Battle For the Soul

Battle For the Soul, spiritually, and in this world. 

 Spiritual Warfare, (Physical)

The Creator says that there is a battle waging in the heavens, but yet, refers to the Consciousness, as a Heaven itself. Humans on Earth are all connect in the Consciousness, in this collective. Therefore, the war in the (heavens) Consciousness/Spirit, is happening within each soul, and in the atmosphere of the collective here.

How does this happen through people? 

Before moving on, I want all readers to know that this article is in no way directed at any particular person. I wanted to make that clear for those who are sensitive, and may think that it is indirectly implying something. It is meant to educate and inform. There is truth to it.. Now, let’s take a look at how spirituality is used in a negative way, and later we will learn, what is really behind it.



 “He who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs in by another way, that man is a thief and a robber (John 10:1).

In spirituality, we have dark things going around in the air. In this, many are indirectly working for entities, who want people to go down a road of false wisdom.  They will do anything it takes, to try to lure others into this path, with presentations of ideology that is not truth, nor will it work. Anything to divert their attention from wisdom. I have noticed, that many will try to go after marketing strategies to gain following, in order to do this. Some not even knowing they are promoting false agenda, but they are aware of the fact that they luring people away sneakily.  They go on pages of other teachers, not befriending the teacher, but instead, befriending their people. This is to wait for an opportune moment to strike, and to find some small fault to attack, to try to lead a person’s students away from them. For example, I have always gained my following by people finding me on their own, and referring me to friends. I never added anyone who had a following of their own out of respect. I earned my trust and my followers honestly. By word of mouth, and in loving kindness and trust. I never stole anyone’s messages either, and if I referenced older texts, I mentioned it. You are not merchandise, nor are you bait. Not to me anyway. You should not let yourself be succumbed by others who are after your soul, for whatever their reason may be. A true teacher finds their own people, who they see in their hearts, have a similar thirst. 


 There are plenty of thieves and robbers today entering spirituality, but they are dressed as wolves and wolves among the sheep are a dangerous combination. Typically “The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3) “and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice” (John 10:4).

This is saying that, the teacher, when personally speaking to the person, will be able to make sense and reason to others, that gets down there deeply. They will touch a deep place inside, as the Creator’s light comes forth from them. The person will know within, that this is someone who is here to protect and educate. They will feel the truth in their words.


 The thief only wants to come “and steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) but “The good teacher lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11). 

This means, that the person has a motive of their own intent, and they will do whatever it takes to ruin another person. There is a difference between hurt and standing up for one’s self.  There is a difference between discernment and judgment. An example of one of the teachers  that I know of, who have had this done to them, was Teal Swan. I admit, we have a different beliefs  we are promoting here. I do not believe in everything she teaches. Just like, I do not expect everyone to agree with me. While I wish everyone would at least gives this all a chance, and go a lot deeper, as they may see the truth, it is okay if they do not. It is not for everyone, and I know some, are on other levels of their journey. Everyone will feel comfortable with one teacher, or the other. But, I do respect her as a person. I love everyone. But, I do not add her. Nor  do I speak to her fans, unless they seek me out directly, and as long as they have cut communications. I always say, out of respect please work only one teacher at a time. I also ask that other teacher’s work not be placed into the mix with mine, unless trustworthy and even if not similar, at least for it to be close in wisdom and for good intentions. People think it is egotistical to keep others from posting other information. It’s not. It is just that I am merely trying to teach her, and too many teachers in one classroom, with their own teaching styles, and having those who feel more so with one teacher over the others, it can get confusing for all of you. Me, I personally do not care, as long as it is truthful insight the teacher is promoting.

It is alot of work and very time consuming.  It may be more so, for me though, at times. That’s because I am not only a teacher, but a psychic, healer, and a counselor too. Lots of work, and energy being put out of me. Its my soul, and the wisdom of it, would you not protect yours? But teachers should be respected.  You never see me commenting on anyone’s  Youtube channel for recognition, nor do I trash talk anyone. I voice my concerns truthfully, without malice or hurt, in privacy, if there are any. I also point to obvious truths and let others decide for their own choice. I never use anyone else’s teachings either.  One tactic other teachers use, is to quote another teacher, by changing a few words, and pretending it’s theirs. Many will say “It is spirituality, it should be taught and spread”. I agree. However, the author should be given credit. Their heart and soul went into the work after all, and what if other wish to go deeper? They need to find the teacher. but many use those teachings, to bring glory to themselves, and that is not humble. I feel that,no one deserves to have hate directed their way either. Hate directed from one teacher, to another is not humble, nor is it kind. People that disagree with others often attack as well. I saw starseeds, who commented under posts that they disagreed with, with terrible language and hurtful words towards the person posting. It just doe snot seem right. A humble soul such as a starseed, should know how to react and how to teach. It is just my observation, in knowing those types of souls. Many whom I have read psychically, are kind, humble, quiet, and sensitive, the true epitome of a starseed.

