Black Agenda, The Gray Way

My history is known to many already but for new readers let me explain why I put out the material that I do…

Firstly, my grandfather on mom’s side is a descendant of the Ó Flaithbheartaigh family lineage. Pure blooded and true. He is distantly related to figures like Oscar Wilde, and traces back directly to the kings of Maigh Seóla. These are the King’s linked to the stories of the sword in the stone and also the gods of the Tuatha De Danaan also known as the children of Danu, Children of Dan… Tribe of Dan. There’s is a rich history steeped in family knowledge all the way back from before they migrated out of the tribes of Israel. They took with them the wisdom and worship of the gods taught to them which spread from Babylon into Canaan. They gave the gods their own new names as they developed their own free speaking language in the new territory of Northern Ireland. Some ancestors stopped and made civilizations in Basque and Northern France as well.

Another descendent from this family line who is well known is the pirate Grace O’Malley. My grandfather held true to the teachings in his grimoire. He had the book passed down to him for over 70 generations but they could not trace it back to the original keeper except that it last had belonged to the ancient Druid Diviciacus. Whom they also titled Alastor. They called him that because he was often summoned by many powerful people for vengeance, in use of his magic. My grandfather and his forefathers before him, practiced the ancient Druid magical way for so long. Nothing good ever came of them.  In fact this was a family line that was enriched human sacrifices earlier on in the beginning. Through that, many family curses were descended down. My grandfather always had the worst of luck and was plagued by shadowy beings, that of course his people have their own name for. He not only practiced the way of magic but he was also on demonologist and in his great intelligence, had even designed some paranormal detecting software since he was very interested in learning more about the other side and what was their beyond it.

All of them were of an O RH negative blood line. He had connections into freemasonry, as well as military and government. Although a lot of it was kept hidden from me, I was still able to peek with my psychic ability. He taught me a great deal, but I had already known probably a lot more than him from my connection with Source in my memories from where I came from spiritually. I used to get into small arguments with him even as early as five or six years old.

My grandfather did not like me because I always stumped him even in some of the deepest spiritual knowledge. All that I can tell you is that coming to visit…he had an energy that you could feel as soon as he even entered into the town. He left a shadowy cloud above it, and everybody felt so uncomfortable, greatly intimidated. Even when he was being nice.

There had always been some entity that lingered on behind him even after he left, having taunted other relatives that he came to see. I lived right across the street from my aunts and cousins. My aunt was his favorite daughter. I think my cousins got it the worst growing up from spiritual attacks. I had them too of course, but they never did bother me much because the light of God was always around me. I always felt like a protector of the family but I still took in knowledge of everything, so that I could be well aware of things later for a time that Heaven revealed to me would come in the future… called “the black agenda“. The books and tapes that he shared and left behind only ever brought more darkness. It wasn’t something that I wanted to get involved in. We had met some pretty well off people, seen some pretty deep ceremonies conducted by the family and others. In my eyes, it was all stemming from the same exact energy that was responsible for all of the ugliness in the world. So I always turned away.

On my father’s side of the family… they distantly related to some of the descendants of the same clan, but those that had been left in Basque. However, within the tribe, the holy grail had been left. The “grail” had even made its way into England and which that family had married into another family leading to my grandmother. My father’s mother. Many of them were vickers a type of minister but then some of them were also linked into the ancient way of Melusina.

Eventually, the two families met through my parents later on. My father had been involved in many different forms of spirituality throughout his lifetime but had also gotten into Hermeticism. He was a Luciferian at one time. His mother was connected to Christian Science. But she had natural gifts, and so they had a lot of psychic experiences too. Long before me, my father gave up his darker path. His baby brother became a Christian minister and after some bad luck with a Satanic Bible that he had, Dad converted back to Christianity. I don’t blame him.

With that, my soul origin and type, reading the Akasha and knowing the real truth on the “visitors”, bloodlines, matrix etc… I have a combo of all forms of spiritual knowledge above, below, and in between. It had put me at odds with my family, cults who hate on me, religions, and even solitary practitioners. They want the same knowledge, but the truth is they just jump from one side to the other, claiming loyalty to one or the other at different times and then some try to blend it, but there’s so much missing information that’s certainly not really making a person enlightened just because they have a little bit of both forms of knowledge from different areas. There is a whole lot more to it. Basically, all that I see are a lot of people following a lot of trends instead of really mastering one path or the other or even transcending duality. Everybody thinks they know the meaning of what that saying consists of, but in actuality if you think of it, their lifestyles speak nothing of the sort. 

This is the second time that I’m posting a photo like this. The point is to represent my zodiac of Capricorn, and the symbolism linked to the missing element of the “middle way”. No left, no right… but the middle. Its also to make the statement in saying “Hey look, I can be a follower too LOL am I cool now?” It’s a nice touch, but doesn’t make me look like a serial killer either haha. Truthfully I am who are evil and want nothing utterly to do with it. I’ve seen enough of it in every form from being subtle to extreme. I have no respect for it. The powers of chaos and light has nothing to do with evil and good. That’s what most people don’t understand.

My first post was here back on February 1st…

Look, I have been involved in so many things and with the knowledge that I have, I just have to kind of laugh at it all now. Many people will do anything to look a certain way, and yet they don’t understand anything of a deeper quality. Everyone’s quick to try to think they are correcting another person when really they don’t know that the person is already 12 steps ahead of them.  If you want to stop playing with amateurs or just one aspect of the Tree of life, and you finally want the real stuff… you know where to find me.

“The gray way” as I call… it like I said, it’s not just understanding one or the other, it’s an understanding of all things in such a way that you are “nothing”. People will not understand such a concept because they are so enriched with the ego. And that is why people in left-handed practices or Satanism, can curse and hurt other people or why some people who act as if they are all about God, can sit and judge and act above others. The ego should not exist in a path of enlightenment but they will never understand what it means to be egoless. There are some forms of holy knowledge, truths that will rock your mind, things that are not out there. And in that, it takes you to a whole other level of existence. Curse me? Your ego is Earth level and beneath me who lives without ego. If I do not live with a personality or an ego, then nobody else’s ego or anything that it projects at me can bother me. I am not associated with this plane or the ones in this ladder of spiritual reality complex. Do you get it now?

It’s a beautiful place to exist. A place without worries, where things do not bother you, and nothing can harm you. and that’s like in bracing a whole other heaven while you are still here on earth. And that’s why it is only the middle path on the tree of life that actually reaches the full top.