Out of Bounds- August 2018

Retrograde Planets..

We are now entering into, an out of bounds phase. With all of the retrograde cycles, what does one expect? What will occur? Let’s find out.

Saturn went retrograde in April. It goes direct this September, in Capricorn.

Mars went retrograde in June and goes direct at the end of August 2018, in the sign of Capricorn.

Mercury is retrograde starting July 19th througout August 19th, in Leo.

Uranus Retrograde happens in August and will continue until January, in the sign of  Aries.

Neptune is Retrograde as of June through November 25th, in Pisces.

Pluto went retrograde in April and will continue onward until October 1st, in Capricorn.

Sheesh, okay let’s  look at this. We have six planets in retrograde throughout the month of August and some going onward into the latter months of the year.  Seven including Venus, who turns out to be going retrograde as well,  in October too, still leaving us with alot of retro yuck.

What do they mean?

We have three of the strongest planets retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn represents the horned God.  In my “Heaven and Hell” course, we continue the study of forbidden sacred knowledge, going deeper than ever before, as I will discern ancient secret coding for you, to help you understand further… We will discover the dominion of the Gods, and how this works above and below. I plan on going into the references of secret “as above, so it is below” teachings. It will cover some of the content in this article, but sticking to today’s material, we have all of these energies marking something huge. In 2012, it was a planetary alignment, now after the Solar Eclipse, largest in history…having happened in Leo, the sign of the opposing zodiac sign to our upcoming New age of Aquarius, we have the planets marking the official start of the tribulation. funny, that my new daughter will born right around this time. I will also cover more about the multiple meanings of the Anti-Christ in the course too, but this all has something to do with it.

The tribulation,  marks a time, of great cleansing, but first it must be catastrosphic. The Tower must strike, as the Universe uses devesation to provoke change. Funny how the energy of the Tarot Card “The Tower” seems to really relate to the God of War, as lightening is often associated with the card, and lightening is a weapon of our warrior who rules Mars. Loucetios was a Celtic god of lightning and was a God of air, who originated in Gaul. The land of my ancestors. He was predominantly worshipped in France, Britain and and Germany during the era of the Roman Empire where he was equated to the Roman god Mars. Loucetios, meaning “Shining One” or “Bright One”, was the god of thunder and lightning, and would have been known across the Celtic world. The Latin version of his name was Leucetius. This shows, we are in the age of destruction. Samael has been known to rule Saturn, Maldek, and Mars, but Ariel is sometimes associated with Mars too. Samael has always been used as God over every planet, age or sign, since he is worshipped under symbolism. Still amazing, is that Athena Goddess of War is associated with Aries too.

Nevertheless, no matter which Deity is using which planetary energy as a representative to it, we know that Ariel also explicitly rules Leo, which is the New age of Aquarius’ opposing sign, on the other side of the procession of the equinox. The last solar eclipse, marked the time of the lion’s roar. Jesus is associated with this, as he was the Lion of Judah. (more in the Heaven and Hell Course).

We have had tribulation energies already to scoop this new period of time in, but this in all actuality foretells it. The so called awakening began in 2012, closing out the old way with planets in alignment, and now we have almost all planets in reverse.  With that being said, we have turbulent times ahead!  Saturn being retro in his home of Capricorn, will create a change to the spiritual knowledge that is shown from above, and how it is believed below. This also rocks the matrix as Saturn is represented by the star tetrahedron the number six. Six points above, and six points of the star pointing below. As above,  so below. It exchanges the energies, allowing some entities to come through, as this portal is spun in reverse. Then, Saturn represents career, work, materialism, success, and many will find a hard time in keeping things grounded. Lust and sex will be out of proportion as many will feel overindulgent in these acts, even more so, to the extreme.  Mars itself is also retrograde in Capricorn. With this planet being retro in Capricorn as well, shows us that this will be an endless battle for some, as they fight within themselves, getting defensive, or letting their guards down too much.  This leaves many vulnerable, and taking things way too personally. Old issues arise, and start a battle within the mind and spirit, as one tries to work through their negative thoughts, but find that they can not let go of issues, even though they may have already reached some resolve in them before. It is like reinstating issues that you should let go of, since you already started the process to do so. You are waging war within yourself. Mars is a fire sign, and this is all about passion, strength, determination, drive, fighting through things, and getting through the worse in life. Reversed, this energy becomes feeling motivated but not knowing what to do. Lacking the passion needed to make choices or steps.  Feeling weak in life, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually…and for some…physically. It makes one live in their battles rather than resolve them.

