Capricorn, are you battling?

It’s true that this July of 2019, Saturn is opposition to the sun. Earth will be in the middle of this confrontation, as Saturn faces the Sun and flips it the bird! You can see more here….where I explain the significance of this event. However, there is something else going on that’s important to those of us under the sign of Saturn… Capricorn.

Does it feel like no matter how hard you work, you never get ahead? None of your goals burst into a huge result, or manifested dream? Do you feel deliberately held back in life and that not enough luck can get you to your wishes for destination? There’s a reason for that. Saturn’s return.

Far from home…

Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun and to enter back into the same zodiac sign that it was in when you were born. It happens a few times depending on how old you are. The first Saturn Return, is a rite of passage that before then, had you go through Hell. Truly. For Capricorn souls before age 30, is an eye opener of trials in their life and trying to fight past the temptations, habits, and destruction that they get caught up in. Saturn has also been retrograde since April 2019 and won’t go direct until September 2019. That causes issues galore. Blockages in ambitions. Then also facing old habits to finally transcend them, if the person doesn’t get lost in them all over again. Money will also be an issue.

Still, it’s the return that creates most havoc. In the past, when Saturn was in Capricorn in 1929-1932 we had the great depression. In periods of 1959- 1962 many things happened. There were Cuban missile crisis, cold war fears. The next phase of Saturn in Capricorn fell between 1959 – 1962 and was filled with fears of communism, Vietnam, civil rights issues, and the infamous visit to the moon. In 1989 we witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall.

As Saturn moves through Capricorn the pendulum swings towards more conformity. As the architect, style changes, new trends are advertised and the old crumbles for the new. On a personal level, emotions will be shifty and you will feel like you are running out of time. Saturn in Capricorn says; “Hey you have to put all that you are into your goals, and there’s only so much time”. It puts the pressure on, and with a return gone retrograde, then you are being put on a loop in trying to succeed in your goals. You get so far, but never any further.

In astrological lore, Saturn is architect of the skies. This planet breaks you down,and makes you fight twice as hard! Wherever Saturn is in your chart will point to your toughest lessons, but the ones you might become obsessed with breaking through. Saturn is about mastery. That’s why those under its sign bust their butts to reach their biggest goals. It makes sense that Saturn is the ruler of ambitious Capricorn, the highest achieving zodiac.

The return lasts 2.5-3 years. During the Saturn return many of us will come face to face with blockages and are forced to push through them. All of the mistakes that you made in the last three decades are mastered. But if you refuse to learn the lessons in the mistakes during that time… Saturn will bring havoc in your life as a planetary punishment. Indeed, the Saturn return starts off feeling horrible but when in the sign and leaving it again, life takes you to new heights. Goals manifest and that loop goes forward finally.

Watch the changes in your planets for answers to things taking place in your life. Don’t worry Capricorn, the battle will end September!

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