Five types of people…

I have been around all types of people throughout my work, and in my life. I have never been one to stereotype anybody, but I can tell you that in having reasoning of what type of person I am dealing with, I have categorized people that I’ve met personally into five particular types, each one having their reasons behind it. Just like their animal totems, I will go into the symbolism behind why I have labeled the personalities of these individuals as such.

The Rat

In this world there are some people who are playing the role of the rat. The rat is the type of personality whom is someone that is completely untrustworthy and deceptive. They will play any role just to get information from you, for whatever reason they need it. Perhaps maybe they are trying to get information for another source? Or maybe just for themselves. In any case, they will read right into exactly who you are, what you want, and what you like, to get right in there where they need to be. It’s like a labyrinth to them, getting to know all of the ins and outs about a person for their benefit. Then running through the labyrinth of what they know, they then use it to cut the corners in order to find the so-called prize at the end… Whatever that prize may be to them whether in the form of information or something else. You would be surprised the things that some people are after in life. Some people even have the agenda of just sapping you for all of your emotion. The rat also he’s very sneaky. If you can imagine a live rat in the wild, they live hidden behind the walls and underneath of things in places where they are not visible. This means that anyone who is like this, will come into your life out of nowhere, and they all have the ability to projectors if they have known you forever to gain your trust through making you feel extremely comfortable. But they only have the ability to do that because they have been there hiding behind the scenes all along. Rats are also scavengers. A lot of times a person in this category will get any little crumb more peace that they can as long as they get something from you. Most of the time they are hunting for a whole piece, but they will live off of the crumbs and eventually put the crumbs together for a whole big meal. In other words, they can take their time and they will. They store away the little crumbs of information or whatever it is they’re getting from you, so that they can put it all together later in order to be completely satisfied from taking from you bit by bit. Also they will bite you in the end. Rats even when domesticated and owned as a pet, will turn around and bite their owner if they’re not getting what they want all of the time. That’s why even though they are extremely cute and sometimes can make a good pet, they not the worlds most favorite pet at that.

You also can’t trust a person who fits into the category of the rat to just stay by your side. Think about it. If you had a rat as a pet would they sleep beside you in bed? Probably not. They would get up and go roaming about instead. They always do what they want to do, and suddenly ever listen to what is expected of them. And that’s because, they are so sneaky that they don’t often feel the need to submit in obedience to anyone. They know how to get in around things. They’re very good at lying and manipulating. They’re also very good at twisting things that you say or things that they say. For an example, a lot of the times you may be trying to express yourself emotionally and you’ll notice that people in the rat category are quite emotionless. To get you out of seeing how uncaring they are, they will use a double bind affect in conversation in order to gaslight you so that you question your own feelings or your own perception of the situation. And that is what they are best at too. They will always have the ability to twist what you are saying so much so, that you become the villain. Rats look innocent but they’re not. And because they look as if they are, they can get away with a whole lot of stuff. They can even make you feel as if you were in the wrong when you’re not. The people that fall under the right category, also don’t really have any real friends. Just because people that get too close to them have the ability to inform others of how they are, so that some innocent person they’re targeting, could be informed and rightfully go in the opposite direction instead. Therefore most of the time they are loaners. Roaming through life alone, they don’t have to worry about competition, or anyone blowing up there disguises are hiding places. They are extremely secretive also, about their past as well.

When asking anything about their past, the person in this category, will give you one word answers and new descriptions. They won’t really show any emotions when you’re speaking about anything meaningful to you either because emotions will make them seem weak or give you insight into their real personality. But the truth is they don’t really have any emotions anyhow because they only really act upon instinct. The instinct comes in strong based upon what they want from the person overall. People in this category only ever truly worry about where they are headed in life because it’s all about survival for them. There’s no use in telling let’s say a partner who falls into this category, what you need from them to be happy. Most of the time they will act as if they understand but just do what they want and need anyway instead. And that’s because they don’t want to invest too much loyalty or dedication into the relationship, should it not last. They shouldn’t even have that mentality to begin with though right? Still, they always keep in mind the possibilities of things not working out in their favor because it is a true fact that almost every rat will get caught in it’s time.