Pluto is a planet about the occult, mysticism and the secrets of one’s self. It also works with the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind, as does the moon, only more severe. Now, reversed in Capricorn, it will make people feel confusion, overly obsessed witht heir spirituality, and acting out unconscious behaviors, from their subconscious mind. What does that mean? Well, if there is trauma in the past hidden deep, you may do tings that reinacts this trauma, or you may find that you are exhibting traits from your past trauma, or situation. Capricorn is all about the lust, sex, and material body as well as material world. Pluto being about the hidden secrets, may have you working on sexual issues too.  It will make you fight with the energies of Mars, over your beliefs, thoughts, and your own motives in life.

We have Uranus in Aries too! Aries is associated with Mars, Mars is retro, and Uranus being affected by Mar’s original home, in retro this does some damage. Uranus is a planet of philosphophy, science, technology, intellect, wisdom, gatherings and any group dedicated to ideals concerning humanitarian work, or activism. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, and it rules uniqueness and being one’s creative self. In the world, it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures. Uranus among all planets most governs higher intellect. Through out time, it was associated with illumination and in anti-establishment, among other things. In reverse in the sign of Aries shows that we are living in a time of extreme radical change, which is being hidden by the powers in the world. Science, spirituality, politics, and extreme  change are taking place in the world, but in a path of negativity to enforce change. This is heavy change, because if you look at the world, it is being turned upside down.

Mercury being in retrograde, makes technology crash, people have difficulty in understanding one another, they jump to conclusions, and they find the battle of Mars, making them extremely paranoid and defensive.  This will make many, extra sensitive. The same for Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet, of dreams, psychic ability, aspirations,  and spirituality. Pisces was the sign of Christ when he was here on Earth, so this in symbolic terms “reverses spirituality”, closing the awakening as I have said many times before, because the new foundation is laid and people are already on the foundation of what they are going to be believing in through the next 2000 years.

In all, there will be global change and disruption. Things like the “temple” will have to come down, to be rebuilt, which is already in its demolition phase. In this we have alot significant things ot be truly aware of, and we can not let these forces to bring us down. however, the degree.

With Neptune, its retrograde makes it so that you have doubting in your beliefs, you seek to mold back into a phase of questioning, wondering and doubt. Pisces is a sensitive, compassionate,  empathic,  faithful, friendly, and caring energy. This energy is one that uses imagination, creativity, and their dreams to make it through life,  Neptune its ruler, is in retrugrade, so this means a time of oversensitvity, feeling dreams do not matter, or not giving up on dreams that are already shattered, when there is no longer a chance

Dreams become delusions, self imposed ideas come to life, and one begins to hear voices, while paranioa sets in. Trust is difficult, and one will look to the occult or spirituality for answers, even leading some like I have always predicted… into the new age ahead, very much having been put back to sleep, or wide awake in new philosophies for the new way of life here.  This means, more ego, more impulsive behavior, more depression, leading to more crime and self indulgence to ease the pain. The spiritual growth that they had made in the 2012- 2017 phase, will be halted and many people will find that they blend their own belief, with doing more of “what thou wilt”. That is fine and all considering many can choose to do “what thou wilt” but the latter part of that phrase is, “harm none”. but many do not realize that their unbalanced thoughts harm others as thoughts are shared here in the airways of the matrix. People harm each other in their actions. All of that is manifesting a disharmonic state. People are also harming each other in their deeds, words, carelessness, inconsideration, and greed. Sexuality is spreading disease, and religion is all about control as the law/politics is as well, and its all about to get worse.

