Does God revoke Gifts?

In this article, I elaborate on purity, and the gifts and wrath of the Creator. This is for all of the people out there who ask me….


Some people have asked me if the creator has taken the rewards that were blessed upon them, once they went ahead and did something wrong.. Well, in truth, they took from themselves in the wrong that they did. But yes, the Creator allows it, as a lesson and to reprove a person so that they can learn and grow. Let me explain.


I am but a mere “middle man” when it comes to reaching up the hierarchy for others. Many who had prayed all of their lives, had not received any answers. Then they worked with me, as I humbly revealed truths, sometimes brutally honest and direct, the in your face kind that burn, but deliver change, or in the gentle loving way as a mother would. I do as I am told to. Some ask, “Tell me what are the spirits saying?”, everything that I say is a message from spirit. but that is not to be abused. Once that it is seen that it is? Well that will be covered here.

I petition for people whom I know have trouble on their own, or have somehow lost their way due to the world. In my own personal petitioning, the Creator has always answered my prayers. Never has there been a prayer unanswered. The Creator wants to give perfect and good gifts to everyone, but there is one thing missing, loyalty. I always say that if a person has an ulterior motive, the Creator will see it. They may hide it from themselves, others, and try to hide it from me, but the Creator sees, as it is said: “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account”. He sees all things, as the mother does too. Spirit is all around. So if there is even a slight chance of disloyalty or agenda of self, the Creator will know it, and unfortunately, that is one thing he despises. Other things?

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:
17         haughty eyes,
        a lying tongue,
        hands that shed innocent blood,
18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,
        feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19         a false witness who pours out lies
        and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.


In the passage, it is true. The Creators, Mother, father, their sons and daughters, all detest, liers, plotters, those who scheme, those who are quick to hurt those that have donenothing to them, people who are quick to sell out to wickedness, and anyone who stirs up drama between united bonded people. There are more, but this was a good example. Deception and pride though? I feel for the person having to answer the Karmic Lords for those. That is why I always tell the truth. Whether a person believes it or not, the Creator knows, and that is all that matters to me.

I tell everyone, be humble, blameless, kind, truthful, and compassionate. Be considerate and rid yourself of ego. I have none. My life is lived for everyone else, and not for myself, but yes of course, I do have my limits too. I do so much psychic work, it is nice to be treated a beloved friend at times too. But yes, I live for the people and animals around me. I am merely only using myself as an example, to show everyone how one should see themself and their life. The Creator gives to those who are pure. What makes a person pure? Well, if I can example my own life here, I do not drink (maybe one, at a special occasion), I do not curse (I do say the D-word here and there), I never eat meat, as I barely eat at all unless there is something special happening and I am joining with others who are, and I do pick at sweet stuff, my all time fav- PB and J. LOL But most of the time I sustain on light. I use the time in which I am supposed to sleep to pray for others and return “home”, although after months of working or being exhausted for my gifts, I do end to need a short nap to re-charge. I give and give, and I am full of charity not only in money, but in wisdom, insight, guidance, love, friendship, giving out food, helping animal shelters, and sending blood. I was this way in my past lives too, although in more historically recorded ones, they tried to add elements to my life which did not really happen. I was always this way. I also never share exchange my energy with anyone, I merely give, and I certainly do not do so in intimacy.

Other things are, that I do not lie, steal, cheat, or harm. I also never think of worldly things. Money, beauty, none of that matters to me, although I do try to look presentable.  I barely own any clothes. I have only one wardrobe, and it is my style. I never try to be anyone else, even those I look up to. that would be coveting. I may have once or twice liked something I saw on someone, but I did not go for the entrie look that they had, and did it in my own way for that one piece. I am also honest. I respect spirit, and if I am told something that I am not supposed to say, I don’t. I will also respect the secrets in the methods that the Creator has given to me, evenwhile some out there try to sell them. I give what I can.

I always put others first, and I would never opt for another way in life just for a better material world. I have seen so many teachers do that. I also do not judge. The Creator is the only one who can judge. At times in readings or guidance I have to say what flaws are hurting a person, but it is not for me to look at the person any differently. I would never have anything negative to say about anyone, their family, home, clothing, look, job, or anything for that matter. I know life is what it is, and not everyone is in the frame of mind that I am in, and I accept it. That is another thing, I accept. I take people for who and how they are.

