Moon in Scorpio- Lunar Forecast

September 12,2018

Oh my goodness, all of those energies that I predicted for the planetary retrograde system, were pretty heavy. A lot of people were struggling with that energy, as masks fell off, truths came to the light, and valuable lessons surfaced. I can definitely say for myself, that it had a wonderful positive affect and giving me more strength to stand against any kind of cosmic interference. That is because all things Celestial belongs to the heavenly host. As a part of the heavenly host, those energies can be used in the most positive of ways, if you know how to. That’s why the type of astrology that I do is far different than any other. Earthly astrology, it’s pretty awesome. But I like working with my heavenly family much more.

So coming up in the next 11 days, we have another full moon. This will be blessed with Aries, and Pisces energy. On my Instagram, I invited any magical people, do some wish magic for everybody and each other. It would be nice if people could start giving blessings rather than hate. For now, we have a crescent moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is represented by a scorpion. As you know, scorpions are venomous creatures, who will defend and attack it any given moment if they need to. And when they sting, boy it hurts! They’re also not the handsomest of creatures, but are totally equipped for battle wearing their artillery. And it is a known fact that when a scorpion feels like it is under attack, it will not stop defending itself until they feel, that the threat is over. This definitely reflects the energy of those who live under the earthly vibrations of Scorpio because, Scorpios are known to definitely hang onto things longer than they should. And, they often jump to conclusions about things as well. And believe me, just like a scorpion in the desert stalking it’s predator or its prey, it will continue to turn and watch every movement. But this is also a very good thing, because at least the Scorpio will always be on their toes, and prepared for any attack. I never did understand why they put this particular sign under the water element. I understand it has something to do with the planet Pluto, but I have always seen another energy associated with this particular sign that many do not acknowledge or know about. Many people cannot see the planets from the earth which is why, I find that the astrology here is a tad bit in accurate. Nevertheless, every time I reveal some hidden truth, I end up getting punished for it…,so I will not say, here. But, I can tell you that having a crescent moon in Scorpio definitely proves to be a very good sign. The moon itself is in a waxing phase, which means that now all of the negativity, grudges, battles, and emotions that are connected to them are going to start to subside!

On top of this, we have Virgo as our rolling sign. This means that things are going to start to quiet down a bit, people are gonna start to feel more interconnected. Adding that to Scorpios moon, we can finally lay down our burdens, because as it seems personal battles are over. That does not take away from the predictions that I need in my solstice 2018 message, on Alura’s Angels because that will still prove to be true. At least for now, everyone gets a nice little break from the destructive Energy that the retrograde cycle had brought in, because in October it will officially be fully over. During the Scorpio Moon, it would be a wonderful time to do any kind of magic involving sending blessings to your enemies, cleansing and clearing of projected negativity, spells on release and letting go, and protection and strength.

So what to expect from here? A shift in the energy as it calms down. Scorpio heralds a new vibation to compliment Virgo. Virgo is pure, and attracts abundance, perfection, motivation, and cleaning up of some clutter and mess in your life. This is great news! Clarity, a sound mind, and inspiration to move forward now, highlights the path as we come into a stronger mind set subconsciously and great motivational energy to chase afte their dreams and actually make progress on the surface. You may still find some things bothering you a bit, lingering around underneath the surface. But don’t fret! This will be fully unloaded by the next Moon which will provide Piscean emotional healing to come, in 11 days from now.  Use it for the positive! Allow yourself to move on, as some people hang onto things if they answers as to why things have happened, are not clear to them. Let it go, and answers, revelations…will come when it’s divine timing. For now, enjoy your life. You may be a bit of that obsessive need to perfect some things in your life this month. You will want to re-organize, restructure, and make some room in your life as you plan to move foward. This will also bring you the desire to want to expand in your learning! The lunar energies on top of our lady Virgo, will make people want to learn deeper and deeper, to be all that they can be in life, and in spirit. Especially, since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto according to the astrological orders here. Pluto is all about mystery, the occult, wisdom, and knowledge.

Look forward to a wonderful month, kicking it off here with this Moon which was special enough for me to write about, because it helped in defending off some negativity for alot of people, and leading them to a new path of growth and positivity, as well as inner healing. Good luck!

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