Don’t say you love me

The people in your life will come to love you, how they know how to love you. But the question is… it really love? It’s true that by heaven’s standards, love really doesn’t fit the true definition here on this earth. Believe me. I remember being home in the higher planes, how love was just so pure and truly without conditions. Here on this earth, people really only love each other for some reason or the other. People may think that everybody needs a reason to love somebody. But that’s not true. Really you should love others for no reason at all. To love others just because. Think of God. If you were to look into the minds, intentions, and lives of every person on this planet… Imagine all the things you would see. But yet, God loves us unconditionally. He doesn’t need a reason to love his people. He just does. And that’s because of the virtues that he holds within him. But human beings will never know the perfect kind of love with themselves. They love each other for a multitude of reasons I want those reasons no longer hold the foundations in which they apply, and then the love is gone. For example when a woman asks her boyfriend why he loves her, and he says that he loves her because she’s beautiful, funny and makes him feel complete. Well beauty fades, and sense of humor is change. Imagine if you were to fall in love with somebody right now and they loved you in return for those reasons, but they told you:

“I’m really sorry to tell you this but while I love you now, in about 10 years or so you will no longer be as beautiful in my eyes and you’re not going to make me laugh as much and so be prepared because I will more than likely stop loving you by that point in time.”

Would you still go through with the relationship? Or would you be patient and just merely wait for when somebody came along that would love you always without reason? Could there be such a person? Some people would still go through the relationship because they were loved at the present time, in hopes of changing the future. While it is possible to change the future, just knowing that you were loved for very specific things that may not always be there with a chance of the love fading, should be enough for you to walk away. The person doesn’t love you just because they love you, then there’s always a chance that you may lose that love. And really it isn’t love it all. God loves us no matter what and so we should love each other that way too. But love is more than just the word. Love is an emotion but it is also series of actions.

Don’t say that you love me

Yes. Love is not only just a word or an emotion that you feel, it’s a series of actions. Heavenly Lord, used to tell me that if a person does not show you any love through actions, then they I really do not love you at all. It’s sort of like faith. It requires faith love a person and so like it says in the Scriptures:

“Faith without works, is dead.”

You have to see that a person loves you because people do not have the ability as myself, an oracle would… or even how God in heaven sees. Love requires action. That’s because when you love somebody, it’ll be within you to always want to make them happy or be there for them. Let me give you an example of what love without deed, looks like.

Growing up I have always strived to make my parents proud of me. Out of my love for them I have always tried to do what they have asked of me and to a state of perfection that they could not only see that I did what was asked, but I did it to my greatest capability. However there are some in families that live through very dysfunctional situations. Not matter whether I am an angel or not. Some will know and believe it, but it won’t be enough for them to treat me as such. They see me in the flesh every day and so thin their own selfishness they will still treat me how they treat everybody else just out of habit. I have experienced the same thing even with students and clients at times. There’s many times that I’ve been blatantly disrespected or hurt by one of my students, friends or clients… merely because they were treating me as they were used to treating everyone else in their lives. Getting back to my example, my mother has always been a person that looked out for herself. Now I don’t mean any disrespect in this article toward her, as I love my mother unconditionally but for the sake of helping others to understand, she’s the best example that I have… of what love is not.

There was a time in the past where I had broken my leg, and needed someone to get up and grab something for me because I couldn’t walk on my own with the cast on. However, even knowing that I had a broken leg… my mother would not be there to assist me. Later on in the day, she told me that she loved me and hoped for me to feel better. It did not show that she loved me for her to had been home all day with me, but she was nowhere in sight to offer a hand when I struggled to get up and down the stairs or to retrieve a beverage. I recall back when I had dental surgery. I had just given birth to my daughter Adree six months before. She was only just an infant and not able to get around on her own just yet. They had to remove all of my teeth for giving me dental implants and it was extremely painful. They had given me some pain medication but I did not want to take it knowing what does the body. My mouth was over swollen and I couldn’t move because it just intensified the pain more. Upon asking her to look after my infant so that I could meditate through the pain, she refused. She sat watching television with my father instead. In my mind I kept thinking my mother doesn’t love me. She’s never there to help me. It doesn’t show.

Those are just a few examples of times when a person can say that they love someone but do not show it. Have you ever had a relative in your life that said that they loved you, but didn’t help you when they could? Just recently I started paying the mortgage here at my house as well as other bills and then my business expenses on top. I have also quite a few children that I’m taking care of as well. It’s not easy but I am blessed and truly not complaining. I pay the mortgage to help my mother. So when my phone broke and I couldn’t get to work, no one was around to loan me a few dollars to get the phone fixed. On top of that, there are many times that I have to work but can’t because of my little ones being up and noisy. And so I’ll ask mom for help from, to watch them for an hour or so just so that I can get a few readings done. I’m always told no. It doesn’t make sense considering that my mother wants the money for the mortgage but doesn’t want to accommodate me in making it easy for me to work to pay her. I now have a need to get surgery. After my C-section my abdominal muscles gave out and while I have been healing myself to reduce the pain, it has still been hard to carry some things without having core strength. There are many times that my mother tells me that she wishes that I would get better and that she feels just awful that this is happened to me. But when I need help for her to carry something we watch the children, again I always get the same answer. How can it be that a person love somebody but isn’t there for them and their greatest time does he need? This is been a battle I have experience a lot of my life when it comes to my mother. My mom is nice lady and I have always held the highest regard for her. I definitely don’t intend to paint a negative picture of her in writing this. However, it is the perfect example of people in life who say that they care but don’t show it through actions.

It is similar with others too. Considering I have had a lot of people in my life that have pretended to care about me. They pretend to care for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps maybe they are in need of finances? Or perhaps maybe they are just alone? There may be others even still, that just say that they care for the simple fact that they want the knowledge of God that I hold. Believe me, I have had people in my life that have only loved me because of what I know, and can do Spiritually.

Love is also not selfish. Always remember that people that seem to be all out for themselves don’t really love you but love something that you can do for them or provide for them.

The point of the story is, I can’t love a person and not want to be there for them. When I love somebody I just wanna do everything I can to make that person’s life easier or happier. I have seen clients of mine that became close friends that have gone above and beyond more than even my own blood relatives. That’s what love is about. It’s about wanting to assist somebody especially when they are in a time of difficulty. It’s wanting to bring a smile to their face each day without any calls or reason. Love is always being there to listen. Love is not judging somebody orActing in differently when things don’t go your way. Love is not holding a grudge against somebody when they do some thing that you don’t like or that hurts you. Well that should never make it so that a person hurts you, mistakes are made and they happen. If they repeatedly happen, then the person just doesn’t give care at all. It doesn’t matter what they say or do otherwise. They can say that they love you all that they want but just for the simple fact that they can continue hurting your feelings in anyway, shows that they don’t really care like they say. People will tell you whatever they think you want to hear and that’s usually because there is some kind of ulterior motive behind it. You’d be surprised what kind of motives people have. Some are so small and unbelievable. That’s why you have to be careful in whom you place your trust. People have to understand that love is not just a word that a person says. Even though it’ll never be divine quality, real love here on this earth should be as unconditional as it can be, and require that actions speak louder than words.

Love is a series of actions and if you don’t have actions to back up your words then don’t say that you love somebody. Furthermore, don’t say that you love me.