either way, it’s so important to know so that you can be on the lookout.

As I end this article, I’m probably going to post my little article about my monthly feature section for my services, and then I’m gonna jump right into doing my own time shift reading, as I did last time. As many of you recall I had seen that I would lose a loved one during that particular planetary influence and right after I had stated that on social media, I did in fact lose somebody that was very important to me. I definitely am one of those people that like to be 100% prepared ahead of time in advance. How about you?

I wish you all the very best of luck during these six retrogrades. I know that with a combination of planets that have gone retrograde together, is going to have some pretty serious effects. Don’t forget, just go with the flow of things and don’t try to resist the natural changes that the universe is bringing your way. If you allow this to happen naturally, you could be one of the fortunate souls who find that next year turns out to be a lot better than the last few.

Only digging deeper can tell. I really hope that so far… I’ve been able to give you some insight to start with. Good luck!

Find the Time Shift Reading here: under Monthly Favs. It’ll be a pretty lengthy reading that I will interpret and explain free by audio. I’ll be going through a lot of energies through a long period of time for those who get the report.

The truth behind, The Lion’s Gate Portal

Let me start by saying that I have not had a lot of my work shared as much as I know it probably should have been. The reason for that is because a lot of people are intimidated by how truthful I am. I don’t play into the trends and I certainly don’t go along with propaganda. Trends are no more than hyped up ideas that have much simpler meaning.

Astrology, Leo, Lion’s gate portal, horoscope, disclosure, alura cein, 2022

However, they’re glammed up to draw attention to them. Most of the time, people go along with it because it’s fun, it’s popular, or they just don’t really know what it means. Therefore, I’ve always believed in honesty. It helps people more to tell them the truth. I wouldn’t want someone believing in something that could potentially hurt them in some way. I also wouldn’t want them to figure things out later and feel hurt that I had lied or something. And so, it is in my heart’s greatest intention, to always keep it 100% real with all of you. And that’s exactly what I’ll do today. 

It’s true that people want to hear happy things because they want to forget about all of the troubles that they have in everyday life. It’s a way to escape reality I suppose. But the whole idea of being awakened, is that you’re facing reality and building beyond it. Yet there is a new influencer out there these days that seems to think that being awake is not really the best form of consciousness to go through life with. I totally disagree. 

It’s in everyone’s right to be 100% aware of everything going on around them so that they can at least be in control of their choices rather than going along with the crowds based on illusionary ideas. I apologize if my work sometimes presents negatives along with the positives, but then again that awareness can help a person to prepare better in the future or to even avoid those negatives that are mentioned to come.

That’s what brings me to this new article. Lately a lot of people have been talking about the Lionsgate portal because it’s currently the month of August. The Lionsgate portal idea is one that’s been going on for the longest time. But I doubt that many people really understand what it truly is. I’m going to go into what it really is. Are you ready? 

Are you really ready?

It’s nothing! LOL

All that it really is is a fancy way of trying to say that it’s August and the zodiac Leo (The Lion) has become official!

That’s it! There is nothing else behind it. It’s really just that simple. Don’t they make it sound like it’s some kind of magnificent event? Maybe for those who have their sun sign  in the zodiac of Leo. For everyone else, it’s just August. 

Sure, the different zodiacs definitely have a different effect on people throughout each month, even for those that are in them themselves. But that doesn’t really have as much of an effect as the different individual planets and stars do. Therefore I can’t really see where all of the hype is really coming from then. I only have noticed that people really hate this time up because Leo is one of the strongest and most charismatic signs in the zodiac. They believe it to be a time of success, happiness and good fortune. But is it?

Many people will experience this month differently according to their own astrological energies at birth. However, I do have to say that when you look at a lot of the hype surrounding the numerological digits, added with the Lion’s Gate portal it really does make it sound exciting doesn’t it? Yet don’t forget, 11:11 really does have its own meaning in the dark as well as the light and wear some, that darkness may just be downright sinister. For others, the light of its meaning may be blinding and beautiful. But again that ring does depend upon where every person is, regarding their spiritual journey.

 Well at least now you know that there isn’t any true spiritual portal that really opens up during this time, it’s simply just a transition into the new month and the new zodiac which for August represents a lion. Thus, you get “Lions gate”. I wonder why we don’t have a “Goat’s gate” for Capricorn or a “fish gate portal” for Pisces? Ah, perhaps maybe those don’t sound as good lol. I totally have a lot of love and respect for those that are born in the zodiac of Leo. Yet even so, I genuinely had to disagree with how much importance they placed upon it, in comparison to some of the other zodiac months. All of them are equally just as important. And again it really doesn’t have anything to do with the transition into the zodiac except for the person’s born in that month but even then…. for everyone including Leos’ it has to do with the different planets and how they affect each individual. 

With that said, for August, everybody’s going to go through something differently.

Especially these days! I have another article getting ready to launch just in a few moments if you want to take a look. In it, there is valuable information that I think people should know about. Have a look when you get a chance.

The Bible Untold & The Courses

Greetings to you reader!

If you are new here, welcome. If you are already a long term site visitor and/or a student, welcome back. This is a blog entry that will serve as an update as well as a post of important information pertaining to the courses.


It used to be that the courses were only able to be purchased by a private invoice. This was because I have a lot of technical issues, as many of you know from working with me throughout the years. If it isn’t one thing, it’s certainly always another. I wasn’t able to operate the payment gateway in order for others to be able to purchase the courses through the actual school. Therefore, anyone interested in continuing higher spiritual enlightenment would come to me via an email to inquire about how to enroll. I would then send an invoice and then manually enroll them through the online classroom.

Now, anyone who is interested in enrolling can simply just purchase from the online school directly and be automatically enrolled. We are currently getting ready to start the new course called; “The Bible Untold”. However, there are some things that I think that potential and current students should know. I’ll go into that information a bit below but for now just keep in mind that you have access to enroll there in the future should you feel interested in any of the other courses that I provide.

Time & Instruction

The first thing that I wanted to touch on, concerns timing. I don’t think a lot of people visited the terms and conditions page on the classroom’s website in the past. Since maybe there were some people that didn’t know about it, I just wanted to go over what the terms are for the courses, here. Firstly there is a timeframe as to when the courses can be viewed. I have a VIP membership subscription on my spiritual services website which lasts one year. It’s a fantastic membership because it provides 15% off of individual purchases, and then 20% off of larger invoices. You are provided with one free healing that you can submit at any time throughout the year of your subscription, and you get a goodies box to go with it. But The very best perk of that subscription is that I allow those members if they were students in my courses already, to have access to the courses during their subscription for the year. This means that any courses that they have bought in the past, they are entitled to continue having access to. They are guaranteed a one time reenrollment. However, once the membership subscription ends, then they will not be reenrolled if they renew the subscription later. They can only continue having access if the subscription continues to auto renew. 

For all other students, The students only are open for 90 days from the first lecture’s audio upload or lesson. So it doesn’t matter if you started long before and we’re waiting for the course to begin. That’s not going to count. As soon as that first lesson is published into the course, the 90 days becomes relevant. To be fair since I know that a lot of things come up in life, I also allow an additional 90 day grace period after that time allowance is over. That means that all together students in each course, have an approximate 180 days to learn from the course. That’s six months total. However, in the past there were students that didn’t keep up with the courses. I try to be fair and I left them up for a very long time and then I would publicly announce that I was going to shut the courses down since they had been long over with. Then I would get an email suddenly from someone stating that they hadn’t even finished them yet. It had been well over a year. I can’t do that anymore. I have to abide by the time. Allowance because, what many people don’t understand is that those courses may be “listen at your own pace”, but I am also contacted on the side as an instructor and mentor to answer questions. I have a lot of other projects going on and it is hard to get back to everybody. Everything has to be scheduled out. That means that throughout the year I have to have time to work on the lessons for the courses. But I also have to have time open in the week just in case anyone wants extra help with the lesson that they’ve listened to. Once the courses have ended, that leaves me with time and space to work on other things. However, a lot of times I get set back because I’m busy jumping backwards and helping people that didn’t finish the courses in time. That holds me up for a lot of other things that I need to finish. This is why I always tell everyone that I’m launching the course and then losing enrollment. But in the kindness of my heart I have allowed others to enroll in far later periods and then stay in the course for a great length of time. That definitely held me back in being consistent with my other projects. I have a certain time of year that I do life coaching, certain times of the week that I do readings and Akasha records, and then there are other days that I work on only healings. This is also similar when it comes to teaching.

VIP Membership Equals Ongoing Access

With that being said, please take note of what I’ve explained above. If you have been in any course and it’s been over 180 days and you are not a VIP member, then be expected to be unenrolled from the course. I cannot add you back to the course after that. Just like any college, if a person doesn’t attend their semester, then they have to re-enroll like everyone else. The VIP membership subscription allows that one time reenrollment, and I think that that’s a wonderful gift. If you are interested in getting back into the courses, then consider the VIP membership. It saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to purchase all of the courses all over again. But just keep in mind that you’re only allowed to re-enroll that one time during your subscription. If you want to have ongoing access you’ll have to auto renew that membership.


Another thing that I wanted to touch base with everyone on, is that this new course is going to be pretty lengthy. It’s heavy information and definitely requires a lot of studying. It’s a course that I’ve always wanted to teach since I was a little girl. There is nothing more that I love than teaching spiritual truth. The Bible though, has always been a great subject a fascination for me, not in learning it, but in helping others understand it. I remember as a little girl I could already see the hidden understandings of the book. But I always enjoyed rereading it again and again to memorize it. It was like a little bit of a hobby of mine, even though I knew that the Bible wasn’t the only form of spiritual wisdom in the world. I also know very well that it isn’t 100% true in some places, and in some ways. With that, I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge and read the Bible with those that are serious about learning. This means that to be consistent, I’m going to have to have a pretty tight schedule. 

You will need some tools for this course, but don’t worry. The heavens gave me instructions to provide those tools for the students. I’ll be gathering them together to make a little course packages, and then sending them out by the second or third week of April, no later. 

I will also provide you with appropriate links on the Internet that you will need to refer back to. 

The time allowance for this course will be a little bit longer as it is going to be instructed for a lengthy period of time.


If you already submitted a payment in the past when I first mentioned wanting to do the course, please don’t worry. I have your name written down and I will enroll you the day that the first lesson is uploaded. I will send you an email from the school directly, to let you know.

Limited Space

One last thing. For those of you that have signed up to the online classroom but have not purchased any courses there, I will have to delete your login. Yeah platform only allows me to have a certain number of actual students and I want to leave the number open for those that are actually serious and taking a course rather than just having their name there. I really do appreciate your support and having signed up to be a part of some thing I’m doing but for this particular site I do have to be very limited in the space. Therefore, if you actually wanted to enroll in a course and you have a login there, I would suggest doing so soon as I will probably be deleting the profiles by March 31.


I also want to add that if you are a VIP member, discounts do not apply to the courses. The only reason is, because you already will be getting a whole year free of access to those courses through the membership. Or more if you continue the auto renewal of your subscription. I think that is a pretty good deal. I apologize for any confusion and I hope that this blog has certainly cleared a lot of things up. I enjoy working with all of you and apologize for the delays of the past. Going forward things should be moving pretty smoothly throughout. I will add a copy of my weekly schedule for my followers, so that many of you will know when I am available for specific services and needs.

10% Charity

Since there are many things going on in Ukraine and we can pretty much expect a lot more to happen out there in the world with the times that we are living in, I will be making a nice donation from the purchases that are made from the online classroom and for any energy services that are purchased from my main Spiritual services website. I’ve been taking 10% of every purchase, and setting it to the side, in order to submit payment for providing relief to those affected by the war and Ukraine as well as any other relief funds that need to be acknowledged throughout the United States. I thank all of you for taking part in all of my projects as it not only helps me but it helps causes that I support

Courses are found at- or

Spiritual Services are found at- and VIP memberships can be found under the pricing plans.

The Symbolism behind the 2021 Christmas Star

The Christmas Star now, represents a great ritual that was planned for this specific moment in time. The Star is actually not a Star but the alignment of planets which give it the illusion that it’s a big bright star. However, it’s not just the alignment that is being referenced . Mainstream is also talking about the comet Leonard, referring to it the same. It too, is being called “The Christmas” Star.

It is a very rare comet that hasn’t been seen for 80,000 years. Its visible around Christmas this year of 2021 and it’s the last and final time that it’ll reach Earth. Leonard may be of the person who discovered it, but much is covered up. Leonard is the name of a demon that is used in great black magic sabbaths. When is the greatest sabbath? Christmas time.

They say that this could be the star of Bethlehem, but that would be nearly impossible considering that they said that Jesus existed around some 2000 years ago and this comet has entered the picture 80,000 years ago. The timing wouldn’t add up according to scholars and theologians. Is it wormwood perhaps? No it’s not that either. Wormwood already came. I’ll explain more in my course, Indignation.

For now, this star/comet actually represents the beginning of a “time”. It’s another celestial event that marks a very important passage that mankind will go through. For many, they don’t know about how in the cold… You’ll tide is actually a huge Sabbath for those who are deep in the witchcraft and Satanist circles. A lot of different cultures and spiritual backgrounds around this time, celebrate rituals and festivities at Christmastime. Not all of them are evil, but just a part of the ancient old ways before Catholicism took over as the major religious belief and banned what they called “pagan festivities”. but when researching more deeply, you’ll find that a lot of the traditions followed by holidays associated with room, or still practiced today and are very similar to those that were practiced by the ancient pagans. Christmas itself actually falls around the same time as the room and holiday of saturnalia. And it worshipped “The Sol Invictus”. You can see the same symbolism associated with it, in the church today. The truth is, they still do practice a lot of the old rituals, but they try to hide it and make it what they want it to seem on the surface, for everybody else. There are actually very dark things that take place in secret circles

When it comes to some of the darker Luciferian agenda, Yuletide is used for ceremony and sacrifices. Everything happening in the world, has actually been planned out as a part of the “master builder’s” agenda. This is highly associated with Freemasonry which is practiced by almost every religion in the world, underneath the surface value of things. It’s kept mystical and secret as a part of the occult, in only exclusive elite circles. All of the countries around the world actually work together in a global agenda. And so the appearance of this comet merely just signals the next move that they’re going to make. I’ll talk more about wormwood in an other article, but for now… Leonard, (which is who the comet is named after) is the name of a demon in the Ars Goetia In demonology.

But they can’t disclose that and that’s why they have attributed the discovery to an astronomer two bears a last name, that is identical. They claim that he discovered it, when the truth is… This comet has been seen before. It’s been moving this way for quite some time now and only just recently being mentioned publicly. How else would they explain its appearance? It’s obvious that other stargazers and astronomy lovers, would have noticed it at some point. And since it’s only just being recognized now, many people are attributing it to being associated with Christmas. But it’s only association with Christmas is that it’s closer around this time, and it marks a huge black sabbath ritual. There will be a lot of sacrifices being made in the near future. And that’s the thing. People think that just because it is a ritual, that all of the sacrifices have to take place on that specific day. That’s actually not true. According to freemasonry, as long as numbers add up, they can do it on any date that amounts to the same numeric value, associating it with the day that they’ve started the ritual itself and then close it out at a later time. So another words they can keep the ritual going until all sacrifices are finished, doing those sacrifices on specific days aligned with numerology.

You could say that it is a Christmas comment in a way, as it does signal this huge ritual taking place, and it is appearing closer to the earth around this time… But reality is, there is definitely not Wotmwood, and it’s not the star of Bethlehem either. The Star of Bethlehem was actually when Venus aligned with the star regulus and acted as if it were crowning “the lion of Judah”, since regulus is the star at the top of the constellation of the Leo which is the lion. there are a lot of stars and planets that lineup together creating the illusion of a bigger brighter star though. And yes they do all have meaning as well. But when it came to the story of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem was referring to Venus and regulus for sure.

I have so much information on the subject. A lot of it will blow your mind and it’ll show you just how I lied to you have been. I’ll save that for the people in my courses though for now. We are getting ready to peek into the height of information pretty soon. I’ve been just waiting for some things to take place in the world so that I could better explain them when I finally go into the lessons. I know people will have a lot of questions coming up. For now, don’t worry about wormwood. That’s already been happening for quite some time and I talked about that earlier and one of my blogs. This star is associated with Leonard. The coming of a huge mass sacrifice. And it’s going to be horrific in the mass quantity in the number of people that will die for the sake of it. You’ll see as time goes by. Sacrifice is done in so many ways. Even at large, on a global scale really. And with the appearance of this comment, it signals a new time that they will be enforcing, with new ways and walls. Christmas has been at the center of Christianity from the beginning of it and as they associated it with the birth of the Messiah. But now that all of that is going to change, the ritual being held in the name of the comment and for your tide… Will be in honor of what’s to come… In their eyes. And their way of doing things, it only makes sense that all of it would take place on the biggest holiday associated with religious teachings. This goes into every religion since they talk about how Krishna was born of a virgin and had 12 followers. Mithras was also said to hold the same story. Everyone has been following a similar religious foundation, no matter what culture they are from. Their religion just might have different names and ways of telling the stories. We are getting ready to enter into a whole new religious doctrine. Get ready. It isn’t going to be like it used to be at all and that religious doctrine, leans only upon science. this coincides with Biblical predictions where they talked about how God not continue with mankind. This is found at Genesis 6:3 where it said;
“Then the LORD said, My spirit shall not abide in humanity forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years.” There are a few more scriptures like this in the New Testament as well.

While that has other meanings spiritually to, it is worked into the call agenda for the global New World order as well.

Thank you so much for reading. I was glad to be able to shed some light on this subject. I know that it really stinks that a lot of the interpretations of things lead to something on the darker side of the spectrum, and I really wish it didn’t have to be that way. But this is the world that we live in and how things have been done for a very long time. Keep your head up and stay strong during these tribulation times.

The 2021 Full Moon Eclipse- Beaver Moon

Partial lunar eclipse in Taurus leading into a full moon in Gemini. Witness the event at 3:26 am. November 2021 Beaver Moon.

For the first time in 600 years, we will experience an eclipse that is the strongest it’s ever been in the last six centuries. The beaver moon this year of 2021 is going to throw a lot of peoples physical energy and emotional energies into an imbalance.

Some symptoms

A few days before and a few days after, people will have already started feeling the effects of the full moon. This is common every month, as the full moon usually triggers a lot of emotional response for many people. However when it comes to an eclipse in a full moon such as this, a lot of people will feel as though their equilibrium has been thrown off. You’ll notice that you feel a little weaker especially in your arms and perhaps even more tense in the muscle regions from your arms and into your neck and shoulders. You may also feel it around your wings in your back. The left arm may also experience a lack of circulation here and there. This moon will surely affect the circulatory system that leads into the usage of your muscles and joints. You’ll also feel especially sleepy. It’s going to take a lot out of you. But that includes only the physical reaction that your body will have. There will also be an emotional and mental effect as well.

Emotionally, every little thing will seem to upset you. You’ll feel intense emotional responses to communications with others as well as some doubts, confusion and uncertainty. Just know that what you were experiencing has to do with the cleansing energies of the eclipse. That’s right! I said cleansing! The energies of this event are here to help everyone to cleanse out energies they’ve been carrying for most of their lives.. Since it’s the first one in 600 years it is a very important event that symbolizes a lot more. In the last six centuries the world has changed in so many ways.

What it means…

The moon is going to Eclipse out of Taurus into Gemini, which is the opposing side of the procession of the equinox determining the new age. In my courses I talk about this quite a bit but I won’t be able to mention more here, as it is utterly reserved for those who are studying the forbidden knowledge of the world and the matrix with me. For my students who are reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, as the moon merges into Gemini, you’re going to feel a little bit of a battle within yourself. The moon is here to help you confront that other side to who you are, that you are often at conflict with. This is called the shadow self, but with the shadow self there are parts. All of those parts are conjoined into one, making up what I call “the ego”.

The ego is merely just a persons earthly self… how they want to be viewed by others and how others actually view them. But many people want to transcend that, overcoming their human nature and into a more enlightened self. For those who are a part of the 144,000 group, this is important.

As the moons eclipse marks the turning of the age as it has been moving into a new time, a lot of that has been kept hidden from the world, proposing that they are in a different age than what they really are. That is because they try to keep humanity somewhat behind where the elite have moved up into. For an example of technology… Aquarius was the age where people were not only holding law and order from the age of Aries, but taking on the new consciousness of the newage of Aquarius by advancing in technology. Technology is so advanced that many people have been left in the dark, not knowing just what the elite are capable of. One thing that I can mention is V2K. This is a form of communications that can send voices and commands to a persons mind remotely. This is something that they’ve had out for a very long time which has left a lot of people that have experienced it, being diagnosed as having delusions and hallucinations. That led them right into the hands of the psychological field, bringing in more money for pharmaceuticals into the companies. But if the world had been honest about the technology out there, things would’ve made a lot of sense for people rather than regarding them as being ill when they really weren’t. There’s also Coincides with the new technology that they came out with where they can actually put something on your head and translate your inner thoughts, into spoken communication through a computer system. This is pretty similar to the V2K concepts, but they never spoke about the V2K technology. It’s only now that they’re starting to release what they’re really truly capable of doing.

While I’ll talk more about that in my courses in the next lesson, for now just know that this beaver moon is a very important mystical event. as I strive to educate my students as to the consciousness of the time we are truly in, many of you out there who are reading this, who may not be in my courses can have the understanding that the ego is being promoted more so than anything else in the world. The elite want people to be more ego-based because it is the earthly-based self that holds one back from the true definition of divinity. In order to get to the next level, one must graduate from the one that they’re on so to speak. I say this repetitively in my teachings. However, how can one ascend into the next dimension of existence if they can’t even overcome this one? A lot of people don’t realizeThat the very things that they playing to win a daily basis, or the very things that are keeping them from getting where they have to go. Cell phones for example are one of them. We all have to use them yes. We don’t have the same ability to use pay phones etc. therefore, everybody has to use some form of communications, and if people are only left with one option… Then that’s the option that society hast to roll with. Doesn’t change the fact that for the longest time I’ve been testifying that cell phones change your energy big-time. They alter the way that you think, your focus levels, and whether you are awake or sleepy. Science is finally done their research about this, proving that it is a fact.. Yet, just two years ago this article came out to prove it. I’ve been saying it ever since cell phones became the only form of communication since people used to use flip phones and home phones for the majority of their communications with loved ones.

In 2017, it was also proven how it reduces your brain power to use cell phones. You can read about it here. The elite want it this way because they want you to use less brain power and act more instinctively-based. That equals out to more dysfunction and chaos in the world because people won’t think and how they act toward other people anymore. They will just merely react. This is a good example of what we’re seeing in society today. I predicted global chaos back in the Angelic Herald in 2019, only to see it take place the following year. Please see more at http://www.Alura’s in the Angelic Herald articles.

I always knew these things were coming because I was sent here as a messenger to tell people about it in order to help prepare them more. And I have been trying to broadcast it as much as I can. Even in my video on YouTube called the “Indoor Generation”, I spoke about how being stuck in the house and on your devices, can change how you view life and interact in it greatly. I also spoke on how it changes how people treat one another. And it’s happening as we speak. I have the perfect example of what happen just the other day.

I tell my loved ones every day just how crazed everybody is becoming in humanity. I was in a car with someone with my little ones getting a ride back from a sushi place that I had visited. On the highway, it wasn’t as packed with traffic but there were a lot of cars on the way home.The person that was driving the car I was in, moved over in the lane just a little bit but hadn’t crossed over into anyone else’s. Apparently the person in the next lane must have gotten a little nervous thinking that a little bit of movement was going to lead to a lot and that my driver might just end up coming into their lane for whatever reason. Even though there were no signs of that taking place, it was what the person was thinking about and so, they just honked their horn a little bit to let us know that they noticed. My driver waved over to them to say “thanks” but they just merely flipped him the bird. I said aloud; “How rude. The person gave us a heads up and we say thank you with a wave, and yet they still act aggressively by giving us the finger”. And so my driver rolled down the window and told the man to show some respect, because he felt that I was offended by the vulgar reaction. I wasn’t offended by it, I was just a little taken aback. I already know what to expect from people, but I do try to have hope that there are good people out there and so I don’t prejudge. But here this person went and acted ignorantly even though we were trying to say “thank you”. nevertheless, after my driver told him to show some respect, the other driver purposely started trying to plow into us. He was trying to sideswipe us and then began trying to force himself in between our car and the car in front of us. There wasn’t any room and so with him doing so it would’ve caused a motor vehicle accident. He kept going in and out of the lane trying to jump in there and hit his brakes super hard so that we would rear end him. I was very upset by the situation because I kept wondering why he was acting so aggressively. We hadn’t done anything but just wave and say thank you and it seem to have started at all. A little further into the situation, he finally got in front of us, and our lane. He still kept trying to drive up a little bit, slam the brakes, repetitively in order to get us to hit him. I was extremely upset by that time because I knew that the man was aware that I had my kids in the car. Before, when he was in the the lane next to me, he had scanned over our car to see who is all inside. Even upon seeing two small children in the backseat, knowing we hadn’t done anything wrong to him… Here he was trying to cause an accident. I wondered in my mind if he even cared about his own car? Causing the accident would cause damage for both he and us? Why didn’t he seem to care? No, instead he just wanted to try to provoke harm. And so, we switched over into the next lane to get away from him. Next to us on the opposite side, he rolled down his window and threw a large cup of soda and ice at us. I thought in my own mind, if my window has been down for either of my children, he would’ve hit them. Even though it was just a cup with ice and a drink… throwing it out the window while moving with the speed of traffic, could hurt them as it intensifies the impact of an object when already in motion. It was devastating to see a person react this way over so little.

These types of things are happening every day. Parents are murdering their children, people are killing each other for even less than my experience, and I see it every day. Whether it’s in the news through my news app, or it’s some thing I witness out in public with myself. I’ve seen a lot of people get into altercations with one another went at the store even. Anyhow I don’t want to spend most of this article of time, describing all of the chaos and disorder out there. But I hope that you get the point.

Spiritual Meaning & Effects

What does any of this have to do with the lunar eclipse tonight? A lot. Celestial events mark the turning of events in time and have, since the beginning of time itself. As the eclipse throws its shadow over the moon and the moon itself moves into the sign of the twins, this is a testament of sorts celestially. It’s saying that we are getting ready to move into a time where society and people are at odds against one another and themselves. Although it’s already begun, this energy and enhances it. And so get ready for a rough road ahead in society. Afterwords, there will be a few more events that will mark the permanence of the new age we are in.

But as for you personally, energies affect people differently but in a lot of ways similarly. I can tell you that you’ll feel it odds within yourself for sure. A lot of people are already battling their shadow self through the dark consciousness that triggered them to do so when it rolled in back in 2017. The energy itself can trigger actions and thoughts as well as emotions… that are not a persons own. But some will come from within the deepest darkest places of a person. How will they know whether it’s theirs or coming from out there? They won’t. And that’s where the battle really gets them. That’s what causes the confusion. That’s why it’s good to get a full body cleanse and to also work with your angels in figuring out what is coming from within you and what’s not. Life coaching helps as well because it helps you to strengthen how you react to things by changing the way that you think about things.

In the meantime though, the energies will help purge and cleanse a lot of things from within a person as you start to get fed up with certain things in your life and actually start doing something about it. But you have to make sure that you’re making the right choice. How do you know that your decision isn’t really going to hurt you later on, that you could’ve handled it a different way? Could it be something within your shadow self that is causing you to think about something in a way that perhaps maybe thinking about it a little differently could change everything? A lot of you out there will have situations in your life like this. Your thoughts will also put you against the people closest to you as well. One minute you’ll feel trustworthy toward them, and another minute greatly suspicious. You may even start analyzing the actions that those around you take, as being a certain way that maybe they really are. Everyone forgets that everything is a reflection of them self and that they project those reflections on to others in their lives. Maybe what they think they see in that person is really just their own thinking analyzing it that way?

It’s truly confusing indeed. However, you don’t have to be alone in your inner battle. The way that the moon will cleanse your energy will be through the things that you start to make sense of that feel right, and turn out right. So it will be a process, not something that happens overnight with the eclipse or anything. It’s just a series of changes in your life that are triggered by it. And this will bring you to a point in your spiritual journey where you can face your old self and really see where you were going wrong at one point in time. For others though, be careful that this event doesn’t lead you toward merging into your shadow self permanently. Gemini is representing twins. Have you ever heard the story of the good twin and the evil twin? This is what this is representing. There’s a good side and a bad side to yourself, and a lot of the darkness that comes from that bad side, is hidden unconsciously and subconsciously within oneself. If you’re not careful, you may make choices in your life that keep your thinking permanently in place, looking at things negatively or counter intuitively rather. Trust in your angels above. They have the best intentions for you and want to help you through this. You want to be the good twin not the bad one LOL.

