Conversations With Heaven…

In my work, I do alot of Conversations with God, readings. Many people come to seek out the heavenly wisdom of the angels, Heavenly Father, or Heavenly Mother. In this, they have found great wisdom, insight, confirmations, and even life changing guidance for themselves. I speak so much with spirit in my line of work for others, that I never like to take advantage in asking for help my self. I try to respect that I am blessed enough to have this privilige and gift to help others, that I seldom bother spirit for me, unless in times of praise, gratitude, or just wanting to vent. In those times, I respectfully and thankfully take whatever is gifted to me in reply. Here in these pages, will be a collection of some of my own conversations with the heavens as I asked if I could share to show everyone the relationship that I have with my heavely home.

If you have had this reading with me and do not mind me posting yours, let me know! I would love to feature it!