The Beginning of the Celestial Host- Earth

For those of you who have a scholarly way of learning, here you go… For anyone who struggles with this, let me know. I will do the best that I can to explain.

The Gods as they are thought of, in Truthology Course, it is very simple in deep truth.  My students do not need the fancy names to things.

However, many still do not see that everything that is known to man is a lie. This is going into so many things. I’ve covered alot, in such short time, and maybe there will never come an end to teaching. I have given the keys to higher self, even to those who struggle with the concept, and in learning that there is an order to things. The order is not there to confine, but there are forms, bodies, of consciousness, wiser, greater, and full of  all knowing insight. These authorities keep the order of each plane. They are the foundation of which the grid is firmly placed upon. They are the greater and lesser deities. With the Gods.. Well, that is my area of expertise..

Reading the scriptures, it is a book of mystery teachings. In the very first chapter of Genesis it is stated,

“In the beginning Elohim created “shemayim and eretz”. And eretz was tohu wa bohu and darkness was on the surface of the tehom. And the rauch of Elohim moved upon the face of mayim.

Yes, not your average translation, but this is how it reads in original form. Shemayim means “the Heavens” or more specifically, God’s throne, or the place in which he dwells. “Eretz” means land, or the promised land, but in the form in which they meant it, it means land of the Gods.. Breaking down the other words there, “Tohu wa bohu”means Utter Chaos. However, in the scriptures translated, they say “without form, or void”. There are so many Gods of Chaos. I mean, look at Janus.  Hesiod, to the Greeks.  Set, to the Egyptians. I can go on..

But in looking at the word again, we find that it actually means,  “a deep hallow in a  sea or land”. “Tehom”, means that there was a surging wave of water flowing, and in Truthology, they learned that this was actually representing a wave, a frequency. An opening in which a wave came through of energy. Water is always symoblic of such..  This is a holographic reality anyhow right?, It is  frequency, light,  it needs something to reflect off of.  However, tehom also sometimes is referred to as an abyss. So it shows something now doesn’t it? This is what the Elohim were moving on, right before they created, and this is actually symbolic of their opening a gate in the matrix to start working on the new space.  Having come from out of  nowhere (abyss), and out of a hallow slice in the frequency, (watery deep), it suggests that they came through a gateway made in the reality, and to those viewing it, it looked like they came from out of no where.. But notice how above, I used the term Rauch? A term not known to many, except those of us who have background knowledge of the nephilim and extensive knowledge in Hebrew.

Rauch, to some, meant “spirit”, but it really means “Wind”.  So we gather from this, that there had been a group of Lords, because elohim means, “many Lords”, who came out of a hallowed gap in the frequency seperating worlds, and sort of out of nowhere, and they began to create using more “wind”. Wind is symbolic for thoughts, strong instense thoughts, as air is associated with the thoughts. Now let’s go on to find out who the Elohim were. The council of Creators who began it all.
The Sumerian God Enlil, is the Lord of the Violent Wind. The Rauch, the wind, the thoughts, of Elohim, bore seed within the Virgin Mother. She is often personified as Mary but like I mentioned in my other articles, Mary means “wished for child” and she is associated with Venus, or Isis.. This means that the “wished for child” was a group of people to be born from the programming of Venus. But who came as a representative for Venus in body? Jesus, or aka Yeshua. Yeshua then married a Mary, Mary Magdelene. Magdelene means “reformed prostitute”. In translation, this meant that she was once a woman of the world, and in this she then dedicated her mind and body to the Creators, to follow out their will. What was it? To continue spawning the blood line, but only after the ascension, so that the wisdom and intelligence could genetically be passed down even greater. This is why many who were in that specific blood line, could channel the gods. However, only those activated and chosen by them. The blood would leave an opening for them to select either a body ready for an incarnation when needed, or someone to represent them in words. This is getting a bit far into the future though. Let’s continue.

Image result for circumstellar disc of saturnOne of the most overlooked passges, is where in Genesis it said that the Elohim seperated  the waters above, from the waters below. Then there is mention of the twoer of babel, as men tried to reach too high to the Gods, but recall they named Nimrod. Nimrod means rebellious, but at one time was translated as warrior. The “rebellious tower of light” illuminated support of the sky, which the deities of  Mars held strength.  This is a portal. A whirlwind of light. You can also call it, Mt. Zion, the Tree of Life,  or in Led Zepplin’s day, the stairway to heaven. Actually, this was the plasma  emanating from the brown dwarf star, then, the planet Saturn. That plasma was like a spiraling vortex of light. It traveled  across the Northern Hemisphere.   The Elohim are associated with water or now as you can see, plasma.. That was in actuality, a circumstellar disc. The  Elohim are also associated with wind. which was actually a stellar ray or jet streaming from a brown dwarf star under electrical stress. Thus creating a tear or rip in the matrix, which looked like a tower of light.  El, as I mention here in this site, was also the name of the Most High God in various Canaanite pantheons. He is equal to Kronos in the Greek beliefs, Varuna (Lord of Waters), Shar Apsi (King of the Watery Abyss), and even if we go into Islam, they have Allah as having his throne in waters. Allah is very closely related to the word  Eloah. Eloah is almost the same as Elohim, except in its singular form. Eloah being singular of Elohim (many lords), then becomes, “One Lord”. Bringing us back to EL.