Look, you can all call me dogmatic, negative, or a downer, but these are facts. I often get excluded from spiritual groups simply because I am sharing deeper thought that is different from the “Golden Age” approaches idea that is being spread about. I agree, there will one day be a Golden Age, but not any time soon. There are efforts of getting people to accept transhumanism, agenderism, as well as leaking out things involving incest, child sexual abuse in hidden subliminals on media. The ideas of the Golden Age are to combine all religion into one controlled one. Politics will have its change. The old religions were good foundations of truth, but are littered with deceptive teachings that keep people suppressed in their knowledge.  The new way will have it’s male leader or his followers, who are often represented in photography, pouring water to symbolize the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is a “man pouring a pitcher of water”. If you recall in previous lessons, Christ had told his disciples: Luke 22:10  “Where do you want us to prepare for it?” they asked. He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters, and say to the owner of the house, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?’ He will show you a large room upstairs, all furnished. Make preparations there.” The truth is though that the leader “above” is the male with a pitcher of water as this is the celestial ruler of Aquarius. But As above is so below, so we need a ruler on Earth too, and in this it will be the female counterpart to the “God” of Aquarius which is Uranus.  There is a female leader who is going to lead. So what does all of this have to do with retrogrades?

What is a retrograde?

Well, first of all, our “Gods”, will be in retrograde. What does retrograde actually mean? In a retrograde, a planet appears to move “backwards”. So from sky view here, it looks lifesast to west rather than west to east) across the sky. Mercury is the most popular retrograde so using this as an example, if you picture Mercury and Earth circling the Sun like cars on a racetrack. A year on Mercury is shorter than a year on Earth  which means Mercury experiences four years in the time it takes us to finish one solar loop. When the planets are next to one another on the same side of the Sun, Mercury looks like it’s moving east to those of us on Earth. But when Mercury overtakes Earth and continues its orbit, its straight trajectory seems to change course. So it is that it seems to be working outside of the planetary energies, have negative reverse affects.

Now what?

with the planets in the position of the interference rather than saying in reverse, now that you all know what it means, this creates a rocky state of affairs. You don’t have to allow it to negatively affect you though. There are things that you can do.

  1. Pull back from communication if you feel sensitvie. What you think others are projecting, could be just you, reading into thigns as a result of your own mood or insecurities.
  2. Try to redirect your thoughts, if negative ones come up for you. Think of something else, or do something to stay busy.
  3. Cut back and save at this time since Jupiter and Saturn together may at times, bring some delays to your growth in those areas.
  4.  Don’t question your own beliefs too much, and try to back off of other influences that may make you analyze your beliefs.
  5. Keep awareness on what is happening all around you. Be careful with informational resources though, as some are unreliable like some news channels on TV and Youtube. Don’t believe everything that you hear.
  6. Try to remember the things in these articles as over the next years, you will see much of it unfolding. This will keep you a few steps ahead.
  7. Take care of your spiritual, emotional, and mental health, as well as physical with clearings and balancing for you aura and chakras, as well as meditation and a good diet.
  8. Don’t feed the negativity. If there is an argument or disagreement just walk away. Try not to care about what others think. Let them have their own opinions, ways, and beliefs unless it is terribly hurtful. Then stick up for yourself in a kind and loving way.
  9. Decision making should be done by aligning one’s self to the goddess energy.
  10. Try to stay busy.
  11. Don’t spend too much time on social media. One hour a day to avoid interference and upset.
  12. Try to steer clear of wired areas, lower vibrations, cellphone towers, and long moment on the computer or cell phone. Go out in nature instead.

As the world around you shifts and changes in the next few years, you will too.  But the most important thing is that while this bring obstacles, out of bounds feelings and thoughts that come up, resurfacing issues , insecurities, and issues out there in the world too, you have the power within yourself to change it. You can do that, by following the advice and pushing onward with your goals, no matter how hard it all may be. Accomplishing getting through one obstacle at a time, will help you to start having the power to mold and shape your reality instead of having molded and shaped for you by the forces of human rulers, and spiritual alike, not to mention the planetary powers too. We now usher in the changes that will make mankind more cold hearted, insensitive, inconsiderate, full of overindulging habits and behaviors that could hurt others, and lots of political, spiritual, scientific, and religious change comes with it. Good luck as we hit the out of bound zone, that welcomes the global energy at its most unbalanced in awhile, to act as the antichrist’s tool for the dawn of a new world order.

Don’t forget the Blood moon, and the lunar and solar eclipses as they represent something deep.