For many who are beginning their spiritual journey, there is a common question that comes up for them. What is ascension?

For starters, there is more than a simple definition to what ascension is. The only way to explain it, is to break down into three things things. A path, change, and growth. Though, those words are too simple to fully define what true ascension really is. It’s a start though.

True ascension is a path that one walks which with the right applications and teachings, the person can finally reach a few states of higher growth that are called awakenings. At a certain point in the path of ascension, it should lead the person toward surrendering of their ego totally,  to finally release their consciousness from the illusion of this reality and all that is a part of it. So, while it does seem like something new is happening all around you, it is only due to your perception of what is going on within. While you are on the path, you are also surrendering yourselves to the higher frequencies of Light and changing your vibrational frequency. The wisdom on how to, has been there all along, in ancient teachings, but they used hidden symbolism to mask it, as the powers that be control this realm or better yet…matrix . Still, not all of the truth is available either. I will get into the matrix later. However, now is the time to understand what ascension is all about, and what truly happens. The process of transitioning your consciousness into a higher level of Light, is a long one. If not born that way already, (it is possible to be born this way, I am proof) it can takes a whole lifetime, for some. Many hear about it, study it, and expect to follow a guru to achieve it. Some teachers lead people to believe that it will suddenly happen. There are too many falsehoods out there first of all. Let me explain the truth to you, so you can be successful.  

We are not full of illusion to matter one day, and then in total enlightenment of pure Light the next. Our energy fields re-align to Light gradually, or else we would experience electrical burn out, or a glitch. It’s called “over programming”. That is what happened in the beginning. The souls who made up the collective in the beginning, came to make up this atmosphere. The collective was made of  “higher selves” of all types, mainly made of extreme advanced vibration. But it was eventually left to beings who were 5D in vibration and up. The collective should had been made of all female matriarch energy. Intuitive, compassionate, loving and nurturing energy, that all of them together, came to be mother earth. However, masculine souls entered the reality and began to dominate. Mixing their DNA resulted in there being too much advanced energy, it was like plugging too many cords in an outlet. This is all metaphorical of course. Baby souls that were created here of the mixed DNA were called Hybrids, and eventually graduated to what they believed to be “free will”.

Their power surged and raised the natural power of Earth, but then it short circuited. Those baby souls, grew to an advanced state, but it burned out the natural grid of earth, and that energy became a virus to the pure souls originally in the earth’s original matrix, or grid. They overpowered the grid (light network), and overlapped it with a disharmonic masculine energy, burning out the matriarch program. It was then all about control, and domination. The projected particles of light, from the other higher selves, and they became stuck here, their memory wiped from the dense energy that was  now making up the false patriarch program, and out of touch with the higher self. That was known as the flood. Evil beings caused the over-surge The DNA aligned to the environment, and as time went by, the heavenly beliefs became about a male God, with a male son, and male angels. Female energy was excluded. That is how we got this world like it is today.

We know that in creation, Source divided itself into two energies to experience creation in. A softer perception (female), and a stronger logical perception (male). The original beings ruling this matrix, taught that to the people. But, the new entities, now threatened people here to be in the dark, and believe the lie, to believe that life was only on earth, that time existed, and our creator was male only, so everyone should submit to male energy. They even enforced left brained activation, right brain deactivation, to make it so. Now, everyone wants to be normal again, and to be free from this mess. However, they have the wrong idea about how to. That is because many of the so-called self proclaimed awakened individuals, are reteaching the old stuff, with new names only, and not explaining the real truth behind the hidden teachings. They expose it, as they see it, and not for what it really was, before it was masked. How can they teach something, so distorted long ago, and never revealed again? They can’t. The people, even ones who have wisdom, are programmed to this earth and its levels of wisdom.


