Family and Parenting 101

Introducing Family life

Life has not always been easy, it’s true. Anyone will tell you that most of the issues that have happened were caused by those surrounding me, and not me myself. I have always lived by the virtuous laws of heaven. Many would agree that it is difficult to lead a divinely inspired life when the people around you don’t try to do the same themselves. It’s actually very frustrating to try to get everybody to do the right thing, and see them doing the wrong thing instead. Even as a little girl, I had to correct people in how to communicate with one another. I often many times played mediator between adults who were at times three times my age simply to try to get them to see reason or look from one another’s perspectives. I wanted them to obtain some level of peace.

Or, when people in my family were making a negative choice, it was always a battle to tell them that they were choosing wrongly. They got defensive whenever I would try to advise them on what to do instead. I would spend so much time explaining to them the future prediction of the results of their actions, while at the same time trying to convince them to do something else.  I really felt as though I were the adult in a lot of situations, in place of my parents. Now, I have to advise my children. Children can be even more stubborn than adults are. It’s not my place to enforce somebody to do something, but as a Messenger who is helping all of the souls who were sent to my path, it is my job to at least help them to learn how to use awareness in their lives and to make the better decision on their own will, based on realization had after my lecturing.

We affect each other…

One thing that is important to understand is that we are all a collective. Everybody here on earth is linked. No matter what a person does, it will effect everyone closest to them. Even in the collective of the world, what one person thinks, what they think, the attitude that they carry, can be so influential that after affecting just one person, it spreads like a virus to all people. It’s like a web. But I mainly have seen how this works specifically in families because they are all linked together through the higher self. They chose to be linked prior to each life in the soul contract. This is an agreement made by each relative’s higher self and , all together of how they will play a role in each other’s lessons through the experience. This includes how they help, how they cause blockages for tests or lessons, and how they are a supporting role, as a dear friend once said …”in the stage of life”.

Some are even there to be taught by you! But everything that one person does will affect the majority. For an example, an emotionally traumatized person may be very depressed and upset. They may think that it does not affect the people around them because they withdraw and isolate. However, it does affect everybody because with the person withdrawing, they don’t get the interactions needed to learn. It may make their relatives feel unloved too, if the individual hides away. That person’s depression may lead them to make choices toward using coping mechanisms that may be unhealthy as well. Sort of like a person who goes for abusing drugs in times of sorrow. That person may do the drugs on their own time and not bother the people that they live with, and so they don’t think that it affects their family at all. However, each family member will see how the drugs take a hold of their loved one’s life and it may bring a lot of negativity in the air. The expenses, theft, mood swings, criminal associations and risks that the person takes will leave an impact.

It may even influence other people silently, to cope with their own issues the same way. There will be arguments. Even in the case of a toxic couple who live with relatives. They may argue behind closed doors with each other and even though it’s happening in private… it will also affect members of the family because even if they are not a part of the argument, they hear it. They see their family member upset. And so they can create a world of aggression or even contempt in the family environment.

The concept of family and

People also don’t understand that when lessons are all fully learned in a collective family, but they still choose to stay in the family afterwards…can keep them from opening new doors into the future for themselves. They may have attachments to their relatives, but while they are destined to move on, hanging onto those relatives who are living their life the same and have no intention of changing, will only anchor them back too. If their relatives live the same day, day in and day out, doing the same things, the repetition will create a purgatory-like atmosphere around their loved ones. There is a lot more to this, but a family definitely affects one another, even silently. It’s the same out there in the matrix.

I try to get my family to see this, but sometimes it’s hard for them to. Emotional attachments are very difficult to break. It’s one thing to clear a soul tie which will ease the emotional attachment. But to be done with an emotional attachment entirely once a soul tie is cleared requires a great deal of strength for a person to be able to say goodbye. It’s even harder when you have controlling narcissistic personality types in your family. These people make you feel bad about moving on without them. Those types of people never try to see from each other’s point of view. They don’t look deeper. And it’s because of that that families have a lack of communication. They give up and then retreat into their own bubbles. Many people hide out in their own room, on their cell phone, using Internet, spending hours gaming, all in an attempt to try to close out around them. They do that because it hurts that there is no relationship with their own family lately. This is not to mention that the world is programmed to isolate too, for reasons that I have talked about in my blogs, videos, and courses.