Last but not least, always remember that as above so below, and as I always add… And so in between. The elite use blessed energies from the heavens Celeste really, bye moving the frequencies differently to create and opposite reaction. They do this a lot through magic and ritual. But they also do so through programming through society as well too. That’s how they get everyone to move with the agenda. And as more and more people pick up on it, that energy channels back into the earth since humans are connected to it, and the earth is connected to humans vice versa. It’s then that the earth and society settle into and adapt to, the new age and it’s consciousness. We can make a better consciousness for it by being the better change that we wish to see. This way, we can pump good energy into the earth through our connection to it energetically, in the way that we try to promote goodness within ourselves and to others. While I think that’s a longshot though because of the way things are going, for those that are really serious about helping heaven, you can do the best that you can where you are. Don’t be manipulated by society or what’s going on today.

The lunar eclipse gets you to confront your darker side and through it, you can actually make strides towards overcoming your ego self in the shadows that come with it. It’s purely liberating. But you have to know what you’re up against, and don’t resist the changes. This moon also reflects the times that we are in, that society seems to be going through a bit of a Civil War within itself. Just know that while that’s going on around you, you don’t actually have to be a part of it. And so, keep your awareness about you but don’t allow it to bring you down. You don’t have to be a product of the world. Remember that you are driving toward being no part of the world and trying to become your divine self. But you have to go with the flow of the changes, and be sure that the changes that are flowing are the right ones. The energies are shifty and sneaky and they could be trying to push you more so into your shadow self then your good side. That’s why it’s always good to have the help. If you’re experiencing a lot of the symptoms of dark consciousness lately, then it would be a good idea to have some assistance.

For others, those that are on a good path already, what you can expect to experience will be, some in balance here and there. You may have some thoughts that come up for you that you still have to work through. You may also feel extra sensitive and emotional during this time. For the majority and you, you’ll also have some confrontations with others in your life as they work through their stuff and you try to work through yours. It’s a time that is most rejuvenating and cleansing, if it’s done the right way. It’s start in Taurus marks this bullheaded, hardheaded, and stubborn way that people have been seeing things for the last six centuries, having had it get worse for this generation as society came to be against itself. The tactics are very strategic because as everyone knows anything that comes against itself is divided, and comes apart. And so while the destructive forces try to bring down the ways of society through the last 600 years, you don’t have to allow those energies to tear you down within side of your self spiritually. There are a lot of mental head games up in the air and a lot of inner conflict that you’ll come a crossed. Try to be strong and bypass it with positive thinking and, staying busy. Be around positive people and if you start questioning them to out of paranoia from these energies, remind yourself of the good things that you know about them to help you. If you experience any physical symptoms such as fatigue, then rest. If you feel any nervousness, meditate. Take a bubble bath for yourself and get back into some of your old spiritual habits that you used to love. You may feel numb these days and as though the magic has been torn out of you as a result of the new consciousness and the trials that our world has been facing. But that magic isn’t dead. It’s still found within you, and only you can bring it back to life. Use these energies wisely. And quite frankly, do whatever it takes to keep yourself in a better place. Don’t lie to yourself and say that you’re not experiencing a lot of these things, when you know that you are. Get a nice spiritual cleansing for yourself and start up some of your old spiritual practices again. Having positive people around you while doing so, will really help restart things up in a positive direction for you. And don’t forget seek help from your angels. This is a crucial time to do so more than ever before.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that this article has helped you to understand the event, what it stands for and what it does. I’m here for you if you need anything. Many blessings.

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It comes around

The people that we meet in life will be of all types of characters who all have different perceptions, needs, attributes, and flaws. Working with so many, I hear all kinds of experiences, and I can tell you… relationships are no less than hard when it comes to trying to have good ones. Most people think conditionally. Most of the time they have a reason as to why they are investing time into someone. Everyone has one expectations in others that they come to connect with. Even at times without realizing that they have those conditions. A good example if you will…

Solely for me….

There was a woman named Monique who started going to a depression support group which was being run by a woman named Carla. Carla put the group together under her therapy license and felt it would be good for her to use the time helping others to take her mind off of things. She had experienced a loss in her family at the beginning of the year and now six months later, she felt that she could try to let go and concentrate on making others feel better.

Monique and Carla had started out as just acquaintances but talking and texting outside of group, they became friends. Carla would always ask Monique to come by for company as she was lonely, but Monique always told her that she was busy. She hadn’t been. Any excuse that she told her had been a lie. She just didn’t have any plans. She just didn’t want to go out. However, Monique always called Carla . Every time something had happened that upset her, Monique would reach out to her therapist friend Carla. Upon realizing that she talked about herself quite a bit and that Carla stayed quiet and only ever did just listen… She felt badly and told Carla that if she ever needed to talk, that she would be there for her just as much as Carla had been there for her.

As time progressed, Carla started to feel as though she didn’t really have a real friend in the world. She didn’t expect anything from anyone. In fact she was a giver. But it would’ve been nice to have people actually show that they cared about her in someway. And so she isolated a bit and when it came time for the next monthly group, Carla issued an email notification that she was canceling it. But Monique had also been going through a great deal of depression and without her therapist fun to talk to you lately, she was really looking forward to that support group. She was a little angry at Carla for not keeping in touch to begin with, but when she found out that the support group to have been canceled… She called Carla up just give her a piece of her mind. She told her that she was very upset that she had canceled the group and that she didn’t think that Carla realized just how many people really needed that group. She told her that she couldn’t think of any reason that was good enough in her eyes that Carla would have canceled such an important and much needed tool for a lot of depressed people.

Finally, Carla kindly came out with the truth. She told Monique that she had been having some troubles of her own. She told Monique that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone by canceling the support group. It was only that she needed some time to work some things out within herself. Monique told Carla that she was selfish and that was the last that they spoke. Carla never answered the phone for Monique again and she canceled the support group permanently.

Expect Not

When you have people in your life, you will be in a position to always give. But the problem is, is that many people expect to receive back, what they’ve given in the same way from those individuals. That’s not really how it works though. You can’t have specific expectations. You’ll get back with you given to others through other people throughout time. You have to have a level of acceptance in the fact that everyone will give what they want to, or what they can. Everybody is different. However if you have a situation where it is only a one-way street overall, then that person isn’t the true definition of a loved one. That’s a person who has conditions and their own interest at heart.

The point is, everybody will give in their own way. What you have given, always comes back to you just through different situations and people. But here’s something to think about. How much easier is it to do for the people that do for you? Then it is do for those that do nothing for you at all? Jesus says to do want to others as you would have them do you want to you. But he doesn’t mean to help them in the expectations of receiving back from the same people, the same way. What do you means is that you have to treat other people the way you desire to be treated and that means even with others that do nothing for you at all. And that’s because he knew that karma comes in good ways and bad. In a good way, your karma will come back to you for the good things you’ve done through other individuals that you come across when you are in a time of need. They’ll help you just like you helped the other person. It comes back to you when you need it most.

Keep helping others. But if there are situations in your life like what Carla experienced, it may be best to cut the ties. A form of manipulation is when a person takes and takes and puts you down when they aren’t able to get from you anymore. Giving in your life should bring good things back to you in many ways. Loved ones will give in their own ways. Anyone who doesn’t try to help you in any way, is using you.

The Virus

It’s the year 2021…

Many people really anticipated the arrival of this brand new year because of how horrible 2020 was. For many people it was truly horrible. I have said many times in my blogs and courses, that we have been hit with a major curse. I have mentioned the term “Dark Consciousness” in many of my videos and blogs. Going into further discussion of it in my courses, I explained to my students how many are being affected by the so-called illness. I have spoken about many of the things happening today, long before they even took place. Referencing a specific blog entry on my “Spiritual Services” website from 2019, you will find an entry where I spoke of a dark substance that was breathed in and affected everyone’s ability to breathe, causing symptoms of illness.

“Pretty soon people are going to be getting sick and people will suffer in a lot of lung issues, even small children. Small children will have their immune system drop, which the body really cannot fight off illness.”

Alura Cein; (Alura’s World Mar.18, 2019)

I told everyone to install air purifiers in their homes for that reason. I was speaking of this so called COVID-19 virus, or Dark Consciousness. The virus itself is affecting people through the mind, not so much through their physical system. It is a form of consciousness that is being programmed into humanity in order to propose fear and maintain control. It was also used as a smear campaign for the president of the USA at the time. There are many tactics of psychological control in which people will devise platforms such as this one, to distract, ruin, and control, all at the same time. Why not? They’re killing a few birds with one stone, so to speak.

I won’t go into the subject further until I speak more on the vaccine and a few other important things. For now, I want to talk about my own personal experience with it…

Fighting the odds

It’s a battle that’s for sure! Everyday it has been a bit of a struggle for every person. Many of the symptoms of people are mentioning, aren’t just from having a cough or not feeling well physically, but from feeling pretty awful mentally and emotionally too. I know many have a cough yes. But many are also feeling the effects on a psychological level too. Because your psychological and emotional solves our half of who you are as a spiritual being, that means that it’s ultimately going to end up eating into your spiritual energy and your physical body to. That is the completion of four. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that you are fit in all levels of your self. That means making sure that you’re well balanced in all areas that make you who you are. You have to have many different types of activities and regimens in order to maintenance your help in those areas. Nevertheless, it is not an easy thing to continuously keep on top of everything. Life throws things at you, I get it. But if you slip up for one day, you have to get back on track on another. If not you’re leaving your self wide open. Even with protection spiritually around you, if you are letting your guard down, then it’s almost like saying to the dark energies that it’s OK to come in.

The energies themselves try to create arguments, contentions and hatred amongst people. It’s first starts with paranoia and suspicion. I always teach that you can’t really trust anybody. Not 100% anyhow. You might be able to trust certain people with certain things, but not with everything. A person should always have their guard up but not so much that they can’t be open just enough as well. It’s hard to explain but if you were around me and witnessed how I work with others, then you would see what I mean. It’s almost like you’re protecting yourself but you’re also trying to be open minded to the feelings of others at the same time. It’s having a balance in your duality.

The energy it’s self is a very strong force. After having experimented with multiple tools of protection, I have noticed that it is best to only protect one person at a time. You can put a protection grid around your house but it works a lot better to just protect each individual in the home instead. Having both would definitely provide a great deal of sheltering from it though. You have to imagine that if your house has protection and somebody from the outside comes in who doesn’t have protection, they’ll just bring it right in. And that’s because it’s like someone has invited, just through that person‘s entry. So it’s better to protect everyone so that they don’t bring it back when they come and go. Having the protection on the home itself as well will protect it from any energies that are not invited in and then to also put a protection around each person so they don’t mistakenly let it in themselves. I’ve noticed that this is what works best. However another thing that I’ve noticed is that if one person has protection and another doesn’t, the energy itself will just level up by multiplying itself so that it is a bigger force than your protection grid. Protection grades are made to sustain any force of entry from negative and evil energies from the outside. But if you have a very strong force gnawing away little by little at that protection grid, over time it will find a small wait inside. All it needs is to get a little speck of itself inside that grid with you through a hole in it, and then it’ll start to play on your feelings and thoughts. Through those implanted negative feelings and thoughts, it will just start to grow as it absorbs them. That is why it is so important that when a person begins to feel vulnerable or notices even slight changes negatively within themselves, that they regulate their mind and emotions to regain positivity. This way it doesn’t have a way to expand and ultimately in time, affect the person even more. When it gets that level, that’s when you know that you have a lot of the consciousness surrounding you.

At times, I can tell that it enters my home because of the way that it changes the character of each individual here. It will try to jump from person to person. It creates aggravation or continual irritation. I often find myself being the mediator between many people who come and go from my home. It’s almost as if everybody hates everyone and hates life. They don’t know how to stop for a minute and talk to one another. In my life coaching I give tips on what the righteous way of speaking to another person is. But forgive my French, another person that I know has referred to it as “kissing a%!”. However that would be the ultimate human perspective in looking at things wouldn’t it? Those who are of a heavenly mindset know that each person has their own way of hearing things, and their own perspective in interpreting it. In that case, Our heavenly father and his heavenly hosts have all agreed that it is best for humans to stop a minute, and think of what they want to say. Still, many people Donalds. And it has at times calls arguments. Even especially when someone is saying something exactly the way that they want to say it, with the exact effect that they wanted it to have. There are agitators in this world like that. It reminds me of how demons act. A demonic presence loves to stir up trouble. They actually thinks it’s quite funny when they get people angry. They love to play word games and especially love lying on an expert level to see if they can get away with it. The point is, I think everyone has come across somebody like that at some point or the other. In my home we try to act righteously and to always apply the virtues and all of the things that we do. But there are others who are still learning in the process of life and spirit. Even knowing that somethings are wrong, they may still do them just because they don’t really fear of the true consequence. Perhaps it’s that they do not know that there is a consequence at all. I have so many stories to tell you all about a specific situation but I’ll leave that for the future.

Now there came a time when the dark consciousness was really trying to shake things up at my house. I had opened my heart and my doors to a person you really need a lot of counseling and love. Because of that, they thought I was a pushover and that I just was openly loving to anyone and everyone. They would manipulate, and agitate those in my family and it would create chaos. Being a person who understands consciousness and the spirit a great deal, I know a thing or two about mind control and manipulation. I can recognize it instantly even in its most subtle of forms. I have taught my family to also recognize it as well. Especially my children. I am very forgiving and merciful though, and many times while I did openly acknowledge what I was witnessing, I gave the person the benefit of the doubt time and time again. Never have I seen such horrible behavior and a human being before standing in front of me. These are the types of people that you hear about in scary movies. No offense to that individual or anything as I still openly give my love as I do to all. But the energy was really getting intense. The person themselves kept coming to me telling me that they were experiencing and numbness inside of them. They explained that they would sit on their lunch break each day, having crazed thoughts run through their mental process.

For some reason though, the individual didn’t seem to put up much of A fight against these thoughts. Each time that we encountered them, they brought with them and energy that would fill you with such a great anxiety and upset that everybody would be on edge. I would have to clear my house every time that the energy was present from outside. Many times people told me that they have felt my energy and how serene it is. Whenever the dark consciousness would come in from outside through this individual, that serenity from my energy that filled the home, disappeared. It would feel heavy and upsetting. If I focus my attention outside on top of that, I felt the feeling of worldwide grief and stagnation. There was a sense of confusion and hopelessness. I had channel the angels so many times throughout the years, and which they had for warned about this. But I still in my heart had hoped that humanity would open their heart to love. That way it wouldn’t have as much power here on Earth. But Archangel Gabriel had explain time and time again that mankind really didn’t want love anymore. They wanted to be numb so that they wouldn’t have to feel badly for their actions. I started to see that more and more in the visitor at my home.

During last year, my littlest children were seeing things throughout the home. I could tell that little Elora (Adree) was viewing things because she would be looking right at what I would be looking at without me even having to prompt her to do so. There were many times that she had taken Michael’s (Amber’s boyfriend) hand and lead him to the end of the hallway where she would point up into mid air. Of course Michael being normal, didn’t see anything. But because he is more spiritually minded from spending time with me and my daughter Amber, he has started to be a little bit more open minded to the spiritual presence. He had said that he had felt something there but he could not see it.

Recently, Elora had been sitting on my lap and her attention kept being diverted toward looking at something behind me. The way that she kept looking side hide behind me, raise red flags that perhaps maybe there had been someone there. She has a very high vibration in which she doesn’t sit down, just like me. All day long we are walking around and doing different things. It’s not until late at night that she actually takes it down and arch. I was telling her bedtime story and her eyes just creepily kept looking over my shoulder to the side. And so I asked her; “What do you see”? I hadn’t looked in that direction yet and so I told her to just take me on over there to the location where she had been looking. When I got up to my shocking surprise I had seen a shadow figure outside the window. But I didn’t freak out yet. I just waited for her to take the initiative to indicate to me what she was looking at so as not to influence her at all. And sure enough she pointed out the window. The hairs on the back of my neck had set up because I had hoped that she wouldn’t have to encounter such things like I had when I was little. Knowing that she was an Oracle just like me I had expected that she would at some point though. Already she’s had very lucid dreams, and astral projections that have terrified her. But recently, she started seeing things. I take videos for just about almost everything that my two newest little ones do. We didn’t have that luxury when I was a kid even though the technology has gotten better over the years. I’ve had some videos of my son Noah when he was younger but because I had lost the phones over time, I lost the videos too. I don’t want to miss the moment of our memories together ever again. So during the one video that I have been taking, Elora was trying on her new little bear footed slippers and when she went to bend down to put them on she stopped suddenly and stirred up quickly and almost frozen position. I watched her eyes as she followed her presents that seem to swoop down near her feet and then back up toward the other window downstairs in my living space. Luckily I had caught it on film and I had showed my daughter Amber. These things are almost always attracted toward my home because of who I am and the work that I do. But it just seemed to be very coincidental that lately darker things started showing up. Each time we immediately begin to pray and then we like prayer candles in hopes that we will have the upmost of heavenly protection. I have constructed protection grids over all of my children and myself and so far so good. I know for a fact that my son Noah, my two youngest, and I have not had any major problems or attacks. I do empathically feel others feel throughout all of this, but it doesn’t affect me directly. My daughter Amber though, she works outside of the home around the public in her new job. There are many times that she comes home telling me about her thoughts and feelings for the day. They almost always sound very similar to the thoughts and feelings of clients are fans that email in about what they’re going through. However, once Amber has her three days off for the week, spending time with me makes her feel a lot better. Right now though, she seems to have a little bit of a cold.

Alexander is a different story. He seems to be unaffected by most things. He’s a very humble, jolly little boy who is so very loving and excepting. He just looks for acceptance from others and for their approval. He is so adorable and innocent and I’m truly blessed to have added him as a part of my life. I think him every day for agreeing there is higher self to be here. Since he doesn’t get affected much, there was one time that remained significant in my mind. The only reason that it is, is because I actually have a photograph of it happening. I was holding him and playing with him for a little bitthat evening. My vision is not like anyone else’s. I see in waves and colors as well as very specific codes if I zoom in so to speak, into the atmosphere. Which is generally everything is multi dimensional and wavy. I don’t know how else to explain it. I also don’t see color is the way that most people do either. So if something is in a persons aura, I will notice it right away. As I held him I was looking at him tenderly and just in Meyering how cute he was when I saw a black speck in his aura on the right hand side near his shoulder. What was odd is that it seem to just kind of hover over his shoulder and when I looked a little further into it, going behind him it seemed like it were long like a snake hanging down the back of his arm. So I sent light energy there and removed a lot of it but the rest of it just stuck there. It didn’t matter how much I attacked with a fourth of lights. The only other way to get out of it would be to reserve it within myself and then transmute it into a higher frequency. And so I breathe in through my nose. As I did, I had just happened to snap a picture at that moment. I really got lucky because there are so many times that I do this kind of work and try to take a photo of it and nothing will appear. You can see it below.

Absorbing dark energy…. 2020
See how I breathed it in through my nose.

Forgive forgive me for the quality of the photo because I had only just looked at the camera and snapped the picture without really trying to get a good angle or clarity. My main objective was just to try to capture what was happening as quickly as I could before it was too late. I do not advise whatsoever for a person to ever try this kind of energy work himself. As an angelic I can tell you that this is one of the most risky forms of energy work that there is. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with an entity inside of you that you can’t get out later.with that, I only went to this extreme because it was a little kid. I don’t like to see little children attacked and as you can see the energy in the photograph going up my nose is quite dark. Later on I raise the vibration of it within myself to a higher octave and then released it. I was quite drained after that though. The topic of this entire article was made especially to center upon that photograph though. I want you all to see what you have in your aura every day. You may not see it yourself because it is of another dimensional quality. If you’re not psychic, then you won’t be able to see it. But it does not mean that it is not there. Nobody else had mentioned seeing anything at Alexander’s or even up to five minutes before I took that photo and my daughter Amber and my son Noah both had been in the room just prior. When a child is being targeted like that, I will most definitely do whatever it takes even at the extent of myself, to help them. Alexander being as little as he was in that photograph is helpless to fight against energies or even to help himself physically. And so without it budging from his aura with just basic energy work, I had to do what I had to do to get rid of it. This is the type of energy that sits upon the aura and provokes thoughts within a persons mind either from the depths of their very own subconscious or by grabbing other thoughts from the atmosphere from othersWhen a child is being targeted like that, I will most definitely do whatever it takes even at the extent of myself, to help them. Alexander being as little as he was in that photograph is helpless to fight against energies or even to help himself physically. And so without it budging from his aura with just basic energy work, I had to do what I had to do…to get rid of it.

This is the type of energy that sits upon the aura and provokes thoughts within a persons mind either from the depths of their very own subconscious or by grabbing other thoughts from the atmosphere from others. It will act as a magnet for other forms of negativity and then attract it toward an individual who will then absorb it through their auric layers into their chakras and then into their physical body. It will then be absorbed through the mind. It is a terrifying thing to think about. That form of spirit is called, a parasitic leech. They start out long and skinny and then as they absorb more and more dark consciousness from a person that they have latched onto or from the atmosphere that they will implants into the person they have attached to, they will grow in size. Had I not removed it from Alexander, the energy more than likely would have felt very heavy to anyone else holding him. They would’ve wanted to put him down every couple of minutes because something about him would have just made them not want to hold him anymore. He would have felt that rejection and that would have led him to feel sadInside. Ultimately, that leech would have fed off of his emotions and expanded itself. In time it would have been almost the size of an entire entity. And once they gain that kind of power, they will try to multiply themselves by creating alarmingly aggressive situations.

There are parents out there that are actually harming their own children. Crime has increased so much so, that it reminds me of something I was told when I was a little girl. I remember that Metatron and I had been walking through the meadow near my home. Not he himself actually, but his essence. He was telling me of a time in the future where crime would be right out front of a persons own front door. I never did fully understand that because I thought that he was speaking literally. I always imagine that I’d open my front door and see people running down the street from some gunman. But he had meant it figuratively speaking. He was saying that even in the safest of towns, crime would increase. I can tell you that there is something happening out my own neighborhood almost several times a day. It is terrifying. And that’s why it’s so important to never allow this energy in. There have always been parasitic leeches, entities, attachments, generational spirits etc. But when the dark consciousness is opening up small doorways for others to have access into this world, it makes the fight a little bit more overwhelming to goBut he had meant it figuratively speaking. He was saying that even in the safest of towns, crime would increase. I can tell you that there is something happening out my own neighborhood almost several times a day. It is terrifying. And that’s why it’s so important to never allow this energy in. There have always been parasitic leeches, entities, attachments, generational spirits etc. But when the dark consciousness is opening up small doorways for others to have access into this world, it makes the fight a little bit more overwhelming to go up against. There are a lot of things that I want to teach to people in regards to truth. But even then I would be very careful in doing so. Not only do I have to worry about organizations robbing me of my information, but I also have to worry about people misinterpreting it. I remember speaking about Reptilians a lot in the past and people started getting extremely paranoid about giant lizards trying to take over their bodies LOL. I mean it’s not funny, but it does make me chuckle just a little bit at the idea of seeing a giant lizard. I do hope that people understand what I meant now. In regards to all of the stark consciousness though, what I’m saying is as real as it gets. Go back over former articles and read about it more. Find out the symptoms and try to protect yourself as best you can. Keep your mind positive and stay as physically active as you can. This will help in combating these energies. But most of all if you need anything you know where to find me. Just like I helped Alexander, I will always be here to help any of you.

Arrow of Truth- End of 2020 Holiday Reading

Greetings, this is the December 2020 tarot reading for the holidays. For my VIP clients, there will be more personal insight included in their newsletter.

Humans walk this Earth with an urge to understand. But what is it that they have a great need to understand? Is it the meaning of life? Is it the meaning of their own life or for all of life? Either way, everyone seeks their purpose. They seek to understand whether they are on the correct path toward it. But how many can truly accept it once they know what it is? The idea is that, everyone is seeking a meaning but is it they themselves who define it? Or is there a power higher than themselves that has already pre-destined it?

It’s a little bit of both.

Even when their purpose is finally discovered and accepted within their heart and soul, how many things within this world around them will come to distract them from continuing toward it? Is it really they themselves only, who reap the consequences of living without purpose? No. The answer is, everyone around them and everybody expanded out in this collective of humankind, experience is it. What one person does affects another. What one person does not do, but that’s another. For an example, what if two people were destined to meet in one location but one of those people decide to randomly go somewhere else that day instead? What if that meeting was destined

Our reading for the month of December leaves us at the end of the year. Just one year ago the “Angelic Herald” predicted all of the events that are taking place here today. How many people within that one singular year fell apart? How many of those individuals vowed in the beginning of their spiritual journey to always remain true to it?

Yet, it is through the path of illumination that one is tested. Their true spiritual nature gets exposed before themself in the mirrors of the Oracle, or in the reflections of life. Life is a much bigger Oracle itself. But even life itself cannot help a person understand why they tend to fail themselves or why they fail the people that they love… or even God. The answer to the question “why” is one that can only be revealed by someone who can see from the eyes of Hathor. 

Hathor’s eyes are situated so far beyond regular third dimensional life. Still, not even upon receiving an explanation, who can understand her celestial language?

The Cards

For the special event of Saturnalia which I always celebrate because of Capricorn and the fact that my birthday is on the 28th, I used a special deck. The significant card for the end of this year’s reading asks each and every reader to really reevaluate the year. that has just passed so quickly by them. How many have fallen? This reminds me of the Bible verse in which it said: “How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations”!

Things are about to change for a lot of people. There is a lot of news that I have surrounding this subject, including about the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. You also have very specific details according to your very own. You may want to check into having a specialized report done in one of my holiday novelty readings. It will be on the front page of my website. This can help you understand how all of this is going to affect you personally.

Our card means that there are a lot of people that may think that they’re doing the right thing, but maybe they’re just not doing the right thing in the right way. Our card also represents that there are a lot of people that have ventured off into the wrong direction completely. It’s time to get back on track. Dark consciousness made all of what’s happening possible. Most people don’t realize how dark consciousness works. Yes, it has a lot to do with that. So how does it work then?

Dark consciousness and its role…

With dark consciousness, you could be yourself one minute, and suddenly your thoughts and actions are different the next. Afterwards, you are suddenly back to yourself again not really realizing what you had just done or said. You just completely oblivious to it, or unfeeling toward it because your inner self is blocking it out.

A good example of this includes a lot of the parents that are committing crimes against their children these days. Most of them just shifted suddenly. It’s much like the Los Angeles man who was convicted of decapitating his two children. I know it sounds awful and I hate to even mention it here, but it just goes to show how this type of consciousness works. He was a Zumba teacher and somebody that really have loved his family. How did he just suddenly go from being a health fanatic that loved his family, to a man who starved and murdered his children? Especially, in that gruesome manner? It was because of his consciousness being affected by the dark energies. Even though he was aware of what he was doing, it seemed almost as if he wasn’t mentally or spiritually in control of it. While a lot of people will not have such severe changes, a lot of people are experiencing them nonetheless. There has been extreme depression especially, without those who started suffering from it ever even knowing why. Many even suddenly give up on everything that they have worked hard for without understanding? There have been people whose attitudes and emotions changed towards their relationships in their lives. There are a lot of women especially that are starting to feel like they need to go back into getting sexualized attention or getting involved in vanity and fashion because of the spiritual energies that work within this type of consciousness, which influences them. It’s all about getting everybody on board with the new agenda.

Like I’ve said, I have more information about this but you should probably heed what the card is trying to say. Once the mind starts to conform to a certain way, it will eventually become permanent. It’s similar in how the spiritual shift happened back in 2012. It was like a light switch just turning everybody on to mystical and esoteric studies. That’s what happens within an agenda. It affects the masses. I said this in my teachings before, that in ancient times when media didn’t exist one person could come up with an idea on one side of the world, but yet another person on the other side of the world would be thinking the same thing. King Solomon tried to tell everybody when he said; “There is nothing new under the sun”! As a collective consciousness we are all connected in a web like energy structure. Imagine a spider web. If a vibration is triggered in one area of that web, it will vibrate on the entire web eventually. It’s the same with life here in this “web of consciousness”. Once a vibration or signal is triggered on even one line of our energy web, it will produce a wave that sends the same signal out to everyone caught in the web.

