Creating the Universe

Creating The Universe

  A being larger than you could ever comprehend, sat with an empty mind. In contemplation of all that it saw in it’s huge world, it took what it saw, and filled up its mind.  The mind, made of liquid, crystal, and darkness, but silently sat vibration of the quiet consciousness within. Inside, the liquid, darkness, and vibration, were entities themselves too.

  In this mind, there was what they call nothing, but this was not nothing. It was plasma, and the watery deep was well balanced. The watery deep, the darkness, and intention, were all spiritual beings too. Larger than you could know. Coming together, a thought was born. That thought, brought forth the light, shining off of the vibration hitting the plasma/liquid, and reflecting off of the darkness; it made light. This light in this inner Universe, is called Source. Light traveling into both sides of this great mind; to the left was masculine thought, to the right was feminine. These too, became Gods. Consciousness, any form of it, is vibration, intelligence, spirit. It is whether that spirit is aware of itself or not.

  After Source gave separate identities to the portions of its energy, the Mother and The Father, it was time to create the Universe, through the expansion. In this expansion, they would use the balance of the forces of Source, to make the beings (celestial hosts), who would become the Universe itself. But all things need form. The Universe could not be void, nor could it be just a sphere of light sitting in the midst of it. No, they would need to use the attributes and aspects of Source energy to create. And so, they took the two energies of Source, Masculine and Feminine, along with codes and blueprints of creation, made from numbers, sacred geometric shapes, waves, vibration, sound, and light, to form the beings who would fill it.

  The first to be made would be considered, the children of Mother and Father.. (Many particles of light of all sizes). They would go by many names on Earth, but we will get into that when we get to the “Gods” page. For now, those children would be overseers of the different attributes that the Mother and Father took form Source. Every element of masculine energy, and the elements of feminine energy, would be the foundations of programs (personalities) for the children. They would go on to create as well.

  That is when, the Elohim was created. The  Mother, Father, and children, created together. El, means Lord, the word Lord means ruler. Elohim means many Lords or rulers. It was through this family of Lords that creation came about, with the energy of Source. Understand this, the Universe is a place made of atoms within atoms. Like little dolls within smaller dolls. That is our great existence. The Universe is a being, an entity, too large for anyone to conceive of. But to those on Earth it is an atmosphere. Just like if a person was was shrunk down to atomic size and placed inside of your body, to them it would be like a Universe. An atmosphere. That is what we are in the Universe. Specks of energy inside of a larger being.

Source made its two halves collide and gave birth to Mother and Father (two neutrons of divine light), with a loud and loving moan (vibration), and that would be the beginning of it all. At that moment that the Sons and Daughters were created, it started creating trails of light energy, operating on a new vibration, from each one unto the Mother and Father, and back to Source. All would interconnect, even those who would be made later. The mother and Father energy, another soul, combined made what is called the Christ consciousness. Christ, means anointed. Why anointed? Because this being would have a balance of the two sides of the light.  This being “became like God, because it had both forms of perception, and he as a prism for Source, magnifying the great white light into an array of colors, each son or daughter taking control of a ray. They would all work with their own ray of light, but together using the patterns, vibrations of sound, and the codes, to start branching this web of light out even further. They (souls , light, of all sizes) started forming the great Akasha, our Universe. The Akasha is, those trails of light and vibration that interconnect each being in some way. A great labyrinth of light that will always lead back to Source in the end. However, the beings that would be made later on, would all experience Source in a different way. They would all be on a different vibration of light, which would later hold the attributes handed down to them from Source, which were distributed by The father God, and his consort.

All would need their own access of the blueprints, and miniature versions of the codes. The shapes of Sacred Geometry, that they would use as the building blocks of the Universe around them. To use in their great thoughts, within, in which they would experience this Universe around them. Each being would go inward, to experience their own “reality”, their own worlds, with whatever they wanted in it, taking inside of them the patterns, attributes and codes, that they would want in their inner worlds.  The Creators, not in a form, but instead as giant orbs of light, in which the atmosphere around them, was as a 4D movie screen.  The blank slate they called, “The Cave of Treasures” (Book of Adam and Eve) the nothingness that they began with inside of their “minds’. This would be the same for all of the host.. and it was. It expanded throughout the void, making a large tree of light, the akasha. Each branch at a different vibration. This what the Kabbalah was speaking of. Our universal tree to climb through our development of the mind, each branch, a different degree.  This leads us into the angelic realms, of the beings made just a little lesser than those Lords, made with a ray of light and vibration, in which they would build their domains, in those rays of light.

After the great expansion, and creation of this incorporeal tree, of which was and is, and always will be, the Great Elohim, more and more was added, as the experiences continued on inward.