Guide to Awakening 1. The Flickering Flame, Depression & Why….

I know you are sad…. and I have the answers to why.

Just yesterday as the ball dropped, I couldn’t help but cry. I was not celebrating the new year whatsoever. I’m not really into that New Year’s celebration anyhow, because May is my new year. But nevertheless, it’s supposed to be a joyous time is it not? According to mankind, it’s another full year that’s gone by and a new one to share with people we love, and with new goals in mind. But for myself and many others, that was not the case. I told you that I never felt depression, I would be lying. If you had to live as I do, seeing visions of things really happening in front of your face, and then actually seeing it take place physically, you would probably have a nervous break down. It’s almost like I have to experience the horrors that happen in the world and in other peoples lives, two times instead of just one. It hurts.

With everything that the angels have been telling me, it’s never meant to bring anyone down… It’s meant to inform and keep us aware so that we can continue working with the light to keep safe through the trials. But to be honest, I could not help but just feel really sad. We’re entering 2020. However, there are so many people who are still going through a spiritual battle, and as I am trying to guide everybody, I always feel their pain. I experience it alongside of them. When all of you are depressed, I get depressed. Oracles are a reflection of others in order to read, guide, and provoke change. Therefore, I have to feel the things that all of you feel in order to understand you are like a mirror. But I don’t think people realize just how deep that goes. Additionally, everything the angels have said that’s going to happen, while we will all be safe… it’s still kind of scary. I just kept thinking that we’re entering another decade, but yet what will that decade be full of?

So as I cried a little bit, I had to ask heaven for help because I don’t think I ever felt so down before, as I’m always positive and looking at both sides, while trying to stay more motivated towards being positive and inspiring. Still, it raised the question of how much more trauma can people go through? How many more years of fighting for accomplishment can a person have to pursue, before they just feel like the destination is always moving further ahead of them, rather than getting any closer? How many more people have to hurt you, before you realize that there’s just really nobody left that you can trust? So archangel Ariel told me that everything that we are all feeling lately is normal. What’s happening is that we are actually in a state of mourning because as we have faith and trust in what the heavens tell us, and as a result we know that there is an end of things, on its way. And that with it, there will be ends to a lot of other things too. Even our former selves. The only way to process it, is to accept it and learn to let go. But in that comes a little bit of grief. Each and everyone of us feels like we’ve lost a little part of ourselves somewhere along the way in the spiritual journey. Its a huge transition to go through in life as you are aging. If you add spiritual awareness to aging, when there are many things you will come to realize that may be hard to cope with.

First we have the nostalgia, magic and safety of childhood.And then there is this desire to self express and explore the world independently of our own as teens, yet realizing that staying closer to home probably was the best thing all along. But as we try to draw closer to home again, we realize then… that so many things have changed including us. We developed into adults, with a more mature view on the world and now having more responsible things to think about. What was once magical, disappear. A lot of things that we thought were securely in place and safe, have faded away in the sands of time, mere illusions of our own need for stability. You see, the spiritual journey brings so many changes that often people have difficulty accepting. Change is not always an easy thing. But for the spiritual person, their awareness brings them to the realization that there is something deeper happening. When this is recognized, they cannot help but carry a sense of sadness or carry a feeling of impending doom within. But what is this feeling of impending doom? Why is it that we feel this deep burden of sadness still, even though we are faithful and are trying with all of our hearts to move in a positive direction?