This means that every person who is linked together here, which is pretty much everybody (except fully transcended souls) will get the same signal at the same time. Who is sending it? Good question! Consciousness is a powerful thing and probably more powerful than any technology you’ll ever find on this earth because it is something that was created beyond this earth. It takes someone from beyond here, to understand it more. Not enough science could even explain it. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by that signal though. And believe me many people are affected, sad to say.

The arrow of truth is upside down it pointing in the forwards direction. This means that while many move ahead, they do so without guidance or in looking where they are actually going. Have you ever watched an arrow being shot off? It may have been aimed, but still missed the target. That’s how many will end up… either missing the target or, ending up directionless.

Or others they may find that they are just exploring some things from the past so that they can have a good time in finding where they need to go when the arrow it’s self is launched by an archer who has great aim so to speak. In other words, a person finally has the right tools and understanding in their life and can make the best choices that they can. That will start to take place as time goes by throughout the year.

We end this month with a great questioning. What will next year have in store for us? What will time be like? I have often said many times publicly that I have great difficulty leaving the house before 2 o’clock. I mentioned some time later that it wasn’t able to leave until after three or four in the afternoon because the energies were so intense outside. For my students who listen to the Indignation course, you will know why. But for now, just know that the energies are very overbearing and the sun is very dense it has a bit of a negative affect on me. Horrible symptoms arise and I have to go out when it seems subtle or tamed. There are times that I don’t even get to leave until 5 o’clock or six. Time goes by far too quickly as well and so with these energies making things as they are, it seems like no one is able to get anything done. Could this have a role in why humankind is headed into the wrong direction in life? Could it be that maybe naturally everyone is being guided that way by powers unseen? I mean if no one has any Millatti to get done the things that they need to do any stick to the same old daily routine, and the only things that they will have time to do will be the things in that routine and nothing extra. And that will mean everyone will stay exactly the same. Could it be that perhaps maybe this arrow also reflects a bit of a purgatorial like life for everyone?

Did you know that they just made it legal for people to commit theft in Seattle? Not totally, but all the consequences for stealing will not be as severe because they cannot control the crime while defunding the police there. So they subtly condone it. Just like Gabriel stated in The Angelic Herald’s “In the Dark” (a prophetic online newsletter). All of it was right!

Stay strong. The energies will effect everyone differently but just be sure to be steadfast in trying to hang on in all of your virtues. Don’t give anyone, or anything your own power. this means that if there are toxic people around you don’t allow them to get under your skin or upset you. Just totally overlook it. No idea for people starting arguments and being very negative towards someone is because that person themselves is unhappy inside. Therefore, misery loves company. Don’t join in their company. Additionally, this is the year that you will have to really focus on squeezing a lot of things in. It’s really important that you achieve the goals you have for yourself. But with time having sped up in the “quickening” you may find it harder and harder to have time. If you were feeling as if you can’t get up in the morning and get started that it’s likely that your kundalini energy has slowed down significantly and this could lead to very weak chakras. Make sure you have the best energetic essence keep up with your spiritual care. Try to be positive minded. Tell yourself things even if you don’t fully believe them right away. Eventually your mind will process the more positive idea.

Do you things for others too. You will feel better inside as well as connecting your energetic tie to somebody else through good deeds. As a result, the energy will stream back-and-forth between you and the other person. It’s a good feeling to know that you inspired good will even if for a few minutes here and there. Usually me and my children will go and volunteer somewhere in order to help. Now that we are experiencing so many limitations because of the COVID-19 virus, we can’t really do much except for our very own versions of charity. We have our very own plans for what will be doing with this. I have a huge story to tell in regards to my year this past year. I’ll save that for the next entry though and continue coaching you through what you’ll need for this upcoming year.

 Continuing on, be sure to make time for things you need to do. Cancel something that you do everyday in order to fit in goals. It’ll help to get you ahead. Follow the advice of the angels over there at the Angels website. The link is in this article somewhere when I was referencing Archangel Gabriel’s prophecies. Scroll back up tab to find it. Just to remind you here though, be sure to save up your money. You will need it. Don’t spend stupidly. This year was a very difficult financial year for everybody. I have had the most difficult struggles in terms of finances myself. Unemployment rates are horrific. It’ll be I am very fortunate thing for you to do the best that you can in verging and putting some fun, even just a little to the side for reserve. And less of a don’t give up. Energy out there is making people feel very suicidal and depressed these days. It’s not your own thinking. It’s influence and so the best way to fight against it, is to leave the environment that you’re in line it’s happening. Step outside. And then just taking some deep breath’s and try to think about something in your life that has always motivated you or something that has had a lot of meaning to you that you would not want to leave behind. Everybody has something or someone. That tip will help you to re-set your mind to think negative me. You should never harm yourself. It’s not a way to start over. It’s truly leading you toward having to repeat. Who knows if it will be worse? Just fight through life and get through it. Before you know what time is gone by so fast that life has flash before your eyes anyway. Things will get better for each individual depending upon what they do to make it better for themselves. Having help, support, reaffirming to yourself, being around positive people, and staying busy in pursuit of your goals. His path will be different but they will surely feel the effects of the conjunction and hopefully there will be many who get through their New Year’s resolutions. Reevaluate what you did this year and do it a little differently in the upcoming year. That will stick your arrow in the right direction.

Cyber safety

Just a quick post because I know more than anyone how important it is to be secure while online. I have had my share issues. I’ve had hacking, mobile phone mirroring, redirect looping, IP address circle redirecting, and shadow banning, not to mention an entire company that was hired to track my business website’s traffic to compete. Just recently my fifth cellphone was hacked and then my mothers, my daughters, and then my daughter’s boyfriend. It wasn’t a surprise to find out that couple of my clients also had a similar issue, those would actually spoken with me on the phone that is. I posted about this in another blog. So this morning I get a notification that yet again, we have another cyber issue.

Be safe

I was informed by my browser and my pc protection both, that 36 websites that I had logged into with my password and information, had been breach and that someone had to change my personal password even to my PayPal account. Can you imagine the horror? I just wanted to remind everybody to pick a password that’s actually secure. I’ve been choosing passwords that are more easier to remember than secure, because since I don’t really go by the time, it’s hard for me to really remember a lot of things. Before I share how to pick a safe password, let me give you some tips on safe internet use.

1.) Look for the little green lock up at the left-hand corner next to the search bar on your browser. If it’s not there, then don’t proceed to that website.

2.) Don’t click on short links or links that have a strange sounding word at the end instead of .com, .org, etc.

3.) Don’t click on sweepstakes or trash ads. Trash ads are the rows of ads at the bottom of a page that have crazy sounding news and miracle solutions in them.

4.) Don’t add unknown people to your Facebook. Look for their first post. If the profile’s first post is dated 2016 and nothing before, it’s probably a spammer of phisher. The profile shouldn’t be too new. If there’s less than 5 posts on an account than it’s fake. If they have less than that amount as pictures or a picture of a plant, cartoon…anything not them.. it’s fake. Don’t open messages in messenger from unknown people either. Ignore chain letters too.

5.) Don’t let your pc or cell track your location except when using map but give it permission just once. Also, don’t keep credit card or bank info in your phone or pc. If using a cell, have a spam iCloud account so that your private account isn’t at risk.

6.) Use a VPN.

The Internet is a lot like consciousness and so it’s easy for me to maneuver through it. I could’ve probably been a hacker myself. I should have picked a secure password myself and I intend to now. Here’s my method.

A secure password..

Choose a password that is a mix of caps and lowers with numbers mixed in there somewhere. I started using special characters too. Another pointer is, never let the site generate a password. Be sure to save your password on a piece of paper, not by allowing the browser to remember the password for you.

That’s it! Protect your Identity and your privacy!

His work: A glimpse at how heaven works in your life.

We are blessed to have the good grace of the Creator all around us in every day life. But lately, as things have been shifting off into a whole new collective mass consciousness, many people do not feel, nor do they recognize the presence of divinity in their lives. Can you blame them? After all, life is full of such challenging situations and suffering that sometimes it makes it hard for people to see the good. The inability to see the hand of God at work in everyday life comes from the way that people are taught to perceive things as well.

I work with thousands of people every year. On top of that, I am also an otherworldly soul who is living on earth and witnessing these times as an outsider looking in. I can see how people get the wrong idea about a lot of things. As a teacher of Illumination, I often have to put my students under the test in order to determine whether their mentality is changing to match their growth in the right or wrong way in what they are learning. I will often try to catch them with parables or even situations, where they have to utilize the same wisdom and spiritual analysis I have taught them to see if they come up with the right answers. I learned this through Metatron. And he learned it from the “Most High”. Likewise, God will create temporary scenarios where it will test the way that a person will react. He longs to see if the person understands to the fullest extremity, by thinking outside of oneself, and instead think more like the divine.

I am astounded at the wisdom that the heavens have given out to people throughout the years that I’ve been doing my work. In blogs, conversations, lessons, and personal readings, truly the heavens have given us so much to treasure. I honor that they took the timeto provide the advice and insight to me, so that I could go onto the teacher to other people. The world is not such a good place though. People seek divine intervention all of the time. But not many people feel as though they have received it when they needed it, or after they had asked for it.

Humans, Not such a master builder…..

The higher ups know what’s best for everybody. Humans sometimes lack discernment that they don’t always know what is best for themselves. They are full of judgments and at times want only what they want, even if it isn’t what’s best for them. It is not a secret that the ego is what rules over each and every person’s character. One of the reasons as to why people never transcend the ego is because they have the completely wrong outlook on what it is and how to work on it. And that intern keeps them from being able to look at things in life or in other people the right way as well. I am teaching all kinds of people how to finally transcend the ego. When they do, they will find something so wonderful there. Even beyond what they could have possibly imagined when starting out on the journey with me.

But it’s true, the ego is what stands in their way for many things. Even being able to see that sometimes they have to let go of trying to be in control of their own destiny. How can anyone create their own reality if they don’t have the information that they need as to what they’re even supposed to create? Humans also change their minds and their interests so much, that imagine how much of a mess it would truly be if they were left to become builders of their own, doing whatever they want it?

It would be much like a person trying to build a bungalow at first, and then all of a sudden the trend is that a two-story colonial home is what’s popular. So they try to change a bungalow into a two-story colonial. But then suddenly that’s not even what’s hot anymore. It seems that even that trend has changed as trends always do… And suddenly everybody starts going for a Greek revival style. Now the person is trying to turn their part bungalow, part colonial…into a Greek revival. Just being left to do whatever they want, without the skills or tools, and with a mind that’s forever following the crowd,

So as you can see, if a human can’t even build a house without changing their mind so many times, making it an incomplete project, how can they even really know what they want for themselves and if major decisions pertaining to that, are going to permanently benefit them later on? The truth is, God knows what’s best for all of us. Humans lack such perception and because of that, many times only can see from their very own eyes and position in life. God works through all things and that is why it is said that he works in mysterious ways. I’ll give you a perfect example in the story of my client whose name is Claudia. Claudia actually went to the same high school that I did. We weren’t friends and we had only just spoken a few times here and there through a cousin of hers who was in one of my classes.

He works in mysterious ways…

Along time ago, Claudia had been dating a guy named Bruce back in high school. They truly believed that they would be together forever. The connection was so strong, and even though they were still young, they couldn’t imagine themselves with anyone else, not even in the future. As soon as high school ended, Bruce propose to her. They were truly love and believed that getting married would be the right thing to do. And so as it was always her dream to have a winter wedding, they planned to get married later that year in December.

A lot of people tried to advise them to wait. It was only right after their senior year in high school, and a lot of older people in their families told them that what they thought that they wanted at that moment, they may not feel the same way in the future. A lot of their relatives suggested to them that they try to live together first, if they really wanted to be together. But as far as getting married was concerned, their relatives told them to maybe put the wedding off for at least another year or two. But they wouldn’t listen. They loved each other, and there was just some thing that made them feel as if it was meant to be. 

It was already fall by the time Claudia’s cousin had suggested her to me become and talk to me a bit. She had known about my natural gifts as I didn’t hide them anymore by at the time I was in high school. In fact, I was pretty open about them all of my life really. I started to keep it to myself a little more after I had gotten bullied so badly in elementary school. I ended up getting homeschooled for quite some time. But I was extremely excited to be back in school. My father told me I would probably enjoy high school a lot better and that with everybody having grown up a bit, perhaps maybe the bullying wouldn’t be so bad anymore as it had been. I never hid who I was and so I wasn’t about to start at that point in time either. I talked to anybody that I thought would listen. I would share my spiritual knowledge or insight, when I came across those that were interested. Claudia’s cousin happy to be one of them. She had mentioned to Claudia that since everybody in the family had their doubts about she and Bruce getting married, that maybe she ought to talk to somebody that could look into the future and see. Claudia was a little bit of a skeptic by that point in her life but she was willing to give it a try. I can’t recall the exact date, nor can she, of when she finally decided to come and talk with me. But I do know that it was quite close to around the time that they had planned her wedding. I first had to confirm with her that I was real and I did so by pretty much telling her everything along the lines of what she was thinking and feeling. And I even went into some other things that were on a much deeper level for her, that she hadn’t shared with anybody. It was then that she was more open minded and comfortable with the idea of having me look into her future with Bruce. I told her that the two of them had a great connection but that they would experience hardships and give up some point in the future because of their inability to persevere or find the true meaning of unconditional love. I told her that if they could understand the meaning of it, then they would have a beautiful life ahead of them. Well I suppose I said some thing that she didn’t want to hear because telling her that they would have hardships and probably walk out on each other, made her get up and walk out on me LOL…

Bruce and Claudia ended up getting married just a few weeks later. I can tell you that their first year of marriage went beautifully. Her cousin definitely kept me up-to-date. However the second year of marriage, they ended up moving and lost touch with everybody on Claudia’s side of the family. Bruce had kept in touch with his though. Nevertheless, they struggle to make ends meet and Bruce and Claudia both had to end up getting jobs that neither one of them were proud of. It just wasn’t enough to support entire household, to work minimum-wage. Bruce had gotten involved in some illegal activities for extra cash, and through the stress and paranoia that he carried every day because of that, ended up getting himself addicted to drugs as well. They had been married a total of four years, and so far there was financial struggle, drug addiction, arguments, and some infidelity. To add, the entire four years they had been trying for a baby which they had both wanted so much despite the difficulty that they were facing. They still loved each other and thought maybe bringing a child into the world together would bring them closer and somehow maybe even make things better. But there was no child. They both lived always afraid that Bruce would get caught and the arguments turned from bad to worse.

 it was halfway into the fifth year of their marriage that Claudia decided to leave him. Everything just kind of fell apart all together at the same time because before she got the chance to tell him, he was caught selling drugs and ended up getting arrested. he had been sentenced to three years in prison. After his hearing, Claudia booked a visit at the corrections facility, and she broke the bad news to Bruce that she was leaving him. She had even brought divorce papers with her for him to sign. He signed them. Of course he got upset and told her that he felt like she was abandoning him in a time of his life where he needed her the most. But he knew that he had not always treated her right and he hadn’t always been faithful either. As she walked away, she knew in her heart that she had loved him truly, but it just didn’t seem as if they were going to have that happy life together as they had hoped for after all. And so Claudia made her way onto a new pathway in life, in hopes of finding that happiness elsewhere.

Finally Claudia gets a good paying job after taking some college courses at night. She says of her money and gets herself her small place to rent, from a landlord who had several properties available. As she is working, she ends up meeting Antoine whom she ends up feeling very much attracted to. They end up spending a lot of time together. That resulted with Antoine living with her.  but Antoine never has a job of his own and Claudia gets stuck paying for all of the bills and necessities for them both. She also ends up getting pregnant. Even knowing that they have a little girl on the way, Antoine still does nothing to better himself financially in life. He lazily hangs around the house all day while she’s working. Even toward the end of her pregnancy, she could have had a leave of absence and rested up a bit. But Antoine never wanted to work. He even left her with having to buy all of the babies furniture and new clothing. he had always made the excuse that he couldn’t find a job or that new places were really hiring. One day she decided to test him and even went in and filled out an application for him down at a gas station. Sure enough they called back but of course he comes up with an excuse as to why working at the gas station is not going to be a good situation for him. She got fed up. Finally kicked him out, realizing she was pretty much doing everything on her own anyway. So why add more burden to her own life by allowing some guy to take it vantage of her by making her support the three of them? Had he ever really loved her he would’ve done what he could. But he did nothing.

Overtime, Bruce finally got released from prison. While he was in there, he took the prison up on some of their offers for continuing education. He had learned a trade and was excited to start his life working in it. Eventually, he ends up saving up a lot of money. He wants to open up his own business using his skills. But he fears that maybe his criminal record might ruin that for him. So he asked his brother if he could put his business in his name instead. The brother would do anything to help him, it being that he wanted his brother to do better in life. And so Bruce ended up doing great work and received many references and soon through that and many ads, he ended up doing quite well for himself financially.

It’s not long after that, that he ended up meeting a woman that he got pretty serious with. After some time living together, she wanted to have a baby. Since Bruce had always wanted to be a father, he didn’t see any reason as to why they shouldn’t give it a try? He’s a hopeless romantic who followed his heart, rather than his head. But the girlfriend had trouble getting pregnant. She even tried going to a clinic for IVF treatments with Bruce, but it still didn’t work. It was determined finally by the doctors that Bruce cannot have children of his own. The girlfriend decided to leave Bruce because, she wanted children. Obviously, it would be a lot harder than expected to build a family with him, if she stayed with him.

After his girlfriend had left, he thought about Claudia quite a bit. In fact, he had never stopped. He missed her a lot but many years had gone by. However, he wasn’t alone in feeling that he missed her because Claudia had always missed him too. She just tried to do the best that she could, to move on with her life. Back then, it didn’t appear to her that Bruce had direction in his life at the time, and she certainly felt as though she deserved a lot better. In fact, it appeared as if he had a path in life that led to a dead end due to his mistakes. By the time, each of them were living life according to where faith had driven them.

One day a bad storm came and Claudia’s rental home ends up getting flooded. All of the bottom cabinets in her kitchen are waterlogged. The landlord tells that he will call a company to come and replace the cabinets. He only asks her that when he makes the appointment for the company to arrive at her home to take a look at the damage, that she be there waiting for them so that she can show them the damages herself. Perhaps she could even explain what kind of cabinets she would like to have put in. The landlord figured they needed an update anyhow. And so he booked, the appointment.

Claudia stayed home with her little girl, and to wait for the workers of the company to arrive. She stared down at her little girl. She was half Caucasian and half African American, and Claudia adored her. Lost in the tender motherly moment of admiration, an hour had passed by and the workers were already almost there.

It wasn’t long before the workers arrived and to both of their surprises , it was Bruce! Because of his great reputation and fair prices, the landlord had gotten in contact with him and his company to book the appointment in hopes of getting a good job done, but while also being able to save money. The smile on their faces at meeting with one another again, really was a picture that was imprinted upon time and priceless. After all of those years of having been apart, they had never stop thinking of each other. Every single thing that happened, has led them back to that moment. They were so excited to see each other that they had forgotten that he was actually there for a job! They sat down and talked for a while. It seemed that they’re very deep spiritual connection with one another had still been there after all.

And ran through both of their minds, about giving it another try. But the one thing that kept on his mind was, that Claudia had a daughter. After all of those years that they had been together and tried to have a child of their own but couldn’t, he had felt badly that he himself could not become a father. He had even tried with another partner after his time in prison. Still though, he had not gotten his chance at fatherhood.

It sure seemed that after Claudia had moved on, she had lots of luck in becoming a parent. “If only the child had not been half African-American, maybe she could have passed off as mine… ours”, he thought. She too, had been thinking that there could be a chance for them to be a family! Bruce was very confused though. It didn’t seem that he was able to cope with the fact that the woman he loved, had had a child with someone else let alone, that the child was not one of the same culture. But how could he get back together with Claudia with her having a child that was obvious darker color in skin, that she was of another an ethnicity? He thought about what his family would say… he also thought about what people would say. So he just got up and told her that he had to begin his job and started estimating the cabinets. And then coldly said goodbye and walked out.

His work…

It is apparent what the entire situation was about from the beginning until that moment. Gods work in our allies is for ever a presence. But how many people can actually see it? They look at all of the negatives or at all of the things that are not going the way that they truly want them to, and they fail to recognize what’s at the heart of everything. In this particular situation, Bruce and Claudia had trouble having children together but wanted them. Bruce was a mess and couldn’t get his life together. And neither one of them had a career or financial foundation. There was also a need in learning how to treat one another and themselves with respect, as well as learning the definition of unconditional love. there is a lot of confusion in looking for the hand of God action or negative spiritual influences in a persons life. The path of life could be going in either one of those directions, handled by either one of those forces. Or a battle between both. In some instances this situation could have kept leading Claudia and Bruce back together so I was to continue the cycle of hurting each other for lack of acceptance in one another’s flaws or mistakes. This would create a lot of negativity, karma and a broken heart. But in this sense the negative is actually a positive. Together they could finally have a child if Bruce could look past the color of Claudia’s little girl’s skin. And finally maybe work together in building a happy family life. But could he get past his prejudice? Could he see how everything in his life had led him to this moment?

It may be true that certain pathways in life are being forced by one side of duality or the next but it doesn’t mean that even in a bad situation in life that perhaps leads towards a terrible fate, couldn’t be redeemed somehow with the health of God. But even then it is hard for some to recognize when God finally does step in. How can people learn to turn off their way of perceiving things in a worldly way? A selfish way? Or even in just being blind? It’s very clear that when you are born into this world and growing up they do not teach you these types of things. They don’t teach you the right way to look into situations on either side of the fence. But that’s why there are others like myself out here to help you. If not, you can pray on it, meditate on it and search within your own heart see on a deeper level how you really feel about certain things and whether it has a chance of being a happy healthy situation for you. If you don’t see anything but toxicity in the future then maybe it’s best to walk away as they did. But not knowing that God inspired that to happen to get them both better, they had never imagined they would cross paths again.

So in this particular story it was definitely heavenly father’s work that had intervened in the lives of these two people. Like I had told them they were definitely meant to be but with some obstacles. Even though he didn’t want to hear me back then, they can certainly see how that was correct now. They finally did get back together and Bruce is raising Claudia’s daughter happily and without judging the color of the girls skin tone. He has learned to put his prejudiced ways behind him and even inspired his family to also except those of color. The little girl continues to be an inspiration for them both coming to strive to continue doing well. And so it was all for the sake of that blessing, that all things to places they did. It was a blessing in disguise through all of the heartache and pain. The people grew and learn from their imperfections and their mistakes. Coming back to me, we analyzed all of this and they now are working towards not just trying to perfect themselves for each other, but now to do so for heaven. However, this is for the people that don’t have that kind of guidance right from the beginning, which many people don’t. But from this point forward, they will. All they have to do is ask and seek through different situations that come up for them, just as you can. That can help you to avoid any future pain and it shows that you are putting your faith in the plan and advice that heaven provides for you through the answers that you obtain in seeking for them.

What elements in your life seem to be negative that could be controlled by either side of the forces? Do you need help in understanding how they can come together for the good, or if they’re there to ultimately bring you down in the end? Nevertheless, always try to see where God is trying to help you. He may even lead you to small things hidden in the background of the chaos of life, that you may miss out on. True deep inner reflection work, can help you find the Lord right by your side and a clear way to destiny through the good and bad in life until it all becomes good.

Many blessings!

For insight, assessment and advisement of heavenly wisdom come by Alura’s.

Did you know… The Truth About Samhain

As a descendant of the Tuatha De Danaan, many customs come to us from our ancestral lineage. However, I don’t follow by man’s customs alone but rather what heaven has shown me. It seems that a lot of the customs that are created by man come from the gods. However, because of migration and people taking charge over a lot of things, true customs that were originally a part of this world from the original creators and first families have been greatly distorted. Therefore, I have always tried to go by only what heaven has shown me and that which I have seen on my own throughout the world turning in the ages. I was really glad that I have some spare time to focus on this because of my surgery. Otherwise, I probably would’ve been busy using all of my healing energy, I’m doing more work in this article would not have been possible. I thought it would be pretty interesting to tell you all some history for our Oktoberfest or better yet called Grianstad. 

If you’re new to the site and just coming upon this article due to a web search, I first welcome you. Secondly, please click this link to learn more about what holiday I am referring to. If you are already familiar, I thought it would be perfect to go with our “Did You Know” activity for the celebrations which is on the calendar for yesterday. So let’s get right to it.

Did you know that Halloween actually descending down from the Celtic tribes? It wasn’t just about people celebrating the harvest either. There were two ceremonies that were initiated for mating and marriage. And one for sexuality and overindulgence alone.

Our correspondence with Halloween goes into the second of annual ceremonies involving love and mating rituals came sometime during and after the harvest. The harvest time was an important time to all people, even people today. Agriculture is what keeps us fed and for many stores, it keeps the consumer… well a consumer. back then there were merchants and markets, but for those that live freely amongst their people, they grew food themselves. The entire community worked together except those that were dubbed as the rulers. Many times during the harvest all of the best first pickings of each and every family were given to the rulers as a holiday gift. To the king and queen, each family would provide produce and even some select meats from their first hunt of the season. The King and queen themselves represented the God and Goddess.

Many people would take great joy in storing up jams, sauces, wines, wheat and flour, and so much more! They used to dig very deep in the earth to store their food during that month so that it would stay fresh. After collection of the foods from the farming and even from the forest itself, everybody would have a huge celebration. It was like a huge community potluck! Every family would then bring not only one dish to share during the festivities, but they would bring one for each night. Celebrations themselves went on from the time of the equinox and three days after. Then all of the food that was left over from the festivities were donated to the druids. Now the thing of it is, is that time was not calculated by the Celtics as it is today. In fact, I think every kingdom or land had its own way of telling time until organized religion came and people started to evolve as a community into more civilized traditions. therefore the equinox wasn’t always held on September 21. And Halloween wasn’t actually on 31 October.

Halloween was known as samhain back then to the original people who celebrated it. But not everybody in the world did. Of course the Greeks had their very own harvest season but their festivities were more like a carnival following the time of the year. And the Greeks knew how to party! They too, had a whole other celebration for the solstice.

Still, Samhain consisted of beautiful homemade masks made from things in nature, and the celebration of many of the nature spirits including the deceased. They believed their ancestors to become a part of nature even taking a role as a spirit looking after some place in it depending upon their deeds in life. Ancestors who were known to have been wicked and troublesome were deemed as sneaky trickster spirits.  ancestors who had done only good deeds, were considered to be more of the benevolent kind. In each duality the nature spirits included fairies, gnomes, banshees, trolls, Brownies, etc. 

The ritual consisted of not only reverence of these long gone spirits what are the spirits that were born to nature originally. That means they had never been human. So both former humans and non-humans alike, the spirits were given great tidings and gifts. Both ancestor spirits and original need your spirits of benevolent personality, we’re giving great blessings to say thank you for the protection and to ask for more for the upcoming new year months ahead. The tricksters were given gifts as well, because the Celtic’s believed that they would interfere throughout the year behind the scenes causing bad luck and misfortune. Additionally, all couples who had been married for many years and those who were newly wed at the beginning of that year itself,  all got together also wearing masks like the spring celebration. However, instead of marriages, all couples wearing their masks, drank merrily as well as gave into lust. All could bed whomever they laid down with for that night, for that one night only.

The druids and the priestesses were the ones responsible for crafting the masks for that particular celebration. They had their very own sacred ceremony in which they crafted the masks and had them dedicated to the gods for a blessing to adorn each person wearing one.  The only thing was how much should a woman had conceived a child on that night out of wedlock, the child was to be given to the druids. But only if the conception could approximately be calculated to fall within that timeframe. 

