Generational Spirits

Have you ever felt as though you and your family may be cursed? Does your family struggle with constant bad luck? Addiction issues? Or is your family one that experiences a lot of death? Have you just felt a never ending cloud of darkness overshadowing you and your loved ones, and seek to find out why? Read on my friend, and you just may finally find answers.

A parasite of the spiritual world

70% of the population have what are called “generational spirits”. These spirits are tormenting, infectious, and extremely hard to remove. Hi compare them to bedbugs. In my time, I’ve had relatives that have had bedbugs and believe me it is probably the most frustrating never ending battle that a person can go through with any type of pestilence. If you thought cockroaches were bad, think again! Bedbugs are bloodsucking creatures that hide so intricately in your furniture or walls, that you never even know that they’re there. While you’re sleeping, they can sense your breath and charge toward you with great speed to drink your blood to their fill, and then go off and hide again. They multiply every so quickly, and just one bug can turn into thousands of them in just a short period of time. The next thing you know, you’re waking up with bites all over you, welts and itching… And there they are, hiding under your mattress while you’re sleeping. You went from just having a bug or two biting you in the dark hours of your slumber, to having dozens of them creep and crawl all over you while you dream. All the while, you never really suspect that they’re there. Their bites at first don’t show any sign. They in bed into the crevices of your home, going so deep into them, and it’s almost hard to fully eradicate them. Trying to exterminate them, there’s always one or two still lurking somewhere, that the problem just happens all over, And again.

Generational spirits work the same. In fact a lot of negative entities do. They come just one by itself, and then find a way to multiply into many. They hide in the folds of your life wrecking complete havoc while you try to figure out what’s happening and why. It’s almost impossible to get rid of generational spirits from just you yourself. They have made sure that they have hidden into the cracks and crevices you’re being so well, that upon trying to remove them, they just simply come right back. But how? To understand it better, first you should probably understand how they get there to begin with.

“He is keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

Holy Scriptures- Exodus 34:7

The Set up

I have written about this before somewhere. But upon looking for it, I couldn’t find the link. I have spoken out about it in my courses as well too. Generational spirits begin like this…

Someone in your ancestor line makes a pact with darkness for whatever reason. Or, they have an imperfection within them genetically. Usually it’s both. The spiritual world knowing a little bit about everything when it comes to every person because they are forms of consciousness themselves, they can see what your consciousness has within it. They can’t read your full spiritual blueprint, but they get a pretty good general idea by watching and observing. Knowing White a persons flaws and weaknesses are, gives them the center stage to get in there and try to tempt them into acting upon their weaknesses in whichever way they can. As a result, the person falls into the temptation and the spirit attaches.

Once it attaches to the person, it gets familiar with their offspring. Knowing that the offspring will probably carry the same weaknesses in their consciousness genetically, they will stick around to tempt them to. However, it may not be the same device in which the person falls too, and so other spirits are called into help who specialize in specific areas of sin. The first person may have fallen into drunkenness and greed, whereas the offspring may fall into drunkenness and perversion. As a result, a tempting spirit responsible for compulsive behavior, now has their friends who are experts in the field of addiction, sexual and morality and greed, all working together as one. And this will surely carry down through the generations even more still, possibly multiplying in the number of spirits that attached to that family line.

The majority of the world suffers from some kind of Temptations or the other, a majority of the people have them. However, some actually suffer from the results of these spirits much more so. It depends on the power of the leading spirit, and its position in the spiritual world‘s hierarchy. For example, the leading spirit could just be a demon, or it could be a Duke or Marquis of the daemonic world. The higher the rank, the more darkness and conflict.


Removing these spirits from a persons life, can bring a great deal of relief. However, if the spirit is still associated with the family’s bloodline, it will have more of a guarantee of returning. This is why a lot of people who go for a generational Spirit Removal, see later on that they are starting to see some of the symptoms of its presence back in their life again. To really ensure that the spirit doesn’t torment the family or the person any longer, it’s wiser to just eradicate the generational spirit from the bloodline all together. However, not a lot of people know how to do such a thing since it includes removing spirits from so many people at once. And therefore many just do an individual clearing, for temporary relief. Nobody wants to hear that it’s temporary though, and so many of these people guarantee the promise that a spirit removal will get rid of the problem for the person once and for all. And I don’t think that that’s fair.

Yes, removing the spirits will help the person greatly even if just taking it away from the one person who is seeking for the help individually, in the meantime. It can always be readdress later and temporary relief is better than none. Let’s take a look at what the symptoms are for generational spirit presents in a family line. What the person experiences individually as well as the others in relation to them.


Since negative entities work in very similar ways, symptoms will be very similar in a lot of other scenarios as well in regards to demonic attacks, possession, dark consciousness etc. However with Generational spirits, this is something that you’ll notice has been going on in your family for the longest time. The effects of dark consciousness what you can find in another article here, started in 2017 up until now. If you didn’t have any problems up until that point, then you can differentiate that it’s dark consciousness it’s bothering you. But if you and your family have had ongoing issues such as the symptoms below for as long as you can remember, then it’s probably generational spirits and you may want to get a thorough reading to learn more. Demonic possession mainly only targets the person who is experiencing the possession. Yes it’s hard for family members who are supporting the individual, but the effects are mainly just focused on one person singularly. Again, generational spirits target many people in the family.