Other angels besides myself came here, Yeshua, also known as Jesus. Yeshua was the real body of Christ, who was the Angel Emmanuel or also known as Michael, came to earth to try to reinstate the truth. He taught to “submit and surrender”, but many did not know, and still do not, what that meant. He wasn’t asking for people to submit and surrender to him. No. It was to something else. He said treat others as you want to be treated, yet people thought that it meant merely to be considerate. It meant more than just that. He showed how to go inward. And, during his meditations he showed the power of the word (vibration) as he prayed. He also taught people to be “childlike” again and to forget what they knew already, to be “re-taught”. This was to be taught something that humans did not know already. Fact, truth, reality, other than what man has infiltrated, as he said “man dominates man, to his injury”. He not only meant that man harmfully  dominates one another physically but he also meant that man does so to one another spiritually too.  “They struggle not with flesh, but with the powers and principalities”. Those are the true powers of this world behind the scenes and within every human due to being “programmed” throughout time, passed on through the generations in their DNA, and newly influenced by new things in their own time as well. He knew how the powers get into the consciousness, and direct it to their will..

When I knew him in heaven, he showed me that the entire crystalline structure of matter  was deactivated to 3rd level during the “flood”, to trap souls here, enslaving everyone to deception. This was to use everyone as a money exchange, and other means. It was also to use the dense energy of the disconnected, lost souls, to empower them even more. The 5D beings were dense already. even though they advanced, they couldn’t stay that way without energy from above the firmament. Yet, they no longer had access beyond the firmament to the heavens to do so, since the floodgates were closed. They were closed to shut out the evil from Earth, so that it wouldn’t corrupt the divine realms. Therefore, they would need energy to thrive and rule here, and they would not get to from the higher beings of the original matrix.

 Now, I am here to teach, what Emmanuel/Michael showed me in the blueprints. He first showed Enoch, aka, Metatron, but I now bring them, as this world is in dire need of the rebirth.  I came from high density, passing through the atmosphere, and it only lowered me a dimension or two, from where I was, to 6D, for me to do so. Others who tried who had come from higher planes in the lower ones, would lower their consciousness to earth’s dimensional perception, and got diverted from their mission. Souls like me are too bright and draw too much attention, and with the ruling beings always seeking a way to prevent help from coming in from above, if they find someone who is here on a divine mission, they will launch attack. As backup, star seeds were sent in, lower than an angelic in vibration, and undetected. Many yearn to wake up, and go home.


 Emmanuel and Metatron both say that, the creation of the Light body is due to the planets transition process, and is a subconscious want, or desire, to experience. Deep within the hidden part of your mind that you are out of touch with, has to want it. If even a small amount of doubt, or attachment to here, it will not happen, and instead those not wishing to be part of this process at this time, will continue life as they always do, and later go through death by accidents, natural disasters or decaying or by disease. They will then to go on to become a part of the sub plane between worlds, and if there is still time, reincarnate to do it all over again, or stay there, acting as if they are still alive. It will be much like still being alive, sharing that purgatory with all of the others, and lost in yet another delusion. 

There is no judgment or punishment, just it is all based on their condition of their consciousness at the time of their death . Like attracts like, and since earth should be changing by then, they may not be able to return here, but instead make another “here” in that dreamscape called astral plane. For those who have no doubt or attachment, the Light body is gradually created through the transmutation of the current physical body as it mutates and absorbs more Light. Again this is interconnected with the realignment of our energy fields to higher frequencies. Those higher frequencies will alter the consciousness and then the body. But, one has to surrender the ego. The ego is the persona (false program of self) that this world created over top of the original soul. The influences, the media, schools enforced left brained logic, trend, and peers, even old religious beliefs laced with deception.