 If someone disagrees  with their teacher,why not just ask the teacher kindly, about their concerns? Or, they could go privately to their own trusted teacher at the time, and see what they think of something or someone. They may be honest, but it should never be malicious. Also, something people should understand, is that a teacher may use symbolism, or indirect teachings, and parables in their work that others may not understand all together, until the seek out the deeper meaning. A good teacher gives lessons disguised in things, for others to figure as they go, when ready. If it dawns them, “Hey what did they mean by that”?  Then, it is certain, the message is ready then to be revealed. Therefore, they should ask. Just because someone does not understand, does not mean the teacher is wrong, but instead, that the person receiving was not ready yet. You won’t believe how much of my teachings are covered in symbolic analogies, and one will not get it, and just dismiss me instead. Instead of seeking deeper. Be sure you ask first..

And if you do not agree, then why not just ignore the figure all together, and find someone you trust? If you do not resonate, then that teacher is not the one for you.It doe snot make them a terrible teacher, if you do not agree. Their perception may work for others at another vibration. I see many spiteful things happening in spirituality today, that people who say they are messengers, or starseeds, the most humble of all souls, go and attack others, or are malicious, and even calculating instead? Each person will pay a consequence for their actions at some point though, false teachers, to false students who attack true ones. No matter which, there are consequences in the great even exchange. “That is why I say, that this all serious. It is not easy for we teachers either”.You have to understand, for we teachers, no matter what we teach, we are under alot of pressure. Everyone is examining us, looking for some kind of flaw to pick out, in a competitive world of spirituality, where it should not competition at all. Things that are not spiritual at all, have made their way into spirituality, like envy, hunger for fame and power, and competition. These are people’s souls for goodness sake. How could any of those feelings ever fit into that? But none the less, they have.  Where does this spiritual war come from? Let’s take a look.. It goes deeper, beyond human reactions.

Spiritual Warfare on the Other Side

The Faustian Contract. This is a person selling their soul, but how does one do that? You are a body of light energy. Your aura, and chakra system, cycle in energy from this reality to the DNA, and brain, then back out again. All of that energy vibrates at 3D. This gives your thoughts, and emotions an image to be physical here. Once visible and a part of this reality, you see only that which you vibrate to. 3D. The rest is forgotten.  It shouldn’t be though, because in the air as beings so malicious and out for the spiritual energy of mankind, that everyone must be aware of. As above, is so below, so the heavenly hierarchy is also replicated in the lower heavens. Humans are in 3D, only 2 layers down before nothing. Archons, demons etc, all are intelligence, and reside in the lower realms, and in the astral world.  Parasitic entities and attachments are in the lower. None of them are streaming light from the creator, so they need to get it from somewhere. They obtain it from humans.

aura-cleansing-negative-entity-1First, they are not allowed to touch a soul without its permission. Its true. So they gain it indirectly. They have human rulers, leak out subliminal messaging in TV, radio and media, to bring a person down in their confidence and using things like sexual immorality, ego, and depression, regret, guilt, shame, loneliness, resentment, envy, hunger for fame, anxiety, possessiveness, jealousy, anger, irritation, frustration, covetous feelings, lust, and wealth. Then once the person succumbs to those energies, it is indirectly inviting the entity to enter. Like attracts like. But being at another vibration, still the entity can not go into the density of the human energy. So they send in first, the parasite. It attaches, and eats a hole in the aura layers, with sucking off of the person’s  negative energies.  Thriving on them, as they go. Once the hole is large enough, the bigger entity enters filling, up the space, and becomes a part of the person. They then start sucking out the negative energy for themself. They will then have the power as an attachment, to control the person’s thoughts and feelings through the mental and emotional layers of the aura, which control thoughts and feelings. They will implant even more there. They live on that person’s energy, disposing it into a darker form, on the other side. More and more of that soul that is converted to a lower vibration, adds up there, until now.. there is not much of their consciousness left.However, the body can not be soul less, so they leave a small fragment there to inhabit the body, and to use, to keep pumping out energy. The entity can now perform a walk in, and drive the person from inside. The entity is now using the body itself. The person will have a part of their soul in there, but most of their soul will be a shadow self on the other side. This is why possessions still feel like themselves, and no one ever suspects. The entity will live through the person, to have access to this dimension. The whole thing with these entities is that, they want life again. Or they want a life they never had. Some will have been humans at one time, or they are demons made for the sole purpose of working for the archons. They do not wan to be found out. So, all of that kicking and screaming in Latin, in movies, is not a true pure form of possession, unless the person is a hive. I’ll touch on that a bit more in a moment. While the walk in, or even an energetic external possession is happening, the person is drained, and no longer able to feel, they are numb. They have no motivation, and they start to change a bit. They start becoming deceitful.  Later on, if the situation is never fixed, the remaining small fragment of light that still existed in the person inflicted, will be confronted by their shadow aspect of self, and taken with it into the lower realms. In those lower realms, exist souls of humans who were, Rapists, Molesters, Thieves, Liers, Deceivers, and Lazy people. Also, people who have used others in life (when they had been alive), and those who were egotistical. People who are delusional, depressive, abusive to others, manipulators etc, are also in those realms. The negative self, is the anchor that New Age speaks of,  when talking about negative energy acting as an anchor to hold one back. The shadow demonic version of self, that now belongs in the realm made for those souls, lures its last piece of light, back to itself. This is like purgatory
The soul there will join with others like it, and work in that lower area of the legion. If they happen to be rescued by their spiritual guides, then they will reincarnate, but there is a good chance they will still be plagued, as lower vibrational entities do not to lose. They are greedy, and what they feel belongs to them, they will fight for. Especially, because they do not want anyone going back to the Creator, or to the light. The more dark that is converted to light, later on they will not exist anymore, and they know this, and that is why they are working so hard behind the scenes, and within other people, to mislead anyone that they can. Even on a global scale using spirituality, and also media, together.I know that no one wants to hear any of this. But sadly, its true. People need to wake up. Many have  sold their soul, without even ever knowing it, and it is difficult to retrieve that back without help. But once you gain it back, you have to seek wisdom, and live your life as positive as you can.People who are hosted by those entities, seek glory, and power. As entities are all about control. They will use any tactic to do so. Like I said in the beginning, they will be cunning, sneaky, and witty to lure anyone, when the time is right, from their rightful path.  