For them, it was an excellent time of year in which lovers got together and no one felt jealousy as they had the right to exchange affections with any one that they pleased for that night, While also celebrating the harvest time in the end of the year. It was a great time to show gratitude to all things in nature and as a result, to see who was blessed more so by the spirits in the upcoming year according to how well they did in the area of expertise they held. It was thought that anyone who had more plenty than others, that they must have been looked fondly upon by the spirits the previous year before. Furthermore is that they believed that the veil or a curtain between spirit world and human world, was at its finest during that time of year as well. They held one feast out of the several celebrations taking place under samhain, to be dedicated to the spirits of the deceased that may be there with them because of the communication barrier being lifted a little bit. Even though they may not have been able to see them, they still set aside a plate just for the sake that their loved one may have returned just for that night only. It was actually a pretty awesome time of year. It falls into the timeframe of the angelic end of the year celebrations which is like a combination of the several fall Holidays that consist of the equinox, Mabon, Samhain, mm me and All Saints Day. Even Thanksgiving is incorporated in a sense but much earlier on with one feast in the one month period of festivities, being dedicated to the heavens as an appreciation ceremony. During that one month one candle was lit each night for prayer but it was also lit to ward off trickster spirits as well as having the flames which also represented the soul of the family’s ancestral guardian spirit.

There’s lots more all for now. Enjoy your year and blessed be!

We the people…

The states in the picture below are ones said to be increasing in COVID-19.

Here is a picture of all Republican states in blue and Democratic states in red.

Overlap the maps and you’ll see that there seems to be a common factor.

This picture shows where the protests are.

Now again, the map of political parties….

If you look, the states in turmoil from protests and the virus are mainly democratic with a few exceptions.

What’s the point? Warfare. This is a political war being used in democratic states only because if they have democratic friends in offices in those states “the left” can get help in pushing these two agendas. It’s reverse psychology.

I say this because we the people are not only caught in a revolution but also a political war, a trade war, and it affects us spiritually in spiritual warfare. I am not siding with any side. I totally feel that we as a people should wake and see what’s being done to us. It’s horrifying. Business owners are terrorized with their property damaged after years of hard work and money, for what? For one party in politics to make the other look bad for a win? It’s a scary nation when your leaders can take away rights and not only silence freedom of speech but also cause nationwide terrorism. Peacefully protesting is a good thing but for violence, and outright lies to be dished our! I told you all the coronavirus was a mass consciousness. I wish people listened. I’m no fake.

And as far as censorship? The only reason anyone needs to be silenced is because if the powers weren’t doing anything wrong to begin with, we wouldn’t need a reason to speak up for people. I didn’t lead anyone astray. In all things that I’ve said, I’ve been right. But look at how I’m being greatly oppressed? Just like the greats were quieted and later acknowledged when they were no longer here to add to their insights… that’s how it will be with me. I may say things out of social norm, but I’m always right. And I inform people for their betterment. But yet, here we are in the middle of everything predicted last year in Angelic Heralds. I know more…… I can see who is behind everything and what’s going to happen. I’m waiting for someone with a larger voice to help me. Then I’ll talk more.

For now, wake up. Don’t let your families struggle with the agenda and protests everyone of all races and beliefs together for the right things like the end of the terrorizing globalist power, and the start of a new order that actually keeps its word to uphold the law and protects their people because what is happening today is not legal nor keeping people safe.

By the end of this, people will lose faith, lose hope and many will lose jobs, money, and sanity, among those who have already. 38.6 million are unemployed. Think of the families! Let the world know the real reason for fighting back! “featured”

Minor Set back and Platforms

Greetings to you the reader. I humbly thank you for taking the time and interest down to read my blog. If you like, please follow as well for updates. I’ll explain to you why you may want to hit the power button, at the end.

Let’s address the remaining group

I wanted to address something that I have had a few questions come up about lately. You all know that I am having quite a bit of technological issues in fact it’s been my life story LOL. If you remember last year I had three Facebook groups running too. Truthian Circle creates by my friend Brian, Spiritually Awkward, and this one which was called Ethereal Consciousness. I’m top of that I also had all five blogs because when I first started doing my work, I wasn’t really familiar with the platforms to decide which one I want it yet. I merged my starseed blog with the Angels website and so while two of them still exist, I am only using three out of the five now. Then, all of the social media platforms. All of you have been so good to me to support me on all of these projects. However it can be quite overwhelming to have to show support on so many different platforms, to just one person. Believe me, I am grateful but I figured why have all of these if I only really use some more than the others? I was really trying to reach a lot of other people and then all of you tried to show your love by following me on each too. I am no narcissist. The only reason why I had so many projects going on Siri was just to try to reach out to others on other platforms that may not have these other ones. Nevertheless, I thought it would probably be better to use the ones that are used primarily and let the other ones just kind of hang back. Should anyone ever find them, it will lead them to my main pages. But this also included the group.

I had three of the Facebook groups going because I figured we could use them for different levels of privacy. Were the one group named after this blog, I thought it would have been interesting to have it full of ladies did you just talk about any feminine issues, concerns about life or personal problems to vent. However, I got rid of that blog because that while everyone got along well with that it wasn’t really comfortable for others to open up to having new members come in. I understood that because we have had some really negative situations in the last six years. There hasn’t been many but in the few that we have had, it was enough to traumatize any sensitive person. However, most of us belonged to the other groups anyway so if we couldn’t add more members it may be better to just keep us all in the same groups and illuminate that one so that no one would have to keep up with so many notifications or posting in multiple places. But then quite happy with the one group that I had in which everybody really was very active in, my friend Bryan went ahead and made a mystery school type of group in honor of my teachings for me. Who is very nice of him to do but I did not ask him to do it. He thought maybe it would be nice to have everybody come together to talk about what they had learned in my courses even discreetly, and then maybe add some new members who have different perspectives to share. Still, being very protective over the information in my courses at always felt a little uneasy. Therefore, I left the group app didn’t add anyone else. We had one last remaining group other than that one.

The last group

I have to mention that I have had so many beautiful people I have come across in my work. Even those that we seem to have very different outlooks or even didn’t see eye to eye at times, I have always kept love in my heart for them. I have even had a few with whom I have had a falling out of sorts into misunderstanding. I love them all still and I miss them every day. Still, back in 2018 The way that it had appeared was that there had to be someone who had a very strong vendetta against me. Another person had joined them in friendship and started to become strongly influenced by that individual. And that was all that was needed from there. Everything is sort of spiraled down word and had affected everyone that had please trust those people. It was a very negative situation and it had created a lot of drama in a group of people that had nearly only come together for a friendship and support for me. I decided that I would empty the group. I forgive both of those people that created the drama and I don’t have anything against either one of them in fact I’m still extremely good friends with one of them to this day since everybody has the ability to try to change. Believe me I can see to the soul and I know when a person is being sincere or not.

While trying to delete the group, for some reason Facebook would not allow me to delete it. They kept saying that I had members still in the group even though I had deleted each and everyone single-handedly myself. In order to delete a group on Facebook, you must remove each member and then you can have the option to delete the group.  but how could I, if Facebook system still detected that there were profiles belonging to the group, even though they didn’t exist? The group remained in limbo. we were mainly all active in the group that my friend Bryan had madeSince then. But, we were not adding more members because we had decided to close it off for privacy and to protect the information in my teachings. Every now and then I would slip a new member in to give them a chance to learn. However a lot of times there were some misunderstandings about group guidelines and a lot of projections of Satanism here and there. I’m not against anybody who chooses their right to believe in whatever they wish. But I do have the right to choose who I have in my group to represent whatever content is there. My group does not host Satanism. So while it was nothing against anyone personally, I had to eliminate a few members here or there. But I started to get emails from others who had asked to join the group. They were not in my teachings in so I had to explain to them that I’ve declined their request to join because of that. In my heart I just feel terrible. Everybody has the right to belong. I didn’t think it was fair, just because they could not get into my courses…that they were outcasted. So what I did was, I tried to delete that group and kept the last group that we are using today.

I have all of the same people in any one of those groups, in this last one anyway. This group is not based upon any subject in the title that could exclude anyone. It is just a group about angels or those that have a deep spiritual belief. So now everybody can join in together, and pretty much talk about what they wish. It’s not a group dedicated to any of my particular subject matter, although I will keep it on private to protect the privacy of the individuals posting there. So we’re back to square one LOL. I would have given up on the idea of having a group at all, but I do like to engage with people. I have also realized that some of them have also become friends and they like to engage with one another. So instead of everyone jumping around one another’s personal profiles, we can just kind of meet and greet there. when I say that we’re back to square one, I am truly telling the truth. I say that because what had happened with the first group in having a glitch that would not allow me to delete it because of it stating that members still remain, now has happened with The Truthian group. in fact there are times that it says that there are 11 members, and then there are times it says that there is only one. If you ask any one of the people that it claims are still in that group, they will all tell you that they do not belong to that group anymore. I mean they would’ve been posting still right? But I believe the trouble to be is that it is associated just like the last group, with my Facebook business page. Because of that, it represents an organization and not an individual. It may stand for A number of people depending on your business size. I have change the size of my business multiple times so perhaps that is what the confusion is forward the number. However, I can’t fully delete that group either, until all members are totally deleted from the group and since it won’t let me because most of them are in it it’s just an error, the group is still up in the search. But no, nobody is using it and there really aren’t any members remaining. Facebook really needs to get it together in terms of error. I will include a screenshot for those of you who may not believe me for whatever reason. I am not a liar and I have always been able to back myself up with proof. If you look below it says there is only one remaining member in total if members but it sure there’s several profiles there who it claims are still in the group but yet only means just one of them which I know for certain she is no longer in that group at all.

How can there be so many profiles shown as members in the group but yet claims one member is left?. It’s odd. So for those of you who may have a third for the group and still found it after I had announced it’s deletion.

It is truly a glitch and I would not have deliberately left anyone out. Everyone who was in that group is now participating in the last and final group that I have left on Facebook, and that’s how I’m going to keep it.Speaking of Facebook….


Speaking of Facebook, I also will have to measure Instagram here. There are a number of Wi-Fi and Internet issues going on across the globe right now. This was as I predicted in the Angels website in the article called Angelic Herald: In the dark.

While I cannot say why this is taking place, I can tell you that many people will experience it as well as some censorship. Just be careful how you word things is all. If one word is blacklisted, any mention of it even out of context of what they wanted it blacklisted for, will still get your post taken down. Anyhow, back to the topic. While I have also been experiencing these issues, I had also experienced an attack personally against me. Just recently, somebody spam reported me for my links to my main site and this blog. As upsetting as it is, I really feel that if a person does not agree with my work or my beliefs, or even if they just don’t like me… they can simply just ignore me. I mean, why go out of your way to ensure that my sites get blocked just because you see things differently or even because you dislike me personally? Certainly it takes time to sit there and report a person until their sites are banned. I’m sure the person has far better things to do with their life then target me. Otherwise, they certainly made it look as if I am only thing on their schedule.

The spam reporting eventually lead to a temporary block on the links to my services website and to my blog here. If you try to re-share them, it will immediately be taken down as “going against community guidelines”. While this is being fixed as we speak, I’m not too sure as to when I will find things are back to normal. in the meantime, you can share any of my posts, tag me, and mention me in your stories. I would just share the important stuff though. Additionally, if you want to send people to this blog or the main site, just spell it out as I have been doing. It has worked although it’s not clickable. For example: Spiritually Awkward Dot Com. Can you still tell a person where to go. I just want to say that I think the world is full of enough hatred, spite and negativity. This is what has led our planet into the state of disruption that it’s in. There are a lot of people that I disagree with but I don’t sit there and deliberately target them. People have been downright rude at times and have even belittled me on occasion and I still didn’t go and I spitefully against them so as to try to ruin something that meant something to them. To the person that did this to me, I ask that you find it in your heart please forgive me for whatever you think I’ve done to offend you, and I apologize for anything that you think I may have done in anyway. I always try to be kind, excepting and while I may not continue being friends with people that have created some drama here are there for me, I still don’t have hate in my heart and I hope you will not either. With that being said I wish everybody the very best in hopes that you can leave me to my dreams and you can flourish also in your own.

The reason I am writing this is to inform everyone of the recent changes but also to let everyone out there I was confused about the group to know, that I certainly never want anyone to feel singled out or to question any of my actions into dishonest. There have been a few people that have asked me why I had said that I had deleted the group, but yet they could still find it? It truly was not intentional on my part. Yet now you can see that. I am not trying to prove myself but instead to just reassure because each and every person I have come to know in my journey has taken place in my heart. I would be beside myself if anyone ever feel hurt in anyway.

I also asked very quickly, that I know that I will share a lot of my own work. I hope that this does not leave a bad impression. The only reason why I do that is because it has been very difficult over the years to find a lot of support. As I say all the time I have a small group of friends who adamantly re-shares for me and I am more than grateful. But I have worked with tens of thousands of people over time and I don’t always see a lot of support coming from them. That’s OK though. No one has to promote me. I just would hope that as a person who has had a reading and supports my work, that is interested they might share something once in a while on my behalf to help me spread the message? Truly I don’t want anyone to ever think that I want everyone to follow every single project or to have to share every single thing that I put out there. but is nice to have others take an interest in to care about other people enough to share something of mine so that they can perhaps find some change in their lives as well. That is why we are down to one group, and that is why I am normally sticking to a Instagram for most of my posting. I will still be active on Facebook, but I don’t want others to feel too overwhelmed by my presence in my being everywhere. I apologize if anyone ever did. I just certainly didn’t really know how to get my message out there except to post wherever I could find other people.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to read this and I wish you all very well.

When Rx isn’t a prescription: Retrogrades of 2020

Mercury getting ready to turn retrograde upcoming on the 16th of February this month. Communications are going to be off and you are going to feel quite sensitive to things that many people say. Much doubt and uncertainty will rise to the surface since life experience makes you question others now. with that in mind, you may even begin feeling the effects of this as early on as the 10th. Mercury is really hyped up in regards to its retrograde cycle every year. But it is not the only planet that plays a significant role in what people are feeling like or how they interact with others. Try to stay positive. If you’re having sensitivity or reading into things the wrong way, thinking that others are coming off negatively or deceptively, maybe just give yourself a little time to step back away from them so as not to allow this energy to ruin friendships through negative communications. this will last until March 9 so you have a few weeks of feeling really uneasy with others while communicating with them, especially if your Astrological sign is associated with Aquarius or Pisces which Mercury goes retrograde while so closely around those two zodiacs. it will return in June after this so you have plenty of time before Mercury’s friendship ruining properties come back.

You are also going to want to keep in mind that mercury isn’t just about communication. It has a lot to do with your spiritual pathway because Mercury links with any and all “messaging”. It also includes any flashes of insight that come in as messages within yourself. Because it’s retrograde, these messages may be full of doubts or questioning, even mistrust. Don’t give into it. You may feel very “as a matter of fact”, and frustrated very easily when others are explaining things to you, really wanting people to just get to the simple points. Show that you have more strength and Mercury’s direct course rather than allowing it to have power over you negatively and it’s retrograde. The reason why is because it goes back to the saying of not allowing others to have power over you or rent too much space in your mind. This is great practice here in trying to ward off that same thing happening, but only on a larger scale because because of this planet.  because Mercury is very strong energy but associated with gas elements, you may be feeling a little hotheaded lately. Be easy on yourself and others.

I have only a couple of people that I consider to be a “best friend”. I have to say that my one best friend can sure be a little stubborn. I truly love her! But if she had not been the stubborn person that she was at times, she probably would not be the fierce personality that she is today. I actually admire it, because she always sticks to her guns. But it does not change the fact that Mercury really upgrades that stubbornness, and she can be a force to contend with during that time. Super sensitive people Will take the Mercury retrograde phase, very differently. Some may get very irritable and just really not do well with communicating with others, in terms of getting snappy or impatient with them. Then there are others who feel very hurt very easily. Those who are hurt very easily, are the ones that basically take everything that everybody says personally during this phase. Especially, when it comes to texting. Anybody can take anything in anyway when you are texting, commenting, or posting. And those who are affected by the Mercury rx sensitively in this way, will probably have more feelings hurt online… then when actually speaking to somebody. then there are also some who read into things people say or communicate, to feel paranoid or threatened. I mean there are so many different ways of this energy can be interpreted by people and that’s why I always recommend getting a personal report. It really helps you understand yourself since this phase comes at times more than once a year.

Unfortunately we have it happening three times this year, right now into March, again in June, and then lastly in October. Very sensitive times, and in the zodiacs in which mercury will be RX in, it affects all different areas of oneself. Right now our mercury is going RX in Pisces which really brings all of her sensitivity, feeling hurt very easily, feeling paranoid over communications in relationships with people, insecurities within one’s self and ability. It is very hard to work through such a sensitive sign like Pisces let alone have mercury hype it up.

In June you are looking at it being in the sign of cancer which again is another sensitivity Cein. But this is more relatable to home. It’ll be a really great summer as was predicted in my yearly forecast but there are going to be a lot of things happening in the world which may cause people who are sensitive to these things already, to feel even more deeply about it. Relationships with family will also be evaluated and you may feel at times like you just have to get away from home but when you leave, something just pulls you right back.

Mercury goes into our acts in October in Scorpio and libra which is just probably one of the most confusing cycles by itself. This is going to hype up the ego a lot. People will be acting as if they have all the answers and all the power. Old situations from the past will arise that everyone will have to confront and then things will start to feel greatly unbalanced. It’ll feel like your schedule is out of whack and you can’t get anything done. Then you’ll start to feel insecure about the fact that you are again having delays and setbacks in your goals. People don’t realize how important it is to map out your life path, with a few things in mind. 

True spiritual heart will want to know everything that they need to to make that life path work out the best that it can. That means working again suppositions and forces such as Celestial energies and matrix energies. I have a reading called The Strongest Point, on my website. I always just working with your spirit team and then an astrological report specifically highlighting points throughout the year that will be good and negative for you to work through. This way you’re not only have the best adviser luck coming from your spiritual team, but you also know what forces to avoid that could prevent you from growth. But yes the retrograde cycle coming in October is going to leave you all over the place, running back-and-forth to get things done… but things will never seem to really be complete. You may even run into some old enemies that you have to squash some old beef with.

Some of the longer retrograde cycles that we have coming up or from Pluto and Saturn. Pluto will be RX all the way from April up until  October. Poor October! I was wondering why October seems so gloomy when I did the yearly forecast LOL. Nevertheless with Pluto going RX throughout that very long time., You are going to do a lot of inner questioning it it’s going to make you wonder whether you spent the last year pursuing the right things or not. And rightly so because a lot of people did fall off of their spiritual pathway last year.  I have a lot of people that say that they support me and that they’re on the same path as far as wanting righteousness and goodness in the world. But then I see them post things that are counter active to what I represent. I catch on very quickly. But those will be the same people that question whether they represented themselves in the right perspective or not, or if they actually proved a lot of people right in their original thoughts of them.

Next, we have Saturns RX cycle from May up until September. This will end on September 28th which luckily is a few days after my baby girl’s birthday. And I say that, because I know she’s a little force to reckon with herself and her rising sign is in Capricorn, Saturn’s representative. She has her birth father’s Sun Sign but her rising sign is mine, Capricorn. A bit of both! It’s rough when Capricorn’s butt heads. Even with a baby! This energy is going make you feel a little less motivated and hopeless in your endeavors. It is an illusion. Don’t fall into it. Once you start feeling like that, pick yourself right up by telling yourself positive affirmations.  that is the deception of retrograde sadder and as you also have some of Pluto is a fax as well. It’s making you think that you’ll never get anywhere. And that you’re simply not good enough. But we know that that’s not true. Yes these energies can certainly hold people back from growth by limiting them. The matrix is a very strong reality complex. Because of that these limitations are all around us energetically. Anything can be influenced to challenge us deliberately. But the power lives within you. How can something affect you if you don’t believe it? It can’t entirely. The only reason why you can’t affect you even a little bit still, is because you do live here and you are programmed by DNA, to be affected and to view the world around you both, just like everybody else. If you haven’t transcended or “unplugged” for a better term, then you will definitely experience the downside of the retrogrades. I offer courses and spiritual mentoring to help people “unplug” so to speak. Until then just do the best that you can try to see the positive in yourself, even in times when it doesn’t seem to be there. It is. It just may be cloaked in the illusions of the matrix energies.

From May to June, you will experience Venus and it’s RX cycle. This is going to get you to question your self-esteem, insecurities that you have in relationships, and the relationships themselves. You may feel a little vulnerable and even journey a little bit outside of your relationship to try to find yourself. Be careful not to hurt anyone. It’ll definitely be a time when you may want to try the astrological makeover reading that I have, because it could really boost your spirits and your confidence during a time when it may be at its lowest.

Continuing onword from May and September yet, we also have a Jupiters RX cycle to. This may be a point in time when your finances are a little tough. School and continuing education will be a priority for sure as you will want to get further.

Neptune also throws a small blow from June until November. Naturally, I detected this as being a time where people would feel a little depressed and unmotivated as that will be a reoccurring theme throughout this year just because of the way things are in the world and in the matrix. It’s just the tribulation and everyone’s going through global depression. Whether that affects you or not it’s up to you. You have the power inside of yourself to get out of it. But with Neptunes fears energy, it is pretty hi in chances that you may start feeling like you need some way to cope and escape from everything. The worst thing you can do is withdrawal and isolate. You want to be around other people, but you have to know how to interact with other people and to not allow them to bother you so much. In this world it’s like one large family. Different personalities are going to be a part of that family. People come off the way that they like. We can’t control how people are even is in our heart we know that there is a better way to be. The best thing is acceptance. Say around other people so that you can feel supported. We have two groups on Facebook that I mentioned a lot but yet not a lot of people join them. I think it’s because it used to be very focused and centered upon my teachings. Now I’m just opening it up to anyone who just wants to be a part of it all. Nobody has to help in promotions for me. It’s nice to get re-shared and likes yes, but I am open to hearing your thoughts. One is called Exploring Angels. It would be nice if you would join there. It’s an open group. There’s no one leader. And everybody’s free to post as they wish. as long as it’s not promotional. That will help. It’s better than turning to drugs or alcohol or ours an hours of television and slipping away from everything you’ve worked hard to build in your life. Yes the world has changed and so have all of us. But with these retrograde cycles, we can show the inner power that we have at last, but rising above it. Let’s create a whole new grid and collective, through positivity and strength!

The planet Uranus goes RX from August all the way up until January. This is a very strong energy as well because it gets you to kind of check your own drive and ambition behind the things that you do, and say. Is it ego-based? Could you finally be a part of the new age in the way that it was meant to? This new age was supposed to be about philosophy, philanthropy, Open mindedness and love. The sharing of ideas through magic and intrigue. But it is run by the great magician, Uriel. Manny see him as being a design angel of purity and perfection. But that is only in Christianity. As he is known in the spiritual world, he is a no or of all things especially, the manipulation of energies and the calling upon forces. You have to be sure that you’re not using your ego when you’re calling upon those forces. Are you working hard at something to compete with somebody else? Do the things that you say counter act another person or reflect them? Is the goal that you are working towards truly because deep down inside it is your greatest dream? Or is it because you just feel entitled to it? They’re all things to think about when it comes to Uranus in retro.

Last but not least, Mars! From September through November which is just a short period of time, you can expect to get extremely defensive. This is a Warriors energy and it is retro in Aries. Therefore, you’re gonna have a lot of extreme sensitivity. This is another time that people may want to withdraw from too much communication. You don’t wanna isolate totally from it, but maybe just pull back a little so as not to take a chance at being hurt or jumping on top of somebody else through conclusions or assumptions that you make in conversation. Honestly, I actually lost a long-term student and friend during this particular type of cycle. People don’t realize that they may read a persons words with attitude or personality, that isn’t real. It may just be a projection inside of them self or if they’ve never met the person physically or spoken to them on the phone, they may not know them well enough to even come to some conclusion as to that person’s moods, emotions or the way that they project themselves. Therefore, a person who is reading something that someone has messaged, may take it in anyway that they’re actually feeling a viewing that person deep down inside. And it may be that they want to see the person in that light, or maybe they’re just having a bad phase energetically to where they misinterpret a lot of things. Usually it’s karmic. Anyone who missed somebody the wrong way and it is usually working out some karma inside of them selves as a result of perhaps maybe not rising above the ego in past life times and bringing some of that into their spiritual journey now. It could also be that maybe they’re not being open minded enough to perceive another person from that person’s actual real personality or perspective. People that are sometimes so isolated within themselves project themselves and to everything. Nevertheless this created a fiery energy between me and the individual. My fire was out of love, and passionate concern for the individual. Their fire was that they had a little bit of an underlying competitive streak and that they did not transcend their ego just yet as they were still working on it. Therefore, being told anything in teaching them to see from a different perspective, offended them instead. only an ego can still look at things as in to say, “how dare you tell me”. And if there is some underlying issue that they have with the person deep down inside personally already, that trigger is enough to send them into a spiral of ongoing hatred and content. And that’s exactly what happened. It turned a small little conversation that was misunderstood into making two people that wants had a great deal of love for one another, into enemies. Well maybe on their end. I don’t see myself having enemies because even those that have wronged me I still love and would openly embrace if they could talk things out with me. But still the Mars retrograde cycle is dangerous enough by itself in any sign. But when it goes into it’s in sign is Aries that it represents, and then it’s downright touchy and it can get ugly if it’s not managed the right way.

Many people make a huge deal out of mercury’s RX cycle. I did write an article not long ago explaining how all of the planetary energies are just as equally important as our their phases. But mercury’s popularity came from the fact that it is greatly associatedWith hermeticism which is a huge philosophy you’re in the new age of Aquarius. Although I have other things that I could teach you about this age, I won’t. It’s gotten me in enough trouble LOL. But for now let’s just say that while we’re in this so-called age of Aquarius, Mercury represents the hermetic system that is so greatly popularize and trending today. Saturn is a natural ruler of Aquarius as is Uranus. And that is why we have seen a lot of references this day in age to archangel Uriel (Uriel, Magician), Raphael aka Hermès (Magic in Hermeticism), and Metatron (Affiliated with Saturn’s poles in the symbol of the Star tetrahedron which is magical). So as you can see a lot of it is just promotional for this day and age which is why a lot of it is popularized. I love the Angels, the heavens, and magic yes. And I have referenced all of the angels, not really representing any one of them specifically although I have given glory to the one and only remaining reigning son Michael, and Metatron both, because they have so much utterly to do with everything! But you do have to realize, that you can be your own person too. Actually being different is really beautiful and it separates you and makes you stand out from everybody else. Why just be another white pawn or black pawn on the chessboard when you can actually be a whole other color that enters the game?

Anyhow just be aware of these energies and protect yourself. Be as positive as he Canby. If you feel lost, there’s always opportunity for motivation if you seek it. I am always here for anyone and I do have a lot of readings to help you to transcend and grow. But in the meantime, I wish you the very best of luck as you make your way throughout the year! My goodness though! And I thought Rx was a prescription to make something that was ill better? I suppose in this case it’s the opposite!

Short but Amazing- Part One: The Wish and The Duel

It’s been true that there has been some negative energies in the world lately that many people have been affected by. However, I always try to stay positive and find hope. So yesterday we thought that we would bring back some nostalgia, and travel to new hope Pennsylvania that we used to visit, with my father. It’s been four months since he’s been deceased and instead of grieving, we choose to celebrate moments of his life. My father used to belong to the Vietnam veterans motorcycle club in which he did a ton of charity work through. New Hope was a place that they frequently visited to grab a couple of drinks and relax after riding. On the weekends, he used to take my mother and I…or one of us individually depending upon whether he had the motorcycle or not. If he had the bike only one of us would go with him. I used to love sitting on the back of his bike going super fast and even stood up one time with my arms outstretched, imagining I were an eagle flying quickly through the sky. It became such a tradition, that my father started taking the children along in the car with us once they came along. I mean we have been doing this tradition since I was about 15 years old. Everyone knows my father was a former mystic and he used to love going through the witchcraft shops out there. He even bought me a dragon crystal pendant once but I couldn’t wear it because it didn’t represent the angelic realm. Nevertheless, we went there back in 2016 again all of us as a family. That was the last time that we all went together. We had mentioned wanting to go again all of us throughout the last few years, but with his health deteriorating… He just never made it.

New Hope, Pennsylvania,
Amber, Noah and Adree preparing for our wish launch.

New Hope, Pennsylvania
Spot where my quarter landed.

