Grianstad- The Thanksgiving Feast

So get yourself prepared for a wonderful weekend ahead. Tomorrow, you will need to prepare a feast for yourself and those that you love, to give thanks to the heavens for all that they’ve done for you. It certainly fun to celebrate the gods and the goddesses. And my family we often celebrate Lugh. Lugh is a son to Cian, also known as Cein, as in Alura Cein! This festival has also been called Lammas and Lughnasadh starting at the beginning of August all the way up until September 22. But that is according to tradition is passed down to the Celtic tribes in to Britain. Coming down through my family lineage, they also tried to celebrate around that time. However, according to the stars, it actually begins exactly upon September 21 and ends October 31.

There are many different ways to celebrate this beautiful time of year, but my specific heavenly sources say that, it should be celebrated September 21st all the way till the end of October with small feasts, weekly, but throughout the week, a little special dishes that are made to honor the heavens, you go with your ordinary dinner. Each night a small gift is given in honor of the heavens. What I do is, I get 80 white taper candles and I will light one every morning and one for every night, in honor of a specific deity. This represents the concept of, 40 days, and 40 nights. It is the manifestation of completion through the number eight, but also representing full creation power at the number four. Zero being involved suggests, new beginnings in the elements of creation which are, emotions, thoughts, spirit, and the body.. is basically like a purification ritual as well as praising the heavens at the same time.

On those mornings, I would fast although that’s pretty easy considering that I am usually living in a Breatharian lifestyle, but when I was younger and in my childhood or with child, I did not eat or drink anything until 4 PM. It was at that time that we would have the feast already prepared, for us all to sit down and enjoy. We would buy specific foods that honored the time of year in relation to the harvest. Then we would make certain dishes out of the ingredients. Often, during the week we would only add just a specific side dish or dessert. We would also play music and for the larger dinners on the weekends, we would make a four course meal with a few different desserts to go with it, and then also have cornucopias stuffed with goodies for the kids who came over for the celebration on the weekends with family or friends.

Each week we would make a new craft, that we would hang up for the main celebration the night of 31 October. That would be the greater feast, including a bonfire in which all of the people invited, would bring their own special dishes and decoration to contribute. Everybody also brought a candle to represent them self which we lined up, around our bonfire circle. And then we would have the final celebration the next day of October 31 which many call Halloween. We would do that more so for the children though.


Tomorrow Night:

For the first night of the celebration, I will be making vegetarian eggplant and Zucchini pasta.

For desert, we will have cranberry pudding cake. We will add a rose merlot that was made from scratch last year and stored in our garage to ferment. Are usually do not allow my homemade wines to be fermented for too long, because my children often like to have a small 2 ounce glass with their celebration meals.The longer that you ferment your wine, the more potency it has. One year of fermenting is very mild. But yes I make my own wine as well. It’s actually a wonderful process, and drinking something that you have made yourself, surely does feel very good! Specially, when you were saving it for special occasions such as this. We have a couple of bottles for a few celebrations for this year and I will mention them throughout my events posting.


For the first craft that we will make as a family tomorrow to celebrate the event and spend time together, we will be making a few leaf wreaths. I like to have one at each entry/exit and put a couple above some of the major doorways in the house, as well as a very large one in our showcase window in the front. I really love this craft the most because it brings a lot of beautiful color into the home and we use many different types of textures including real leaves on one of them, for the craft projects! You can really get creative with this and use any colors that you want to represent your holiday season. Last year, we had made one in silver and use a lot of silver and gold for our autumn theme. It was really cool because we were able to keep one of those wreaths for Christmas time.

Don’t forget to pickup your 80 tapered candles! Tomorrow we will be doing a small spell, so please check “nature’s magical corner” section here on this site, on what herb we will be using! I will have some video footage for the recipes, crafts, and the spells too. I really hope that you will join me. Even if these are traditions that you do not choose to adopt on going after this year, at least it is a pretty cool experience and gives you a lot of things to do with your family and your friends.