Ah the beautiful celestial bodies! Mercury is in Sag and began a retro phase on November 16th, up until December 6th. This is important for me to mention, but we will come back to this. The first note worthy energy, is that we have a Full Moon also in Sagittarius on November 23, exactly aligning with Jupiter. Our full moon will bring emotions to the surface in regards to your goals and pursuits. Usually, we tend to look towards our personal connections when it comes to the moon. But this time many will start to question their pathway a lot. It’s not that you will have doubt in it, it’s just that you will want to know what to do next, and you will be feeling pretty strongly about wanting the next step. Jupiter also will be transiting through Sagittarius and will expand your horizons and bring many opportunities that will inflame you with ambition and a strong passion to use it, to obtain any goal. That’s Sagittarian energy for ya! Don’t be surprised if you see some of our political powers using this energy to their advantage. This is also going to inspire people to look deeper into their spirituality, philosophy, and travel. Lots of planning and desires into expanding. There will be a lot of motivation.

However, with Jupiter, there comes deception too in its reversal use of its energy. Dishonesty already permeates the current social scene. If you check my baby’s weekly tarot reading for November 19th, you will see how she had mentioned some trickery coming into the picture to test you and then to use what you learn from those tests whether it be that you pass them or fail them… to grow.. Its broadening your horizons toward mastering insight that’s hidden. This Energy will also provide issues regarding justice, freedom, politics and immigration. Also be very careful for scams and even fake news in the reversal. It’s very difficult to sometimes see past deception because it can wear many masks in late. But on the brighter side of things, if you have trouble you can always just ask me about a situation and I will help you to see deeper into the truth. Once you learn to see past the masks that people wear and the games that they can play, you will broaden your wisdom to an even greater level. Sometimes we have to experience some of the negativity to get to the light. Our beloved tricksters of the heavens Raphael and Uriel, will help provide the lessons for that. Jupiter will bring it every opportunities for travel but yet our to tricksters may kind of mess things up. Just be a few steps ahead!

Now back to Mercury retrograde. Everyone knows that during a Mercury retrograde cycle, we’re going to have problems with communication, misunderstandings, travel delays, and even some touchy sensitivity when it comes to use of intuitive reception. I usually like to take a break from social media and my interactions personally with people at this time. This is so that the energies of others and how they react to Mercury being in retrograde, don’t end up upsetting me. To be honest, my communication is always pretty compassionate and understanding. But others can get very sensitive and touchy and take things the wrong way. So as I usually advise, just be careful to avoid jumping to conclusions.

If you don’t understand something or you take something the wrong way, why not just doublecheck and ask what the person meant so that perhaps maybe you can avoid the miscommunication over all. You should know by now that people just react to this energy naturally without really thinking what they are staying through all of the way if you don’t understand something or you take something the wrong way, why not just doublecheck and ask what the person meant? So that perhaps maybe you could avoid the miscommunication over all. You should know by now, that people just react to this energy naturally, without really thinking what they are saying, all of the way. Since

Mercury rules communication and transportation, this is the month to carefully make travel plans. With Jupiter being in Sagittarius and we’re leading to also travel and wealth, and combination with Mercury in retrograde cycle you may want to think ahead and plan ahead carefully. Be very careful with your spending. Most of all since it is the holiday season, be careful getting together with your loved ones around this time. There could be family arguments. Or if there is that one relative that you have had some kind of beef with over the years, it may end up coming to the surface during the holidays, and you may want to avoid that.

Another retrograde that we had to endure, ended on November 16th. This was Venus, the planet of beauty, relationships, lust, affection and love. It really made everyone question where they were with their relationship. Were you really in a relationship that you thought was serious or, was it one that you were in just to kill time? Are you sure that that relationship that you wanted to end, is really one that you want to say goodbye to? Or is that new relationship that you were just starting, one that you actually want to continue to go through with? Venus in retrograde always makes you question your love life. Now, with mercury in retro starting the very same day that Venus in retrograde has ended, it’s really going to be difficult for you to communicate the answers that you came up with, while you contemplated. This energy could make you a little psychotic too, when it comes to relationships LOL.

But Venus isn’t finished her interferences yet! Yes, Venus gets to square up and fight with Uranus, opposing each other’s strong energies exactly three times. The first time was back on September 12th. Then on Halloween. Now, once more on November 30th. Uriel will use his dominion of Uranus to cause rests, obstacles and obstructions, in which some of them will be nearly impossible to get through. Venus ruled by Archangel Michael, and Uranus ruled by his brother Uriel, will be quite a bit of a spiritual battle. You see, Michael will fight for freedom and liberty while Uriel will cause a bit of a rebellious thought to come forth and make everyone feel held back. These two will provoke the need to practice the virtues, so use awareness. In terms of love, Venus and Uranus will make you feel bored with the same old same, and it will make you want to revive the spark in your relationship. But yes, you will start to feel bored, and you may be tempted to seek out something more exciting. So if you are in a relationship and you feel this way, remember to use the virtues and exercise loyalty. You may start to question what you really want in a relationship. This will make you come through very deep realizations about your partner or what you want in a potential partner. They could definitely create arguments and misunderstandings for sure though. It’s hard to be perfect for someone else. That is why it is better to work on yourself. In order to love someone else you have to love yourself first. In order to take care of someone else you have to be able to take care of yourself first, as well. That’s why I always say, it is better to be alone and work toward your own goals before seeking a serious relationship. But obviously some people get on a spiritual path when they were already in a relationship. What can they do about it then? If they have invested themselves into someone, they are not just going to walk away because they began seeking themselves Spiritually. Its important then to know, that it will be a double challenge as a result. With these energies here, they may actually make you realize some of the things that you would have liked to have had in a relationship all along, but just didn’t really know what you really wanted at the time. Remember not to take this out on your partner when you come to these deep profound moments of realization.

Astrovember! Yes! November is a month of awareness for sure. We covered some of these energies in my other articles here but this continues our astrological preview. On Thanksgiving, the Sun enters Sag and we will encounter the King of Kings… Jupiter on the 26th. Mercury’s retro will work with this combination of energies to cause it’s not an argument and miscommunications and personal relationships but really wonderful abilities to converse when it comes to business. You may find that you are as smooth as a salesman with this energy, when it comes to your work. You could probably convince anyone of anything!

Ah, I almost forgot that we have a bit of Neptune’s influence when it goes direct on the 24th and all the while Mars will have been transiting through Pisces since the 15th and ends in January. All together, these influences can pave the way forward, helping to break through the illusion of the energies that will be brought by Mercury. So you may have some moments of clarity. Although, you will be using the illusions as a way to test yourself and how clearly you really do see reality. All of these revelations can be challenging, making some situations seem like a crisis. Hang in there. There will be comfort and positivity.

The nodes are creating a huge shift too. This will be helping you to use some of the challenges and moments of crisis, as a way to close old doors, for new ones to open. The universe is always forcing change when you were too fearful to make it yourself. You will be thankful for this later on. I foresee you liberating yourself from the old things that were holding you back. It’ll bring release from areas of life such as relationships, illusions, and results from unhappy decisions and their results from the past. I also see that there will be a lot of success in talks concerning areas of life that revolve around money, purpose, business and growth towards development in those areas too. It’s a wonderful time to use these energies to look at where you are at right now in your process of growth in your life and spirituality. And then look toward the future of where you want to go with that.

I would wait a little bit more towards the end of November for that though, because there will still be some of those illusions and confusion floating around. Once that cloud has cleared up, you will start to have some real profound realizations that could be life-changing. But only if you can use your realizations to work through some of the hardships that will come on this course. Good luck!