The Deaths, Judgement, and Tribulation

The tribulation

What many are feeling, are the effects of the “death, judgment and tribulation” all together combined. What’s happening nowadays, is that we are entering into a tribulation period. many people knew this because I had prophesied about it sometime ago along side of dark consciousness. There were many immoral and depressing dark things being promoted in the world, and as people had become even more desensitized, they became more attracted towards those things because people try to relate to things that express how they are feeling.. This filled them with even more negativity that was then channeled into the Earth through their feet chakras and then also upward into the air out of their crown chakras. This began spreading the negativity above and below. Every living thing connected in the web of consciousness here, was affected because we are connected to the earth that is receiving the energy… through the feet chakras. Not only this but our order is overlap in the environment through the air and anything coming out of the crown chakra would then fill the air and we would all be walking around in a cloud of funk. This was promoted deliberately so that people would start to feel hopeless and only really focus upon themselves. As they filled the ego with empty things, a lot of them became even more numb. People stopped caring about one another. Beyond the surface, there was something very dark happening behind the scenes that many people were not aware of, because they were so easily distracted by trends that were pushed off in their faces as the Internet tracked their every movement, thought an interest through what they were searching online or how long they stayed on a video or website. Data was gathered as to what was running through the hearts and minds of every individual searching the web, and so it was easy to find the right things to promote in order to distract them. Archangel Gabriel spoke about this in Alura’s Angels when she mentioned that the “criminals” would be drawn out through enticing “criminal behavior” so to speak, through condoning it. Any person desiring to do something but just not acting on it because of fear of consequences or judgment, would easily start to participate in it if it were said to be OK.  let’s face it, many things were condoned. Still there was something more sinister happening behind the scenes on a physical, political, and spiritual level.

The judgement

For quite some time a lot of souls have been reincarnating on earth over and over again. Like a flame being blown gently at, it could only take being blown at so many times before accidentally goes out. This is how the human soul is. Imagine that a light wind is blowing at a flame gently. The wind is trauma. The flame represents the soul. Being teased by the wind is much like the soul picking up small particles of trauma along the way of the spiritual journey through reincarnation. However, many small things brought together all at once, becomes large. and so imagine how large all of that trauma really is when compiled together after so many lifetimes? And add all of the karma that is associated with it as well? The soul will feel heavily burdened. And it will lose faith more and more each lifetime as it goes by. Just like a flame ready to go out with even the most gentlest of breezes. How much more could it really take? Even a very slight mishap could set that soul over the edge. Still, from a certain period in time, the day of the judgment of the Lord began. When this started taking place, I cannot reveal. However, it has given every soul enough time to answer the many opportunities or callings, to reconnect with their creator. Each and every lifetime will had brought some opportunity or the other. The great judgment consists of watching every soul as it is faced with the same temptation time and time again. Even with learning through the consequences of their actions, will the soul still repeat the same mistakes out of a desire to? It is true that the soul is not judged by what it does physically, but how it feels and thinks about it instead. For an example, a person could make a mistake and really had not wanted to do it at all to begin with. For some reason though, they may have felt obligated or stuck. Afterwards, they are wrought with regret. there are some people who have been there and done that, and they just continue doing the same thing because they want to. It’s true many of them may not admit that they want to would like to, but they do. Then there are others who may not remember the mistakes of their past life times and then have to confront them again. It doesn’t matter if they remember it, what matters is how their past lifetime has change them. Through the trial and error have they become a better person enough, in the next lifetime to say no? Have they changed enough greatly, to not repeat the same mistake? And that’s with the great judgment was all about. Another part of this judgment was testing mankind to see if they could develop a real definition of faith. It was questioned whether they could truly love the creator without gaining anything in return. and what’s more, how would these questions be answered if people were to be woken up? What if they could gain some kind of recollection of their past lifetimes and mistakes, and also be offered some new connection with their Creator as well as becoming the better version of themselves? Could they bypass the influences and Temptations of a very haughty, materialistic world around them? Or, would they fall right into the traps laid for them, out of having more of a desire to please and glorify their ego? All of this would take place throughout a long period of time as well as coming to a huge climax in a very short period of time in this present day and age as well. And that was a reason for the great awakening. However, other powers may have used it for negative means such as to weed out who the meek were. They allowed something of the awakening to take place so that they could find out who the true chosen were, who would still seek something greater than themselves through a love of God with in that they could never lose. After they found out who those people were, The awakening was then controlled and propaganda was placed, to promote the ego more. With their eye on the chosen, they could oppress them while distracting the world as they build their a very own new system of things knowing what was going to take place after the judgment. Yes, the powers very well knew about the day of judgment themselves. Only…. simply because they are physical with some higher ranking spiritual authorities as relations, they believe that they are untouchable. so even though they know that the higher authorities in the greater heavens are trying to renew the earth and can serve the good chosen people still on it… They don’t fear because of their feelings of entitlement and somehow thinking or believing that they own earth themselves because they were founded on it.