We are all evolving and absorbing Light at our own pace, as everyone started on their own vibration anyway. In no way were all made the same power. All had started a different sized particles of light, and vibration from the expansion. Everyone is growing though. But some very slow, as much of everyone’s energy is being absorbed by those powers, that I mentioned. They need it. But, those who are, they are experiencing ascension. Raising of the frequency. That changes your consciousness, and then the body. Some are consciously working with these changes and so their ascension is quicker but they hit a dead end at some point, based on deceptions being infiltrated into these truths too, by those who came with messages of truth and started with good intentions, but were quickly puppeteers by some of those powers, either spiritually, or by government who work with those powers willingly. They start projecting lies, under the disguise of light. (The word Christ means anointed. Consciousness is your soul. An anointed soul. Antichrist means those against the soul being anointed. Anointed merely means to be chosen, or to take on a new way by choice. The antichrist, is the consciousness that is against the anointed awareness, the awakening. Those who allow the deception in and start giving out false hopes, and lies, become the antichrist, as the deception, hinders people from their awakening. Their exact intent and agenda. They put the Hollywood glam into it, and distort it, making it about ego, title, and who is ascended more. A true awakened and ascended soul does not see ego. They see truth, the connection to one another where jealousy,, and competition no longer exist, and they support one another in their truths. So, I come to set the record straight, so you do what you really have to now and get to your goal. To release the false program, and false matrix, and witness home, a new kingdom on earth, as the original matrix is restored.

But, keep in mind is all about surrendering. The first step is to have your body drop its density. That is to realign. You have to break the temple down, to rebuild it. The temple is the body. So, do shadow work on what the body has witnessed or been a part of. It is hard pushing out truth, so symptoms of flu, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, muscle and joint aches will happen. As you see the true purpose in what you have been through, you release negative energy and thus, that energy coming out, is as bad as it coming in. The false program, and negative energy from ego, and mistakes, are like viruses. Like when you release illness by breaking fever.


As you start to see higher purposes to all you went through, you learn female and male energy, as logic, and emotion come together to think and feel over your experience. Right and left brain functions blend and the pituitary and pineal glands begin to change in size. They grow and expand, as the consciousness begins to, To make room for its growth. When you ascend, you need more room for you bigger soul, that you expanded, to operate the body (vehicle).The DNA structure and chemical components begin to change, and pick up extra hydrogen atoms that the cells need to take undifferentiated higher light in, and break it down into usable light . That higher light starts encoding your DNA. It is only then that the etheric blueprint floods with light, and releases karmic experiences even more so, on all levels, past life, and present. Then you want to know why you are even here. You seek the ultimate purpose. Light in the etheric blueprint, next releases 4th dimensional structures of understanding into your consciousness, and DNA,  and causes spins in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Change is rapid and many feel tired. They feel unmotivated, and fatigued, as if they have lived and traveled so long, as the past experiences, of the entire journey, begin to really reveal how long you have been here and all you been through.

You will feel elderly, and bored with life. After that, your body will know it is preparing to move onward, and want to get the most out of this reality, that the physical senses become much stronger. You will love the simple things, and enjoy your gifts of sense that you experienced this world with, at more strength. Major changes are in the brain during using the enhanced senses, and its chemistry and electromagnetic energies will result in symptoms which  are often headaches, blurry vision, loss of hearing and sometimes chest pains. Crystal lattices called nadis, also referred to as light channels, in the etheric body, will keep lines of light within the 5th dimensional blueprint from connecting again until you are ready. Chest pains are due to the expanding energies of the heart as it opens to deeper levels. It connects with your guides. Some confuse this with the higher self re-connection. So, be careful, because many stop at that, thinking its completed, and they too, hit a dead end. This is merely showing you what to expect when connecting to the true higher self when it happens. So, the mental body begins to wonder if it really is in charge, and sue to belief they have connected with the real higher self, they get strong unexplainable and undeniable urges, to follow the path of this spirit. They will connect with the real higher self later on. Then the emotional body goes on to take its turn.  You will feel more empathic, sensitive, drained easily, and have some tension with people, as you will feel their energies too.


At this phase, you will become more in tune to spirit. Your guides may try to truly guide you in dreams, which will become more ‘lucid’, and you will get feelings of deja vu. Thought processes become non linear. You will jump back and forth from between knowing, and doubt. Then you will start making life better, being who you truly are, now that you reeased the old ego, and program of this matirx, and start putting one foot in the door so to speak, into the original one, right behind it.