Even though people in this category are loaners, this is not to say that they don’t have associates. You’ll probably never know who those other associates are though as they will talk with them behind the scenes again, so that you aren’t really too personal about their life. When you first get involved, it’ll be like everything in the world is perfect. They use the illusion of this, almost as if they are trying to use bait themselves. and that’s because they have many at times had traps lead with bait for them. They often pick up tactics from others that they have been around that have possibly tried to manipulate or to see them in the past. This is how they get so good at controlling situations. They use so many different forms of manipulation from so many different places, that you never know which method they’re going to use next. It almost always catches you off guard. you can never change a rat so, I don’t waste your time in trying. For women especially I have seen them get into relationships with these types of individuals thinking that they can change the situation. In the end they’re the ones that change, and not for the better.

The Snake

The snake personality type is a little similar to the rat but there are some differences. For an example, snake personality types don’t live behind the walls watching every move. They don’t have to. In fact they don’t really care about getting any kind of personal data on you at all if they’re going to head your way because when they want to strike they’ll just do it. And it’s not gonna matter how. Snakes will be very charming people that first seduce you into having chest for them. They are so good at pretending that they care, because they actually convinced themselves that they do for that moment. These are the best actors in life because, they actually take on the role at the time, as if it is real. Sort of like how celebrities stay in character even when they’re all set when making a film, so that they can continue doing a good job. The snake will do the same. And that’s why it’s so hard to catch them because even when you ask the opinions of others, they tell you that they see just wonderful person and as you see them. They are not only just very charming but they are also attentive and clingy. Try to think about it. If you were the ultimate predator, would you take your eyes off of your prey for a minute? Probably not. They’re going wrap their tail around and coil around you, just to make sure that you’re always just right where they want you. This way they can always have eyes on you directly, without having to hide. they also will make it a habit of turning you against people that you were closest to and that that are there for your better interest. They do that by finding any little flaws, pointing them out and then expanding on them. And they will be very repetitive about it as well, so that you will always only just see that flaw and not anything good about the person. That’s how they start to get into your head that somebody in your life is perhaps maybe not trustworthy or good for you after all. But that’s not necessarily True. Everybody has flaws and just because they do doesn’t mean that it’s going to be used against you. But they will definitely try to make you believe that. These are also the personality types that on top of everything mentioned above, they will do very nice things for you. They’ll hear you out in what you are expecting of them, and they’ll do it. But what’s furthermore is that they’ll not only just do it, but they’ll continue to remind you that they’ve done it. And that’s because they want you to only see all of the good things that they do for you so that you can be completely blinded by them. These personality types are exceptionally good at lying and make up the majority of pathological liars out there. All they know how to do is lie. They’ll tell lies to build himself up, they’ll tell lies to break others down, and their stories are almost always extravagant because they are trying to gain the fever and interest of their targets. Most the time they only have one but it’s not impossible but they might have a few. They are good at lying because like I said, these are the type of people that will go as far as believing their own lies at the moment, so that it’s more believable to you. When a person is lying and isn’t typically used to doing it, there’s always this an ounce of uncertainty in the back of their mind when they aren’t telling the truth. They’re questioning themselves deep down whether you know that they’re lying. And that’s because they probably don’t believe what they’re saying to begin with and so deep down in their subconscious they don’t really expect you to either, although they’re hoping you will. However, when it comes to the mastered liar, these people will put their total faith and trust in the dishonesty that they are speaking, just for the sake of it appearing to be true since that ounce of uncertainty won’t be there. Most people can pick up on whether a person is uncertain about what they’re saying or not.

Snakes are not two faced creatures such as the rat, who will go and gossip later on to the associates that they have that are unknown to you. The snake doesn’t need to. The only time you’ll see the snake character type being two faced, is when other people are too close to you and in their way. That’s when they will have an exceptional a way of turning people against one another, by acting very nice to everyone such as if they are the good guy, but then on top of that turning around and mentioning flaws to each individual behind each others back. This then makes everybody in the collective question each other. Once trust is broken, then there’s not really much of a strong foundation for that collective anymore. The snake will then seek to totally isolate you until they get the perfect moment to strike. That strike will be one that you’ll never see coming either. From all of the love and attention, as well as the Charm, while also giving you what you want, their blow will be one that devastates you more than any other.

The Cat

The cat category of personality types brings us to the type of person that will genuinely give you love and affection, but at a price. If you can imagine a cat that cuddles up with you after you fed it, then you’ll get the general idea. These type of people will go about their business doing what they want. Everything will always be on their own time. Even the love that they give you will be on their own time. But they will give you love at that, but just as long as you’re continuing to be loyal to them.