For those that are chosen though, while they do have to go through some oppression, does not take away from the fact that they will always have divine protection so they always try to do the right thing and continue keeping a great unconditional love in their heart of their maker and of one another. There is no time for mistakes now. Everything a person does matters. As we have experience the changing of an age every so many thousands of years, this one is a little bit different. As I spoke about in my spiritual courses, mankind has been under the wrong impression. As I’ve always said, history is not really as many people think. Neither is time. The last great age of men will be the age of Capricorn which is the last one after the age of Aquarius. But if you look around you here today, do you not see more things that are associated with Capricorn then Aquarius itself? It said in the Bible that the powers here would know that they were running out of time. What does a person do when they’re running out of time? They try to multitask. They try to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. That is what’s happening today. we are actually finishing up the age of Aquarius and moving into the age of Capricorn. And that is why there are so many references to Baphomet, and a whole lot of home decor sold with horns. It was said after all in the book of Revelations, that a woman would be riding the many headed dragon with the word mysteries written on her for head. As many people know, mysteries represents the occult. While I do teach a lot of things from the occult, I do so to help people have awareness and truth. However I never am a supporter of ritualistic practices that happened behind the scenes in people that are heavily involved in the occult. That is because I know what really goes on there. But ask yourself why are so many people drawn to it? Even in knowing that children are killed for sacrifices? And that the people in charge in higher places who are the occult themselves, are the very ones who are responsible for crime, rape, pedophilia, human trafficking, hunger, greed, murder, drug addiction, and so much more. But so many people are still interested. That is because it was being promoted so strongly as the great awakening was also being promoted alongside of it. In reverse psychological tactics, many whistle blowers and conspiracy theorist discussed darker sides of the occult. But really talking about something at all, all of the time, he’s going to subconsciously and plant the idea but are you are talking about it negatively or positively. But if you add a good looking celebrities who promote that they are a part of it all, then now you will have a new generation who will want to follow in their footsteps to look just as glamorous. Think about that for a second. So many things were said negatively about the occult itself and it was considered to be taboo for so long. Yet, they allowed celebrities to openly and publicly expose that they were interested in those practices and somehow associated with the darkest and biggest occult of them all. It was definitely a form of reverse psychology but many people did not have the greater awareness to catch on.

Everything aligns with the biblical prophecies of there being an end to things on its way. You don’t have to be a firm believer in God, to feel it deep down inside of yourself. In fact everyone all over the world feels that something is not right. But they can’t quite put their finger on it with things such as the media circus surrounding the political affairs of our nations, talks of war, or the latest celebrity fashion. Then suddenly, many people start to dangerously inch towards the darker side. And that’s because so much has been lost to them. This brings me to the subject of “the deaths”.

