April 2018- Astro Disturbance

I have not put up a weekly reading on Facebook for some time due to a busy schedule. I thought today, maybe instead of the cards, that I would do something a little different. There are some energies that we all need to be aware about. Everybody makes a big old fuss about Mercury in retrograde. Yes of course, it causes so much disturbance in communications and emotions. It creates a lot of drama, many misunderstandings, and the energy can be really intense. But do you want to know what’s more intense than that? An energy that is often totally overlooked? That would be the energy that’s happening right now. We just had a New Moon in Aries on the 15th. We also have Mercury in Pisces, and Saturn gone retrograde in Sagittarius, all of the way up until September 6th. If all of those are not some extremely volatile energies, then I don’t know what is! Mapping the stars, I use angelic astrology. anyone can say that they have knowledge in this, but I know that it is a fact that it is unknown, the way that I do the astrology. Every reader has their own method anyhow. but with mine, I admit it is misunderstood due to its occult like platform. For that reason, I do regular charting as well. Below is my chart for the remainder of this month…. If you want knowledge of yours, please stop by the website at Spiritual Services. Some of the reports are intricate while others are basic and easy to understand. All are hand charted by me, which takes some time.

Apr 15th 9:57 PM New Moon 26 Aries 02 New Moon26° Aries02′
Apr 17th 4:09 AM Chiron enters Aries ChironAries
Apr 17th 9:47 PM Saturn Retrograde Sagitarius Saturn 9°Capricorn09′Retrograde
Apr 19th 11:12 PM Sun enters Taurus SunTaurus
Apr 22nd 11:26 AM Pluto Retrograde Pluto 21°Capricorn17′Retrograde
Apr 24th 12:40 PM Venus enters Gemini VenusGemini
Apr 29th 8:58 PM Full Moon 9 Scorpio 39 Full Moon 9° Scorpio39′
May 2nd 10:26 PM Neptune biquintile Neptune 15° Pisces54’

North Node 9° Leo54′Rx




Firstly, with the New Moon in Aries, that brings a time of renewed passions. This could lead to a great deal of motivation and inspiration. But, again with a lot of interference, unresolved issues, and underlying feelings and motives… This could bring the warrior out in anyone. They may get off to the New Moon’s brand new beginning, on a rocky start. This could bring a bit of defensiveness, arguments and disagreements, as well as feeling attacked, even when you are not being attacked. That is just the inner fire that is burning with in you, that may need balancing and centering. Aries is the essence of the warrior God. So with a new moon attached to that sign, this is going to definitely herald new battles, and those battles may even be ones that may seem to be without a reason, or they maybe illusionary. Especially, on top of Mercury in Pisces.

Are you seeing things as they really are? Or… could you be making something out of of nothing, due to a need to release? Mercury in Pisces is going to create a lot of emotions. If you thought Mercury retro was bad, Pisces carrying Mercury, is going to have a lot of people feeling like they’re holding a lot in. This also creates a lot of misunderstandings, due to the sensitivity in the emotions that you will be feeling. Pisces carries a persons truest feelings about different situations and issues. It is the true depth of one’s inner sea, and their thoughts swimming like the fish of the sea. It connects to the Vesica Pisces, representing the ultra feminine. This may make you over emotional and full of insecurity. Mercury is the outlet to communicate those things. But with the water of Pisces, clashing with the air of Mercury, There could be a chance that Mercury’s air dries up all of Piscesean waters. That means, it could dry up all emotions, and leave people feeling pretty empty or numb at this time.

Or the water could overcome the air and that means, that a person’s emotions may consume their thoughts. Without an outlet of communication, as Mercury is supposed to provide, that could create conflicts due to misunderstandings, miscommunications, feelings that are misplaced, and feelings that are misunderstood. Mercury combining with Pisces is supposed to create a way for people to release old attachments and emotions. However, here on earth with all of the atmospheric interference, that is never really the case. If you use this energy wisely and control your thoughts and feelings, you could possibly think about what you’re going to say before you say it, and communicate your emotions well. This will have the most positive change on you in the end. But this is definitely a time which is signaling a need to let go.

What could be worse is that we have Saturn in retrograde and in the sign of Sagittarius which is another fire sign. This is another hunter of the stars. Saturn usually symbolizes all things in your physical life. Going in reverse, this could definitely represent a time that brings about a lot of old things falling apart. With this “mythological hunter”, Sagittarius, it could mean that, that will happen because you go about looking for a fight instead, of something to fight for. The fire of Sagitarius is going to feel very overwhelming over this retrograde planet, and that could definitely create some chaos, as well as unneeded drama due to being quite defensive over things because of physical trials that are on your path. This is a time to check and see what really means the most to you on your path. Friends? Your family? Your guidance and support? Your own goals? If so this is a crucial time where those cherish things could have enough trials that some of them could be ruined. Be very cautious.

Perhaps some frustration over goals on achieved, and a knowing, that there are things that you need, that you may not be able to obtain. That may have you question yourself and it could have you question what is really driving you toward your goals. Mercury in Pisces will ask you why you haven’t gotten there, and then the new moon in the Warrior will have you feeling on the edge. This is definitely a time that everybody should be aware of. Nobody wants anyone taking anything the wrong way or jumping all over things without a deeper understanding and just making assumptions on the surface. I know that because this was happening in my own family just this morning LOL.

For example, I had overheard a disagreement between  my uncle and my father. He was totally misunderstanding everything my dad was trying to say. And then my dad got all emotional about it for absolutely no reason, because if he had just known that the energies were affecting my uncle, he could’ve postponed the conversation for a better day. If your communications to seem a bit edgy, if you’re feeling a fiery anxiety within you, then you definitely need some grounding and centering work. Make sure that you talk about your feelings, but word them in a loving gentle way. If you can’t find the words to express yourself, just make sure that you wait for another time that has more positive vibes to do so. These energies here are not just negative. They could be used for a substantial amount of growth and spiritual development, but it takes a great deal of awareness. That means that when the defense goes up, take it down.

Listen, observe and understand the things going on around you, and the things being said to you. Express yourself and allow yourself to let the emotions out, but in a positive way I’m still being understanding to those around you. The warrior God is going to have you a little bit on a warpath. This is to keep you on your toes when you’re working toward success in your physical life which is what Saturn represents. So look for something to fight for, not something to fight over. Use the spiritual awareness that I’ve taught so many of you in the past. And if you’re feeling any of these things, you will know why. This is a test period to see well you are going to handle all of this, for your growth.

Venus heading towards Gemini makes everyone confront their inner duality and to balance it, but at the same time it makes one question their relationships, and partnerships. Those who are single will seek out a companion and also their twin flame. This will need alot of inner realization to find them. No twin flame relationship works out, if their is imbalance.

Scorpio’s Full Moon heightens awareness of old grudges, and confrontations, to see if may be there was something that you missed, or maybe could had let go of, but due to stubborness, didn’t. This is also an emotional energy, drawing old battles back to the surface for you to finally gain closure over and resolve.

Anyhoe, for now… those are energies at work in the heavens, and with the interferences of the powers here, it upsets the balance leading some of these to be more negative, for the sake of turning it into positive later, or to hold you back. The result is up to you in how you use these energies.  Do not forget about the meteor shower from the 16th to  26th with peaks on the 22nd, from Lyra, Ariel’s origins and domain. Enjoy the show as it could make a difference in bringing some positivity to this setting.  through Good luck!