 The old way of life is released, old relationships, and old habits. You will free yourself from the ways of this world altogether. You will be ever changing into who you really are, adding who you want to be, and living more as the creator would, if they were here. You will start seeing everyone as a loving mother would, their child.

You will want to have people who are like you, around you. instead, and make your own heaven on earth. You will be all about helping others, and putting yourself to the side, even to an exhausting degree. Honesty is at its best, no lies, no need, and negativity will only seem like more lessons to grow from, that you now appreciate, and work through happily. You do not see ugly in others, only purpose, and you help them see yours for them, too. By this time, palpitations of the heart will take place as it expands its center, love is all charged up within you and your heart is trying to connect universally.. All chakras will be working on this, as in the beginning there were no chakras, only higher self energy at its most, and now those seals, become so wide, they connect again, making a high enough vibration for the higher self to reconnect later.


Fear at that time is released as the energy fields of all the bodies are expanded through the heart and when all chakras are expanded, fear will drop away. The enlarged pineal gland, allows in even more light to drive your physical vehicle, and when this happens, you will experience multi-dimensional reality. Which our original matrix was, due to the different levels of higher self who made it.

But, duality awareness will increase as you seek, to understand the need for it, and discover it was a reflection off of the contrast if duality, that showed you all you know. Then, you will leave it behind. Only finding then, balance. You will desire above all in that realization, that it is the body of this planet, the original matrix , and one another ,that you want to save. And it won’t be a desire that you simply think about. You will do what you can to fulfill it. Its also important to know, that the stages of progression, reflect, and change your perception.  You will strive to care for this living organism of a body too. You will understand it as a living Universe, with tiny souls in the energies in the molecules and living cells within. You will change your diet, and exercise. As you begin to ascend even higher, you will begin to feel the effects of the light energy within you, and the upset balance, of this ascended light, against the dense energy of the atmosphere. It will feel like a war. You will feel more heavier, and weighed. That will cause you to eat less, and the food  will lighter, as well as being alive, not dead energy, like found in meats, sugars, caffeine, and other manufactured foods. I refused to eat meat, take in sugar or drink alcohol when I was a kid, as my angelic guides told me how bad it was, and the truth of why those things were made. Many of you will notice these things too, and be anti-false grid so much, that you will strive to be far from it, in everything, even diet. Anyhow, those foods will cause effects on the vibrational fields of your physical body, later to be felt in the other bodies too.. The body is the vehicle, the temple. Its all about expanding the temple, first upgrading it.


Next, it is all about embracing the Source within, without, and all around, even to the tinest molecular structure, to the largest. You will see it as a body, vaguely, but you will feel it on every level. This is unifying with the Master energy, otherwise known as Source, and The Creators. Seeing that the Creators exist within all, will make you want to endlessly seek ways to serve it, through people, acts of kindness, insight, love, and support. You will not say “That person is ignorant, I am staying away”, instead you will say “That is Source having an experience, and in need of help”. This will lead you to accept the Source/Creator/God/ Master, in all, no exceptions. The divine will is, having an experience in the creation that was made. You will wish to accommodate Source’s experience in this creation, while you are here, in any way that you can. As you continue to ascend, as it is not over at that point yet, as I said, this is a process, you will feel even more heavier in the atmosphere, weighed down by the energy in the air. Headaches from low frequencies set in, your inner light rebels against it to continue your process, and it causes discomfort. If this is too much to handle, ask your guides to help. Your guides have been there with you for a long time, they know best, especially at a higher level of perception.


