Firstborn Symbolism

In the Bible, there are many references to firstborn sons or children. In the story of Esau and Jacob, Jacob was given his older brothers inheritance as he tricked his father pretending to be him. In the story of the exodus, all of the firstborn sons in Egypt were killed by the pharaoh. And later in the Bible during the reign of King Herod, many first born children were slaughtered in Bethlehem.

The meaning of the first born? There are many meanings, to many things. As Metatron says, we cannot look at just one thing from one viewpoint because there is nothing new under the sun. In fact King Solomon knew this logic when he was the one who created that quote in the book of Proverbs and in the book of Ecclesiastes. Indeed in order to learn, one must see from many viewpoints on perspectives. Below, above, and somewhere in the middle. And that is because our earth and its spiritual rooms are created in this way. Even though we have many layers, And many spiritual realms in those layers, it is still pretty accurate to say that we have earth, middle earth and heaven. This was taught through many spiritual beliefs systems throughout the world, referencing the Norse… they called their middle earth Midgard. Nevertheless, first born son concept has been important not just in Christianity, but throughout the world and it’s spiritual beliefs. What does it actually mean?

I am writing this today on my birthday December 28. It was this day that Inspired me to write this because it is the day of the feast of the holy innocents. This is a celebration that has been long forgotten about to many. But not to me. I do not often celebrate the man-made holidays, unless I find that they have strong spiritual significance. For example, for we Earth Angels new year begins in May while the end-of-the-year celebration occurs September 21- October 31. Then the month of November is merely a time of silence how much we merge into what Angels call the “dead zone” in the mortal world. But the Feast of the Holy Innocents, is a holiday of celebrating the lives and souls of the firstborn children in the day of King Herod who died. Yes. But notice the re-occurring theme? Moses in Exodus marked the new age of Aries. Jesus marked the new age of supposed Pisces. “Firstborn” children are killed at the start of every new age. What does it mean?

Firstborns are those who receive the inheritance first.. Death symbolically means “an end” or a “change”. During the Therefore, this shows that those souls did not die, they changed and they were first to receive the new teachings. This is what this feast celebrates. All who received the new evolved version of truth and the new energies of the new age. We are entering the new age of Aquarius. The “death of the firstborn” happens over time not in one night but the celestials mark the final closing time for any who will be open minded to it as some will always cling to the old ways. We already started the receiving in 2012 but was it the right one?…..

The firstborn symbolism represents receiving a double inheritance at the end of a phase. This could mean anything in your life personally but it means you will receive goodness in two ways, whatever those ways or outlets of flow may be.

Another facet of this symbolism is that the sun is often worshipped in many religions. The romans saw it as the Sol Invictus. December 21st is the day of equal dark and light. The 25th is the day to celebrate the unconquerable sun, which is what Sol Invictus means, and why they held the celebration on the 25th. The 28th celebrates the first people who adopted the belief of this, and the ones who gave up former understandings.