First half of Illumination

Illumination is reaching the totality of ones consciousness. While reaching it, it’s leading the soul to a state of their divinity, which brings a state of perfection through that divinity. It is true, that many will use their expanded state of consciousness for evil and that is why many of them lose that expanded state over time. What you put your energy into, will ultimately consume it, and so you will have to always have an even exchange one way or the other. Consciousness is energy, and energy is light (Alura Cein 2016). What you put your consciousness into, takes on a part of it. Likewise, what you put into your consciousness stays with you. But even so, it doesn’t mean that the frequency will still remain high. People can have a world of wisdom and their vibration sinks lower and lower if putting their energy into the wrong things.

But yes, to reach a state of illumination, every master builder knows, that it requires the perfecting one’s self, as well as learning the truth on many levels and in many facets. In stages, it takes one to the greatest height of their existence.

1. Having an awakening

This is the realization that something isn’t right, and that a person themself isn’t being their true self. They see limits, and things in life don’t satisfy. They know there’s more meaning to life.

2. Learning about ones self.

This is the beginning of seeking into who the person truly is aside from the world and they’re going deeper into spiritual truth. This leads to another deeper awakening.

3. Seeing more beyond the surface.

There are many secrets to this world and it is almost impossible to know what they are unless you are taught what to look for. Once your teacher teaches you those things, you will now understand the matrix around you a bit better. 

4. Learning how to change.

By step four, you are working towards learning how to be a different person. You’re not fully different, but you’re starting to merge into a different perspective. That perspective is going to require some help in learning how to adopt virtues, and interact with other people, as well as going about things in life. This is something that each person must be taught uniquely for every individual is different. Explaining things similarly to everyone, isn’t going to help because they may need things explained a different way, for their own unique self. this also helps the person who is working toward illumination, to better I adopt new treats that help them to make better choices and decisions in their life. But it’s not just about any old better decisions or choices. It’s about making better choices and decisions according to their higher self. However, many do not know what their higher self wants or needs or even the character of whom their higher self really is. Higher self is full of data that the person living in a third dimensional reality can never come to access. Learning their Akasha records can help, but there are so many memories in the records that they may need to have their akasha read several times. this is because when reading only goes through one major events per life, in all of their lifetimes. They’re going to want to know themselves and the mistakes that they made, as well as their trials and accomplishments throughout their journey.

That’s because it’s not only just about this lifetime here that matters. It’s the entire journey… as that is the information which makes up the higher self. This includes alternate experiences, all of the events in a persons past lifetimes, karma, as well as characteristic traits and accomplishments that they have developed.  How wise of an entity the higher self is in having witnessed and been through so much in multiple journeys! most of my students is only going through their Akashic records just once. I would really like to advise future seekers to be sure that they’re 100% ready because it takes the total investment of one’s self when a person pursues a path of illumination, a true development of their soul. It’s not just a trend or a hobby. It’s a very serious thing and if you weren’t really ready for it, you could end up creating future problems for yourself. From now on I will be turning people away if I see any movement in the future that they will be giving up.

Even if there are things that a person cannot obtain as far as the tools needed to help them, applying the teachings all throughout life and not slipping back into every day ordinary life, is very important. It’s crucial for the sake of their soul, their afterlife, and quality of life even for the rest of this one.

The first few steps are most important. By the end of both, you will come to a place where you die to your old self. It changes and re-shapes you because now that you can see the truth about yourself, and just scratching the surface of the truth beyond what you see in your reality, your views change. This is where it’s mandatory to go to the next phase. Obviously illumination is the expansion of your consciousness which is light. If you are starting your illumination path, then your light is starting to brighten up. Think of the sun. The sun has many levels of brightness as it travels through the sky, throughout the day. But many people don’t realize is that even when the sun goes down, it’s still shining on the other side. Therefore both sides of your brain are getting illumination, you just may be operating them at different times. That light should never go out. However if you end up hanging in limbo because you are not going to the next step or getting the right advice, then you’re like in certainly end up more like a candle then a son. The candle flame itself, ends up dying out and that will leave a person in a state of emptiness. After sometime the emptiness will not be able to be bypassed because during this day in age we are in a spiritual war where souls are very valuable. Once they put your light out, you can never get it back. Many people don’t realize or understand the true teachings of the Luciferian ‘s. I see a lot of people representing Satanism and I have to chuckle because they really don’t even understand that there’s so much more to it than acting dark. In true illumination, there is no longer any duality. This is something that I would like to get to the next level with a lot of my students in terms of my courses. However, I have set a time and time again that I do not think that these teachings are for everybody as it takes a person who is truly ready. And unfortunately some were not as ready as they had thought. It’s one thing to not want to continue with expansion which is a persons choice to the detriment of their own spiritual nature…

The one whom is teaching, only has this wisdom because I was sent from above, as no one on earth can ever really teach the Knowings of the gods unless they have been amongst them. I have not only had students turn their back on learning, but they have also stepped away from me. That is some thing that I will take with me when I leave here.

Although, it is very important to continue the journey so that your soul can reach its full brightness so to speak and grow in such a magnitude that the light can never be lost. This means reaching the promises of biblical nature in which it was referred to as there being no tears or hunger any longer. I have yet to hear a student of mine claim that they have reached that point. I look forward to the day. I still have had a lot of students that have understood the teachings and I see them applying them each and every day. Even if they haven’t reached the maximum of their capability, I’m still proud of their growth and progress. You can really see it in the way that they analyze life around them and use what they have perceived, to make choices that lead them towards their own greatest potential.

That is what the first half of illumination requires. It is a wonderful thing to experience and puts a person at heavenly level. Divine equals god-like, or at even far more greatness… god in themself. But who can understand…