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So when we see the reality of all of this, we see that  once Saturn, personified as EL, or the many lords who represent it, Elohim, we know that upon the moment that Saturn sent its firey quasar down, that is when time, and creation began.  And this is why Kronos (Greek’s Saturn) was associated with time too. This world had no light, not until Saturn made the firmanant, the violet glowing magnetosphere.

Related imageThey say that myth began as people tried to make sense of everything, but what people? If earth was void, and not inhabited. How did they know what happened? Why would it matter, if they entered the picture afterwards? They had not seen it, and they certainly would not see it from within the reality that hasd them enclosed in.. So there is the mystery. Where did the first people come from? Well, in Truthology, you find out…
So let’s translate Creation here, based on the terminology being defined… Basically, it is saying that a tear in frequency with thought, or a plan, all coming from Saturn, sent light or plasma, into the Earth (nothing), and created all that you see.  Some people said it was just the planet of Saturn who created Earth, like a celestial game of marbles, one triggered the birth of the other, and humans hit their evolotionary stages, and projected animals here too. And that is why they claim, that Yahweh who is a God of Saturn, is said to have still had energy flooding in, leaving the “waters” above. But in the Bible, it later says that Yahweh  had closed up the “waters”, as it was no longer visible.  Once having praised the “waters”, Isaiah later states, that Yahweh dried up the seas of tehom. So Saturn is a source.

All consciousness is a form of intelligence. Souls within souls, smaller, making up the bigger. Every planet has its time. Just because you look at Saturn as it is now, does not mean that life did not exist there, because it isn’t there now. Mars too. Each planet has had its age of life. Small minded humans believed that Earth only held life or intelligence, and we are floating amidst a solar system of planets without any purpose but to hold us up? No. These celestial orbs of consciousness, are intelligence. Each made up of the light and codes of the “elohim”, and legions of intelligence that come together to make up the body. Just like Earth.

Saturn is known as Yahweh, Kronos, EL, Anu, Ninurta and Samael. These are symbollicaly implied in many other ways too. Bt for the aspect of Saturn, that is what it represented. But just because Saturn Consciousness interferred with the creation of the Earth, it was made the “father”, even of the other planets. Including Jupiter. However, Jupiter itself used to be a star. Let me explain:

Our solar system was born of the Source, of a former star that had exploded. It had made a cloud of gas and dust that formed a flat spinning disk. The center of the Disc, became our Sun.  And any other debris that started to come out of the stellar cloud around it, and started making the other celestial bodies. However, some of the so-called planets, were exasberated stars.  Still containing consciousness as all things do, their major role was holding up the realities around them, shedding light into planets that were going to turn into realities. Or even ones who already had them. So according to Science and physics, the Sun is the “father” of the Solar System, with Saturn, the offspring of the Sun, it’s “son”, is the father of Earth. Jupiter is a failed star. The land of Giants? The return of Dark Star? Jupiter is considered as a dark star, because it is not illuminated as fiercely as a burning Sun. This is also another second symbolic  meaning to the return of Niburu, the second Sun, because…Jupiter’s rule in the heavens symbolically takes place this year of 2017. But Niburu is also used in the “as above so below” concept, when they say that it will return. #1. Because Jupiter at one time was a part of keeping the order and balance in things.

#2. Because the elohim in the flesh (who woldn’t want to be a part of a world that they had made?) were sent to a purgatorial plane, which was a dimension of darkness.

Jupiter’s rulership returns, and Purgatory is placed as a shroud over people, to remove memory, new programming occurs for the new way of life that will override the system.

Be careful, what they say that they mean, is not what they mean in what they say, and one thing can represent or disguise a few things. Niburu is also a state of mind, an influence on the consciousness, a “darkened state”. Sort of like state of limbo, which many are in since losing memories, losing track of where they put things, and  losing focus on the world around them, and led to pay attention to the false realities in their phones and computors.  Anyhow let me stay on track…

So Jupiter was a failed Sun, but since man thought Saturn created everything thereafter the Sun made Saturn, it got a bit confused, and the “dark star” was made second in command to Saturn.   But yes, the explosion of creation was the beginning of an atom. The Sun was the nucleaus.  The particles around it negative and positive, were the planets themselves, orbiting around the Sun, and the others stars and gases, all a part of the atom. What!!!! See how an atom is made, Here. Then compare it to the creation of the Solar System. See? It is all the same, just at a larger scale. We live within someone, the Universal External God. And then the light that projected within that “Being” created worlds. From biggest to the smallest, all within one another. It is the entirety of a thought being born times infinity.

