Goddess Energy

It is an amazing thing, the goddess energy. For a very long time man had taken their rule,Dominating over women. But in truth it is the woman who is supreme. How many men have fallen at the feet of a woman? Their beauty, wit, charm, natural seduction and flirtation? Women emotionally or nurturing, unconditionally loving, and a good woman, a virtuous woman, will do anything for her man. A virtuous woman in the Bible says that they will get up at the crack of dawn to fully sanitize and cleanse their home, prepare the clothes and linens, prepare the food, and make sure that everyone in the household gets off where they need to go in time with their needs met. And that is due to the nurturing aspect of the feminine energy. Women care and because of that it shows through their actions and how they consider each member of their family.

Yes men care to! They work hard labor us jobs, to support their family. But emotionally, they are more of a thinker than they are I feel her at first. And when it comes to conception men contribute to the spark of life. They say there is nothing that a man can’t do without a good woman by his side. And that is because men are inspired by the creativity, imagination, and beauty of a female. Men are super awesome too. While women these days know how to do a lot of things that men do, every woman out there can definitely agree, that is nice to have a man around. The right man, will be attentive, affectionate, and always there for his woman and her needs at the time. He will carefully consider her emotions, and attend to the things that she desires at the moment. Truthfully, women seem to change what they want or think that they need, frequently. A good man will always be there to flow with the changes of his ever-changing woman. And she too, will complement him, and making sure that his needs are met on that side of things too.

But, women not only contribute to the spark of life, but we grow the life. Did you know that a fetus does not have a brain first? No! It is the truth that every fetus actually starts out with a heart first. The electrical charges of energy, making that heartbeat to keep that life going and growing. It is through the woman and her thoughts, feelings, nutrition, that a child will grow its very best. Men can be extremely good fathers, but a lot of times they fail to open their mind up to the fact that children will be more attached to the mother, because the mother is their life source. The little spark of consciousness that the men contributed a conception, is developed further and expanded upon through the child’s time in the mothers womb. Even after birth, the child will feed with the mother, and be soothed by the mothers mechanical heartbeat. And that is because their hearts beat as one, as the child was growing and developing. They share the nutrition, bloodflow, end it is the mothers heart that is actively pumping in order to keep that child thriving. Without a woman, creation could not be. Men would need an egg, and something to grow inside, just as tactical as the female human body. It is quite amazing how much power women have to create.

Women and men are equal in so many ways. They both can have deep emotions, and they both can think logically. Both can create wonderful physical handcrafted things in the world around them. But when it comes to motherhood and creation, women should be given a little more credit than they are. It takes a lot of power to have a child as the body goes in overdrive. Lots of chemicals have to be developed within the female body or for that child to even be developed. And women have all of the right things that they need because they are given that as natural caregivers. It is through the tunnel of the woman and her ever flowing river, that the child sales for us to take it’s very first breath into the world. So a woman is like a portal as well. How amazing.

We are the ones that create the serpent. Yes we are the ones to make the serpent. And that is because men get is a spark of his life but it is the woman who brings forth, straight up the spinal cord of the child for it to have flowing consciousness within the physical wrestle here. The woman guides and directs the light body into the physical body, for them to be as one with in the room, naturally. And I think that is why for so long out there in the world and ancient times, women were downgraded. Because perhaps many souls regretted coming here to begin with. But it is through the physical body that many have become greatly renown. And because of woman, that has become so.