The deaths

Death does not always have to be a literal thing. In fact in terms of any religious mention of it, we know that this is actually talking about the soul. While many people say that the soul is an eternal light goes on and on and on, I beg to differ otherwise. I have seen many lights or souls being extinguished. Like I said earlier on… “just how much trauma can happen to a soul before its light starts to die down?” A spiritual death is where a person starts to feel so numb and so empty inside but they can never regain the feeling of having deeper emotions ever again. Many people are in the brink of a spiritual death because they still can feel, just not the same way. They need to fix this before it’s too late. this means that their shadow self is overcoming them. The shadow self may not consist of dark acts or thoughts, but it can consist of just being utterly overwhelmed with depression and negativity. If that’s the case and the person will start to feel very numb inside because they will want to block out the feelings of sadness. A lot of people are also trying to block out the truth, that they can feel that something is not right in the world today. There are a few deaths that are supposed to take place, and also resurrection.  The world itself is not caring very much about being good anymore. People are also lacking sympathy for one another. They don’t want to hear about how to do better or how to change themselves for the better anymore. In fact many people have tried to go down that righteous pathway and realized the truth about them selves which was, it’s just too hard for them to follow the street and narrow. So they allow themselves to come back to every day average life of doing what everyone else in the world is doing, and then they start to experience financial problems, relationship issues, feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem, and that is because when life or the soul that is living a life are both out of balance, then life is going to become unbalanced too. This is gods way of showing the person that they made the wrong decision and that even though it was harder, it was still much better to strive towards the right thing instead. But for some reason even through all of the unbalanced hardships that their life has, they still think it’s much easier than fighting to do the right thing and change? I’ve noticed a lot of people that used to walk a spiritual path with me as their guide and they gave up. As a result they push them further and further away for me even though we did not have a falling out. They just started to go their own way because the subconscious had feelings of guilt. More and more everyone that thought that they had been a part of the great awakening, will start to return back to sleep. Their focus will just be on every day life and its needs, and their focus will return back towards mechanisms of coping, confusion about what direction to go in, and other things that become a part of every day life that way. And that includes the wrong influences being brought back into the persons path. This includes watching just way too much television. Getting sucked into new trending songs that are full of nothing but references about crime, drugs, sex and money. And also, couples who just don’t get along anymore and so they seek a little online rendezvous on the side, and even some in person.

They will never forget some of the information that they had learned went on their spiritual path, but all of the important facts will be hard to remember and feet away. Not only will spiritual wisdom be forgotten, but they all have struggles with short term memory loss as well because the agenda will not want them to remember the day before so that they cannot turn around again and realize that they are living the same repetitive day, day in and day out. Usually, when people come to that conclusion they get upset and want to rebel against that cycle. And that’s when they start seeking again. The powers don’t want people seeking spirituality again. The new agenda will propose ideas of science instead. In fact, they’re saying that incest and desiring to be with one’s relative sexually is something that is inherited, and that that was proven scientifically through the genes. While I do agree with this in terms of the genes and generational spirits are concerned, at some point they are going to promote that it is OK to behave in that fashion because it is merely a part of a persons genetic make up. They have condoned other immoral behaviors as a result of things discovered in science. This will bring about the fulfillment of many prophecies such as, condoning pedophilia, and bestiality both… as inherited genetic traits that are a part of a person and merely preference. many of the in moral behaviors are killing the person’s soul. The powers know that the more and more a person indulges in the earthly self (also known as the ego), and it fleshly desires through the senses, the further away from the pure and true essence of their spiritual nature they become. Like I have always stated, the further and further away from one’s source, the lesser the frequency becomes as it gains distance. Like a flashlight for an example, it’s bright at the source of the light, but as the beam of light from the flashlight travels toward a distance, it can only reach so far. Afterwords there is no more light at the end. This is what the death is spiritually, here. Many people will lower their vibrations through immoral behaviors and succumbing to every day, they will become cut off from their source as they were once before. However, this time it will be worse because they will have had some experience with their source, and their spiritual journey that they had taken prior. And that is where a person feels condemnation. It is at that point that a person’s soul has spiritually died beyond the point of return.

However, there will be resurrection for some. For those that have died only somewhat spiritually, there will still be some who have a longing to reconnect. As long as that’s there, there is still a chance to save them.  these individuals will still need to have a love of others, and of the creator whatever that is to them. Even if they’re feeling numb or slightly slipping back into other things in every day life, that love that they have inside of them and the awareness that things just aren’t right, is enough to inspire them or motivate them back onto the right pathway. And that is the resurrection because it is reviving a person. There will also be many other people who have never had the chance so we can yet at all, as well. This is a form of resurrection because we are bringing these souls back to life and back into a full awareness. When a person lives according to their higher self there will be challenges but those challenges will be easier to get through because of wisdom that is gained. The next step is attraction and manifestation the correct way. If people aren’t accomplishing this, then that means that there are just too many anchors holding them back deep within themselves that they need to be truthful to confront within themselves at some point.