They will use the person they have hosted. They use these people for much more too, such as provoking arguments, putting others down, being spiteful and creating conflict.  And they do it so discreetly, and sometimes if the circumstances are right, they will not care and be very open about it. They also love enjoying the five senses, and sexuality. Their confidence is extreme. Much of the media industry is on that level now, as well as many spiritualists who are influenced to aid the agenda, unknowingly, by diverting people from truth. And, by promoting the false agenda. Everything right now matters.There is a battle for your soul, only many do not see it, and they think they have control of it, and they don’t. Everyone is a victim. It’s time to fight back. Fight for your soul against archons, demons, aliens, and human minions. Since they come as beings of truth it is hard to see who is  a part of the negative agenda. Especially with some wise words, and a smile to greet you  with. They are not going to hold up a sign and expose it to you, but instead they will seem like good people. And perhaps the soul within is, but not the entity on the outside or in. The whole point of hosting a person is to use that person to gain trust from others and to experience life.  Imagine now, who can you trust? Well for one, who else told you this? Not many. Why? Because they are keeping it from you so that it continues, and that you do nothing about it. I tell you so that you can free yourself, and work on reinstating your light, and awakening,  and salvage your soul.

Keeping Clear:

To keep yourself clear as much as you can, clear out soul ties. Soul ties also drive negative energy toward you. You have soul ties to everyone in your past lives, and those you connect to now. Then, everyone has their own connections too. And all of that spiritual energy is streaming back and forth between all of you. Some do not even know who the people that they connected to, are connected to as well. They do not know the extent. What if a soul from your brother’s past life, was a murderer in his past life? Now he and your brother do not know each other in this life, but the tie is there still, and your brother is tied to you. The murderer’s energy is going from your brother to you, no matter where he is in the collective here. If he is evil and negative, that energy is coming to you. Maybe not as severe, but its there.  It is the same with all soul ties, and this attracts spirits too. They will find any way to enter, and they will use anyone they can. They want all souls. You have no idea how serious this is. Fight for your soul..

Also, you want to be clear, smudge a few times a day, and try to fight off negative feelings. Put in positive energy. Even if you feel down, fight through it. If there is no negative energy there, they can not stay.

Have parasites cleared out for you, and if there is a larger entity there, have it exorcised.  Get rid of it. Some could have linked to DNA and follow as a generational spirit, go as deep as you need to if you have to. I also suggest limiting TV, and Music, unless it is positive music. TV though, well, that really has too much frequencies and wavelengths laced into any show, and is not trustworthy. Read, enhance your mind. Knowing truth makes your light brighter.  Meditate. Spend time with your family. Go for a walk. Do nice things for yourself. This will all help.

There is a spiritual war for consciousness, here and in the other realms. Isn’t it time to start standing up, and defending the infinite part of yourself at last? Good luck in combating the forces. I am always here if you need me.

Read here, this is true and interesting. Usually, the people that I add are ones who are learning with me, or others I admire. I also give people a chance too. Everyone deserves a chance to socialize, and make friends. But people do this particular thing all of the time, read more: Social media