So now we are starting a new tradition of our own, and going all of us out there together ourselves. It being the first time that we’ve gone back since we had gone with him, it was a little emotional but we had a fantastic time. It was really amazing because I really wanted to make a wish in the river, as my father showed me how to do many years ago. Every time we went up there, we would throw a quarter off into the river and make a wish. Nothing significant ever happened at those times, but some of my wishes did come true at different points of time later. so there we were all armed and ready with her quarters. It was me, Amber, Noah, Jonathan and Adriel. I held a quarter with so much positivity and hope in my heart and I wish for six individual things all at the same time. Of course the wish was not just for myself, but for everyone including my online friends. The kids had thrown their quarters already, but I just had this overwhelming beaming light of energy in my heart center. It just felt good at that moment. So after wishing for my six requests, (I mean hey I did put in 25 cents that’s worth six wishes LOL) I threw the quarter into the river in the same spot that I have been throwing it, for almost over 15 years now. As it hit the water, the quarter skipped across six individual times, and before it sunk… it’s last skip landed it standing on its side upright, spinning six times too before going under the water. There wasn’t any ice, and it wasn’t a hard surface. Everybody else’s quarters had gone right under. I admit I was astounded. I laughed in shock and stared into the spot for a couple of minutes my eyes bright and a smile on my face. That was really a great divine sign that most of my wishes were more than likely going to come true and some. It was really a great day.

We walked around for a little bit revisiting some of the shops that my dad had shown us and we even stopped for a bite to eat and some hot chocolate. It was a little bit cold, but it was nice because they had some heat lamps outside at different locations and even a few fire pits to stop at to warm up by. I really enjoy the energy of the area in Bucks County Pennsylvania. It is said that there’s a lot of paranormal activity as well as UFO sightings. You should check it out sometime. I think the only thing that really stunk about the trip was that one of my clients and friends had already been there earlier on in the day and I had just missed her! Meeting her would’ve probably topped off the whole experience.

Later on though, something pretty spooky happened. Stayed tuned for part two coming soon! I still think it was pretty supernatural how the quarter landed, skipped and spun in the water. That’s not something that you see happen very often nor are the chances very great for that. And the fact that it coincided with the number six, which was the same amount of wishes that I had made… Was even more amazing. Have you had any really cool experiences like that?

The Black Agenda

Black magic, mysticism, dark consciousness, spirituality, end times, Capricorn, witchcraft, Wicca,Will also be featured on The Church of I.M there are some who don’t know of one blog or the other.

Let’s start with trend…

Texting with my friend Lauren, and she mentioned how black magic is being promoted a lot. I have been saying the same in the previous courses and blogs, even before this started because I knew exactly what the agenda was all about. I have forewarned people so many times. Sometimes I watch people that have read my blogs and knew beforehand things, and just walked right into the situations anyway. It does say in the Bible that fools will run pretty quickly into trouble.

My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; Let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; We will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; Cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”— My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; For their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood. How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves! Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the life of those who get it.—- Proverbs 1:10

 I mean it’s true. They would much rather lead everybody into a state of depression, even worse than anything they’ve ever experienced before, for an even larger reason that is beyond most peoples understanding. I mean think about it… How did I know that this is going to take place? How did I predict it before it even started getting into all of this? Obviously, somebody’s telling me something. And that somebody comes from heaven. I’m trying to warn as many people as I can because I also not only know what’s coming or happening out there before it takes place, but I also know the outcome.

I said it in my video dark consciousness. The term dark consciousness is not only literal but also symbolic. I talked about this a little bit further in my video The Illusionist.  we are in a different age than what is being spoken about. All things have been hidden but yet later, the light will reveal them. But for how many people will it be too late for? But by that time, so many people will have accumulated so much karma and almost sold their soul (as I mentioned in my other blogs and how that takes place) and there’s no coming back for it. Many people will also reach what I have explained as a “spiritual death”. Black magic brings a lot of karma. For many that just enter into it, they don’t care who they harm, or how they use it, or even if they know how to really use it. Everything is all about the ego and like I have said that is the biggest enemy to any man. It’s too hard to be good. Too many people find it difficult to exercise a little self-control here and there to even just be a little bit better. Instead, it’s easier to go along with society. The black magic makes people feel invincible or powerful just like all of the other forms of spirituality that they had been passionate about at one time. They need to continue feeling empowered but not in the right ways, so they change up every now and then. But what they don’t realize is that the dark agenda is one that yes may give them a little bit of a boost, but it’s going to bring them crashing down and permanently later on.

You can tell who the trend hoppers are because they jumped from the starseed agenda, into the angel agenda, from being a light worker, down into hermeticism, and then black magic.. I have seen so many people that used to promote themselves as a Starseed, now calling themselves a witch. From “so called cool thing, to so called cool thing”, they shift with the changing society. This is a perfect example of what I call “social conditioning”. The spiritual movement targeted lonely people who grew up outcast, and insecure with family troubles just for the fact that they knew that they were going to be the ones to jump right into things that were promoted as being “cool” in order to be excepted her notice.

The only thing I have to say is that, while they promote a lot of black magic and such, which; that’s fine if people decide to go that Road… But I still have to say that as more route, as more of that permeates throughout the world, the darker things become. And while I may be on pause for a little while during that time, I am sure there will come a time later in the future where everyone will remember things that I had said and predicted…and I will still be floating around in the background here. The one who was honest enough to predict it all, step by step as it was happening too (see Aluras Angels for predictions in the Angelic Herald articles ).

Is this trend worth it?

It’s totally normal to be inspired and grab a few ideas. But when creativity is totally lacking and the world is looking more like Star Wars, Attack of the Clones, then there’s a problem. And the questions that everyone should be asking is “Why? Why isn’t anyone noticing it? “Why does everyone think that it’s okay? What is really going on behind all of the repetitive propaganda that’s going on?”

My father was a Luciferian as was my grandfather on my mother’s side, whom I have mentioned a lot in the past. I have seen what happens in real circles. Black magic is a form of mystical arts that they claim allows free roam of the magical energy and spirit world. It’s total reliance is on demons, ancestral/generational spirits, elementals and inner power that is not natural but rather ciphered from animals, vamping other people, energy summoned for use from inside of ritual circles where entities are summoned, sexual or orgy energy, sacrificial energy through fear in death and the blood force. Those resources are temporary and not always guaranteed. But what is guaranteed, is that there’s always a price. This form of magic is not free. It’s not like light work where everything is manifested from a place of love and purity. There are pure forms of energy everywhere just as there are dark. But purity only requires good deeds and actions. That’s the only payment for that kind of power. On top of it, comes a reward. For all of the good that a person does especially in use of pure energy, they gain even more merit and golden karma in the heavens for their afterlife. Pure energy sources are from things like natural electromagnetic energy waves, evenly exchanged vibrations between people consensually, gifted energy from angels, channeled energy from magical realms and higher planes, ones own inner force, tantric sex, and many things in nature. Yes one has to have permission, and above all things enough power and ability to know how to draw pure energies out of those things. Most of the time, individuals whom you know can truly do it, do so because they were born with the abilities, had it bestowed upon them from a divine source, the spirits in nature see that the energy is being used for good and they assist in providing theirs, or

But when it comes to black magic, you are taking energy from a lot of resources without permission, which is against the spiritual law. another thing about black magic is that since you are taking energy either from lower vibrational entities were without permission, then it’s transmigrated into shape. With using positive light energy, it’s an even exchange. What you take from, you use and either amplify it for yourself or you get back in some other way through the cycles of energy. For example if you send healing, you may feel a little drained at first but the energy is going to come right back to you through your higher self for the good deed that you did. For black magic, it’s not that way. Whatever is lost, is lost. He gathers on the other side in shadow form. That is why a lot of people see a lot of shadows fleeting. There are things such as shadow beings who will come and watch over a person who is using black magic as well because they are just waiting to claim that person for when that life time is done because of all the negative energy attracted toward them. There are also fleeting shadows that are created by one’s own energy themselves by stealing positive energy and having it turned into Shadow, for the use of it. If it’s being used for negative, then nothing will come back in even exchange and it will just be voided energy, empty energy on the other side. It’s still a form of negative imprint though. Just like a camera taking a picture. In a negative, the image of this individual still exists but in a shadow form. The more and more they give to the shadow, the more more they lose of them self. They’re just using temporary light and spending it without returning it. The more more light that’s gone, the more and more the person loses their soul. so shadow people will come because they will usually read the blueprint of that individual through the energy, and then they will take on that person’s appearance for shape shifting and such. People don’t realize just what they’re getting themselves into. Black magic is certainly something that they highly glamorize.

 Back to trends…

Being a former Luciferian, my father used to liked to watch the show “American Horror Story”. I remember watching it thinking to myself how dark it really was. There were so many subliminals even in the intro music, and that were made especially to Luer people in in great interest. I would not watch it but I did see the episodes where Stevie Nicks came on, because I definitely enjoy her music. Since I was little, my mother was a fan of Stevie Nicks, and as a young adult I was told that I sounded a lot like her when I sang… that I was offered a small gig at a bar and restaurant. I was always into music having sang opera and many other forms of musical arts when I was small. I was even in a number of talent shows and could conformed any kind of style or music. But I still didn’t take it just because of the environment that the gig was in. I really did like her music for sure. I remembered my mom looked like her a little bit, when I was younger too. Mom was even going to name me Stephanie and call me “Stevie” as a nickname. I’m glad she didn’t. They had always known that her music was about the mystical arts. I don’t think a lot of other people did until the show came out and they started to become more aware.

Then he got into another show called Salem. I was totally appalled. I keep trying to tell him that these were television programs meant to condition people because of a new agenda that God said was coming. So he had a great deal of interest and watched it. Now I am seeing television shows such as a new rendition of “Hantzel and Gretel”. It’s a very dark version of the story, and I’m sure many people go running right toward watching it, because there are ads for it everywhere, even on YouTube. it’s a shame too because my father used to read me that story is a little girl in which I had just made a comment about it around Christmas time on my spiritually awkward Instagram page. Sometimes I feel like the synchronicity of things it’s just too much LOL nevertheless, a lot of people are going to see it and on top of all of the other television programs, it’s just yet another one to set people off into the black agenda. Said it many times before that people were brought down solo through broken promises, broken dreams, and from being held back so greatly in their ambitions towards their life purposes and goals, that they would find it easier to conform to a darker form of spirituality because that is really how they feel inside, dark. It’s easier for them to give in to it rather than fight against it, for some. he did the same along time ago and they launch the new age movement. People had been through drug addiction is in all kinds of other traumatizing things. They wanted something better for themselves. They wanted all of the things I had heard them in the past led them to those broken pathways, to be healed in to be fixed. And through what they had experience, they wanted to share that with others to help them. Light work was offered as a way to do that. Additionally on top of it, grandiose titles of being the world’s highest vibrational Starseed, were placed upon that agenda. To be honest with you I have seen people making claims that they were from as high as the ninth dimension. Eeee. If that were true then why aren’t they powerful enough to change a lot in the world? We had beings from that high of a vibration here, we wouldn’t be heading off into a dark agenda. In truth there are only a few in the entire world including myself who are from a higher plane here, trying to do anything positive. But not the ninth dimension. And there aren’t many of us or there would have been even more changes . but that was the point. For us to come and tell the truth and to provoke change in others so that they could wake up and cause a domino effect that spreading positivity and change worldwide. All of us each one in one of the four corners of the world. But we were limited and restricted in our attempts. And this was so that the black agenda could rise enslaving people’s souls and like the saying goes, “misery loves company”…those who are condemned, want to condemn the fate of many others with them.

I can’t understand for the life of me what people don’t comprehend about what is being said here. Things that are involved in black dark mystical practices, or often things that are linked to sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug addiction, murder, sacrifice of children, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, abusive violent acts, torture, and wishing bad upon others. It includes the deadly sins which jealousy and greed stem forth, and a lot of violence, insecurity, and vanity all come from them. This is even responsible for depression, mental illnesses, poverty, sickness and disease, incest, children becoming criminals early, pseudomaturity, sexual morality in children, robbery, kidnapping, ignorance, hatred, acts of hate, prejudice, racism, deceit, and injustice. It’s also responsible for war. There are so many things that stem from it.

And it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t do anything in those categories, they still associate themselves with the force that’s responsible for it. It will always lead toward more depression, negativity and dark thoughts. Even pure individuals who are striving to do well in their lives right now, are affected greatly by even just a feeling of that energy in the air. what’s worse is that people are losing hope. Crime is rising, natural disasters are happening because of the forces of chaos. But yet people are walking right into the black agenda? Why are people so blind? Why can’t they stand up for themselves and one another, and say “enough is enough”?

it manipulates the minds of the older individuals yes but it is meant more for targeting younger audiences. It is to change the consciousness throughout time. The more darker television programming that exists, the more children that watch it. The more that they think it’s OK to behave a certain way. They gain interest in things that are wicked and vile instead of seeking out anything good.For an example, if a young kid where to watch “Hansel and Gretel”and their parents are too busy working to correct what their child is seeing or to explain it, naturally the child is going to get interested in things more along the lines of oddities and witchcraft. Nowadays parents don’t know what their children are doing when you’re sitting on their phones. They could be researching and reading books or material online that goes into these subjects a lot further. Then behind closed doors in their bedrooms, they could be cursing some kid at school. their parents don’t question anything because they don’t expect it and because they are so busy at work, if their child is being nice and quiet in the next room, there certainly not going to go and disturb that. So a lot of parents let their child be so as to get some quiet and rest for themselves.

Black magic holds a rule that says” Do what thou wilt, harm none”. However, it’s these forms of magic that are practiced the most, against other people. A lot of times black magic is used to take down one’s enemies or competitors. Especially, if a person doesn’t know how to use the forces of good to redirect their competitor enemy into another direction more positively, but in one that kind of removes them from being in their own way. There are ways of doing that but people are so malicious, that they find it a lot easier to just curse somebody to get rid of them suddenly, instead.There are even spells that can kill a person.

Really, there’s nothing wrong in expanding one’s mind to gain knowledge and understanding. But the way that people are so influenced by the ways of the world, trends and other people, they take it to a whole other level. If you can look at how the previous agenda has affected everybody here today with the attack of the clones going on, then imagine how much more dark it will be with everybody cloning the black agenda? It’s not fun. Even innocent relatives are plagued for generations by the spirits associated with black magic. My mother’s family was cursed since the rule of Morogh O’Flaithbheartaigh. It has led to death, illness, financial issues, repeat generational stories, shadow being attacks, and other hardships that have affected every other generation since his time. My family always wondered why it didn’t affect me, but the was obvious… I’m an angel and here to end the horrible string of attacks. It goes to show though, that our ancestors having been involved in human sacrifice and black magic surrounding the ancient druids… it was affecting him, passing down from everyone beneath him. Even a little bit of tampering here or there causes great havoc in persons life, no matter how innocent. Take it from somebody who knows.

For millennia, I have been training in my mission to come here through watching from above, the acts of humankind throughout the rebellions and great indignation. I saw many people inflicted by black magic and curses. I’ve always known what my mission was, leading me into in terms of the time…the day and age. I keep trying. It’s not easy since the masses are so easily conditioned and then stood against the truth, made willing to defend what’s wrong.

However, I’ll still be here after it all fails and the few remaining good come seeking real change at last. I may again be outcasted as I have always been by the corruptible hearts out there, but there’s only one end result, and me, a child of incorruptibility.

Listen to a vibration raising song here…

Funny karmic situation.

A few weeks ago, my son Noah who is 13 years old now, went on over to an apartment complex nearbyWhich is not one of the best areas to be in. However, he does have several friends that live in the vicinity, either across the street in the developments or there in the apartments them self. All of the kids are affected by the music of today. Around here, they seem to think that they are Thugged Out gangsters and it’s a little humorous watching them interact as they speak in slang about subjects that they have utterly no clue about. Any of them are middle-class Caucasian kids who are spoiled by their parents LOL. Some of them were saying they would jack people up, shoot somebody or even steal. While that part of it’s not funny at all, it just goes to show just how much the music affects the minds of our youthful generation. my son Noah has a heart of gold. He tries to befriend everybody. And while he does slip into some of the influences of his peers, he doesn’t really do anything wrong. He’s always the voice of reason actually, repeating advice back to his friends that I have given to him myself. He’s a good kid but you know… They have to fit in somehow so I have heard him speaking like them from time to time. Believe me I have corrected him about it. Now, he doesn’t speak about things like that. However he still has a few friends in his circle that are trying to be something that they’re not. My boy, wants to be like an excepted by everybody. He’s a sweetheart and would do anything for any person that asked him. Well one day, he had gone over to the apartment complex to visit a friend of his. A 16-year-old boy had approached him that he had heard about and even ran into a few times, around the neighborhood. The older kid, knew some of the younger kids but my son Noah knows. In the trusting in the even dividual that my son is at this age, he thought because this older kid Zack knew some of the same people, that he was trusting enough to talk to. However the kid asked to use my sons cell phone. I had just bought him this phone for Christmas last year and I’ve been struggling to pay it off. My son told him no because I’ve often taught him not to allow other people to touch his things if you never know what can happen. The strange thing about all of this was, when my son told me he was heading over there, I did warn him that something was going to happen that he should be cautious. But my son, often thinks that he has everything in check.

Well, you can all probably figure out what happen next. Zack (last name withheld for privacy) snatched the phone from my son’s hand. my son didn’t know what to do. Is non-confrontational and he was always taught not to fight except if he had to defend himself. The kid had been threatening him to physically beat him up if he hadn’t given him the phone to begin with, but my son stood his ground without having to resort to violence. Nevertheless, the kids just took the phone away from him being much bigger than him. My son also was wearing a silver chain that held my dad’s ashes. As you know he recently passed away in October. Zack also tried to snatch the chain off of my boys neck. When my son told him it had my father’s remains, thankfully he let go. But off he went, into the woods running with my son’s phone. so Noah tried to chase after him, I don’t really know what he expected to do at that point if he had caught up to him. He was a little fearful to fight but he would have done what he had to do to protect himself and his property. However, it was getting late and I think he was so overwhelmed from the situation that he had gotten a little lost there in the woods. Granted, this is all happening about two or three blocks from my own home.

There was another family that had come outside just in the nick of time. My son no explain to them what it happened and the young gentleman drove my son home so that he could get me and my daughter involved to help him. While I was very upset about the fact that my son got into a strangers car, I understood that this was the first time that something like this had happened and then he was basically acting out in panic. I had the baby with me and was just about to begin working for the evening. I have to start a little later in the afternoon because of the sunlight with my energy. It drains me and I don’t feel very well during the earlier hours of the day. However, my son came in devastated. I felt as though it would be wise to head on over where the kid lived and called the police. My mother though, wanted to take a ride with my daughter over there instead of letting me. While the two of them went to Zack’s apartment to confront him, I called the phone company to get the phone shut down… just in case. The whole time that Amber and my mom spoke to the police and Zach, his own mother was in the background. She very well knew what her son was doing. A single mother addicted to drugs, I thought; “how sad for someone to allow their young kid to throw their life away is a thief just for a few extra hundred dollars”. It was apparent that he wanted the phone to sell. Nevertheless, the police did nothing. This was the second time actually, that the police did not help us in a situation. Earlier last year, another boy had tried to steal my sons bike. Go figure, he happened to be one of Zacks friends. luckily the boy gave the bike back to my son eventually after Amber’s boyfriend confronted him about it. But we had called the police at first, and they didn’t try to help even in the least. Here we were with a situation where an older boy almost an adult, stole something from my son threatening bodily injury. You would think the police would’ve taken it seriously.

So we went back to the police department about a week later to push the police report a little further so that maybe they would get on top of trying to get the phone back.  The officer asked me to come back in two days to talk to the detective and get a copy of the police report to take to the phone company so that I wouldn’t owe the remaining purchase fee which was several hundred dollars still. However, when we went back, they still hadn’t even finished the report. I was devastated. I couldn’t even rely on my own local police.  feeling defeated, I prayed to the Lord for help. However I felt it best to just leave the situation alone from there. My daughter wanted to go over there and confront the boy a second time, but I felt as though that would only create an even bigger circle of problems. But this is where the story gets pretty interesting…

Karma is a wonderful weapon. Asking the heavens for help I just placed my face in them knowing, but somehow someway they would figure everything out for me. My daughter Amber happened to be the answer. She saw me home with discovered that Zack had put the phone up on some app for sale. In fact he had several cellular phones that he had stolen from other children in the local area, up there for pretty cheap price considering they were some pretty expensive phones. But lo and behold, there was my son Noah’s phone. There was no mistaking it. My son walked around with that phone in his hand so often, I often thought it became a part of him LOL Even my baby Adri sees my son with his AirPods, his hover board and his phone and thinks he’s some kind of fleshly robot LOL I’m sure there are other parents out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyhow Zack had mentioned that the phone was also from Verizon. He gave a pretty detailed description in the ad that he had posted for the phone as he was selling it. My daughter didn’t like the fact that some 16-year-old punk had gotten over on the family. She’s tired of people walking all over us and certainly didn’t want me to have to suffer for the cost of extra money that I didn’t have. Like I said I still owed money on that phone and without insurance who knows, would the phone company still make me pay it back? She didn’t wanna take a chance. So she catfished him.

My daughter made a fake profile on that same app that Zack was using for his sales. Contacting him as a potential buyer, the two of them discussed a price and place to meet. Amber told her boyfriend about it. Just in case Zack tried to assault her or pull anything, Amber took her boyfriend with her on the night that she was scheduled to meet up with him.. Her boyfriend wanted to handle the situation. Unsuspecting Zack thought he was going to make a nice $300 for himself. Very excited, he saw Amber’s boyfriend walking up and gave him a pretty clever sales pitch. Amber’s boyfriend told him he wanted to see the phone first, since he was buying it and so Zack handed him Noah’s phone so that he could inspect his “potential buy”. Amber’s boyfriend check the serial number to make sure that it was Noah’s phone so that he wasn’t accidentally stealing somebody else’s already stolen property LOL. Sure enough it was definitely Noah’s. So Zach asked for the money for the phone but Amber’s boyfriend told him, “Thanks, I’ll be taking this back. This is Noah’s phone.”

Zack denied that the phone was stolen or that it was Noah’s… Or even that he had even known Noah, but Amber’s boyfriend had told him that the serial number clearly match the one that he had for Noah’s phone from the package that we still had back at the house. However, Amber and her boyfriend had written the serial number down. Our phone carrier also had a copy of it. The con… had been conned!  amber’s boyfriend told him if he messed with Noah again, there would be a problem. He added the intimidation at the end because he noticed that Noah was seemingly becoming a target of theft by the other kids, it being that both his bike and cell phone had been stolen already within a year time. 

So we got the phone back, and that’s karma LOL funny how it worked out.

Please be sure to educate your children on the fact that even other kids commit criminal acts these days. Even just a few blocks from my own home, my son was not safe. He’s not allowed to go outside without a chaperone now, helping him get from place to place.

No footprints…

“When there are no footprints, and that you were not carried, remember that it is God who is always with you and needs not feet nor arms to see you through”… ~ Alura Cein

There is a saying called “Footprints in the Sand” that my mother and I always loved. It was the only quote related to God that mom took a liking to. We even had a photo with a beach on it, footprints running off into the distance. My parents really liked that quote because it reminded them of how many times they had felt alone in different situations but at the end of the situation, they realized that God had always been there to help them through it. But what about the times that the situation didn’t turn out the way that they wanted it to at all? Did they see it the same way?

More than likely nobody sees God’s hand at work when there is a situation where it seems that it does not turn out the way that they wanted or needed it to at first. I have answers in that regard, but for a little while, ponder over my counter-quote, and see if you can understand how God works in those cases.… we will come back to this another time in an article to posted called:, “God works in mysterious ways” coming soon.

It’s true that sometimes it seems that God disappeared everyone or answer all of their prayers. There are many times when a person feels the absence of God around them. One of those times? Is it true that God has backed off or left the individual because they are feeling that way? What are some of the more mysterious ways that God works in our lives? Thoughts for our day….

Scams in the new age- Part 1

A very long time ago, before crystals were found in your ordinary hobby shop, on a billion instagram page, or in every single commercialized department store…crystals were bought in special places like gem stores or mystical shops.  Yes, for those of us who were born into mystical families, we had to make a day trip out of driving out to some hidden mystical store to go buy some goods because it was still considered taboo. Or, we had to mine our own stones. In fact, my grandmother and many of my other ancestors had collected a lot of Garnet, quartz crystals, Amber stone and so much more. I have a lot of those that were passed down to me here today. At one time it was thought that they would be valuable, not by price or value, but by the mystical element of them. Nope, not today.Even when it came to products, we had to make those handcrafted too, based on recipes handed down from our family lines in the Grimoires. Like I always say, spirituality was launched as a fast growing trend, which wasn’t really leading anybody towards awakening or enlightenment…but instead towards another fad that the government could make their money off of.

I have never been one to lie to people or go along with anything that I knew to be misleading. I never vouched for anyone that I knew who was claiming to be a psychic, when after they came to me for readings….I saw them not to be. In fact, I never threw them out there under the bus and I never will as I won’t speak against anyone since it’s not my business. However, in the overall spectrum it is my business to educate others and protect them.

I always cut off communication with the individuals that I knew to be lying whether in their professional area or just spreading false information because I don’t want my name associated with anyone like that. I don’t believe in using spirituality as a way to lie or mislead other people. Heaven sees the spiritual path as a way toward great growth and transformation. The soul is eternal and it belongs to eternity. Anyone tampering with that for earthly means, will be held greatly accountable in the spiritual afterlife.

Nevertheless, during times that I saw other things happening that I knew to be  deceptive… I had to inform others. I have always written an article or blog, or done a video, to expose it. One of those things just so happened to be something called an Andara Crystal.

The infamous Andara, the Crystal of Nothing

After the stone was sent to me as a gift (and I truly appreciated the gesture) looking at the so called crystal of extraterrestrial creation… I saw immediately through the lies. The young woman wasn’t trying to swindle me. A self proclaimed spiritual speaker, she really believed the hype of what she too had been told… I have my own psychic angelic insights into the I visual, but when it came to the Andara…she followed the trend and believed the lie as many did. I tried to tell her.

The story that was being sold about this Andara mystical stone was that an extraterrestrial craft had landed on a mountain and the electromagnetic energy has fused the sand, rocks, and minerals together making these new crystals of all assorted different colors. It caused the stones to contain an extraterrestrial vibration too. That’s why they were saying that they were so special.

However, spiriritually I did not feel that story of energy behind this stone resembling pink glass, in my hand. Furthermore, I also knew that Scientifically though electromagnetic energy had fused components together, they would not have been of a different variety of colors being that they were said to be of similar mineral composition on the same ground where they were said to be mined. Like stones such as Libyan desert glass and moldavite, the crystals formed would had been the color of the composition of the ground instead of these shards of rock that they likened to be very similar to different colored variations of obsidian, formed there. It was like a whole new ground full of fruity pebble’s. And guess what else? The area was now privately owned. What a convenience!

Perhaps the people that lived there didn’t realize that they had a rock glass garden underneath their land, and when they went digging, they found a bunch of the glass rocks littered throughout. Then, because of their star beliefs somehow believed that these were left by aliens? I’m not denying that there may have been some extraterrestrial activity up on the said mountain, but there have been many instances where electromagnetic fields of great surging energy have also affected other places throughout the world through things like otherworldly visitations, or even other sources of energy that acted like a conductor. Formations of multicolored glass, had never been the result.

Looking at the stone, I inspected it carefully myself. Knowing quite a bit about the different minerals and stones, as well as being able to read the blueprints of nearly everything, I did not see the same structure of crystal formation. I did not see even a structure that looked to be foreign or potentially formed by unknown electromagnetic energy sources. What I saw, was the same structure molecularly of that of glass. Glass still has some properties since it is a form of silicon, but once heat is added, it changes the science. It’s while the piezoelectric qualities are subtle to begin with, after melting the electrical aspect is no longer. The electrical Quality is what makes a crystal able to help a person in their vibration. Having a different vibration in each electrical frequency, makes each stone different for different purposes. While it’s not a huge difference, some people feel that they need them. I always preferred my crystals in raw condition to keep its original frequency. Back to the so called Andara Crystal, I certainly did not recognize it to be a stone from a natural environment, formed in the environment by nature or by any other situation that could have environmentally brought it into its condition. But I did recognize it from somewhere.

Aha! My aunt used them in her garden and house plants as decor when I was kid! All different colors, some were anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 depending on size or you could buy a huge bag of assorted colors from a glass factory! All of it was just the same as the fake Andara. But some retailers who were trying to pass it off as being some kind of special rare mystical stone, were charging anywhere from $30 to 100 at times. I have always tried to warn everybody about different things of that dishonest nature to save them from being scammed, but unfortunately many wanted to follow the trends at the time and did not listen to me.

