Daily Schedule-.. Psychic Schedule

I do not sleep. It is time early morning, to make the posts. The people need nourishment. I am not posting for attention, I am not posting to show off or gain popularity. I post to educate and nurture. To plants seeds that will later hatch. It takes me 2 hours to make them all as all have to be different. I do not want to post the same thing. I do not want to bore them. Life is supposed to be fun. Then, it takes me 2 hours to put them on all social media platforms.

By that time, it is human lunch time. I do not eat, so I continue  working. I have to check the emails. My daughter is my secretary but there are many emails with questions she can not answer. I spend two hours answering them. I do not want anyone to feel neglected. Others if not emergencies, I will put off until later. Then, I head on over to Facebook.  I see many posts. I see many intentions behind them, good, and otherwise. Not any really bad, but some centered in ego. How can I overlook it, I see so deep…?

I see a post that was like mine from yesterday. The person got more likes. Why didn’t mine? It was the same exact thing? I wonder why the teacher does not get as much support as her own student. Then I think, “I am glad this person posted this though, it shows I influenced goodness”. Then, I feel proud. Oh my, look at all of those facebook messages! Oy, I know some of my closest friends and following have sent me a message. I have to answer. I love them so much, but then I will see the others whom wrote in. How can I answer them all? It will take most of the day. I can not give a stupid answer. I have to make sure these people are set up properly.  I did not even get to the readings yet. There are 6 sitting in the scheduler for today. I love the readings. So much fun. I get to half of the messages in facebook. Many of the other messages are from random people who want me to chit chat. I want to , but I just can’t..

To the readings! I get two completed. Spirit is following me everywhere. Who is this Asian guy? Ah yes, that is _____’s  grandfather, she must e getting a reading, this week if he is around. Now, he will follow me everywhere.  I have to use the restroom. He follows me. “Excuse me sir, I need some privacy”.  He doesn’t listen. “Okay if you do not mind, then I don’t”, and I go right there in front of the spirit. He wouldn’t leave anyhow. The cell phone that I try so hard to lose through out the day, is buzzing. “Amber can you get that?” She tells me it is my next appointment. “What appointmen?”,  I wonder.  I only had the six that I saw in the schedule. Amber tells me it was a last minute emergency in Mantua. I have to catch an Uber 15 miles away, and be back here for my son.

The in home reading went well. Poor dear. She was so depressed today. I brought it with me, as I absorbed her pain, to ease it for her. I am crying now for no reason. Everyone at home asks me what is wrong. “I am just so sad”. “Your client had a rough day Ally?” Mom asks. I nod yes. I already missed Noah’s arrival from school. He is upstairs. I walk up the stairs. I suddenly feel drained. The room is spinning. I fall backwards and catch the railing so as not to tumble. Noah yells “Hey Mom” from his room. “Hey Buddy, how was school?” I ask, pretending I am not about to fall over. He says “Fine”. Same answer every day. I hug and kiss him. “Gotta lay down bud, for a few minutes”. I lay there, and go out of body. I have to release this energy.

As I travel in the realms, all of the spirits over there were waiting for me on the other side. I feel plagued. I feel overwhelmed. They all want time. What is time? The air goes freezing cold. I am dead. My eyes open, skin white, and cold skin, the realm fades and as I come to, mt mom is there “Ally, …Ally,… ALLY!  I look bewildered. “I hate when you do that Alls, you seem deceased”. Its okay mom, I am only half dead. I know what I am doing. Amber hears I am back, and yells, “Whats for dinner Mom?” I tell her, “whatever she and Noah wish.”, for I do not eat dinner either. They cook something up, and I am back to the next reading, number 4 for today, and two more to go, on the schedule. First, I check in with my other best friend. I feel her overwhelming energy from her daily frustrations. I only want everyone to be happy. Why can they not see their full potential?  Then, I check in with my life coaching clients by text message. I hope they had a nice day. I hope ____ worked on their anger. I hope ____ had no anxiety. All of them are in a good place, so am I now. If they are happy, I am too.

I go down to spend a few hours with the kids. We take my cat Jakey for a walk. Then, I go and pray with the kids outside in my garden sanctuary. Jakey is clawing at the door, he wants to be there, so I get up and let him out.  As I do, the kids run away to hide in this distraction, my prayers take forever …they claim. After evening prayers, it is time to finish the last two readings. I do it  in an hour and half. I have the rest of the night to sit with my kids. I feel that the little time that I had with them, is nothing. Amber asks” You get those readings done?” As I descend from my upstairs office. “Yes”, I say with a smile. Will they like it, will they understand it? Did I help them? Did they take it seriously?  It was truth but will they see it that way? Was the person ready? So many worries, as I can not let anyone down.

Dad is still up. He tells me “Ally you gotta go eat something”. I tell him I have no hunger. But my loving daughter goes and secretly makes me something to eat. It should be vice versa. She calls me to the kitchen. “Eat”. She says… I tell her it should be vice versa. “Mom you help so many people, no one takes care of you, its the least I can do.” I play with the food. I start feeling guilty and sad for the poor veggie who died tonight on this plate. it was a life. Then, I think of all of the people out there who do not eat, and starve from poverty. I can not eat while they starve. Its not fair. I make it look like I ate some, by shoving the food to the one side of the plate. “Done, thank it was good” I say. She is hawking my plate and how much I ate anyway. “Mom you did not even eat anything”. Here comes the fight.