Gifts from Above

There are many examples, but the main thing that brings purity with those things, is that I love God, not for what he does for me, but because I am loved no matter what. In my belief he has given to me so much. I have often at times asked the Creators for many things for others who lost the connection with them, and it was given out of someone loving them enough for the Creators to consider. A selfless act from a pure of heart person, always brings manifestation. And many things will be manifested too. Wealth, beauty, happiness, salvation, forgiveness, change, and etc. God smiles upon the righteous. And the rightoeous who are not only being righteous for the smiles if you get what I mean.

But what about people who turn the other way? What if there is a darkness still lingering in them, that the Creator sees and feels that they should learn? What happens then?


If the Creator feels that a person needs to learn, yes, all gifts can be revoked. Where there was good luck, it will stop. Where there was beauty, things can happen to make them check their ego. In career, and money, the growth can stop. Joy can be driven away.

The Scriptures of the archons say, and it is true, that God is righteous, and that means that God cannot overlook sin. A King who once had the Creator;s favor, who was righteous for all of the right reasons, had changed.  His name was Saul. Saul had later  sinned, and he had rebelled against God. “The Spirit was given to Saul so that he could reign as king. Saul was rejected as Israel’s king, and David was anointed by Samuel. The Spirit of God came upon David, at the same time it left Saul (1 Samuel 16:13-14). An evil spirit then came upon Saul. This spirit could not afflict Saul without God’s permission, so that ultimately this spirit came from God.”

So as you can see, the Creator is perfect, loving a true. So he hates to hurt anyone, even to punish or teach them. So that is why he made diffrent types of Angels to work out things, things that perhaps our Creator would not do, due to being so loving and easy on the human race. Angels of vengence, angels of wrath, angels of karma, angels of judgement, angels of reproach etc. There is a messenger for anything good and bad, for the sake of our Creator. The Creator is only love. But people have to learn from their wrongs here, less, they never get to work out their shadows or karma, and they repeat reincarnation. Spirits are sent to teach people a lesson.

Disloyal? Your friends will turn on. Greedy or worldly? Money and opportunities will be cut off. Thinking negatively about the creator, one of his messengers, or another person? Other will look down on you. Prideful or egotistical? You will find that your looks have changed to get you to question yourself. If things were going well and you misused them, well… they won’t anymore. Yes, in this life you can manifest. But how do you think those manifestations come into a matrix and reality that is governed and owned? The Creator overrides the system so to speak, for you.

In conclusion, you have to always be on your best behavior. And if you have trouble obtaining change or better things, try to be a better person. Then ask someoen who is closer to the Creator, and righteous. While you are trying, the positive energy, your intentions, and the pure connection of the one you are asking through, can work together to mold your life into a better reality. But always keep in mind that our Creator is very giving, but what God gives, he can also take away. The Creator is no one to mess with. Many out there want to forget that there is a Creator, or the fact that there are many. Mankind is but a mere speck of dust in the wind, a small miniscule particle of consciousness compared to the huge Holy of Holies. The journey towards ascension and enlightening should always be a pure one, of your trying to always perfect yourself the best that you can. This way, the you reconstruct yourself for the path of golden illumination. And in a world that is not yours alone, but those who made it, the ones above even them, and even to all of us, not only one of us.

Everything is a perfect gift from the Creator, even the obstacles that help one to learn in order to get even better whithin themselves. One day, I will not be here. the world will change and everyone will see, or worse, perhaps they will forget. But when everyone ventures off intot he afterlife, they will come to see that my words are true. The creator is not about control, he is about order, unity, love, wisdom,  and the freedom of one’s light. But how can that ever be free if people are focused on what is front of them materialistically, and controlled not by the Creator, but by the rulers of this world and the appetites and desires of people who manifest the way that reality is all around them through it. Don’t you see, that you want the wrong things? And that you are controlled by them?  Opt for the Creator’s blessings, and surrender from this world and unto the next, and let the light guide you so that good things can come your way too.