I don’t remember exactly where the link is to the original article that I had written some years ago, but I believe it was on one of the blogspot sites where I had originally started my work in writing about spiritual topics and star seeds. If anyone who is familiar with my work can remember where the link is, please, let me know so that I can add it here for references.

But after a long time of trying to explain all of this other people, seemed to be a subject that had faded into the background of things. I always knew that proof would come out into the open someday, of the things that I had spoken about. it has been about three years since I had written the original article. And sure enough like most of the things that I predict to happen, proof has been shown.

My daughter and I have been working on some projects for the “Our Merchandise” section on the homepage of my website. I was out at the store Michael’s to get some hot glue for my gun and right there on the same aisle, were glass rocks! Haha! I exclaimed, A woman riding past me with her cart, looked at me with great surprise at this sudden random like outburst. I was so excited at my discovery I even turned around and told her the story LOL. I don’t think she cared very much but still, I had to share with someone besides my own daughter whom already when seeing them herself, knew exactly what I was thinking.Even though I had been amongst the first original influencers in the beginning, where many mystical crafts came from my family line, to my store, out there into the world… I still create no matter who has redone my ideas. I would never sell a fake item though. This is sad.

Here’s what I found at the store.

This would be labeled as an Angel Aura Andara and while it’s just glass, it would go roughly for $30- $40 on a site trying to pass these off as an E.T created stone.

It’s $8.49 at Michael‘s. If you look, it even has the same pattern in the glass as an Andara does. If you want a true crystal of real Extraterrestrial quality look into Moldavite, or Libyan Desert Glass where true celestial events created the essence within sands fused together as impact occurred. Or, buy a real meteorite.

Please be wise. Don’t believe everything that is mainstream. Most of what’s out there in mainstream is false and what the powers want people to know and be told. “featured”


Next video! Check my YouTube next week for coverage on Watchers, shadows, tricksters and more! This connects to my new topic on the fallen ones as my promo on YouTube advertised! Interesting, thought provoking and eerie! See you there!

Capricorn OBE

It has been a very long time since I have actually slept. I usually settle down around 4 o’clock in the morning. I will ask for all of the “needs” from the prayer list of incoming requests for my website. Afterwards, since I do most trance work for others most of the day, I use the later hours to do a meditation for myself. I do like to touch base with the heavens for myself too. I want to make sure that I am doing everything the right way.

I traveled to many places in my spiritual journey. I have seen many worlds and spiritual realms. I have tried to document the ones that I have seen both, when I was in heaven and in my human life on Earth. Every journey has been profound. They each stand out to me very clearly. It is just as real to me on the other side of the spiritual veil, as it is here on the human side.

When I was a little girl there was a spirit at my house growing up. I know that it is still stuck there. I ponder sometimes too, if maybe a little part of myself had left some residual remnant floating around on the property. There were some pretty traumatic things that happened to me while growing up. It would definitely make sense that there would be a little part of me left over in that area.

When I go out of body, spirit looks so much like here. I will have to find doorways to get to other places beyond. I usually start in the space right inside of my own home. But there have been times that I had been taken back to my childhood home. I know that when my spirit body is pulled back there, that there is something very important that needs to be paid attention to.

One particular night, I went out of body. But something had happened, that I thought was another interesting. I don’t often share every single out of body experience that I have personally. However, I have to share information that I obtain while out of body for clients and their sessions. For this personal experience, I wanted to share. Because it stood out, I know that it had a a lot of meaning.

It’s really coincidental, because just the other night I was talking to my best friend on the telephone about the different #astrologicalages. I had mentioned how propaganda is always released. Little by little. even in the age just prior to the next one. The conversation included some information about Capricorn, and why we have so much symbolism surrounding horns, goats and Saturn. Last night, I had stepped outside of my body, floating around in the space just beyond this one. It looked so much like here. Only, it was not physical. Suddenly, with one with swift movement I had traveled 12 miles away. I was at my old home.

The everything in the environment started to morph into a scene. I was well aware. I went along with it. I knew that I was in the middle of a “moving message”. It is always like jumping into a movie. You know that you don’t belong there, but you just go along with it anyway. I was on the porch. There was a storm coming in the sky. I felt funny in my arms, and the hairs on my arms were standing up. I could tell that lightening was getting ready to come crashing down. I looked to the house. I could see that my two children were inside, looking out of the screen door of the porch. The ghostly clones of my two children were watching me. I told them to hurry and get to safety, because I was going to struck by lightning. I went back up onto the porch for safety myself. I stood on the rubber doormat to protect myself from the lightening’s attack, but I still felt the oncoming strike. Then, a cell phone rang. I saw that it was “my phone” for this vision. I went to answer it. It had been my newest child’s father. He had called to tell me that he did not want to ever speak to me again. Considering him in real time, that would never happen. Nonetheless, I still felt very sad by this new declaration. I asked him “why”? I had told him that I was very devastated to hear that. We then hung up, hitting the “end call” button as the storm outside seemed to make time stand still. I called him back moments later to tell him that I couldn’t bear for him to walk away. I pleaded with him; “please don’t do this”?! In this reality here in the world of humans, that scenario would take place. We barely see one another anyhow.

Shortly after, I ended up on the back steps to the back door of my old house. The first part of the scene had happened out front of the house, facing Northwest. The storm came from Northwest heading North. By the latter part of the OBE, I was in the back of the home facing the south. The storm had seemed to clear up. All throughout the experience, it had just been my daughter Amber and myself . At the end, we were on the back steps sitting down, and talking. I do not remember much of the discussion. I began floating up into the air, coming back down to the steps every now and then to speak with Amber. All of a sudden, my baby’s father appeared sitting with Amber. I stood between the two of them, one step higher. They seemed to be having some friendly discussion. I saw that she was showing him something on social media, on her phone. I kept looking at the two of them and suddenly just felt like I needed to let go of life.

I looked up at the sky and as I floated, I saw a constellation above me. I did not look back. High and bright above me, was the consolation of Capricorn. My own zodiac. It was larger than any other constellation. It was positioned southeast, facing northwest. Strangely, the constellation was upside down. The constellation was not positioned in the sky as it usually is. I just remember saying to myself, “This is where we need to be”.

Then it was over. The OBE ended. I had been sitting up the entire time, eyes rolled to the back of my head, still holding my water bottle. It always happens this way. Quick, in the middle of something that I am doing. I was quite cold and trying to reconnect my energy to the natural electrical source of my body within. My daughter Amber had been sitting on the floor while it was happening. She is used to these occupancies. I began to tell her the details of the experience, even before I was fully all there LOL.

It was pretty significant in my eyes. I could still feel the after affects of the OBE, even as I sat there an hour later thinking about it. It was the first time that I had ever seen Capricorn in the sky, in an OBE. Usually, I’m looking at all different types of scenery and landscaping that aligns with each realm. The stars match the reality of each place that I go to. For Capricorn to make its appearance, holds great significance. I know what it all means.

I just had thought to share!

Would you like to try to interpret? To test your knowledge? Email me, with your thoughts!

Attraction, in this industry

I have been struggling with something for quite a long while. However, I did not think to mention it for popular opinion, until I had seen one of my gorgeous friends speaking about it on her Instagram page. She is really beautiful, so it only makes sense that it was happening to her too. What am I talking about? Attraction, in this industry. And not that kind of attraction as in the “law of attraction and manifestation”. This is in regards to advances sexually and romantically.

So while my friend “E” (didn’t know if I could mention her here) is extremely pretty, girls like her and myself are trying to succeed and do something great with our lives. For single women it’s fine if they end up meeting somebody through their work. However, they should keep it strictly Professional. I have usually never stepped outside of my professional guidelines except when I had met a soulmate of mine back in 2017. It happens. You meet someone, and you connect with who you connect with. But there are male individuals out there that send the untimely penis picture, and some who don’t even regard your profession, treating you like some kind of spiritual “call girl”. I know that when a person is provided with love and nurturing, time and attention, as well as a personal friendship, it can grow and lead into many things. I have had clients that found me attractive, and I am not shy to say that some of them were very nice looking and great company. But there are boundaries in this particular line of work. I always made it a rule to not date your clients unless it had some spiritual divine exception. Other girls may do as they please. I do not object to whatever they choose to do with their life.

But how many girls are using the spiritual platform to promote themselves for this type of attention underneath of the surface? And how much is that misleading others, to think that we are all that way? Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with meeting someone. And for beautiful women there’s nothing wrong with a little attention as well. But I still think they should be kept respectful.

If you are interested in your spiritual guru, don’t send them a picture of “Bird Big” or “Mr. Snuffleupagus” please. I don’t know why men think that ladies like that anyway. Women aren’t going to be turned on by a picture of it. Women like to be seduced, treated like a queen. Especially, spiritual women. We have a gift and a power that we should be respected for. If you have underlying feelings or an attraction for your spiritual leader, then you should sit down and talk to them about it to find out how they feel in return, and how to balance the situation. But remember, respect is always 100% needed.

This all brings me to my next topic of concern. Some of those spiritual leaders may have a significant other already. Obviously, many of us are going to have to talk to people of both genders. That includes life coaching with males and females at times. How do you feel about a female spiritual teacher spending time on the phone with a male client? Do you feel that this should be allowed as long as it is kept on a professional level? Or should that client be excluded from gaining help simply because or their gender or because they may have some kind of underlying attraction to their teacher?

In my professional opinion, anyone should be allowed to seek help. Regardless of the gender of the teacher or student. If there is an attraction to one or the other, it should not be a factor used to discriminate. What matters is that there is honesty and everyone go about things in a respectful way. Well hey, if that spiritual teacher is a swinger, that’s their choice. I personally don’t engage in interactions like that. And if two people find love through their work, kudos for them too. Either males or females shouldn’t give negative attention. Just as much, people looking for fun have to understand that this is not the porn industry. Spouses have to understand that it’s co-ed and seekers need to know the laws of sexual harassment.🙏🏻😊😉

Shielding And it’s importance

As an angel and an empath I have extreme sensitivity to artificial intelligence. Recently I had to decrease my use of time on the Internet and on my cell phone. This had everybody very upset because they were not able to get in touch with me. I can’t help it, if I’m sensitive and I get sick, Then what can I do except try to protect myself? However, some of my work is based on line. So I do need to have some kind of way to communicate with my students, clients for readings, and friends too. But I couldn’t figure out a solution, until recently. Archangel Michael helped me work through this problem as I sat, very sick over my laptop throughout the one week that I had to actually spend a lot of time on it. I had just launched a new website, so I used much of my time having to build the website first. It was just awful. I was drained, slumped over and feeling very sickly. I could not keep myself up from the drains for the artificial intelligence have been creating. Any kind of energy at extreme degrees, will cause that same affect. Even channeling spirits. There are a lot of times when I channel a lot and a day for people and I just totally get extremely overwhelmed. I don’t think anybody in this world lives as an extreme channel like I do. It can be pretty horrific to witness, and often upsets my children to find me in conditions like that.

I never used any of my own protection grids, only because I didn’t want anything to interfere with my channels. Not that it actually would, I just didn’t wanna take the risk. Archangel Michael just recently helped me though. He helped me to create a protection shield of energy, that will deflect the energy of the artificial intelligence. He says that he still wants me to stay away from the Internet and devices as much as I possibly can. However, this will help me when I absolutely have to use them. So I tried it out. And it really deflected a lot of the energy that was coming off of land lines, So phones, laptops, television, and even electrical outlets because all of those emails a radiation of EMF. It’s absolutely awful.

I live my life in a very dim setting with battery operated lights and candles most of the time to escape it. However, I had to figure out something because now we offer a telephone sessions two people that want a little more interaction. And the grid has worked significantly. If you are having trouble with EMF, but you too have to use a cell phone here’s a good idea of what to do

1. Shield – you’re going to want to get the Archangel Michael EMF protection. It creates a significant bubble of energy that is very pure and deflects any heavier radiation in the area, that may come toward you into your aura. The aura channels energy from the environment into your chakras, which then affects the body and can create cancer and illness. Having this shield will definitely help you no matter where you go, just stay safe. There are cell phone towers everywhere. Ask yourself? How many times have you been out and about and suddenly felt drained without knowing why? It could be from the energy coming off of other people and their aura, or cell phone towers and other electromagnetic producers.

2. Stop using your cell phone – of course you’re going to want to use it. There’s no escaping it not in this day and age. However, limit your use of calls on it. Text instead if you have to, but for main calls, you can forward them to your landline, and then just to sit some distance from the landline with your phone on speaker.That will help a great deal.

3. Out stretch- If you have to go on the Internet on your phone, try stretching out your arm about an arms legs out in front of you, to read and look at things. And just lean over and tap the screen, when you have to touch it to make selections. Holding the device a little bit further away from your actual body can make a little bit of a difference although not much. But it does help.

4. They also have body shields that you can use, although they are not very hopeful, they can reduce radiation quite a bit, if use the right way. But I think you should save your money and just get the Archangel Michael protection instead. It’s permanent, you don’t have to worry about putting it back on or taking it off. Whatever they do help quite a bit, and you will find some relief that way. I have one myself, just in case.

Well that is how to manage your electromagnetic energy and it’s detrimental effects on you, from using devices and walking around in electromagnetic field of energy created by wireless energy and many other forms of artificial intelligence.

Going Shhhhh!

Hello everybody this is just a notice that from this point forward my blogs and my more in-depth videos will be getting posted to another site where you will have to become a trusted approved member, in order to gain access to the information. Due to many other people having stolen my information over time, I feel a great need to protect a lot of my work now. Things are getting very serious in the world, and also in the area of spirituality. And, after the other courses, Absolution is on its way! I know that there will be a lot of in-depth questions, and it would be better to answer them all together. There will also be the Bible decoding course in addition to the Awareness course that will both be starting in the spring. With that, a lot of my secret teachings about many things will be put into those courses and I certainly have to protect them. Why?

I have seen a lot of underhandedness overtime, and it has really broken my heart. I had started this journey in order to share with the world, personal sacred information that I was given. I thought that it was information that would help many people who really truly had a love of spirit, heaven, becoming a better person and God. My entire intention and mission was to find people that truly carried that unconditional love and Holy Spirit within them, that just needed a little bit of guidance and direction. I dreamed to help them to bring that fully out from within themselves and to understand themselves more. I was sent here to find those that have been chosen for a great mission, and in order to help them to merge with higher self in order to accomplish them. I have worked with thousands of people all over the world from every background, belief and ethnicity, all in the name of finding anyone that was truly really about the real movement. To find those who actually really wanted to become the better change that they had hoped to see in the world. I had many people come to me claiming that that was them. However, I don’t think many understood what that real better change was. And when a lot of them found out, they gave up, because it made it so that they had to be separate from the world. It would make them actually dare to be different, and to not follow the trends. Instead, it would have then follow the divine. Not me. But the heavens, and to be a part of change in what is actually good for the earth, and for one another.

What was that better change? Waking up. Waking up more and more to their full potential. Then afterwards, to rise up as a people together, whether in our own areas, or in one. That would be for the sole reason of inspiring others to be good hearted people that were pure, and forsaking the blemishes of the world that had hurt and tormented people for too long. How many of you had struggled with addiction? How many of you had come from a background of abuse? How many of you had abused yourselves? The idea was to take the darkness and pain, and then to use it as wisdom in order to want the light, and then to fully become the light.

Hello? I’m not talking about some trending new age guru. I’m talking about being a pure light worker. And for all of the right reasons. Not for fame. Not for appearance. Not to appear to be better than others. Not for power, and certainly not for wealth. But while I have found some, I have also come across others that simply only wanted all of this for the fulfillment of the ego. There have even been times in the past, that other readers, hidden enemies or people wanting to come out as a teacher, who had joined my groups to make personal friendships with my following. They would very slowly interact with them to gain their trust, and make friendships with them on the side, dropping little tidbits of what they believed in, to spread interest. And then, they would up and disappear. And all while having a link to my inner circle separately on their own accord. I have many times asked people to respect me, and not to do that. It is a dirty way to go about business, and I would never hurt anybody like that myself. I understand that not everybody is like me, and others are willing to use dirty tactics to get somewhere, and that is why I truly hope that what I have taught my real friends and real students, that they will always keep that in mind. Some, had even bought readings simply to how I did them, in an attempt to replicate my Services or methods too. Someone had even gone to the greatest extent of having played a very expensive company to scan my website, to find out how many people were visiting each day. It also gave them information as to that email as an IP address is of the people visiting my website for help. Then this would help them to then contact those people were even try to find out what services were trending and then to add them to their own website as well. You have no idea how dark the front is, that I would even happen in spirituality. This is about the soul. Someone actually spied in order to compete for your soul, for their own gain. If someone can behave sneaky and deceptive in that way, you can be sure that you will not find the right help from them. I say to that individual; “My website is to help people. This isn’t some competing burger franchise. Shame on you”!

As a person who is truly unconditional and carries their love for others like a torch, as a person who just only loves everyone and wants the best for everyone, you have no idea what it feels like to hear that somebody has finally understood the message that I am teaching. And that having used it, they can now live their life better. Without worry or a struggle, and with out having to feel depressed or lost. And to use that, their new found contentment and the wisdom that they’ve learned with me, to go out there and find others through using their own intuition in knowing from the signs in those people, that they also truly want the same change. But instead, I found some others who wanted fame. Others, they were using it as an ego trip. Whatever the case was, I still embraced them. Everybody deserves a chance. If they came, then there was a reason behind it. And while the process may have been slower, they will get there.

Nonetheless, I cannot take away from the fact that there had been downright dark people who have only used me for my information. I have had people steal from my websites, and I’ve had others replicate my videos for their own channels. I have even had overly competitive people who have also studied my stuff, and then added to it from other worldly teachings, to try to counteract what I had taught them originally. I have had people talk about me behind my back, plotted against me, pretended to be a friend, and I have had people who understandably had even struggled in their trust in me. I know that it is hard to have trust in just one person, when most of your lives you have encountered so many untrustworthy people. Plus, this world is so screwed up, it’s hard to believe that anybody could actually be pure and loving. Most people think it is a façade. But those who know me best, will tell you that it surely is not. The only thing remotely human about me and my nature, is the fact that I get my feelings hurt and I do get frustrated from time to time, but only when somebody is deliberately projecting negativity at me. Still, in my work I have been straight up abused and taken for my knowledge.

As a result, I am here in this blog to say that I am not here for any of that. I am here to find those who really truly want this path. And as a result of my having let others in that didn’t, I and some of my friends have paid the price for it. But the one who had paid the price for it more, is God who sent me on this mission to do this work. The distractions of the negativity and the backbiting, got overwhelming. I was hurt for almost a whole year because of it. It crushed my heart. I should have been focused. In addition to that, letting people in who weren’t trustworthy, also made me susceptible to attacks. And that also had me down in the dumps a little bit. No matter the disagreement or the difference in perception, people have to remain friends, and remain loving. There’s too much hatred in the world. But others do not see it that way. I am trying with all of my heart here, to find people that actually see the world and it’s true condition, and are not willing to just ignore it by turning a blind eye and sit on the Internet all day. In other words…It’s OK to check your social media, but you should be out there doing real things. I’m trying to find people that aren’t willing to turn a blind eye, and just put on an act that they are spiritual, when in their own true lives are doing nothing at all.

I am here to find the true chosen for the anointed consciousness. This really means the world to me because it meant the world to God he sent me. And while others don’t like that I say that, or that I even have a relationship with God, or those who really don’t believe it, that is fine. Because I know that I am OK with my source. I would only be the one to pay the price for making claims that were not true. And since I know that they are true, I have nothing remotely to be ashamed or worried about. God is on my side. And he always will be, because he knows that I try and try all the time, to do the work he sent me here to do. I am who I say, and I know glorious life changing things, soul changing things, for the transcendence that you deserve. But many sell themselves short.

But for now on, to protect the privacy of my work, to protect my own identity as it has been stolen and used by other gurus who copied my work, and also to protect those who are really truly 100% honest and true to the fact that they want to real growth and understanding, and a connection to the divine and what they want will change into actually use it, to do something about it, I am going to start putting my work on another website top-secret. The other websites will remain. I will not be taking them down because there are many others who enjoy them. But in regards to going into any serious subject matter, prophecies, or any activities that we are doing as a group, I would like to keep that separate in a secret area online. Right now I am having someone help me on working on getting that set up. I will definitely post more about where you can find this website later on, once it all comes together. I hope, with in the next couple of months or sooner. With that being said, I will more than likely put up a post on all of my social media’s, when the links are available and you can comment there if you wish to be a part of it. But for now on because of the intensity of what I am going to be teaching and because of the world changing by lacking empathy, remorse or love, it is very important to protect the word of God at this time.

So again I will be leaving of the blogs that are there now, for good. There will be a new website for gathering, as well as learning. They more than likely be connected to the future courses as well and the older ones. I will still be posting on social media but again my time is limited, as I have backed off and social media a great deal since it has been affecting my energy being at this vibration. I only spent 35 minutes a day on it as these blogs are being typed for me, by a typist. If you are trying to catch me by text messaging, the best time of the day to do so would be around 10:00 at night, as well as 4:30 am in the morning. I have to somehow still stay in touch with the people that I work with online. So I do check emails and messages during those times for about 15 minutes each. With the remainder, I have an assistant who is reading messages to me and replying for me. So if you have anything private that you need to say I would suggest that you do it during those times especially. I get very ill being on the Internet, you have no idea. It makes me nauseous and very sick to be around electronics anyway . And I’m even having trouble talking on the phone. But that was always a case of you recall.

Still this is not an insult toward anybody that I know right now, nor is it meant to be an insult at all. I’m sure that those of you who definitely can see and feel what’s going on in the world today, can understand where I’m coming from and why. I love everybody that I have ever worked with, every single one, there is nobody exempt. And please don’t assume in this article that you were one of the people that I am mentioning who have hurt me or that I thought was not in this for the right intentions. Many people have assumed from the articles that I was talking about them for whatever reason when they had done nothing wrong at all. So please don’t take it upon yourself to take the article personally.

Thank you and I’ll still be around and keeping in touch. I will never give up and I will never abandon any of you. I just wanted to let you all know that I think a more compact, private space where we can really talk about things and I have absolute trust, would be a good idea. Somethings just aren’t meant to be mainstreamed. I will still do videos and other blog topics on spirituality and topics that maybe others have knowledge in already but need more? But for the sacred teachings that will be more shhhhhh.

Psychic Attack on the baby!

The intent of these posts are merely only to share experiences in case others encounter similar issues, to educate and to some entertain as the info may be interesting. I don’t seek sympathy. I am a teacher and my own experiences shed light on topics that for others are too taboo.

I had just did a podcast on sound cloud about a haunted chandelier that had come into my possession, from someone in my family. Now I want to talk about a few other things. As everybody knows how my my newborn about 3 1/2 months old now, is very psychic. Probably more than I am. Since she has been home, she has noticed spirit guides and deceased people, coming and going. There are many times I had put her in her crib to hear her crying moments later. I never leave her by herself for more than five minutes. She won’t let me anyway LOL. We are glued or another as 18. Still though, when I do have to get use of my other arm from carrying her around most of the day, I put her down in the crib so that I can do a few things quickly. A few times, I had walked into the room seeing that there were some elderly spirits surrounding her.

In particular, there had been an older woman. She was a kind looking elderly lady about 80 years old, with glasses and a very short white hair. I had seen that she took an interest in my child from the moment I had brought her home because, she was often lingering by the crib. I tried to communicate with her but she would leave each time. It was the elderly lady that I had seen first. And then gradually one by one more and more older people would gather around. I started to worry a little bit although I did not feel malevolent energy right away.

I have been dealing with seeing spirits since I was three years old. It’s terrifying. And I didn’t want her to grow up already being scared. I know that she has me to help and guide her. But I also don’t want her getting confused as to what is physical and what is not. Because, we as psychic mediums, see spirits as we do regular people. As a child, I would have spirits swarming around me too. I don’t recall if this was happening to me when I was an infant or not. The earliest memories that I have, are from two years old and up. But to be brutally honest, anything of a spiritual nature, I don’t remember anything before three years old. I knew that my baby was going to be just like me. But as any protective mother, I did take caution. I channeled into a few of them and realized that these were souls that she had helped as a guardian angel in their earlier lives. One of the elderly men had told me that she had helped guide him through World War I and had appeared to him when he had prayed for help during a bombing. He told me that he could not speak for the others, but he was pretty sure that it would be a similar scenario. I had asked him how he had known that she was now born into a body? He told me that they all had just passed away, as she was being born. During the moments of transition, they had been told by their guides and deceased relatives on the other side. Their guides had said that their guardian angel would be born on earth. That is why they were gathering around her. They all wanted to welcome and greet the angel that had help them during times of great distress. They were leaving this world still lingering somewhere in between for unfinished business. This had brought them comfort.

When I came to the elderly woman though, I had walked in so many times after that, seeing her just appear as if she were rocking the little cradle that my baby was laying down and although she could not really physically move it. And then just vanished suddenly, as I would see her there. I never got to see her blueprint. This was something that bothered me. I know from experience that a good spirit will always be one that introduced as it’s self to anybody that has a clear vision of it. It was stated his business and why it’s there. This soul never dead. In fact instead, disappeared every time I was in the vicinity.

Things mellowed out from there. Over the last couple of months, I have been helping my baby to cope with sightings. I have a lot of spiritual activity here since I do a lot of work channeling. All different types of spirits are in and out every day. Even ones that could be considered to be a bit frightening because they are different. She seemed to be doing just fine and even had helped me a couple of times to bring comfort and healing to people who had come to my office upset, needing a reading. As soon as they had made eye contact with her, they felt better. She started adjusting to my way of life. In fact I didn’t take much adjustment at all. In truth, she just naturally became a part of everything as if she had always been here all along. Even through the situation with the haunted chandelier, she didn’t really seem to phase her very much in times before that, that we had seen this shadow being. And believe me, I know that she had seen it, because she had always been the first to look in that direction. Then I would look across the room and my cat would also be looking that way and that’s how I knew that there was something over there for the two of them to be staring. I would look, and sure enough it would be there. But something just recently started happening that was starting to really upset me. I know that when I was a child I went under a lot of psychic attacks. All kinds of spirits were always coming at me, even ones that were of a darker nature. Many of you have heard those stories before.

It all started two days ago. Like I have always said when you open up a psychic doorway, or you were born naturally as us like it, you will have access to both sides of the fence so to speak. You don’t get to choose. You are open, that’s it. But, maybe we had only had some very benevolent visitors so far in addition to the shady elderly spirit that kept appearing. When we first moved into this house, we had a lot of spiritual activity. In fact the previous owner had died here. Well, just a few blocks down the street which had then just naturally attracted them back to his home. His death was tragic and he had not even known that he was dead. He just went about his business regularly and went back home as if it had never even happened. He eventually started realizing that something was very wrong though, and the years went by without contact from his family. They had moved out after his death. So he was occupying the house. We had known that right before we even bought the house. I never felt that he was malevolent Though I did feel that he had some aggression. Just a few weeks after buying the house and moving in, I started noticing a lot of spiritual activity. Somebody would’ve bang really hard up at the top of my door every night at the same time. There was growling coming from the garage which seems to always collect he’ll natured spirits. And there were many times that there had been a lot of spiritual activity in the upstairs hallway and in the stairwell that connects the split level of our house. Even my father has said that he has sat on the sofa upstairs, and watched as somebody walk down the hallway, and down the steps. He had even told me that he had seen somebody standing at the bottom of the steps for the longest time. He was used to it though, is what he told me. I was not surprised. I knew already.

Hello, it never does get easier LOL. Nevertheless the point is no matter where I go I’m always dealing with some kind of visitor or many of them, and it seems that as of late… There haven’t been very nice ones. That’s OK I have my spiritual boxing gloves on and I’m going to open a can of whoopy! My little girl though? She is so ultrasensitive. She’s only been here for almost 4 months now, and this is her first visit to earth. She’s already seen a lot of spirits that have visited me. And that not only included spirits but other entities to. Are usually referred to interdimensional or inter-terrestrials as entities. Then evil spirits to you? I just feel so awful for her. But at least she is learning and she does have a need to protect her. Nevertheless it doesn’t change the fact that she had her very first psychic attack just a few days ago.

