Fan Expectations..

Yesterday was so much fun. I was doing some work, and then took some time to meditate outside with the animals. It was so nice with the chilly Autumn weather, and the falling leaves. I sat on my yoga mat doing some stretches, and went into the Sun Salutation. I felt the warm sunlight on my face, as it set to the west. I thought about a lot of things.

 Earlier that day it had been a wonderful day. As I worked through my daily schedule, I stopped in between to do some things for me and the family. Right now, I am looking for a home to purchase, because we rent. It is a nice home, but I once rented this home, and another next door, to use as an office. Since I started doing the monthly donations, I had to downsize. I figured working at home would make it easier to be with my father, take care of my mother, and see the kids in between work. And also, so that I also do not have to pay the second set of bills. I also let my previous assistant go, and hired my daughter. She is very helpful, and I have more money to give to charity this way. But we do need bigger space. I just do not want to live in New Jersey. I had intended of living in West Virginia, as we had property in the family for over  50 years. 27 acres of land, and lots one could do on it. It is safer as well. I inspired many people to want to go there too. I hope to do something wonderful on day there, for everyone.

I went out with my mother and Amber, a girls day out. I am always so humble, and never expect to run into anyone who may know me. That is because I do not see myself as being someone who is extremely well then. I know that I have only six thousand people on YouTube scattered abroad, I have a lot of readers of my blogs and so many clients everywhere even here in New Jersey. But I usually only run into them by appointment. It is seldom that I ever run into them as a fan..

 It happens, and each time, it surprises me, as I do not look at myself as anything but a soul disguised in human form. So, I am like everyone else on the surface for the most part. I keep telling my online clients who have not met me, I am super silly, not stern as I may seem while teaching. But yesterday, we were at the Deptford Mall, and I was talking to a woman who works there, about the candles we make. As I walked out, I kept seeing a couple, staring at me. It was very obvious. I at first, said to myself “OMG, do I look ugly? Why are they talking about me? Do I know them?”. Then, I kept walking looking at myself in the reflection of the department store window, for imperfections as to why they would be so adamant on looking at me. Amber asked, “What is the matter mom?.. You look fine..”. I thanked her for the reassurance.  Then I said to myself, “Ally your whole life you do this. You get yourself all upset thinking negatively, when you have the ability to “see”. I told myself to look deeper, as the couple was still following behind us, some feet back.  I started to turn on the extrasensory hearing, and to go within the female’s mind. She had known me from my videos. I had gotten myself all insecure for no reason. I turned and smiled.. “Hi there, did you want to talk to me”? I asked her, sending a smile to her, and her beloved, so he would feel welcome too, at the same time.

She ran up and hugged me so hard LOL. ‘ I wasn’t sure if it were you Alura”, she explained. I gave her a sincerely warm look, showing her curiosity. “I just expected…”, she said trailing off. “What? For me to be fancier?”, I finished for her. “Yes!, I saw you in jeans and sneakers, and was not sure. I always pictured you in some fancy outfit, I do not know why. I know you dress normal in your videos, and I watch all of your videos!” I laughed. “Everyone says that”, I told her. I explained to her, that I may be who and what I am, but I am living like anyone else. I do not seek fancy things. It made sense, and with a nod she continued. She told me how she started out in spirituality back in 2013, and ever since then she was left out by her family. She told me how she met Jeff here, in 2014, and he seemed to make it all better. Then, they had issues, and she had wanted a reading, but was scared. I asked her and Jeff, to come join me, Amber, and my mother for some tea at the Starbucks. Jeff instead offered to take us all to the nearby Applebee’s. ” You do so much for people Alura,  let us do something for to.”…

It was nice. I am always guarded though, but we took the separate cars, and met back up at the restaurant, and we talked for so long. She asked me so many questions, and Jeff sat there dissecting me like some bug LOL. I think he wanted to know what the big deal about me was, in her life. I even told him that he had been  wondering that, and he laughed, more like a scoff, but he knew I was right LOL.  So I figured I would reveal to him why I meant alot to her, and told her and Jeff, all about her whole life, the trials, the abuse as child. I mentioned how she had never had friends, and I was like a friend and teacher to her, in spirit and online in my videos. I explained, how she felt right there with me, while I spoke in my blogs and videos. She agreed. It got very sentimental, that I had to go sit next to her. I gave her  a big hug. Jeff told me, “Yea but, all she does is talk about you, and how you do this, and how you would not do that. She likes her life off of yours, it’s likes she’s not herself anymore”… I told him, “if it gives her something to live for and to strive to be a whole soul again, then why is that wrong?”. And he told me, what most boyfriends say, “She doesn’t even look up to me like that though”… It was a long talk. My mom smiled at the situation.Amber lost interest, and played on her phone.

Bree, ( my Dan’s name), wanted to finally do the reading later in the week.

After they all ate, we parted ways. I wanted to keep in touch, so I asked her if she wanted to come on my Facebook page, and that she could make friends there (although I do not trust people very well, never will, you would be the same way if you were me, believe me), but she told me that she couldn’t. Her family, although not speaking to her, had her on Facebook and having me there, would cause troubles. I more than understood,  so we exchanged phone numbers. She texted me right when she got home too. It was cute. I always wonder why people seem to expect me to be dressed like some lawyer or something. I buy my clothes at Charlotte Russe LOL. Its no big deal.  Somewhere in the conversation I had even said, “See Bree, I have wrinkles, a scar on my face, and I shop here at the Mall (maybe the discount stores, but I am here), I am normal too at times.:.. I wanted her to feel some human in me, as I never wish to be idolized.. Some look up to me so much, they forget I am merely an image in this reality, like them, no matter my wisdom or vibration, we are equal.

Anyhow, I was glad to meet someone in person. My mom really respects me, after she sees a person that  I helped to  change. I mean, she always respects me, but I think it makes her proud to know I am doing something wonderful in this world, and even in her, my own mother.  I love people. I love all people. Nice people, strangers. People of all types. I am glad to meet them, in person or online. I hope everyone feels the same. But if that were so, why do I always feel so hated then? I know I have enemies. But to me, they will never be an enemy. I see them as a potential friend, only needing to overcome some of their issues that they project off of me. In all, I see the excitement in meeting your role model, but I only ever strive to help them all to see The Creator as a role model, and me as a mouth piece for wisdom.

“Bree, if you are reading this, I hope one day to have you feel peace in your family, that you can not only have me as your friend, but the wonderful people I have also met online. I look forward to our growing personal friendship, and in helping you in your teachings and readings.”