So the reason why I am mentioning this is because nowadays it’s getting even worse to try to get your family on the same page. As a spiritual or religious person, you may strive every day to try to make your environment more positive but your family refuses to budge in making any changes. You may need a more positive environment, but yet everyone is always sitting around watching TV excessively. You may want to have daily prayer at meals, but everybody starts eating as soon as you get ready to say the prayers. You may be trying to meditate, and everybody makes a bunch of noise. Especially around that time! Even after talking to them about these things, nothing changes. There are even times that you are talking with your loved ones about things that concern you, like serious issues in your life…but they don’t even seem to care at all. Everything feels very empty at the time that you are pouring your heart out.

It’s time to start living life more positively. It’s time to find happiness. If your relatives aren’t going to change, then you have to make accommodations for yourself away from the negativity and the lack of concern. Maybe try moving on with your life elsewhere. If you can’t do that yet, create a safe haven for just you. Block out the negativity, but still be there for your family in times of need. Always remember not to act as they do. Be the example that they need for change, even if they don’t realize the need for it in themselves yet. I have never given up on my family. Even though my family creates a lot of drama at times, I am always there for them. I will always be the shining sun that they can rely upon for growth. However, because I am an angel and I have so much knowledge…many people have mistakenly thought that when meeting my family that they would be just as pure as I am. This is quite the contrary, because each person is their own person with their own soul contracted lessons and journey. I am in the family with them, to help them through that. But not to adapt to theirs ways. In truth, I am meant to rise above it, and show them how to as well. Also, through the trauma that I have experienced from my family members, it has helped me to gain a lot of strength. Many things that I have been through, many normal people would have never had even heard of let alone been able to get through. But it has helped me in the way that I have learned that what God said was true. As a girl, he told me that a person can only trust them self and Heaven above. And me of course! He was right.

I have learned about the many different characters in life directly, through not only being an Oracle who has for her entire life been reading others… but through my family and their associations. Even though heaven has spent time schooling me into each and every type of character that I would ever come across in this world, I’ve gotten to see a great melody of them through my journey with my own family.

As for the family that I have created myself…my children wonderfully obey even though they have their moments. I couldn’t be more proud of my kids for they have tried so much to listen to the mother that they look so much up to. Children reflect their parents. If your kids are not behaving, this is going to say loads to people who see that behavior and think that you are the one who is either teaching it to them, or not teaching them to stop it. If you are a parent yourself…always remember to invest in your children. While you don’t want to give up on your relatives that have made you feel low or have abused you at times, (you can always be there for them) you must always realize that as a parent yourself… that you have to put your children above all things. it is with your children that you can create the life that you have always wanted… even when no one else will cooperate. However, you will need to have a partner in your family life by your side to help you to support this. If your partner is non-spiritual then it’s not going to work out very well. This is why a lot of religions enforce the rule that you must marry according to the religion you are in. They don’t want the two different beliefs systems to conflict in morals and values. It definitely makes sense. But yes family can definitely create a lot of drama, inflict a lot of trauma, and they can definitely hold you back. You can make a difference, but it’s going to be difficult. Believe me, I had to go through it myself. Hey, you may not be here as a Messenger, a healer, or anyone that is made naturally born to heal or guide others… but with the correct tips and advice you can really make your life a happy one.

My path and new segments

I don’t think that I’ve ever had a really bad year. I’ve had some very traumatic situations that have happened to me and yes, I have run into difficulties because of my own family’s individual personal issues. What I mean to say is, my relatives have had difficulties of their own, either in themselves or in their life’s circumstances that has definitely made for some very unpleasant atmospheres that I have had to endure throughout time. Life has been mainly positive with the mindset of divinity for me though. I didn’t hang onto any hurt or pain that others victimized me with. But just for the sake of being honest, I did have a run of negativity between 2017 and 2019.

My father was growing ill and Heaven told me beforehand that he would pass in October 2019. I had lost some really great friends that were a part of my spiritual teachings, as supporters. I also had met a person that I had a close spiritual connection with, but it turned out that they were actually a part of an organization that didn’t want me doing my work anymore for many reasons. In my attempt to reconnect with this person, I thought that I could help them. We developed a romance ( the first one that I had since 2006, and which was only my third relationship that I ever had in my life too) and while we had a pretty wonderful relationship… I had to fight beyond a lot of the emotionally and psychologically abuse and control tactics that were being used to try to control me. It was not easy using counter moves, and having to stay on my toes in order to try to break through the mind control that the individual had been brainwashed to use against me. But with heaven’s help I was able to do it to some degree, and great healing came to that person. That was my entire intention all along. We ended up having a wonderful connection after that.  It was still emotionally and mentally exhausting. And, it definitely was a little toxic. But anything is worth it, when you know another person can become new and make a new life for themselves. Plus at the same time, I had eliminated an enemy that was so brainwashed to even know that they were an enemy at all. Afterwards, a lot of realizations came, and they were able to break free from their own situation. Then, I ended up having my pregnancy with my daughter Adree which was a very difficult one because of my blood type.