After noticing that we still had activity in the hallway and on the stairs at my father and I noticed when we first moved in here,I just brushed it off because it wasn’t anything that we weren’t used to handling when it was needed. Even though each of us have protection grids around us, spirits will still try to get into the environment to await their chance to attack when your protection gets weak. But I did it for a very long time to have additional protection around the perimeter of my office. Like a bubble that was crafted to go around the edges, the walls, floor and ceiling. I can tell you that when people enter into that space, they definitely feel much calmer and more serene. There’s a certain energy to it. So when my older kids are ready for bed, they do not even sleep in their own bedrooms upstairs. They come down into my office and have a sleep over on the floor. He feels safer there. And I have an 18-year-old! You would think that she would be sleeping in her own bedroom by now. But being as spiritually sensitive as I am, she definitely feels a presence upstairs and often runs into other entities on her own time too, that she has not learned to get comfortable with. My son also, is often very afraid up there at night time for the same reason. He does not see spirits but he can feel when they are around. I have to stand at the edge of the hall with the hallway light on, to wait for him while he grabs his blankets to come down and sleep with me. But naturally, I spend a lot of time down in my portion of the home. It’s very serene. No electromagnetic energy, not of an artificial kind anyway. I use a lot of battery operated lights and candles. Television is not on, and any background noise I may have going on in there would be some beautiful music. I play a lot of higher vibrational Christian music and also a lot of meditation music. And to be honest, I do you like to listen to nature sounds including that of our universe. It is very calming.

I really felt good about getting rid of the negative spirits that have been here as a result of that chandelier, and besides having had to deal with those types of entities of my life, although not the same exact ones. It truly was a relief. but if you times recently my baby and I were walking down the upstairs hallway to grab a couple of items from the bathroom for her nightly lavender bath. And suddenly, as soon as we hit a specific area in the hallway, she started just totally flipping out. And this would have been an Amana resume that I did not recognize. Of course again, she is only four months old almost. But still, usually a mother will have heard every type of cry even in the first two months. And this was her reaction that I had never seen! The spot in the hallway was very cold as well. So I backed up with her and I went back to the living room to tell my father what it just happened. But the sofa is within reasonable vision of that location in the hallway, and he had said that he had witnessed it. So, he told me to merely just ignore it and keep an eye on things so to speak. Nevertheless, it started happening at the bottom of the staircase to. Anytime that I would head back downstairs from saying hello to my family upstairs, it would be at that one very last step, that my babies would throw both of her arms out to the side startled in terror. I usually carry her with one arm, with her facing forward so that she can see everything that I see as I carry her around. And this was happening frequently. I started to get concerned and so I started an inspection. Whatever it had been, it was gone. I never put the baby down. Since she’s been born I have been carrying her everywhere that I go. She has never even slept in her crib. She sleeps by there with her head on my chest as I lay down, or she sleeps in the little nook under my arm. I don’t have a bed in my office which is where I sleep at. I don’t really sleep that’s why. I usually would just meditate on the couch and then work as much as I could, to help other people. I do have a bedroom down there. It Has a bed in it. But I have never used it. In fact I’ve never really used the room except to Store clothes in. What’s the use of going in there anyway? It’s not like I’m going to laydown and go to sleep right? So I ended up making that room a nursery for the baby. But it just so happens that she is just like me and would rather lay down on the couch and rest a little bit, but she does go to sleep.

The other morning while I had been meditating and doing the prayers on the prayer list and people who submit them through the entry form on my website, the room had gotten extremely cold in temperature. The baby was laying on my chest resting as well, but she was wide-awake. She often is during my prayers. She’s also awake much of the time when I am doing my trance work that way. I find it easier to go into the meditation for the trance, if I am laying down knowing that the baby is safe next to me. She often stays very quiet for some time for me to do it. It was that particular morning that I felt the temperature drop and suddenly she started screaming again. I calmed her but a few moments later, it happened. The third time, I saw the shadow of whatever was standing over us which I felt familiar with .

Glancing, I saw the elderly lady hovering over us. The baby wailed a blood curtailing scream. Recognizing it now as it was completely shapeshifter, I yelled, “Tesh-Sheil reveal yourself”! I recognized finally, the spirit before me. The disguise of an elderly old woman had been a clever one, I admit. But nothing escapes me. The spirit’s elderly mask disappeared to an ugly, tall, thin body of brown skin. His face long and thin, with jagged teeth, a pointed nose, yellow eye balls with red irises and tall coarse hair that stood up on his head like a hedge of hair. He stood awkwardly. His feet facing outward instead of straight ahead, and he stood on his tip toes. He pushed his shoulders out and puffed up his chest to seem intimidating but after having heard his name, he went down on all fours and crawled backwards into the corner the room and viciously hissing at me. His eyes lit up with enjoyment at this projected disgust and hatred. He brought an odor of sulfur or better yet, like the smell of when a woman is getting a perm. Phew! I did an angelic mudra, made a psi ball and sent it at him. It sent him leaping around until I had sent the second one. Then he vanished away. Walking to the area, it was like I had walked into air full of ashes. My mother smokes cigarettes and at times has thrown one out of the car window. Coming back in, it would send ashes up my nose and into my mouth. The smell and taste is not pretty. It was like that or inhaling an ashtray. Only, 10 times worse.

Speaking of my mom. My mother ran downstairs. What’s happening?! Is the baby ok?”Adree was still crying as I tried to explain. Ehhhh.

I’ve been singing to her in angelic light toning, and reading to her Holy stories, ever since. Those things and another blessing on the home, has helped. What the heck though?! Why so many attacks? I discovered the spirit associated with the chandelier, but who sent Tesheil? The demon of Astral workings and of night mares? He had been lurking around since August then. He had have been. The first time that I had seen he was in the disguise of the elderly woman, lurking around the empty bassinet from before the baby had been born. And then again, several times between now and then. The baby had come home in October, having been born on 26 September. That means that this had been waiting almost 5 months for the perfect moment to attack. I know that people that usually practice magical spells against enemies or competitors, will often send this entity without even knowing that they are doing so. I always say that magic is a very tricky thing because people may call on one spirit and gain the help of another. They never really know who it is that they are working with unless they are entirely advanced. And by advanced, I mean illuminated. Spirits are really wonderful at disguising themselves. This definitely has not been anything of my own doing because, no matter what spirit comes when I am doing any kind of mystical work, I always look beyond the mask straight to the blueprint. Otherwise, I will not do any work any further with any spirit unless I can see it’s true identity. I have not had any demons other than the sneaky one that had been hiding in my house from the chandelier and the extra dimensional beings who had appeared in 2016 and then again recently, around the time that we had discovered the chandeliers attachment.

I wondered who would deliberately target a mother and a child? I discovered the answer. Seems that while I am not an enemy to anyone on my own end, and instead just send love and acceptance to everyone and everywhere I go, the individual felt that I was an enemy because I was getting on their nerves being a know it all LOL. They also felt competitive with me. So they got to shake things up a bit, but to be so hurtful as to try to cause me and my child issues? I was very heartbroken over it and I don’t think I can escape the fact that they sent an entity to my home when there is a little one here, let alone that they sent one to me who has only ever been kind to them, at all. I forgive them though.

Last thing that I want to say is this, just because I am an angel full of love and always exercising and virtues does not mean that I do not have access into other powers as well. I would never in my life use anything to harm anybody, as some other people do. But, if I feel I need to defend myself, I will and it will be all out war in that case. Never mess with a mother and her cub.

On a lighter note, I’ve been spending time with some emissaries from the higher planes and from Lyra. Messages will be available soon!

Spiritual Space

Perhaps maybe you don’t remember, but in 2013, I had started actually uploading videos to YouTube. During that time there had been a video on how to create spiritual space. It has since been deleted from the channel though. I have always had an altar. When visitors came, I’d move it. It’s personal, and whenever someone would see it, tons of questions came. When it comes to my own private spiritual practices, I don’t always like to have to explain what every little thing means because it may have a very deep profound meaning for me. Also my practices are not things done here on earth and are very different.

In 2013, and up until 2016 I had rented a house that was a beautiful rancher with a finished basement or work.But started to interrupt things with my family who had lived upstairs. We started to look for extra space and found that the house immediately next-door, have been for rent as well. So my parents and children had moved into the adjutant house and I opened the upstairs to the rest of the public visitors for meditation, reiki, readings and hypnosis. It was beautiful because, already downstairs I had couple of different rooms set up for those activities, but now I was able to change things up to where we would have extra space for people to actually stay a few days here or there due to having that extra guest rooms now. Those were people that I had already known in the local area.

Moving into the house next-door, the rugs and carpet were not really the best condition. There were spills all over the place from the previous family and some burn marks all over the carpets where the former residents had dropped their cigarettes. We had planned on renovating the space, but it seemed that paying rent to use two properties was really taking a lot of money away from being able to do that. I had wanted to save up in order to buy a place where I could have the same set up for business, but also have enough personal space for my family as well. My father had suggested that I just stop having people come in person for a little while and shut down the other rental property. Dad has said that maybe for the next year or two, to center my work mainly online for a little while then. Of course, I would still have a person come in every now and then if they needed it, but it would be far easier to save money if I just had listened to his advice. So I did.

My father had just recovered from having cancer through the healing sessions and other treatments for the first time that he had gotten cancer. He truly did not have enough strength to move all of his possessions back into the better home next door, that they had just left previously, in order for me to save money. He had figured that since they had already moved all of their personal things and furniture into the new rental, to just leave everything there and shut down the “spiritual home”. This really made me sad though. Since I had a few guest rooms there, there were even times that I would allow homeless people to sleep there. People that I had known while growing up, had been struggling with drugs or loss of jobs, and didn’t have a home in the area. I am the type of person that I’m not afraid to extend a helping hand to anyone. A majority of the people that I had known while growing up had ended up on drugs or getting into trouble. I had always warned them, but they did not listen, sadly. But that did not mean that I wouldn’t still be kind to them, or even try to help if they needed it. But for a little while, I would have to turn people away for a place to stay. It had not been often, but just here and there, that I would allow somebody in a very bad place, to sleep in one of the guestrooms. It’s not like I was fearful that they would steal anything. What would they do with the Crystal? Or a deck of Tarot cards? They wouldn’t get far with those items. However, the other rental had a lack of space and I wouldn’t be able to help anyone to have a warm place to sleep. Besides, not in the house with my family. It could be dangerous.

Nevertheless, We continued to reside in the smaller home, and it wasn’t really in the best condition. My mother often gave up on even trying to go out of her way to scrub the place because it was beyond repair. I of course being the perfectionist that I am, I sometimes had a little bit of a breakdown living there with the stains. But I did appreciate the fact that I had a place to live at all, and that this new set up was definitely helping us to save more money. I really missed the property next-door though. It went up for sale shortly after I had moved my things out. But I still had some pretty angel statues downstairs. I never did get the opportunity to retrieve them. Once they locked the place up to put it up on the market, the bank who had taken ownership of the property would not allow anybody to enter.

My personal spiritual alter ended up being put into a room that my father had cleaned up and painted, just for my work in the other rental property. He knew that I was very sensitive and a needed certain colors to boost my vibration. He didn’t want me to feel discouraged looking down at the floor and seeing a few stains here or there. He wanted me to be completely focused for the mission that I have been put on Earth to do as an angel. So he had taken one of the extra rooms and painted it a beautiful lavender color and since I didn’t sleep, I didn’t need a bed but we did put a sofa in there, just for me to sit and relax when should I need to. My kids sacrificed a little too, as they shared a bedroom. There were only three after all. The one for my work, the second for my parents and the third for my children to share.

By 2016, we had found a new home that had a split level that provided a place for me to live like having a separate home of of my own, and a place to work. My father decided to get the house for us, as it was taking forever for me to save up. I always gave a portion of my earnings to charity. I still do. However, I was grateful for the blessing and set up my altar right away. I wouldn’t be able to provide a place for any troubled people to sleep should they be in a bad place and need one, but if a very close friend wanted to visit, then that would be fine.

But my altar? I would take it down during visits. I have private spiritual thjngs that I add to it. While my life is in the public a lot, I still like to have my own sacred practices. I still haven’t even shown my closest friends my sacred methods or practices. That’s just the way that I am. I always believed that how spirit with me, is private between me and spirit. I will teach wisdom and do spiritual work for others in order for them to get answers using my own sacred abilities and gifts though.

And I am so very grateful for everything that God and spirit have done for me and others too. The spiritual altar shows gratitude but I have dedicated other bigger things to heaven too. Spiritual space should be exclusive for spirit. The room that I have devoted to the spirit, I don’t allow very specific things within that room since it is for spirit exclusively only. It’s sacred space. There is no cursing, no drinking, no arguing, no television, and especially no music other than what the Spirits enjoy. Not that anybody in my home really partake in any of that anyway, but when it comes to television and music yes my parents and my children do you watch and listen to some of the main stream stuff. That’s not allowed in the spirit through Minero. This way, that entire room is calm and serene should anybody need to come in and use it, to pray or just get away from it all. Spirit will wrap around them, fill them, as they live in the atmosphere. An altar?

I have a few of them. One of them is an altar for sacred Scriptures and writings, as well as journals full of experiences and spells. Then I have another which is devoted to my main deity, and then another one that is devoted to the spirit I will be working with mainly that week. Lastly, I sometimes have another smaller one set up for any other additional spirit helping me or clients, as they are entitled to have their own and not share one.I have made it a goal to at least share one of those each week. This way others can also connect with the spirit and learn about the spirit too. Last week we did an altar for Chamuel. This week Dionysus. However, I have been trying to do a more contemporary altar for worship, for my assisting spirit of the week. I do something a little more decorative instead. The other altars are traditional and unique.

Spiritual space is truly important for worship and also meditation. Spirit will help you through your meditation if you should offer them the right type of incense. Please join me each week on Facebook as I lead my groups through different altars and what to put on them, for spirit of the week. It helps to show the reverence and respect. In doing so, spirit is around you more strongly.

Lower Vibe Hazard

I know that I must not be the only one but it is not common to find too many of us.

Since childhood, I didn’t watch a lot of television or movies frequently. I saw a show that I liked before school, one show after homework… and that was it. Each year from ages 5 through 9, the shows changed but my time watching did not. It was always the half an hour educational program that had commercials in between that had it run an hour, and the same for the after school program. However, I have always explained to people even my parents that my vision was not like a lot of other people. I always saw multiples in images and the colors never seemed to match up with the ones that they were teaching us at school. The doctors could never figure out what was going on with my eyes. In fact they said I had a great vision. My mother told me to ask spirit since they always told me the truth of a lot of things anyway, and it had been proven to her so many times.

So I did, and they had said it was just because of my ability to see into the realms. That made a lot of sense to me as often and a lot of the static in lines that I could see, spirit would appear almost as if they were a person standing right in front of me. It was hard sometimes to tell the difference between the spirit world and the world of the living. It’s a little bit difficult to explain. But I started to learn what the colors were perceived as to other people, and mastered it throughout the years of my childhood. It still made it a little hard to watch television, because of the additional glow.

I noticed that due to the psychic sensitivity, it also made me sensitive to other wavelengths and frequencies. Already, as early as 5 years old I had noticed that there were times when there were certain television shows on that had resembled a similar type of wave length to when there were certain specific types of spirits that came into the room too. Sometimes the vibrations were so low that I would get very sick. So I cut out the television altogether and just read books. I have never been a follower, but it is a little difficult to live in a world that surrounds television, and not actually ever watch it. There were times throughout the years after, that I did try to watch a movie here in there because friends at school had recommended it, or they had been talking about all of the hype surrounding a new film that had debuted. I’m very grateful for my father though, because he seemed to always Keep a very close eye on me. He noticed that I did worse with television during the day, as I did worse with a lot of things during some long hours. Whenever I wanted to watch a movie really bad, he would end up putting it on a very specific time in the evening from that point forward. And it made a lot of difference. But I always felt nauseous after sitting in front of the television screen watching the movie, for more than an hour depending upon what movie it was.

As time has progressed, I stopped watching TV entirely. Once in a while I would watch a movie. In my Facebook group, we were doing theater Thursdays which were my idea. I was trying to introduce movies that give people an idea into things spiritual that I knew. I didn’t want to hog up all of the attention or seem as if I am dictating and not allowing others to suggest anything, so after a while I did recommend that others mention films that went along with our team creature for the week spiritually. Nevertheless, I had to stop. I just could not take week after week of sitting in front of the television because of how harmful it was for my health, spiritually and physically. Idea of it had been fine and I certainly loved doing a group activity. But I had not even listened to the radio for a very long time due to the frequencies. Many people will think that this is very over-the-top, but when you are psychically sensitive, any outside vibration is going to be felt and it is going to have an effect. I’ve always been very sensitive to the gravity here, upon many other energies naturally on earth, in addition to artificial ones. Now that time has gone by even more, I had to raise my vibration up once again. I was already where I wanted to be, but I did want to take it up a little because sometimes it has a tendency to drop because of the atmosphere and such. After doing so, I just kind of skyrocketed a little bit further than I had expected. I noticed how horribly sick I get even if a television is playing a few rooms away. It’s very difficult for me to sit on the computer which is why I don’t spend much time on social media anymore either. I do post so that I can keep in touch, but afterwards I don’t spend much time on it. I will check here in there throughout the day so that I can still communicate with my friends. But I don’t spend any more than maybe about 20 minutes a day on it. That is why it’s also hard for me to sometimes upload readings or even work on my course. It requires having to sit in front of the computer for sometime. I had limited that time by having my daughter work in the email box for me, but I still have other responsibilities. And now? It’s just becoming even more increasingly difficult.

Other things include, difficulty driving in areas that are heavily influenced by cell phone towers or electrical wires. I also cannot really be in a room with too many lights on. I now have to use battery operated lights or candles. I get very nauseous, my body starts to suffer in pain, and my shoulders start to tense up, my neck will be next… And then I have an excruciating migraine headache. I’ll start vomiting right away. And this happens to me in any one of those settings. Like I said in the beginning of this article, I am sure that I am not the only person. But many people are so adapted to watching television and being around electronics, that it doesn’t really phase them. It’s only for those that really have raised up their vibration, that they will notice how awful it is to really be around artificial intelligence. My newborn daughter… I don’t think anybody really realizes what a blessing she is to me. She makes me feel less alone due to her being the same. She has come here and her very first lifetime as a human. Everybody knows that she has been a mermaid before but human? No. She is a originally of angelic origin. I find that she gets highly agitated when she is around the same type of Settings. If someone has the television on in another room and she can hear it, it really starts to agitate her. She also doesn’t like when anyone is watching television in the same room. She will cry and cry until it is turned off. Are there more, if I have my phone in my hand just to post quickly on social media, if it takes me more than 10 minutes she will try to swat the phone out of my hand due to the way that the energy makes her feel. I can’t even have a telephone conversation for very long if I am holding her because of the symptoms that it causes. She starts to also feel a bit nauseous, and then will get a headache and cry for quite some time. To others they would not know exactly what was going on. They would probably try everything to console her and nothing would work. But she and I have a very deep telepathic connection to where she can just simply tell me. I even tried to host a video with her using my phone’s camera, and that didn’t last very long either. I only got a small clip and then had to redo the video on my own time. I think that it bothers her, more than it does me, because I have been here longer. But she is very serene and calm when it is peaceful and quiet, and I have the candles going with the battery operated fairy lights. She’s very pleasant and happy. She also seems to dislike daylight hours as well although we don’t leave the house very much anymore because of the affliction that it causes me when going outside. This is because of all of the cell phone towers and Crisscrossing lines of energy from people’s cell phones driving in the cars next to us. The radio waves are also quite intense. Putting a protective energy grid around the house, I found that it has helped a great deal, but I still have to limit the use of electronics.

So if you are reading this and have been feeling abnormally on well lately, it could very well be because of the same situation. Perhaps, growing in your spiritual journey and in your vibration too. All of the lower vibrational artificial energy, maybe starting to have an affect on you negatively. However, this can also happen if you are around a person with a terribly low vibration as well. Being around others who are on a totally different level than you are, will definitely have an effect. A specific symptom will be that that person just suddenly turns you off for no reason. This can happen vice versa too. It’s strange how people who are on totally different vibrations can just somehow create feelings of disgust. Not towards the person individually, but just the vibration around them. For an example I was around somebody that had extremely low vibration, who was extremely close minded as well. I was very happy to see them and enjoyed having their company for the first day. It was jovial and we were having such a wonderful good time. But the second day had come around and it had started like the day before, jovial and happy…but then just gradually I started to feel very uncomfortable around the person. I started getting the same symptoms that I get from electronics and negative spirits, but with the individual. You may experience that too. If so, you will experience the following symptoms:

1. Sudden nausea

2. Body pain that seems to burn

3. Tension to migraine headache

4. Restlessness

5. Sudden discomfort and agitation

6. Feeling like you have to quickly flee the area (or quickly get away from a specific person)

7. Feeling suffocated, as if you cannot breathe.

Those are the symptoms that I experience often when I am around electronics, areas filled with a lot of artificial intelligence, gravity that is too strong on certain days or at certain times, or around spirits and people who are very low in there vibration. Of course if that is happening with the person, you always want to be kind and explain that you are energetically sensitive. Let them know that it isn’t them personally, but you may need just a little bit of space. Some people will not understand and if that is the case, just tell them that you are going through a personal issue, and you just need a little bit of time to work through it. That should help. But never tell a person that they are of a low vibration that is hurting you, not unless they truly want to know and ask. I have had to tell a few people that their energy has hurt me. They seemed to understand as they have been learning with me a little bit here and there. But one of those people, had totally turned around and allowed their pride to get in the way and started to not care about how it affected me, but more so wanted to know more about why they were so low. But unfortunately a conversation like that takes soul auditing and time to try to show a person their behaviors and their perspectives etc. that cause the lower vibration. I ended up having to lecture the person through the issue rather than being able to just take a few minutes to rejuvenate myself. I am a selfless person so I did not mind, but it would have been nice if they could have allowed me a few minutes. You may also experience those types of symptoms when there is a lower vibrational entity around as well. I went through that most of my life too. There are also people that are just infested with parasitic attachments, generational spirits or negative thought forms that may not know it and you could pick up on it the same way.

Good luck and please be sure to take care of yourself! If you have symptoms like that, the best thing that you can do is just take a nice cool shower and cleanse with Himalayan sea salt. Turn off all of your electronics and ask anybody around you to just leave the room for a little meditation time. You may also want a protection grid on yourself or at least your home, so that you don’t have to absorb any harmful energies. For now, my daughter and I will stick with what’s safe and stay away. I have started her library of books for her. It’s a good thing she loves serenity.

Life: Hitting the reset button

I am just plain out tired of the way that life is for many people. In my career and observations, I see a lot of people who are unhappy. While I am very content with my own life because I have my own special needs being an Oracle, I still find that a lot of people desire change. And to be honest with you, I truly do want to participate in activities with others too, to make sure that everything stays balanced and healthy in my own life. Many people really do have wonderful goals, but many people in the world do not stick to them.

Many still struggle with the repetitive cycles of every day life. I watch people go through the same thing year after year. Helping many people in my life, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the transformation that others have gone through. I love everyone so much and to see their joy, brings me joy. I hurt when others hurt, and I rejoice when they rejoice. My greatest hope is to see everyone get to that place in themselves and in their lives, that they want and deserve to be. Motivation is a great thing to have. I don’t always have the time to make YouTube videos or edit them. This is why I am so happy to have these blogs as a resource of information for everyone. Keeping everybody up-to-date here at Spiritually Awkward, many of us can participate in a number of things together, while some of the other blogs are just for learning.

In my group on Facebook, I often invite some of the people in my inner circle to participate in monthly activities such as, diet and fitness, eliminating toxic people and fixing relationships, and things like getting rid of bad habits etc. I think it’s really a great form of motivation to get people to do it together. However, there are many people who are just too busy to actually keep up with things. That’s life. But you can change that. I know several people who were pretty successful in working through the activities that I had posted, but not everybody had to participate in them. It wasn’t mandatory, only optional. Still, I am sure that the people that didn’t participate, would have still really enjoyed some change in their lives, even if the change had been minor at the time.

Look, it’s a brand new year. I would like to see everybody have the very best year ahead. 2019 should be full of success, positivity, and happiness. Therefore, I’m inviting everybody to hit the reset button so to speak. Nope! Not that way! I know people have used that particular freeze in terms of ending their life to start over… But that is not what I’m talking about at all. I’m talking about actually living but starting completely over. I invite all of you to join us in the activities that will be throughout the year. If you have any ideas that you want to add to this transformation, please feel free to post them. Talk about your issues, vent out if you need to. We’re all here to support each other. But I’m talking in terms of rebirth. Getting to that next level and starting fresh, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically too. Imagine what your life could be like in just a few months if you are determined!

I’ll walk everyone through exercise, diet, emotional and psychological help, meditation etc.

Life Purpose… Continuing education?

If you had a life purpose reading with me, many of you experienced a life changing moment in hearing the results. Some, may have taken it lightly only to come to find later, out the importance of the result. However, for those of you who have decided to pursue whole heartedly your purpose, and it has a lot to do with a career as well… you may require having to go back to school and furthering your education. Many people often give up on the idea of chasing their dreams of a better reality through their life purpose, simply because of the hard work and time that goes into making it all come together.

In path work, you are going to have to take steps that will help you to get closer to your goal. For example, if your life purpose has to do with some thing surrounding astronomy while it also acts as a career purpose as well…then of course you cannot just jump into working at NASA in order to make greater changes in scientific discovery, without having any kind of education or background in that field. While that would be nice and rather easy, those just are not the regulations and requirements that this world places upon people who desire to become something successful in their life. And that pertains to almost everything! In order to create your reality, you do have to also manifest your dreams through taking action that manifests those dreams, into the physical world. Going back to school maybe one of the actions that is required for to take in order for you to do that.

Part of the hard work that scares most people away from their purpose, has a lot to do with having to go back to school. That is because they will have to put a lot of money into their education, and they may not have much financial means to work with. Instead of getting creative through their higher self, they would rather give up because it is the easier thing to do. They tend to feel hopeless and like there is no possibility and ever becoming but they are meant to become, ever at all. That is not true. There are many ways that you can go back to school for free. However, it may require some additional steps. But so what? Just think in the few years that you will use in order to get somewhere, you would’ve probably been stuck doing the same thing over and over again instead. As time flies by, and it will… You will look back and say; “My goodness, I had not done this, I would still be where I was before”. And that state of living, may have been unhappy for you. So with time going by fast and doing what you have to do to get by, success is right around the corner. Just imagine that you spend an entire life going down the wrong direction. What’s a few years going in the right direction instead? Here are some of the ways that you can go back to school for free.

Free College?!

The military

In order to go back to school for free, you could always consider joining the military. Enlisting, can teach you a great deal alone by itself. When you enter into a branch of the military, they will teach you trades there. Some of them have computer technology to learn from, while others can teach you skills that could help you get into perhaps becoming a police officer later, if that is your purpose. I’ve come across a few people that had a life purpose of getting involved in the police academy. This was so that they could be the type of police officer later that would be sympathetic to the criminals knowing just the right thing to say, to drop seeds into their mind and heart, that could come back to them later in life. Those words could help them to change. When people commit crimes or make mistakes, it is usually because it is a terrible time in their life where they feel there is no other way. For the most part, that is. Some, just like getting into trouble. Still, those who really don’t want to continue down that destructive path, always remember the people that were nicest to them when they were on it. They remember the people that still saw them as people and not as monsters. They remember the people that were not partial, treating them like scum of the earth just because they were caught up in making some pretty crucial mistakes. It really does help people sometimes make a total turnaround.

In the military, you could learn how to become a pilot in the Air Force, and maybe fly planes for a living. This would ensure that you get people safely to their destinations, like a guardian and a protector. They also teach you a lot of fitness. You could eventually teach people how to take better care of their bodies and become strong. The body is just as important as the soul, while you are here.

If you don’t want to do any of those things, the best outcome of having served the country in someway, is that they do offer some benefits and they will pay for your college tuition. You may not even have to actually fight in a war. Signing up and going through basic training, and then following wherever they need you to go over the next period of time that you signed up for… will still make you eligible for help in college.


Sometimes, becoming an apprentice is also a good option to get help in going to college. It can also help you, to already have experience enough that you can get a guaranteed position after college is over too. It’s sort of like being an intern in order to gain your college tuition. This in turn later, helps you find a job as well.