There is no limit. Even in what Sceince believes to be zero, it is not. Who is mere man to think that he can get as far as the “Creaters?”. So in turn who are they?

In the Universal Mind of the enormous, external God, there is the top of the council. The large Gods who rule over the highest plane, the command central, the driver of the of the pineal gland within the Universal Brain. It is Yaffufwaya.  In reverse, this is ayawafu-fay. The miralce of the wireless access fixed unit. And that is what that being is. The fixed unit, wirelessly place who has access to all. Then the coucil who surrounds them, or their 12 disciples, so to speak. if you recall. The 12, are the signals that the mind uses to trigger attributes, mobilization, etc in the brain. Unfortunately, you will never see this brain, but you can see the waves in dark matter in space, as that is the blood.


Dimensions…. LOL. You have no clue.  Everything is only within a plane. The Creators of the Universe are so far out there, so starting from here on upward. The elohim, are those who dwell in the in between, manifesting thoughts into physical form here. The dense 3D plane.  What you see, hear, feel, and taste, it is all an illusion, but an illusion used to bring in the ideas of the Elohim here, as they direct in there earthly representatives, and then in the world around you in which you act out their ideas in programming, influences, distractions, trends, media, rulers, politics… The 13 families.  Beyond them, are the council of 13, that use the consciousness of Saturn as it was delivered to the light matrix all around earth, to control the “web” of light that connects all in here. Then above them, the council of 13 above them, but the many planes of existence in between.

I will never explain it all. This is because I can not give out all of the secrets.  But just know that with Saturn being the deliverer of the consciousness, Jupiter arises, and comes to take over the influence in consciousness here. He is known as Angel Sachiel. Sachiel, is the “covering of God”. Recall that Revelations stated that the new King would be coming in the clouds, “Michael the prince of Peace”? Translating Michael, it means Who is like God in peace, comes in a covering.  Obviously, … God’s covering, or aka Sachiel, aka Jupiter. Like a thief in the night? Yes, because he is taking over the era of Saturn’s rule, without anyone really ever knowing so. The night also symbolically refers to the mind and its unawareness. Since as above, is so below, the earth will have its new human leader placed into position as Metatron’s riddle said in Alura’s Angels. And the leaders always represent the Sun. Because the world thrives on the Sun for life and as the great pineal gland for all to be seen here in their form. Prince William is born on the Total Solar Eclipse of Gemini. The antichrist full representative, because Gemini is known to be emotionless. And Michael/Lucifer are twins..  Why? Because this is light, versus the use of it physically. As above is so below.  Only this antichrist rises, to go against anyone who actually understands the truth and to confuse them by allowing a new era to rise up in everyone go back to instincts and logic, instead of true usage of intuition as Venus and the Moon represent. “Oh Lucifer how ye have fallen”. This scripture was stating that Luficer (the light), had fallen. How? By coming into 3D. It also represented the misuse of it.

Image result for elohim controlThe elohim has duality. The negative and positive charges in the energies. Those in between and in human representation, exercise the energies of those in opposing power. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”- Ephesians…




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The antichrist lives within many, whoever are working with this new consciousness for the world onward after Jupiter’s consciousness takes over. It is all symbolic of something bigger, upward into the higher planes. Many are trying to work on the tree of life. But if you are wise, you would know that the rulers of this reality are trying deeply to control as to where mankind grows in the tree of life, in the eras of time. Even to the extent of having set man back at a point. Now, they place them on the next level to see what they can learn and live by in the reign of Jupiter. Clear the slate, “Covering of God”, aka living in purgatory, to enforce a new way of thinking, in what Jupiter’s energy represents which is  wealth, acting upon instinct, that leads all to living according to their own will, even if it is selfish. Because why? Because selfishness leads to greed, and greed means making more money, to spend more money, and there is expansion materalistically, up for the human rulers here, because they are the ones who get all of it in the end. Don’t let them confne you into directing you into growth of the tree of life, as they want you to. Grow to where you are truly meant to be. Jupiter is taking everyone back to the cycle of “will”. And some should be far beyond that by now. But in New Age, they call this Nemesis. Notice that this is a “darkened brown dwarf star”. That is exactly what Jupiter is. The star that never shined. When the idea of Niburu died away they began speaking about Nemesis. All they are doing, is symbollically trying to lead people away from the truth, which is, that these are not celestial hosts who are crashing into to Earth, to end it. It is only influences from the “Host”, that causes shifts in the ages. Kinda like how no one was deeply spiritual until 2012 came. A light switch that made everyone suddenly seek into the concepts of the agenda.


This material may not, at anytime, be copy or pasted off of the internet. If you wish to share this information, you must request it personally.  It is subject to copyright by another name not disclosed. Thanks.


Look, I love you. People who care, tell the truth. And while you may not find it easy to believe it, and some of the deeply programmed people out there will fight against me. I want you who had the open heart to learn, to have the wisdom.

Notice how many are saying that this all about an alien who road a ship here and created the world… Ha ha ha….

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