It was pretty hard because my health was declining, and I had to keep up with working. Additionally, I was doing it all alone. When it was time to have her, everybody at the hospital that was there the same day giving birth, were also an RH negative blood type like me too, which was very odd. Very unlikely too. Each and everyone of us who had had a baby that day with that blood type, ended up having some false reason conjured up by the hospital, saying that our babies needed to stay at the hospital longer. We were all also forced to deal with a social worker who came to check in on us. It was absolutely absurd, and it was very harassing. For the others, I am sure it took away from the joy of their having a new baby. For me, I knew what was going on, and had faith.

After the baby was born, my father’s health declined even more. My grandfather passed on, and then my own father died just the following year in 2019. A few months after my dad had passed on, his brother… my uncle… had died. Dad passed on Adree’s dad’s birthday, which was also my grandmother’s birthday and day of death for her too. My uncle passed away on my birthday. Very significant! There was deep meaning, although it was eerie.

All the while, gangstalking and harassment at my home had still been occurring. The censorship on my videos was still taking place but even worse. Then, there were even other fraudulent psychics stealing from my work. I had also watched many people in the world fall into depression from the dark energy, which also hurt. It was certainly a scary period of time, but also expected since I had predicted that dark consciousness would come and it would affect almost everybody. I did say that nobody would be exempt. But I never gave up. Even through all of the trials and tribulations that occurred, I kept a positive mindset. I continued to help people, and I gave love in all areas of life so much, that it helped all of those situations. Of course most of my family was also affected, and I had to hold them up as well. I also had a lot of horrific visions, of the things that were to take place in the world. But I still kept going.

Life is not an easy place especially for those who are free thinkers. As messengers who are ascended and sent here to help other people break free, we are almost always targeted and tormented in someway or the other. But while that happens in many different ways and sporadically throughout time, having had that bad period of time was a result of the dark consciousness itself. I knew even throughout that time, that it would get better. So I continued fighting through it. Even at times that I felt a little sad myself, because I thought of the future and how the world would change, all of the things I had been through (not just in that time period but scattered throughout my life) I had known that the world was only becoming even more of a darker place. Sometimes, I felt like I really wasn’t going to be needed by anyone anymore. I often thought to myself, that if the world was becoming so uncaring and dark, then who was going to need Alura? I had left such a legendary mark on the spiritual society with my teachings and predictions, but yet it seemed like I was silenced and some of my work had been stolen, swept from right underneath of me. For every person that I had predicted would hurt me, they did. But the only thing that I could do was to distance myself from the evil, and to continue moving forward even stronger in the light.

No matter what is going on in your life or how horrible it is, you can’t give up. Even when all is lost… If you have lost friends or have been backstabbed by them, if you have an abusive relationship or many of them in your life (not just romantically), if you struggle financially or in your health, even if at times the people in your life won’t cooperate and are just making things a little bit worse…you have to continue to fight onward. While it may not seem worth it because of the state of society or even due to a negative family life, it’s worth it for your soul. I know that many people would not had known how to hold themselves together or to get through such difficult times. But it’s possible.

The family is a crucial element to a home and home life is a person’s only sanctuary but alot of people also don’t know how to raise their children in such a disobedient generation either. Additionally, I know a lot of people who are having trouble in their relationships or communicating even just with their relatives. It’s discouraging for many. And so, I want to share my tips with everybody. When it comes to applying tools or advice to your life in order to make it better, you have to continue working on yourself first of all. Secondly, you have to be persistent. You can’t just try something and when it doesn’t work right away suddenly give up. It’s like hammering a nail. If it’s too hard going in, then you’re going to have to keep tapping at it for a while, until it does. It’s the same with any issue that you have to fix. Keep tapping at it until it starts to adjust so that you can fix it. Like I always tell my students, for every lifetime that has ever been lived by you, and all of the many many years that you have lived in this lifetime alone already, you have already been set in your ways and programmed by social conditioning and upbringing. Changing that… is not going to happen overnight. And while you are changing, it’s going to take time to get the reality and people in it around you to change as well. But if you allow the reality or people in it to change you instead, then you lose. I think that you owe it so much more to yourself than to allow something like that to happen. Don’t become just another floating empty soul in this world. Keep your light shining brightly. Become a beacon of the light to those that you love around you, no matter how long it takes to persevere. And especially if you are in a relationship or a parent, you have to keep on shining. Most of all, if you are alone, then you have to be a beacon of shining light to yourself.