Sometimes, if you are in a field that is in high demand, you can find a school who may offer incentives for those focusing their studies in those very high demand pursuits. A lot of the fields that are high in demand or math, science, nursing, teaching and social work. There are a lot of programs at universities who can offer scholarships covering almost up to 80% of your final two years of study, if you can sign a three-year employment contract with a facility that will ensure a job for you under the agreement that you will continue to work for them for that three-year duration. There are other programs that are similar that you can find. You may have to get a little motivated here and dig around. You can also ask your local colleges, if they have any kind of financial aid programs that can help you to attend.

Good grades

Sometimes if you promise that you can study extra hard and continued a steady GPA, schools may offer help according to that. You may have to talk to the dean of the school in order for you to find help this way. It is not impossible, and I have helped a couple of people to actually get into college that way. But you have to be certain that you can perform the way that you will promise to. Otherwise, they will not help pay for any longer. I had a client who was getting free college tuition that way. I had called the school with him on three-way. We had told the Dean, that he was a highly intelligent individual who wanted to be productive in society rather than waste away his intelligence, in a mediocre life, struggling. He promised the dean that he would maintain a 3.0 GPA steady throughout his college studies. And, he did for a while. After his third year, he started to slip up a bit, getting influenced by the partying side of college life.As soon as his grades slipped, they called him into the office and that was it. He was no longer able to attend without paying for it himself.

Work for your education

There are also times that you can offer to work off your college tuition. It’s a great option especially for people that already have some job experience to offer. Perhaps maybe you have already gotten some education in the field of becoming a teacher, but want to expand? Then you can offer becoming a substitute teacher or teachers assistant at the college. If you have already worked in handyman repairs in any area of that field, you could perhaps work with the maintenance department. You could even work in the store, the library, or the cafeteria. Offering to work off your college tuition, sounds a little extreme. But it can help. And nobody actually has a know that that is what you were doing. You could just say that you took a part-time job on the side, while attending school.


Now this is a bit of a big jump to take here, but you could also try to find a sponsor. Sponsor means that you will find somebody who is willing to help you pay for your schooling. This could be a relative, a friend who may be a little better off financially, or even a facility. There may be a place in you were town, that offers sponsorship to people with a worthy cause. Sometimes there are facilities that hand out a free college tuition each year. It would surprise you that there are all different types of businesses that do this. You have to research.

Charity Drives

There is nothing at all wrong with asking for help, to better yourself in life. As you better your self, whatever you become, will help other people in someway. Whether you will teach them, or attend to them medically while they are suffering or ill… Or perhaps you will help uphold the justice in an area that may need it more so than others. Or maybe, you will help rush people to the hospital in times of great danger and emergency. It could be that maybe you will help the animals in your area through becoming a veterinarian or animal rescue. Whatever the job title may be, it’s a wonderful purpose to pursue. If you can pitch this to somebody who has a heart and wants to see you do better, you may be able to get some people together who are willing to donate to your cause and help you get somewhere in life.

Updates 2018/19

Divine blessings of white light. I apologize for being absent. I have not been so inter-active socially lately, except I had a few posts here and there on my Instagram. In truth, something spectacular has been going on. Indeed, it’s been an interesting year. Let me explain…

After having had the censorship, the stalking, and a few betrayals, the yin and yang of this world makes plenty of room for sacred blessings to come upon me for the suffering that I have endured. As well as for my endless service to others. If anybody knows anything really about the life of an ascended Master, it is quite important for us to often go into long periods of isolation when it is time for us to level up. The last time that I had ascended was two years ago. Already, I was at a wonderful level at that time. I brought most of the use of my consciousness here as a child although not all of it. That was something that I would download more of throughout my life.Having reaches it, I had to go through three different obstacles in my life to prove worthiness of gaining my divine titles. I gradually started to grow into the last title, of what was promised to me upon completing my mission. As Angels, we get three titles in our upgrades after completing the steps needed in each upgrade phase itself and passing huge trials. If we come here ascended already, it’s all just a matter of having to grow in order to maintain our connection and vibration. Then, tasks are given to earn higher if it’s grand destiny. Since I was small, I had been consistently trying to maintain and, not to become a part of the world even when the world tried to convert me. The material has nothing to offer, but it is true love in others, that I seek. Wisdom, I have. But true love in the mortal world…that’s been a treasure hard to find. Nevertheless , I could have gone home 2 years ago but saw things that I could still experience or volunteer to do, people that struggled and needed me still, and that I could find the love that I searched for in a new child that I could come to have in the future if I stayed. Therefore, I asked for more time here. In the process of waiting to accomplish my new volunteered objectives, and waiting for that new soul to be born to me, there were moments that I had re-asked myself if I had made the right choice for myself, of staying longer. In fact, I had rethought over quite a few things.

I had asked myself if I should have tried to be so down to earth after all, like other people? In order to be more approachable? And, also so that people would not see the perfectionist quality of an angelic coming through, that may have chased them away? We are so innocent and virtuous, quiet and so full of wisdom that sometimes when we speak it seems so stern, because it is always in authority and honest truth. I had tried to be silly, have fun with others, and even at times have a little more of a normal personality like other people that I had seen around me while I was growing up. I had seen that they were very popular because of their charismatic way and I really opened up to letting some earthly humor come out. But I found that it just really wasn’t me. I just simply wanted others to feel as though I was not so stiff to approach after all. It was said so many times, that I was thought of to be a strict teacher. I just didn’t want people to continue to think that. In fact, I am so very loving, passive, and positive. But when it comes to the heavens and my insight? Yes, I am very protective in that nature because there are so many people out there that take those things for granted and abuse it. Spirit is not something to abuse. I have seen so many other so-called readers throughout time, lack respect. If they were true, then they would know to show the respect to spirit after all and be honest to others due to consequences in the after life for Spiritually misguiding. But many did not. It really had hurt my heart. I have always respected the path of being an Oracle. But I did want to be a little more fun loving.

So while still respecting the heavens and being my normal loving Self, I tried to add more of an “every day average person” character to who I am rather than continue to be the ethereal soul that I really am. Sadly,it just did not work. I’m me. Quiet, loving, and serious Alura. I also had to re-think about how many times I had been treated outside of who I am. I don’t care about material things and strive to help others with what I earn. I don’t really buy things for myself. I don’t care about namebrand things, and I don’t care about a price tag. I’m not about the fancy things in this life, but rather the natural. Although, I do admit that I do like make up sometimes because it enhances beauty. But I want people to really know me. I also had one or two people in my life that I had brought very close to me, who had not respected my needs as an angelic either. I had lost friends due to periods of isolation for trance and meditation. And I also have had people who even got distant because of it. I felt in my heart that they should have known who I was before they befriended me, in order to understand. There are just so many different things that I could name that went through my mind. But most of all it was really surrounding around how I really wish that I could be accepted for who I really am here and be treated that way. I am a wise, silent, peaceful, soul who needs a lot of protection from the outside world and a lot of understanding in regards to specialties that I need in my life in order to be comfortable here. I am not a normal person and that is it. But I also came to think about the many people who had reached out to me over the years, who later came back to tell me how much I had help them to change. That’s what matters to me in life.

When pondering things over, I thought of how I always called everybody in the world a “friend”, and I think I misplaced that term sometimes. I had to ponder over this year, where that term actually really applied. I truly only ever wanted everybody to feel as though they had somebody to love them. And I truly do love everybody. You can ask anybody closest to me, and they will tell you how much I talk about everybody that I come across, and how much I come to love them. Even within seconds of meeting them. I’m not afraid to say it, because I am not embarrassed by my angelic, loving nature. Some would say that I am weird or that I’m just a fool. I don’t think so. I’m glad to have shown love and extended the opportunity of friendship too many. However, I saw that some were still learning what the definition of a friend really is, and I did get my feelings hurt along the way. Was it worth it? I would say so. Even if they were not ready for a true friend at the time, at least they will be able to recognize what one looks like in the future, when they do meet somebody else.

I also had to rethink whether I had given out too much information over time. I wanted to teach everybody so many things, but I found that sometimes I had only been adopted as a friend because others had seen just how loving I am and used my nature to get close to me in order to find my most deepest sacred secrets. Some didn’t even realize that my teachings have hidden lessons under each lesson and it’s all in code. The extent my wisdom, I’m not a fool to hand it away, and I teach for those who are ready to see the mysteries underneath. I even had been reminded of very hurtful competitive souls that came up against me. People also who lied too. I just simply can’t understand that type of behavior, because it is not in me. So I don’t see the way that it works within others. I had to go a little deeper, in order to understand it.

But most of all, when it came to thinking about all of the wonderful people that I have met, that was something that I definitely saw was such a great gift to me during this life. To meet many wonderful people who were all different, has been amazing. So while there were pros and cons during contemplation… I was happy with my choice and I felt confident within myself that I had made the right decision to stay longer. Especially, after my baby was born. She will go on to do a mission greater than my own. And I get to be the one who teaches her, and help her to use what she has brought.

While this year I have been gradually ascending, I have finished the rest off just recently. Already I have not lived a very worldly based life, but I tried to keep a down to earth personality. Nevertheless I think many will find that I have changed, for it is hard to be “down to earth”1 when one’s consciousness is not earthly at all.

So this was my gift from the heavens for all that I have devoted my time, wisdom, love and insight as well as for my devotion to the lords and others on Earth. As many know, I was also gifted with a brand new child to spend my life, with since it has been a lonely one as an Oracle and master here. I do apologize for my absence lately. I definitely have missed everyone, but all the whole I had been ensuring that everybody had been protected. Throughout the years that I remain here, (as long as they allow me to since my soul contract has been exceeded), I will have moments of isolation as some of you may have noticed already. These are needed times of extreme transformation, as well as downloads of all knowing heavenly knowledge, and lots of time out of body to spend with my heavenly family. I did not want to talk about what level I am at, as I am not egotistical as to parade it about. I only wrote this article merely to explain why I have not been participating. Throughout moments of my isolation, I have broken it in order to work with others in their services but immediately after returning back into my deeply meditative state. It has been most enjoyable having my new angelic daughter here with me, as she has been one of my newest students. However, yes… This morning was the last and final phase of my ascension which took. Over 30 day period.

I hope to provide a great deal more of wisdom to others in the future, This year with the changes in me, there will also be changes in my work too, in regards to my light work. I am back onboard with emails myself so that others can communicate with me. This includes fan messages, and consultations. I will have help though, so please don’t be confused should you see a that new assistant also replies at times. Readings and services will go back to a 2-3 day delivery time and some even “same day” at We do have a ton of new people coming in since our reach has grown, but with a higher vibe, I am able to manage all of that much better, and doing so all the while that I had been rearranging my team as well.

My Heaven & Hell course has two lessons left, including the topics mentioned combined, from the lesson layout on the website. Absolution is on its way. Again, everyone is required to start during the same week and this course is for my students who are getting beyond “adept” degree into mastery. No exceptions. Having been a student in both the Illumination/Lightology Course in conjunction to the Heaven & Hell, course, are required to enroll.

I will also be offering phone sessions too, after the New Year. The Spiritually Awkward Series postponement is also ending around that time too. I had intended on loading episodes weekly, but due to having had a baby I had to put it on pause. We had another episode and were ready to upload it a week ago, but it needed to undergo some additional editing. We’re thinking of debuting the new approach to the series, after the new year…. in addition to all of the wonderful changes. Like touring and LIVE lectures. I’m excited and hope you are too!

I love you all so very much and please take care of yourselves and one another. I’ll be available again, more so after the holiday. I’ll be around though, in case anyone happens to need me.

Origins of Halloween 🎃

Grianstad, our one month of Autumn Spiritual festivities, includes Halloween and Samhain. And yes, they are different. Every year many dress up for the sake of goodies And having a good time. And in reality it really can be a blast if you are really taking part in the festivities and getting into it. But where it is Halloween actually come from? It’s actually a combination of a few different things mixed together but since my family has very deep roots in our ancestry throughout Ireland I can give you a little background information in regards to where Halloween originated from to our people.

Halloween is known actually because it is a day where the Veil was thinnest to where spirits could cross over for a short period of time on that particular day, to visit. They could check on old loved ones, sort out any unfinished business, and even just get a small look into the life that they had left behind. But where there is good, there is also bad. So on Halloween when the spiritual veil would open, it would also let in demonic spirits too. They would often harass and taunt the people. Therefore, costumes came from,when some of the Celts wore ghoulish costumes so that the spirits would mistaken them for one of their own, and leave them alone. Others offered gifts of herbs, baked goods, oils etc… to the spirits to appease them. In medieval times, the Catholics took on the local traditions and had their people go from house to house wearing costumes and requesting small donations. Later, kids started using the costumes to demand treats or replace their visit with a trick or prank if a treat was not administered. That is where the phrase trick or treat came from, because the children started to give the homeowner a choice as to whether they would give them a treat or get the trick instead. So now we have the custom of giving candy out every Halloween. But that is not what Halloween was truly meant to represent. Halloween was meant to pay your respects to those who had died, add birthday or anniversary of sorts, for those that you’ve lost, and with a good psychic, Oracle or medium… You could even speak with them. Perhaps, with the veil being so thin, they may even be able to provide you with a small sign themselves, that they are there. What will you be this year, for your costume? Be creative and have fun!

I have access into all spiritual planes and around at all times. But if you want to make contact with him Angels, guardians, spirit guides, or someone deceased for the spirit of Halloween, please contact us through our main website. Alura’s Spiritual Services.

Spiritual Image…

I am a natural blonde. As everyone knows, I just recently had a baby. Her father is of Hispanic background and has dark hair. My newborn has red hair. It isn’t extremely red, but of a strawberry color. We don’t have red hair on either side of my family, so where did it come from?

Her spiritual image. My soul mother is archangel Ariel. She has red hair when she appears in human form. I also have a copper colored hair in my spirit body image. Since my newborn was created by my consciousness in heaven long ago before I came here she to develop the reddish hair colored. Since I lived in heaven for a very long time but eventually came to earth, my spiritual mother/creator, has been taking care of the soul for me until it was time for her to come here and finish my work in my last lifetime on earth.

It was a really wonderful opportunity to be able to work with the consciousness of her soul before she came for her incarnation because I was able to really work out some details for her soul in how she wanted to look and different things that she wanted for her lifestyle. Upon me coming here, we all got to pick up something or the other about what we were going to look like and experience. However I was not really supposed to be born to the parents that I have. I have had all kinds of obstacles blocking me from coming here to for fill my mission. And even when I finally got here, I have faced many obstacles throughout my life even in childhood up until now, try to block me.

My original chosen earthly mother was a red haired woman who came from a long line of mysticism. She had the same ancestors as my current earth mom does, And the father I would’ve had with her, we have also linked back to the same ancestors that my current earthly father has as well. Nevertheless, I was supposed to be born in the sign of Leo. But before I could even get conceived, she died. It was a certain car accident claim her life and prevented me from coming into the world when I was supposed to. I still had a mission to the field so I had to find earthly parents I had the same bloodlines. They also had to be in the same state because I was meant start my work here because of New Jersey is dense environment. Therefore, I found the two parents that I have now. Only my mother was not really all that mystical although her father and her sister had a lot of background in it. I also was born with blond hair instead of the red but similar features since these parents had a long oval faces and one with blue eyes, just like my first choices. They still never felt like I belonged. My original birthday for these early parents was even messed up because I was meant to be born under the sign of Aquarius for my mission since I could not be born under Leo with my original choice for her mother. Aquarius would have represented the energy that I was hoping to leave foundation for, but only in truth. But instead the powers that be have me born under the sign of Saturn which was related to my soul father. This was his way of saying new matter what I do, he will always have his eye on me and always create obstacles as I try to illuminate minds of others to the truth that he has been hiding for so long.

My eldest daughter Amber is not born of my consciousness, my son Noah is just a small little fraction of it. But he has a new were sold in creation overall. My newborn is a complete creation of mine, and her soul is very ancient. While she is not older than me, she has been in heaven a lot longer than I have. Therefore she would know a lot more things being able to witness it from that point of view. We got to go over so many different details of what she wanted her life to be like and things that she saw that I did not get accommodated with, she has asked to be accommodated for herself. I know a lot of people think I’m making such a big deal out of her but if you got reunited with your own daughters soul, that you haven’t seen in so very long, you would probably see it as a bittersweet moment to hang onto as well. My whole entire family realizes this and is treating her like a little princess too. But yes that is where her red hair comes from. Had nothing to do with the genetic DNA but rather the spiritual DNA. That’s pretty interesting how that works and that she resembles more of my spiritual family and my earthly one.

Did you know… by fully and successly activating your spiritual DNA you can manifest some of your higher self image, abilities and memory? It’s an awesome thing to be yourself again.

New Predictions

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury. The world moves its tilt on its axis, the Star Polaris effects Earth.

There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much bigger way later on.

Race and ethnicity will become a civil battle.

More and more, violence will increase, and especially against children and committed by children themselves too.

~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

New prediction

And the principalities of waters and air, will effect the North American continent in a U-shaped traveling about, unleashing their fury. The world moves its tilt on its axis, the Star Polaris effects Earth.

There will be a massive death, and an experiment with the use of martial law that will come to be used in a much better way later on.

~Metatron and Alura (Alariel)

An angel above, below and in between…

Angels are made in the state of non-duality or they are made in one extreme to the other. However, when we get to a state of non-duality, we have all knowing wisdom in both sides that we can choose one or the other, or stay in the state of non-duality itself. The point, that I am trying to make is this: Obviously, even though we have knowledge in either side we’re beyond both. It was the Humans here on planet earth that took the knowledge that was offered to them and corrupted it. I wonder sometimes how I’m supposed to feel about that? Especially, when I see humans still doing it. It’s like you try to help so many people and you give so much love, and from heaven it wouldn’t really matter how a person reacted as long as the love and acceptance had been given by those of us sent to give it. But being on earth and exercising some human emotion, I can say that I totally am fed up with the way that humans can be. I am nothing like anybody here. I’ve never been jealous, or competitive. I’ve never used wisdom to hurt anybody but instead to help them. I’ve never gotten angry except maybe a little frustrated at times. I’ve never set out to deliberately hurt or deceive anyone. I would never dream of hurting anyone. I also have never in my life used anybody, manipulated anyone or thought to abandon anyone either.

I never do anything for my own ends or means. I have never been selfish, and I have never cheated anyone out of anything. I’ve never taken credit for something that wasn’t mine, I’ve never presented myself under false terms or character. And I have only ever exercised the virtues and lived selflessly. But seeing how the heavens view the earth and the people on it, and seeing how hurtful it all really truly is down here on earth, I can actually say that I totally understand why some of the angels who came here and took over the rulership of Earth didn’t want humans to grow any longer. They only use wisdom for themselves in a corrupt manner, never to help anyone. In order to ascend the earth, people have to ascend themselves and others. But all I ever see are people working just for them selves.

No, the powers here make people live selfishly, egotistically, and slaves to the system of commercialism and social conditioning. And people just buy right into it. There’s no respect for heaven nor wisdom, nor any of the true messengers that come here. Just abuse of it. So looking at it from the earths ruling hierarchy’s perspective, now I can totally understand the use of the symbol. There is no belief in the unseen and men only believe in what they can build with their own hands and see in front of them… And that is what will doom the earth and everything in it. How can we Angels/masters keep helping, if nobody cares? Why should we? And then everybody cries out wondering why God doesn’t intervene? Obviously humans think that they have this thing called free will so how can God change something that humans don’t want to be changed? They may say that they do, but do their actions speak of that desire? No. I majority of their thoughts, and actions lead to the truth that it seems that everybody is content with the way that things are here or they would put more effort into trying to transcend. And that’s why it was said that when it’s time, the heavens will close the door and say that they never knew anyone,As most people at that time will cry out that they want to change and that they tried to be good, but have and will have seen all things internally and externally about them just as I do.

One Armed Woman-Angelic Bonds

I have actually lived my life multitasking for a very long time. In fact, there were times that I had been texting someone and they would suddenly look at my social media and all of a sudden in the middle of texting there would be a whole new post by me, while at the same time working on a reading, trying to get through some of the mail, and one of my blogs open for writing. Yes LOL! But now I have to learn how to do everything with just one arm! No this is not a new form of ascension LOL… This is called motherhood.

So me and my new baby girl are very close. We have everything in the world in common. We’re both sitting there reading into people the same exact way, with similar expressions on our faces. We have the same spiritual believes and truly enjoy doing the same things. Some people would say “hey she’s a baby, she’s gonna like doing anything you like to do because that’s really all that she knows”. That’s not necessarily true. There are babies who cry when they’re not comfortable or happy. Some babies like to be put in a swing or a rocker, some like to be put in a vibrating bed, some like to stare up at their mobile’s. But not my baby. We can actually read together, we go everywhere together, and she never gives me a fuss. Nevertheless there are a lot of things that I have to keep up with my day. While it has been a little harder to have a personal life, I’m still moving right along with my work. My baby will let me carry her all throughout the day, while she listens to my readings. When I am writing my blog, I am holding her in my one arm while typing with the other hand, reading to her out loud new messages that I have channeled although she has already heard them live, or reading to her the new thoughts or material I am putting on the site. I also find that it has been pretty difficult to put her down. She likes me to carry her every single place that I go. And if I’m not carrying her I have her in a sling draped across the front of me close to my heart. If I even dreamed to put this baby down for five minutes, she is kicking in screaming for her mommy. She loves hanging out with us and having girl time, and she loves when her big brother will hold her, but she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her siblings at all. She will Atmos give them five minutes each. She doesn’t even really want to spend time with her grandparents unless they are feeding her, and she can eat a lot. But other than that, she is always with me. I can’t even get her to sleep by herself which I know, many people will say it’s not good to have your infant sleep with you. But I have tried believe me, they put her down in her crib but it is a no go. Therefore, she has to sleep on the side of me or on my chest, as I am turned a little to the side where the back of the couches so she doesn’t roll off and get hurt. Today we were listening to some meditation music, one that she liked in particular during my pregnancy. She would kick in my belly as if she were dancing to it. But now we are experimenting with several different kinds, and even had a slight out of body experience together. She had made some psychic connections with people in my group too. She really found that she loved everybody like a family because they are all people that I especially love.

During my pregnancy she had telepathically connected with quite a few people. Knowing that I thought of them each day through her own telepathic connection with me, she also connected with them. However since she’s been here I think she’s cut off her telepathy with others, bonding with me through our angelic connection. The Angelic connection is quite a thing. We don’t really have to talk, we just gaze into one another’s eyes and everything is there. Everything we hoped to say, how we feel, what were thinking about others, hopes and dreams for the future, visions of future prophecies. She is extremely sensitive to energy though, I can tell you that. Because of that, any little negative vibration in the air, really sets her off. She will cry and get very uncomfortable. I feel like I have to shield her in a bubble of protection all day long, just to keep her safe. It was something else to do because we had discovered that people were sending us some bad vibes throughout my pregnancy which was astonishing enough to me, that anyone would do so too and I’m boring child. Some of it was unintentional Of course, just having some negative thoughts about things that reached us, but with other energies out in the airways, the baby picks up on them and Certainly let everyone know that she does. The angelic bond is a very strong one and I know that she will take on my work later on in life, I’m not trying to make her into another me. But she is a product of my soul and she does resemble me in so many ways. It’s so strong that there’s so much separation anxiety even in a couple of minutes of being a part. I just can’t wait for everybody to meet this little angel. God bless everybody out there with children because they truly are a blessing. There are so many women out there like myself, who wanted babies and couldn’t have one. And now I have someone actually makes me feel complete in life. I thought I was going to find that in a relationship, but actually found it in my own child, my best friend for the rest of her life.

I’m gonna start documenting some things in regards to things we experience psychically, for other people who have psychic children as well, and also for mothers who want to raise her children spiritually. If you are interested please follow this blog and Show some support. Nevertheless, I did get her some things that were like things that I had when I was growing up, such as the same little by little my father used to read to me, and a little teddy bear that I had when I was a baby. I still have it but it is in such horrible condition from all the wear and tear over the last 35 years of my life that I had to go and get her a new one. It was really sentimental to me to pass this bear down because it was my only friend for about 12 years of my life growing up. I wanted her to have that too even though she’ll always have me anyhow. This bear was very rare though, hard to find, and they were only a certain amount that were made during the 80s. I almost died when I was two years old amongst many near death experiences that I’ve had. My mother bought me this bear keep me company while they tried to save my life at the hospital. I kept it with me ever cents and it has gone through so much with me. Looking for it online I finally found somebody that had one. Boy was it a treasure hunt LOL

I still got it for her nevertheless. I’m grateful I was able to find it. Here’s a picture of my childhood bear next to the new one that I bought for her. You can tell mine is so old because my mother watched it so many times it’s fur is not furry anymore and he is missing an eye. I just want my daughter to feel like she is special, that way she can always know that she is not like other people. She even has a very otherworldly appearance to her. You can tell by her eyes that she has that angelic look. I haven’t posted too much about her because I don’t want people getting the wrong idea that I am trying to promote her anything because I’m not. Just trying to share a happy time in my life. A majority of the things that a post about my teachings in my work and not about my personal life. But this just so happen to be one of the greatest minutes in my life ever in addition to having my other two kids.

So unfortunately not only do I have to multitask, I now have to learn how to do it with one arm because I have my little buddy here. But it’s no problem at all. I’m sure anyone of you would do the same for someone that you loved so very much and so very dear. I am now not only Angel Alura, also the one armed woman! Lol!

Life Talk- Toxic People


Spiritually Awkward Group- Facebook

For the exercise in the challenge that we are doing on Facebook, we have to work on eliminating toxic people from our life. I know that a lot of people find this to be a difficult task, because many have emotional attachments to most of the people that they have in their life.

I don’t have a great deal of toxic people around me but I do have a few. And I really had to look into who I was meant to keep and help, versus the people that I just really love the lot. So I grew up with a person that I really loved with all of my heart. They were like a sister to me and we had really gone through a lot of things in childhood together. Sometimes one of the hardest parts of letting someone go, are the memories that you shared that have brought you together in the first place. However, while growing up people part ways for a little while to kind of do their own thing. During those times people change. Sometimes they change so much they are not recognizable anymore. This individual, there were a lot of things that really had hurt my feelings. I want to have done a lot for them, even during times of their financial crisis, having loan the money. I never really wanted any of it back. But if I had needed a favor here or there, even something small, I would have been nice if the person would have openly offered or not even turned me down when I asked. I had tried to be there for the person’s children too. But whenever I had done something nice like having taken them shopping, I was called and chastised for it. Over time, her children would want to spend the weekend over, and if it wasn’t during a time that she needed a sitter, she would say no. If she needed a sitter she would call to ask if they could come. Her kids when they did come, didn’t want to leave. They didn’t get a lot of attention at home, there was drinking there, arguing, and their parents used extra money for drinking rather than taking them out somewhere. When they would go home after a weekend at my house, they would complain to their mom how they hated being at home, and how my kids were treated better. I got blamed and the visits slowed down. My own daughter even got blamed over the one girl being suicidal, which my daughter had tried to help Talk her out of it. Blame was placed everywhere but on themselves.

The person made me feel not good enough. They didn’t appreciate me and they would put up an insulting post about me, that was so obviously a rant putting me down for being more of a hippie type parent. I never said anything about their parenting? It was ridiculous, and then to act like I was stupid, when I confronted them for the posts, almost as if I would not of known they were about me? I even tried to stay friends with him, inviting and then places but they always turned me down. But yet, I was still getting up for them to come to, when they needed something. After a while they stop asking for things directly and instead just kind of slipped it in there, what they were struggling with and how they had to seek out help. I’m thinking: “I know you’re mentioning this because you want my help”. LOL

I had had enough after lengthy period of time of coping with that treatment. Just to give everyone some insight as to how to do them in the toxic people from your life, that you still love, the best thing to do is to just gradually start distancing yourself from them. This means, not take as many phone calls anymore, eventually not returning the text messages. But first you will want to just respond back but shortly. And then overtime, start tapering off with your communications. Me and the individual have not spoken since August and to be honest with you, I feel much better knowing that I have people around me that really do love me, rather than having people around me that just love me for what I could do for them, and then criticize me later their insecurities. Wish them well in life but I did exactly what I just advise all of you to do, I tapered off my communication with them starting with short messages then short messages spread out, then no messages at all. Of course they try to reach out to find out why, but obviously I’ve talk to this person a couple of times about how I felt in the past, and nothing had ever change so there’s no use and having the same conversation again right? You don’t have to keep explaining yourself to allow the person to keep validating their rude behavior.