Bad luck

1. Ongoing bad luck- having generational spirits in the valley, can propose a lot of issues. Bad luck is one of them. If you and your family find that bad things just always seem to happen to you, this is a symptom.

The Growth Illusion

2. Does it seem in your family, that you can only grow to a certain point in life? For many with generational spirits, it won’t really matter how hard they try. They all seem to reach a certain level of success, but they never really make it to their total goal. Generational spirits love messing with people this way. They like to see the person gain momentum and motivation, and work hard toward trying to achieve their objective. Then, when the objective is only just a little bit ahead in grasp, the generational spirit will cause problems that will then set the person all of the way back.

Tragedy, Death & Illness

3. With families that are plagued with a Generational spirits, there will be some who experience a lot of tragedy. This includes losing a lot of loved ones, and illness. They may find that a lot of their family members come down with some kind of serious health problems or disease. And for a lot of other families, they will notice that they lose a lot of their loved ones such as friends, lovers, children etc.

Age of Death & Strange Coincidence

4. There will be also, correspondences the things such as age. People with generational Spirits may find that everyone in their family seems to die around the same age. For an example, a mother may pass on at the age of 53, and then her kids end up dying around the same age when they’re older and so on. This could be similar in regards to other things as well too. Perhaps may be a grandfather lived a very specific type of life, and then his grandson goes on to live almost the same exact way.

Nightmares & Shadows

5. When generational spirits are present, people in the family will suffer from things like sleep paralysis and night terrors. They will even notice that many in the family claim to see dark presences5. When generational spirits are present, people in the family will suffer from things like sleep paralysis and night terrors. They will even notice that many in the family claim to see dark presences.

Mental Illness

6. I’ve studied psychology for a very long time and I can tell you that when it comes to spirituality, there are a lot of things that just don’t mesh well between the two. Psychological disorders definitely come from inherited genetics, but they can also be imposed upon people too. A lot of people that have generational spirits tend to end up having a lot of psychological disorders. They’ll suffer from things like psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia and hyper vigilance.they also go very deep into their own illusions which may seem extremely real. This is a tactic of generational spirits, that they use in order to drive the person into madness or to have the people around them, think that they are crazy. This will then damage relationships. Throughout the process, the persons will to live deteriorates.


7. There may be some families that find that suicide is a common theme throughout the generations as well too. I knew a woman whose grandmother committed suicide, and then an aunt. She was played with suicidal thoughts herself until I was able to help her. Suicidal thoughts are definitely a symptom of dark consciousness or generational spirits. You would have to look at when you started to have them, to determine which. Many people that are plagued with suicidal thoughts, will have had the most of their life even from childhood if it’s caused by generational spirits.


8. Generational Spirits cause a lot of immorality to channel down through the generational line of a family. This could include things like incest, addictions in any form, and perversions. It will also include things like anger, violence, and many forms of abuse. I’ve had clients who I’ve had all types of abuse in their lives due to generational spirits. One woman came from a family who just naturally manipulated and emotionally abused others. Everyone in her family was like that. It came down from her grandfather, to her own brothers, and then to her own son. It’s also similar when it comes to addiction and sexual immorality as well.

False Psychic Abilities & Contact

9. While a lot of people wouldn’t mind it, false psychic ability and spiritual contacts can come from Generational and Spirits as well too. I say that many people wouldn’t mind, because in this day and age, anybody’s willing to do anything to have some kind of psychic power. That means even consulting with wicked spirits. Nevertheless, a lot of good people that have a righteous heart and no intention of dabbling with the unknown may end up having psychic ability anyhow. they may have some kind of psychic dream, visions, or even Spirit communication. This comes from the wicked spirit who is guiding the person on the other side without them even knowing it. In fact, many psychics of today are only psychic because of that reason. It’s extremely dangerous and for people that are looking for natural born psychics, it would be very hard for them to be able to tell whether the psychic that they’re going to was natural or influenced. Having this type of influenced psychic ability, leads to there being many other doorways into the spiritual world being opened within the family of that person. It creates something like a hive of demonic entities.

These individuals may believe that they’re channeling divine spirits, or deceased loved ones when in fact it really is only just the trickster spirits from the daemonic world on the other side. They are shape shifters and can appear as anyone. Knowing many of the souls here on this planet as I said in the beginning, entities can gather any hints of information that they need two make it all seem real. This is the hardest type of generational spirit to remove, because the one person becomes a hive, which then leads to demonic possession over time. I talked about demonic possession and described it as being very different from what is portrayed on television. In fact, many people don’t realize they have some kind of demonic possession until it’s too late. And having a person like this in the family, makes it even more dangerous for the other relatives later especially their own offspring. It also leaves evil residual energy on a property where they live, which then embeds into the grounds and creates a poltergeist. This is not the only way a poltergeist is created, but it is the more common reason for those types of demonic activities being at specific locations.