The Great Depression

With all of that information, I know that it is a lot to take in. But if we just some of this up in pretty simple Laymans terms, The world is going through another great depression. Sydney economy will also take a beating at some point in the future. But the great depression is not just something that happens financially. It’s a state of mind. Unfortunately, many people are developing the mindset of being depressed. with that mindset, they will slowly sink into many of the things I spoke of above, because many will rely on their spiritual journeys to bring motivation and a sense of feeling complete. Without that being fulfilled and added feelings of depression, they’re going to feel like their spirituality is hopeless.

Many people are feeling sad. It’s widespread. Alongside of the dying spiritual nature in a lot of people, there is also the feeling of loss and mourning. Losing one’s self to a new way of life that is unfamiliar to them, hurts. Realizing truth, seeing what’s happening in the world, the changes in people that they knew for years and no longer recognize… it’s devastating. Feelings of depression arise with questions of “Who am I?”, because many can not recognize themselves after awakening. Like I said; “change is not easy”. Awakening brings a world of it and that’s why people have to know what it is and be sure they are ready for that type of commitment and change. Life is not easy let alone having to completely rearrange it and to actually challenge yourself to transcend things about yourself that you do not like. It really causes you to have to face yourself in the mirror more truthful and more brutally than you ever have before. It’s definitely not a path for everybody. I had a former student that couldn’t handle what I had to say as her mentor even when saying so in a loving way. then again I think there are some who are just in it because it seemed trendy and those are the ones who quickly jump wagon to other trends of spirituality. Those who need the greatest acceptance because of insecurities, will explore many different avenues even when they know they have found the truth with me.

But in truth it is much like the story of Lazarus in the Bible where he had died and Christ called him back to life. You have died to your old self during the first phase of awakening. Then you are confronting the truth that is out there in the world and so your entire view on life has also died. includes any trust or security that you had another people that you now realize may not have always had your best interest at heart after all. It can be devastating. Not only are you losing your old self but you’re also disconnecting from ties that were very strong bonds for you in your lifetime.

There is only going to be more change as you go throughout the awakening process and this brings you to a point in your journey where you actually have to reevaluate yourself again, and again. But I would say about midpoint throughout the spiritual awakening process, there comes a time when everyone is faced with the question of; “Do I really want this”? It’s truthful to say that many people end up regretting going through the journey because the down inside they weren’t really ready. They still long to be a part of the world in someway, and after putting in all of that effort and now they’re kind of caught in between. They don’t know whether to continue just going forward with the rest of the journey, or to stay where they are… Or even just maybe give up on it all together completely. This causes a lot of emotional turmoil as well that adds to the depression. It’s a huge investment in oneself and another person is not ready for it, then they’re always going to be kind of battling with them so throughout the process of their awakening. Especially, when they are young and they see that a lot of their peers out there taking an easier path than they are,. It’s like they want the wisdom to be wiser than others, but they don’t want to walk the walk, that goes with the path itself. These are the ones that usually end up getting caught up in the darkness. The darkness will end up tormenting them for the rest of their days because there is a saying that goes, “father forgive them, for they know not what they do”…. However, if they have given their whole life and path to the light and they turn on it, they know exactly what they are doing. This makes them held accountable for apostasy. This means that they used the light for the answers, like any other evil out there. And what’s worse is that they did it on purpose out of selfishness to satisfy the ego, to fit in, and to have less to fight or work for.

Deep down inside they do feel some level of guilt but they try to repress it but it will still come up to the surface. There are many things that blend together with feeling depression. Another causes depression during this time is just awaiting the results of things prophesied about the world that we live in. Many people see that year after year the world is getting worse, and so I’m sure there were many who were right there with me, crying as the ball dropped. There is no real excitement or celebration in just another year how things heightening in crime and devastation. Can you people will ask me how they can get through all of these things. Well first of all, you don’t have to succumb to the feeling of depression even though you probably have legitimate causes as listed above… For feeling it. Like I said, I too was feeling very sad and I do from time to time as well. My sadness comes for different reasons though. I feel that everyone feels and they carry the burden of fighting for many people spiritually even when they don’t feel the strength to fight for themselves. I can see into the heart of on this every man and so I always know which ones are going to make it and which ones won’t. I know who still has a desire and longing to fit into the world,And how and when it’s going to take them. I have to live in the anticipation of just waiting to say goodbye to get another person. The only thing is, I’m not just saying goodbye to them from having me as a teacher, who saying goodbye to them spiritually because as they make the choice that they’re going to make, they are going to die inside spiritually. There is no happiness, joy, magic, or positivity without love, compassion, and optimism. And the truth of the matter is, a lot of people have lost those things, even on the path of their spiritual journey. The optimism just seemed to be stomped on after challenge after challenge came through. But that is the beauty of continuing the optimism itself. This is their life in the face and tell it that it’s not going to break you or bring you down. And for every challenge, there will come a triumph. It’s a give yourself the credit that you deserve when you do achieve something. Sharing your life, your accomplishments, your hopes and even your sadness with others, can give you something to look forward to and support. If you’re walking your spiritual journey utterly alone then it’s probably a very good possibility that you’ll end up falling into the traps laid around you.