They don’t feel pain, but they do understand that you do, even though with some trouble, but to see you suffering and feel a low vibration around you from pain, , they can have your body produce the natural chemicals inside of it, to ease things a bit, or make it totally disappear entirely.. You have mastery over your reality, and body, working with your guides at this level. And, upon realizing that, your brain is being activated. The brain is working as a super computer for your consciousness to be in this reality, now you can activate the parts of it, that the government closed down.  Cranial expansion is the most common, and triangular ‘seed crystals‘ in the brow region, as well as the recorder crystals in the right side of the brain, are activated along with the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras. I have many of them. They do feel odd in this plane, but you will get used to it. Many try to tell me they are activated in this way, and I can see it if they are or aren’t. There is a special indication spiritually in spiritual sight, that will give this away. I also know many who think they connected to the higher self, and feel they can channel, actually connected to one of those powers, the denser beings ruling in the atmosphere called an archon, instead. This is the false higher self, and happens so much, that is pretty much whom everyone is now connecting to, who have learned  through other teachers, and in the wrong way. Its scary. They are lied to, as the being will act as the higher self, and lead them around, with information that is lies masked as truths. I know when a being is led by true higher self or not, there is a signal in angelic light coding that goes off to me. Dense beings can disguise themselves as any angel, but what they can not do, is emit a true angelic codex. But, they do get pretty close, thus why many are easily deceived. These tricksters will stop at nothing. But, I will know, and if a person is connected to this false higher self, they have to disconnect immediately, or become a apart of the false matrix. Once true higher self connection really happens, it is pretty much getting to the close of the ascension.


The higher you go,  Languages of Light from that soul’s place of origin will come in, an angelic will speak and attune to all of them. There are billions of languages of light. and then one universal true language of light, not the junk the speak as gibberish online, is an enlightened process in itself. The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to create the ‘Arc of the Covenant‘, through the light activations. The Arc of the Covenant is a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head to the third eye that is a decoding mechanism for higher dimensional language. This brings the presence of the true higher self, and the true connection to the real matrix behind the false one, as well as an awakening of the true divine source within. That is why they said the presence of God, hovered over the arc. We know from the angelic realm page, that our Creator, is all of the vibrations of light together, as one, pure white light, but Michael rules it, as he acts as a prism for it to expand into the Universe, in all rays, all attributes. You will now have all attributes with the activation of the arc.

No one can fake this. It is something that no one can act, or pretend, either they really have it, or they don’t. The attributes are distinct. And there are many of them. More so than is listed on the page. I did that so no one can have all of the information, to act and mislead. I see many trying tot act out what they read online in the context of spirituality, and they deceive many. As you finally embrace this arc, all sources of light, and attributes, you will start to think in geometries and tones. You will see the codes of this matrix for earth. You will be aware of the vastness and multi-dimensional of your nature, that you can be anything that you want to be, you cease to operate from obligation and relationships become transpersonal. You share words from your heart and soul and others may feel disorientated, sluggish, tired out, and fatigued, when communicating with you, as they are not of high vibration, and your raised light forces will penetrate into them, and it will be too much for them to handle.


The next part of ascension, after all of that happens, is that you separate from this false matrix for good, and now you have no opinions of others, no judgement, no hate, no jealousy, no anger, no pain, no suffering, no tiredness, no hardship, and no struggle. None, whatsoever. they will say, “You are in a human body, you will still feel those things”. That is an excuse.

Even if, in a physical body, you are now connected to your true higher self, and the higher self, does not feel those things. You may however, feel drained by others who do feel the lower dimensional emotions, or others still in conflict with themselves, or this world. It will also make you feel like a parental figure over them, in trying to help them set themselves free too.


Then, one more “Phase”, of strong re-evaluation will occur. Anyone can lose their ascension at this point. So, be careful. If you allow any particles of dark energy, or dense energy back in, it will lower your light, and thus ruin things. To surrender to Spirit and truly become the Divine instrument, you have to see yourself as “The Creator” now. This doesn’t mean to think you are a God, but instead to see you are a humbled (but still awesome) version of the Creator, having a human experience. Liken it to a prince, acting like civilian for a day. He doesn’t act as prince, he believes he is civilian, because he has to play the part, to function as one. Otherwise, his princely ways will come out. That is what humans have been doing. Playing a part, for The Creator to have an experience here. Now, it is time to wake up to the part that is be being played, but still be humble to live within this environment. Knowing the truth, but still going on with the “show”.