These types of spirits get passed on to direct offspring. It is very hard to correct the problem once it has reached that state. However, not everybody has this symptom. It’s very fortunate for those that don’t. The only way that this takes place, is that perhaps maybe someone in the family line has taking up wanting to explore the dark arts and opened their own consciousness up to the demonic world. This is also happening a lot these days, as many people are trying to open themselves up through Hypnosis, unprotected meditation and other forms of practices in order to try to find their own psychic ability.

Hypnosis itself is very dangerous. Especially if the person doing they Hypnosis doesn’t know about the persons life Purpose or Spiritual Journey enough, to guide them properly. They could end up exposing certain subconscious factors that could damage a person’s journey all together, even with the slightest thing. The person may not experience anything particular, but subconscious things can come up through unconscious behaviors and changes that result from tampering with the persons mind through the hypnosis session. It’s furthermore, is that it opens the persons mind up and even though the person performing the Hypnosis may think that they’ve ended the session, there may still be a part of the mind open enough where spiritual consciousness can enter causing demonic interference. it’s in the dangerous to do any type of spiritual work without having the proper knowledge about a persons saw or enough expertise and skill for the session that is being performed, even regarding things like divination. By the way, if you work with me and I’ve had a lot of services done with me but have had Hypnosis sessions performed on the side elsewhere, please be advised that this could have also tampered with anything that I have done for you in the past.

Indeed Generational Spirits are created when people explore and dabble in things like the occult. It’s lucky for the “head of the family” or first host, that since it’s beginning with them, that they won’t receive much of the bad luck. Their future generations will though.

Other things to know

There are so many problems that these entities create and I have known so many people who have been victims of them. I’ve worked with thousands of people from all different places all over the world, and I’ve seen a lot of similarities with families that have the curse of generational spirits. What’s really horrible about all of this, is that these things are a literally connected to the family through the consciousness that is passed from relative to relative. It creates something of a signature that travels through the family line just like a gene for cancer etc. And therefore it takes a lot to remove them. You can’t just perform an exorcism only, a whole DNA deprogramming will also have to be included in the removal process. Therefore there are several things that need to be done. Families that are affected by generational spirits experience tragedy after tragedy. Many go through loss after loss. There’s a lot of terrible and unfortunate situations and events that take place row families that are plagued by them. It’s really important to try to eradicate them from your life. Many areas of your life will be affected, such as relationships, self-esteem, mentality, money, family life, how are you get along with others, how much success you obtain, and more. and unfortunate situation and events that take place row families that are plagued by them. It’s really important to try to eradicate them from your life. Many areas of your life will be affected, such as relationships, self-esteem, mentality, money, family life, how are you get along with others, how much success you obtain, and more. Each family is affected specifically and uniquely but with generally the same type of symptoms that I have listed above, just in different ways. If you believe that you have a generational spirit, then reach out for help. Don’t forget that these beings can be of a higher rank or low, and they can cause mental and spiritual delusions. Dark consciousness can also open up a doorway for generational spirits newly enter your life. Don’t forget, it’s really hard to remove them permanently and so it’s imperative to also not only read them from your own life but from the lives of your loved ones as well. Temporary relief such as a Generational Spirit unbinding service can definitely help. It removes the spirit for the most part, but again having that family connection, can give it access to return later on. There are cases where it doesn’t ever return it all though. It depends on a few things including the rank of the spirit, how long it’s been in the family, and how deeply it’s rooted into the many areas of your life. There are many times that I have had a student that was affected by generational spirits and they had a hard time when trying to renew themselves for their spiritual journey. It seemed that many of them would just continue returning back to some of the vices that the generational spirits how do used to victimized the person. Depression and addiction is definitely high up on the list.It’s definitely something that you don’t want to affect any offspring that you have, or anything that you would want to continue being affected by yourself.

Inability to remove

Generational and Spirits are newly created every day and on top of that most people have some that date from even back to ancient times from their ancestors. Even something as simple as an entity in the home, can become an ongoing problem for a person and their family even into the future. It’s smart to deal with any supernatural problems that you have at the time, and to remove any spirits that may be attached. The only ways that a generational spirit may not actually be able to be removed from a family line are:

1. If someone in that family line has deliberately had sexual relations with the entities willingly. This is not the same as someone who may have been sexually attacked in their sleep by an entity. I’m talking about those that knowingly open themselves up to sexual acts with other spiritual beings.

2. Additionally, a generational spirit may not be able to be removed from a family line if there is someone in the family who is deliberately and consensually willing that spirit to be there. There are some who actually thrive off of having the generational spirits with them. There is a variety of reasons as to why that I won’t go into right now, but if there is a relative in your family that is keeping the spirits there at will, then that person is going to naturally keep the spirits within the family as long as they’re attached to them. As long as the spirit is attached to someone in the family, they have the ability to attach the other members of that family. Once that person desires to release the spirit or if they pass away, then the family can be freed from those generational entities at that time as long as nobody else is deliberately trying to keep the entities there or continuing any ongoing communication with those entities overall.

Other than that, generational spirits can be removed from an entire family line and that can make things a lot better for everybody.

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