Cats will always return to the hand that feeds them. This means as long as they are getting what they want, they will be just as loyal back to you. But if you fail to give them what they’re looking for, it’s more than likely that they will go elsewhere. Just think about all of the missing cats that people have had in the neighborhood. They went missing for the simple fact that their owner probably forgot to feed them once or twice, or didn’t feed them the food that they liked or wanted. As soon as someone else opened up their door to them, that was it. They were gone.

Additionally, cat personality types will only be available after they have spent the day lazily relaxing and pampering themselves. They will never go out of their way for you the way that you go out of your way for them. This is why out of all of them, I think that this personality type is probably the most frustrating. It’s hard to get a cat personality type to really show you love and affection when you need it. But they will give you some and if you’re OK with that, then thats your choice. Still though they are quite lazy people that would much prefer to not work, and have you do everything for them.

Life is like a party for the cat people. They will relax all day on someone else’s expense and then at night time they’ll stay up and enjoy themselves while everyone else is resting. Furthermore people that live in this category of personalities, are always walking around with some sense of self entitlement. They also seem to be under the illusion that whats yours, is theirs. But what’s theirs is not yours. It’s not equal. For an example, if you buy food and put it in the refrigerator, already you have let it be known that everyone is welcome to it. They’ll come out and eat it, probably even down to the last bite, leaving an empty container in the refrigerator. When you go to get some, you’re wondering why they didn’t leave you a little bit since it was yours and you bought it, but still shared it. However, when it comes to them, they will put something in the refrigerator and make sure everybody knows not to touch it.

They are the recluse individuals who never come out or pay attention unless you have something to offer. be your very best friend should you have anything they need or want at the time. But just like the cat hiding away until it’s feeding time, that’s just how these people are.

In summary…whether the rat, the snake, or the cat personality type… Anyone of these people will be quick to leave you in the dust. If there isn’t something in it for them, then you may as well say goodbye. They’ll still keep your number on speed dial though. Because hey, you might be good for something to them at another time in the future.

The dog

The dog personality type are those who are loyal. These are the people that will stand by your side no matter what. Even if you’re wrong. Have you ever had a dog and your dog did something bad and you had to correct it? But they didn’t act any differently with you afterwards did they? The dog will always try to lead your way into safety as someone who is trustworthy in your life. They will even tell you the things that you don’t wanna hear just to keep you safe and well aware of the truth. Sometimes people can fall into their own illusions. As a result, even knowing that what they’re doing may end badly for them, lots of people still go for it.

Anyone who plays the dog role in your life will try to safeguard you by being that reminder barking in your ear every now and then. Hey, sometimes you need it. You may not even have to give the dog anything for their loyalty except your time and attention.That is all that they really require is that you’re loyal to them, just as they are to you. Thus they will go lifelong with you. These are the people that always talk highly of you because all they see, are the good things in you.

The Bird

The bird personalities are those that stay secluded, to avoid drama. these are the gentle loving people who are friends with everyone. They give their loyalty to all but to no one at the same time if that makes any sense. These are the people that only come out when somebody needs them. Probably the most selfless of all, the bird always finds their way into one of your life situations to give you a heads up or a higher perspective her point of you, where no one else can. They will mind their own business. But they keep your business secret, if you should tell them anything. They are so fragile that they hate confrontation. They detest even subtle confrontation that is hidden behind the acts of the snake, the rat, and cat. and as you know those types of personalities always have drama with them one way or the other. Whether it’s quiet and behind the scenes and sneaks up on you, or it’s loud directing in your face. The bird only wants peace and is the type that you can do almost anything with, because they’re pretty chill with just about anything. However, even though they are a little bit secluded, they still have pretty good insight on everything that’s going on and they don’t miss a thing because of their higher perspective. They try to be a good friend without having to try. They just know what comes natural in treating people the right way. that’s because they can see deep into a person from their standpoint and I always wanting to be the person that brings joy to a persons life rather than drama. That’s because they’ve more than likely seeing everyone they know go through enough drama that they try to be that one friend who provides comfort. Their words are always so full of truth that you could hear them talk for a long time without getting sick of hearing them. They give you that perspective that really makes you open your eyes, but it doesn’t make you feel badly either. over the bird personality will suddenly ever tell you their own business because they don’t want to upset you with anything that’s going on with themselves, considering you probably have a lot going on with your self instead. They’re very giving and you’ll always know where to find them. They’ll never be out of touch if you need them.

In these five personality types, we find the good and the bad, just like anything else in life. But it’s always good to have signs to look for when getting close to others since the world is becoming even more untrustworthy every day.