Good isn’t good enough…

Dear reader, this is just a notice that a few of the posts on this particular site will also be featured on Alura’s Angels. that’s because some of the content and its nature, fit in with heavenly teachings coming from the angels and messengers of our divine plains. The domain will also be changed (redirecting of course) as I would prefer to remove my name from the link. The information came from above and so it is a website which the content relates to both my own insight and other messengers, that I should not have my name in the domain so as to take credit. Thank you! Let’s look at today’s topic.

Good isn’t good enough?!…

This post was inspired through interaction between me and my student. I don’t want to say her name so as to protect her identity, but she is a brilliant young woman with so much talent, if she did not make it in her field, that I would probably jump off a bridge! No. not really but as a figure of speech to convey how much I believe in her, I had to go to the extreme. As a writer with a great creative mind, she could go on to excel in journalism, and writing. Mentoring her, she has come for spiritual channelings To gain advice and insight as to what her next steps in life may be, or defined answers to questions that she has. However, just recently she came along seeking a little insight. Giving her the reading, I thought that the heavens had done a wonderful job when touching base on what she could add to improve and some minor things that may have been in the background causing a little bit of a challenge. Challenges are sometimes caused by ancestral or a.k.a. generational spirits. These are not generational spirits in which I described, that are passed down unrelated…through sins. These are generational in the sense that they were former members of past generations.

These types of spirits work with a person sort of like a spiritual guide. They’re not always present but they will be, if the guides ask them to help in creating events and scenarios or even blockages, to challenge a person in life. This helps them to discover where their strengths and weaknesses are so that they can know what to do next in order to succeed. It reminds me of a scripture found in the Bible.

“I correct and punish everyone I love. So make up your minds to turn away from your sins”. Revelations 3:19

It’s true! I don’t really like how they use the word punish, as it’s not really a punishment. It’s more so of a test. I go through test all of the time to see how deep my knowledge goes. They’re not always pleasant. The rewards in the end are priceless.

This also applies when someone close to you is being tested. You might be affected by that or be a part of the test itself. God works in mysterious ways. Nonetheless, just because spirit gives advice or points out where things can be improved, does not mean that a person isn’t doing good enough. it’s really important for a person to be made aware of things that maybe they’re not focusing on so much, because they’re distracted by other things. This helps them to have all-around insight, so that they can improve their life not just for the good, but for the best.

It has been often a misconception, where students have often at times received advice and somehow drew the conclusion that they weren’t doing good enough. I never quite understood how a person can take insight in areas of their life that they can enhance, and somehow apply that to mean that in other areas of life they are not sufficient. In the path of reaching heavenly understanding, a person must always see that they are doing good, praise themselves, and seek to improve other areas that have room for improvement. However, they shouldn’t make it seem as if they are in any way being put down or that they’re not doing good enough. Heaven nor I either intend to imply that. I always seek to encourage everyone to the best of my ability, and recognize where they have grown. But when a person comes to me and wants to reach the top, then it’s to the top we’ll go! And on the way there, there’s going to be a lot of mistakes and a lot of things to learn from and fix. As you get better and better, you always find some thing that can be even greater in its place in your life. Sky is the limit remember?

Always remember to be positive and to take your insight constructively, not in a way to put yourself down or make yourself feel as if you’re not good enough… and please never think for a second then I’m trying to say that you haven’t grown or that you’re not doing as well as you are. Because you are. You’re better than good enough, and you deserve the best.