I have shared some of my stories. Life has been hard at different times… like I said. Especially, from 2017 throughout 2019. But if I had not listened to heaven, then what kind of angel would I be? I have answers to fix anything in life. I can fix any relationship, any family dynamic, or parenting issue. I have tools that can help a person reshape their entire life and self both, for the better. With that, each and every person has the ability to create a paradise around them while they are still here on earth, regardless of the situation or circumstances. I did.

Photography by Belamatrix

My life is beautiful. I have wonderful children who exhibit for the most part, obedience and purity ( they’re not perfect afterall). I have wonderful friends (those that still remain). I had the wonderful pleasure of having met a lot of new people. I have gotten to see a lot of beautiful places in the world. I’m even still planning on traveling. I’m building a bigger more beautiful family for myself as well. And what’s more is, that it doesn’t matter how much money I have or I don’t have, nor how many issues arise…my life is happy and it’s in control and most of all it’s balanced. No matter what comes my way to try to make it out of control, the heavens always come through to fix it for me. They protect and safe guard me against evil, fake friends, and users. They give me visions to protect myself and others in the world from catastrophes. They give me wisdom to help others expand. as well as keeping myself on a righteous and ascended pathway. What more could a person want? Wouldn’t you like those things for yourself to?

Please stay tuned for new segments on family and parenting on the YouTube channel and some information here throughout the year.  I can say that I am truly happy and I don’t need to rely on anybody to bring the happiness to me. I make my own happiness, and I do it the right way…without deception or harming others. I’m loyal, virtuous and loving. My happiness comes through being good. And because of that, I am still full of emotions and love. I have not lost my ability to feel. As an ascended Master I am able to create any reality that I want. I don’t need to use other people to do so, and I have gained favor in the heavens because of my righteous pathway while doing it. I’m proud of my children and the people that I’ve come to know. True happiness is not so much in the material things that you have, but in your heart and mind. I also have been seeing so many times in further heartache that I have been through, just who I could trust and couldn’t.

The point is, is that if you keep going…if you keep enduring to the end, if you keep fighting for what’s right and applying it to your own life, having perfect faith and perfect trust in heaven, while not allowing the ways of the world to lure you into its empty promises…you too could have so much. You can’t give up, and you can’t use heaven for those good things either. Your heart has to be 100% committed and real. And believe me, heaven will know who’s real and true, and they will stop helping those who are in it wrongly, after while. I hope to see you on a path that you can now call a real spiritual journey that will lead you to real results. But even for those of you that have already been on it and ran into a small bump in the road through dark consciousness or other means, you can’t stop there. You have to keep going. What’s your next step? Get yourself a spiritual assessment if you need to know. For now, I look forward to seeing the changes that you make in your life based on what you find in the guidance and advice here, which is always an upmost directed by the heavens above. for anybody that walks away from their path, doubts in it or doesn’t try to fight along with heaven for themselves, they will bring calamity upon themselves. I have seen it. People who promised that they would work hard towards becoming virtuous and that they would change their lives to be righteous, but did not…now have all kinds of issues and problems now. It’s a shame that for some, God is a hobby or trend that they can give up on so easily when they are no longer interested.

In closing out this article entry, I did want to say that because of all of my hard work and dedication to the heavens, I have been blessed with such beautiful and perfect gifts from above. This year is full of so many exciting things, that I am wanting to share with everyone pertaining to their spiritual journey, my spiritual journey, and my own personal life too. Some of this includes some underground projects that I’ve been working on low-key. I think you’re all going to benefit from them as I release them one by one. I’ll talk about these throughout 2020. I’m so happy to have heaven and my heavenly family looking out for me above. I’m happy to have all of you with me too, while I’m helping as a spiritual teacher too. I hope you all will have the same relationship with heaven as well. Let’s get life, family and yourself… back on track!