“Amber I do not eat. I am not hungry like you all are. Others starve, why should I eat, and if I am not hungry anyhow . That poor living plant died for no reason. it was a life”. I explain to her, as I do every night. “You are an idiot” Amber tells me. I look stunned.” I say no, I am not an idiot. I am made of energy, and so my only food is energy.”  “No Mom that is stupid”. She doesn’t get it, not yet, she will though. I laugh. “Wait.. did my own kid call me idiot just now?” I giggle. She knows what I am laughing at, and she laughs too. . I go to the living room to see Dad, and Noah too. Mom is at the table and wants a reading of her own. “Okay”, I say. The kids look disappointed”. Amber asks my mom, “What do you need a reading every night for? This is our time with mom”. After the reading, I go to my cell phone. I know my friends have texted. They are so sweet, always reaching out to me, to make life happy. They know that  I do nothing but work, and their friendly conversation makes my day.  I love how they appreciate me. It feels good, and makes this all worth it. I answer each with  a voice app to go quicker though..Somehow, it always messes up my words, and now I am feeling like the idiot that Amber called me earlier. I laugh. . Then, it is finally 11 pm here, and time to sit with the kids, as they watch their show.

I hate TV. “Mom you are so boring”. This is why nobody likes you, she says. “Oh boy here it comes”. She lectures me telling me that I am boring, and too extreme, no one likes me because I am not like them and living in this world with similar interests. She proposes no body likes me because “You always have to be sooooooo perfect”.  She drags out the “soo”. I do not mind, she is venting, and even though she is bit snooty to me, I think she is the bestest friend I have ever had. Even though she thinks I should be a little more earthly, she is the only one who gets me.  She goes back to her show. I glimpse at it. The colors on the TV are blinding and made of ripples and waves, projecting from the screen. My awakened vision makes it hard to watch, so I try to see beyond it.

It does look entertaining. I catch myself watching at the foolishness on the TV .” Reality is not reality for real Amber”, I tell her. “It is all scripted”. “How?” She asks. I point out every ounce of body language and the thinking of the people on the screen. I just literally made her hate her show. She puts another on, all excited to show me.  “Amber, this is set up, look at how the actresses eyes dipped to the left, she is obviously lying”. She gives up and shuts the TV off. Instead, we go hang out in my office, with spiritual tools. We do some magic, do some cards, discuss the day. She makes me answer like a hundred psychic questions about her future, people she knew, and past lives. Then she heads off to sleep. By this time, I did not even know the time. I feel the air. Must be around 3 am. I feel the change in the atmosphere. I look to the computer, I am right.

Now it is time to pray. I pray for everyone now. new requests, people I know, family, friends, their family and friends, my own, my clients and their family and their friends and pets. I pray for the world,—–“Mom go to bed already,you pray so long, why do you not just ask god to help everyone and everything in the world, and go to bed already”? I laugh, it did take a few hours, but I have to make sure I get everyone. Last person, time to write my blogs.

At 5 am, I finally lay down. My eyes roll to the back of my head, and my soul rises into the spirit world. Physically, I feel the the spirits tugging at my toes. “Why do they always do this”, I wonder? My cat sees them, and I come back to 4D from 6D, to see what is touching my shell. I see my cat climbing up on my shallowly breathing chest, to protect me. Spirits are scared of cats. ” Thank you for teaching me that Archangel Ariel”… I think to myself. I see the spirits. Different every night. An old man, my deceased Uncle, and a little girl who was struck by a car 7 hours ago in the city. Hovering over them spiritually, I tell them, “I am here”. They look up. My uncle is there to say hello. The girl and the elderly man, are there to find help. I lead them to the light, and then go to check on my students, and clients real quick, and then to receive prayers from those who pray to me from feeling connected to me as a teacher and messenger. I take their prayers to the right department so to speak, and the easy ones, I answer my self, but it takes time to manifest into the material world. I go back to my realm for a bit.

Then, distantly I here my mother’s voice. “Ally, come back,… come back Ally.” I descend to my body and she feels the breeze as I do. She knows this means I am there again. She help me sit up. “You have to get Noah to school, how long you been out?” “What time is it here?” I ask her. She points to the window. The sun is up in the east. It must be 7 am. “Only since 5 am”, I reply. “Did your soul get any rest?” I tell her no. She is used to it. I wake up my son. His soul is hovering in and out as he breathes, half in dream, half in life. He comes to. I see his dream abruptly end. I know he will not remember this one.

Noah gets to school, and now it is time to start the day over. I refuse to live in repetition. Today will be different. I have a charity event, I’ll do yoga, and I will spend some time with the Creator. Spirits already fill the kitchen. Got to help them first…. This is one of my days. My heart longing for each person that I help to take me seriously, and to grow. I love people. I love everyone. Each day, brings me the hope of great change for everyone. Today will be a new day, even though for me, I live in the past, the present,and the future all at once, and sometimes, my whole life feels like it is just one day.