For an example when you started your spiritual journey think of how magical it was then? Excitement of crystals and just the yearning of finding truth and knowledge. Think of the believe that you had at the time and things unseen? But the world itself has killed that. Deliberately, there were many spiritual platforms set up that were really reverse psychological tactics to get people to question God even more. They were delivered at least station to focus more on the philosophical and scientific idealism instead of the spiritual mystical. This takes the magic and fun right out of things because if everyone is looking at things from a logical point of view, then they’re not going to look intuitively or emotionally. And without emotions, you’re not gonna have much feeling. And so knowing that, they wanted to make it so that many people thought that they were becoming more spiritually minded but in truth were really just becoming even more firmly grounded and left hand side of the path even more so than ever before. Promoting crime and chaos next to it, the world without empathy became cold.

There are so many things that play into this but this is a good understanding for now. I intend on doing videos about the subject in the future to go deeper with you and to try to inspire others down a balance pathway of bringing the two pillars of the tree of life together. However, people have to put in the work. They can’t just learn and listen. Anybody can listen, but how many were actually hear? For now, don’t let the depression get to you. It’s true that you may have lost your old self but you’ve gained a new self along the way. Who that new self is or will be, is utterly up to you at this point. You can’t allow the world to beat you down even more. Hasn’t that been going on for long enough? Isn’t that the reason that you joined this path to begin with? yes there are going to be losses but there will be gains, it just takes a lot of patience to wait for the gains to come. The one thing that you can keep in mind is that who is valuable thing is getting out of all of this is a connection to source, more knowledge, and a better version of yourself. Isn’t that something to celebrate instead?

With that in mind, if you’re shoveling with depression or you need help balancing out your pathway, browse the same for life coaching were some more one on one work. Talk about how you feel with peers that are on the same path as you, or with me. Even though I feel sad from time to time I think about the beautiful things that have come with all of this. And that’s where I redirect my attention and focus. Staying busy, having hobbies and passions also help. At first trying to get back into taking interest in your passions or even finding some, may be hard. But it will come back together as we try. But you can just do it a few times. You have to be consistent with life and not allow it to suck you into moments of depression for days or weeks. You have to stay motivated daily. Otherwise the power is out there a pretty strong and they will get to you rather quickly. Keep negative influences out of the way, with your spiritual practices and exercises, and most of all keep learning and seeking truth. Don’t put your plans or goals the side, but instead work on them diligently. That will help. Also keep in mind that you have gained your soul, and it’s something that you will keep… while many others out there that you probably envy because they seem to be having fun…won’t have theirs later on. So just ask yourself every time you feel tempted, is it worth it to have fun just in this lifetime and lose your soul forever? Or is it better to put in hard work, enjoy the hard work that you’re putting in, and gain your soul for eternity? This body, and this experience is nearly just temporary. don’t allow your flame to be blown on anymore. Instead raise your vibration and make your flame or wildly burning fire that nobody can contend with. There are a number of services and things that you can do to upgrade your energy and then with the proper daily life routine and learning, you could be a force to be reckoned with all on your own. God bless you all.

If you’re struggling with depression, or you have any questions or inquiries for services or soul development, please email me through the website Aluras Spiritual Services.