Now, you will, within, have memories of past experiences, all knowing, discernment, love, confidence (you can not feel badly about yourself at this stage, as the Creator within, only sees beauty). You will love without condition, try to fix without despair, and do it with true inspired emotions, of being the Creator witnessing this dense environment for itself. It will make you cry, it will make you feel not angry, but confused, as to why beings would want a world this way, and you will not waste time. You also will speed up, time will cease, and you will not need sleep, or much food to sustain.

This is why I always said, if the people who claimed to be ascended, really were, then how come they do nothing but sit in the house all day, on the internet, not making real changes. The true higher self would have so much work to do, and would do it. You are one, and being as one, you are a creator too. That is why in Psalms, it said: “Do you not know, that you, yourself are Gods”? That meant we are a part of the creator here, and can have utter control over our portion of the reality. The higher self determines your income, your work, other people in your life, your foundation to build on, and well,, everything.  It is wonderful. Someone from the past, meant to be with you, will return, to also start their ascension.


You will see that free will is really an illusion, like time, and this world. All things are as the Creators want them, through their avatars. Even the negativity.  The negativity was to teach you something, you will see what that was at this point. If not, you are not there yet. You will see how the past, present , and future all come together, and no more essence of time exists. You are multidimensional. You could tell me what I did yesterday, that led to where I am not, and as a result, what will be in the future, and why. That how you will see all. Acceptance, understanding, purpose seeing, and balance. That is how the higher self perceives. No more fear or depression will be at this phase either. How could it? You are in a world of your making, in control, and now seeing how all things are and always were, as they should be, except now, you are awake to the real you, and using all of this insight, to perfect that which already was. Then, your consciousness that is within your physical vehicle will, unify all energy fields, all chakras are unified and you become totally connected to your I AM. DNA is integrated, the program with the light body unify and make the 12 strand DNA, rather than 3.

That will naturally activate your Merkabah. The Merkabah (another name for our Light body) starts up, and allows you to pass through space, time and dimensions complete in your totality. It has its own consciousness to be directed by you. All levels of the light body have been constructed and activated and are connected to your physical body via ‘spin points’. These matrix’s are all along the physical acupuncture meridians and are lines of light intersecting in beautiful geometries. Time is no longer linear but simultaneous, past, present and future co-exist, all exist in parallels. How many can actually say that they have begun that? If so, you could tell me what I did exactly 10 years ago, today, and in the future just by my energy. But, many can not. They haven’t truly ascended yet. So, I am glad to finally have been able to rectify so that you all can….


There is no shooting back to the stars, it will be like waking up from a dream is all, and in a world that was all around you the whole time, but were too asleep to see. This world will be your new reality. Something unlike what you could ever define here, as your consciousness is bringing it all together, all planes, and all experiences into one. It is a wonderful thing when you disappear from the system, and enter into the real one, but what is it that we are and why? Take a look on “Awakening to the Truth”, on the next page.


Good luck in your true ascension, and I hope and pray you make it. I am here to teach for a little while longer, and I am not sure who will all receive the message. Too many wolves in sheep’s clothing, and “False Angelics”. But, one day I hope it is found by those truly seeking, this website of mine, and they can pass it on as a foundation of truth for all to come. Again, there are many stages of awakening. It is not as easy as an instant miracle. That’s what they want you to believe. Even the greatest masters had been raised all of their lives, in families connected to ancient truths, and it took all of their life to get to the highest level, in adulthood. And, that was just in Earthly Ascension. It will be the same for anyone else. There is a way for it to happen faster but it takes a lot of investment, dedication, and wisdom.  It also has to be in your contract, otherwise, it will be impossible.


If you are tired of waiting, I offer services to start the integration of the Ascension, please visit my website at: