Destruction and Birth- Truth on the 11:11 Phenomenon


There are changes coming. Don’t you feel it in the air? Many think that I am trying to promote Masonic teachings. Others.. they think that I am totally against them. In truth, I am neither. I say, every man is capable of making their own choices. I am only here to shed some light on some things, and it is up to the reader to decide whether they feel it repsonds within their core, as being true or not. I am not against anybody.  I present what I know, and that is it. I have no judgements or reservations towards others, except I do feel that I disagree with people being deliberately misled. C’mon now, that isn’t right. I love people so much, that I will be here if they so choose to take another perspective in their spiritual development.

In this day in age, there is alot of misconceptions out there on the meaning of things.  Or, if we look at this in another perspective, perhaps everyone has their own meaning for things? How can that be though? If we all live within the same environment, how can there be many interpretations of a reaity made by a certain set of codes?  I have taught many times, that our eyes do not perceive images, they perceive only light.  Don’t believe me? Check out this article written by Ken Rockwell. He really breaks it down there, on how the eyes see light, and how the brain interprets that light, to finally see images. So this means that the light all of our eyes are seeing, is being translated the same way within the brain.  I talk about the brain in Truthology the Course. However,  this is true. Spirits who are living in the human experience, are connected in some way, to translate light the same. So would that not mean that there should only be one overall truth behind all of this? Sure, we have many different feelings , and different ways of perceiving situations, morals, and information. However, it is only different in how the brain translate that info.

How different are humans really? Not much at all. Everyone feels the same emotions, just in different situations, at different times.  Emotions like, being happy, sad, excited, worried, anxious, angry, frustrated, afraid, hurt, guilty, cheerful, inspired, and grieving, are all a part of the variations of mood that humans experience.  They love, they protect, and they defend. Survival is the main instinct, and then they protect family. I could go on and on, but the point is this,  it is common in all.  In this, the numbers in the mathematical makeup here, are the same. We see this in the DNA. In the DNA, humans share the same billion genomes,  that make them a race. Some within this DNA, matches that of all of life here on this Earth. Everything is numbers. Creation, Mankind, Names, and direction. Going forward with this, dates, the changes of Earth’s axis. Everything is math. As above, is so below. Just like everything is made in math, our culture is steeped in math. Social security numbers, credit cards, and planned events. Even “other” planned events, for specific energies to come in, in certain locations, to specific people. It all has to be lined up in numbers. But do many people have the right meaning behind the numbers? Is there really a way to change the meaning? Not really.

Going back to the Bible, many claim it is the book of the true Mason. Is it really? Yes of course. That is because, a mason is a builder.  It is a term dubbed by mankind who made themselves the builders of the surface world. God, the Creators he stationed beneathe him, are all the real true master builders. God placed the math correctly in it’s position to mold the fabric of our world. The Creators under his direction, took rulership of it, and added to it, from within.  From the ancient world, up until our present, one foundation has been being built. Now, that all changes. As it was predicted, one day the rulership of one God, one way, the dream of one culture united as a people in his name, would be destroyed.

In those predictions, it was said that natural disasters would be predominant more than ever before. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, crime, increasing violence,  decrease in morals,  end times predictions, false prophets (false teachers), a new movement to divert the ideas of man, corruption, viruses, diseases, wars, two super powers dueling it out. And it is happening. It would come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as an angel of light. But also covered in the clouds, and like a thief in the night. Firstly, we know that a wolf in sheep’s clothing means that it is a danger, disguised as something good. As an angel of light, means,  presented a message of truth. The word “angel” in its use there, means messenger.   Light always represents truth. In the promotions of this, the double digit of 11:11 was used as a positive message, to mark the upcoming changes in the world around us. But it was defined as meaning ascension,  and growth. Awakening, rapture, Enelightenment. But is that what is really taking place? No. Not just yet. What do we see instead? Well, we see the collapse of morals.  We have wisdom being replaced with Sci-fi. We have humans claiming that they can create, but their lives are still the same. We have a society who seems to be only concerned about looks, success, trends, and money. Things with meaning are now replaced with emptiness, and if not that, than foolishness. Things that make no sense.

That is not to say that growth will not take place far into future though. However, our Creator says that before growth, there is a need for the destruction of the old. 11 represents in the Bible means “last hour” and “judgment” …  It is only one meaning but symbolizes the urgency in “the last chance”… The number eleven is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment. … Coming after 10, which represents law and responsibility. 10, the law and responsibility. 11, the destruction of it. but in doubles, it takes us to a double meaning, of not only the destruction of the earthly laws, but the old spiritual ones too. And that is obvious, in how the old ways are being replaced. Spirituality is being held back in anyone believing in the old wisdom, and it is being replaced with the Occult, but only in what is allowed.  The number 13, is symbolic of rebellion. Then it brings us to 14. 14 is made by double 7’s.  7 is the number of manifestation. It is obvious, that this means, new “manifestation” in double, for the double that were torn down. Spiritual and Earthly law. Deliveranc, but from the old ways.  15 brings a time of rest. With a new world uprising, new laws, new outlooks, new morals, and new conduct, that is even now being instilled.

So as you can see, while 11:11 will eventually lead to a “new way”. But first, the demolition of the old way of life has to take place. From what I know, it will not be what you expect. Rather, it will be a huge tribulation to have to work through. As you look around you, do you not feel that there is something different? Something not quite right? Signs that were predicted, are coming true. Wormwood, Abbadon, have an  association with the number 11 as well. Does that not give you clue enough?