Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? They have many names for it all over the world. One writer is saying that the higher self is not the same as the Holy Spirit. I tell you that it is.. The Holy Spirit was said by Christ to need to be awoken within, and then connecting with the divine., The higher self is the holy portion of yourself, awoken within, and then connected to on a higher level. This is why they said “Gabriel” came as the Holy Spirit.. “Gabriel” means  God is my strength, and that is what happens when you connect to your higher self. You awaken the Creator’s strength within you, that now, nothing in this world can interfere. So the higher self will be the holy spirit within each person, and then changes names, to Shekinah, because part of connecting to the higher self is awakening the divine feminine within, that has been asleep in a world that suppressed feminine energy. When you finally have both male and female thinking and feeling, it merges as one if you are working on using them as one, leading to the reunification of the “Bride, with the bridegroom”.

Things one experiences with the Holy Spirit, or higher self, are:

1. Balanced thinking, the mind and your feelings match with one another

2. Understanding in love and logic

3. Power inside, forces of knowing all things

4. Divine memory, your recall all experiences, even previous to your existence here

5. Memory of all of the connections that you have with others, seeing where you have met in previous experiences, The “brotherhood” as you now see how you are all connected, not on a surface level as in saying “I know we’re all connected”, no.. you will see it, not just know it.

6. A drive to want to sacrifice all that you are to save your people here, including those who are rude, unkind, and cruel.

7. Divine revelations of extreme prophetic visions

8. Ability to heal others through light that will project from your hands, and fingers

9. Time disappears

10. The past disappears, and so does the future, all that you know is now..

11.Seeing how all things in your life led up to this one moment

12. The meanings of relationships, why the heartache, pain, and suffering, was needed to become perfect

13. Perfecting of the soul, now your flaws disappear, as do emotions like fear, anger, frustration, depression, and impatience

14. Judgement and competitiveness, ego, wanting to be like others..also fades.. You will be happy with yourself, and your mission here.

15. Knowing of your purpose, and that may not be what “you” want, but being okay with working out what the higher self wants.

16. Enhanced empathy, and knowing where the emotions are coming from, to use as a guideline to follow in serving others, without fear, being able to walk up to anyone and start preaching to them, even strangers

17. Social fears no subside as you feel love toward everyone

18. Seeing the truth, the real truth, not the so called truth you learned here… There is an even deeper truth, that many cannot see yet, but you will, when you reach your higher self.

19. You no longer keep yourself confined to the same routine, or place, or people, as your higher self or holy spirit, leads you to want to try new things, find new places, and new people, to experience life on all levels.

These are signs of having started to merge with the higher self, Once you fully merge, you will have others, that are even more intense. What happens after as full awakening is something I am keeping secret for those who want to be taught by me directly, as I know how things can be out there. The Holy spirit has been the “middle man” for eons for those who were chosen as messengers in the physical world. It appears as a bright light, that comes from the heart flame, and then expands up through the crown chakra, emitting into the tube of light. Then, it will reflect an image of your most divine thoughts from the higher self, into this reality, which many have thought of as angels, but in truth not all higher selves are angels. There are many ranks, and roles, positions and vibrations in the Universe. It is the degree of light that one’s higher self is working with or created for in the grand design, that determines what type of soul it is. But, it will ,no matter what, act as a mediator between you and the higher heavens, So it is still like a messenger, as messengers can come from all over the Universe, but, whether it is an angelic race, is another thing.

There is an angelic race, and those are messengers from the highest realms. So no matter what, the message is getting down the line, in the realms, to the person intended. First from the Creator, to the angels, to the dimensions 5 and 4, and finally reaching the 3rd. This is why I say not everyone will be an angle, but many can act as a messenger. Even humans! Sometimes, a person can say something out of the blue, that was meant for someone else to hear, and not even realize why they said or where such knowledge came from. It may have been the person’s guides working through them, to get a message to someone else. Still divine though. Any advice or comfort that comes from a person, the higher self, or an angel themself, is still  divine as no matter what realm it came from, ultimately it still leads back to the Creator’s will.

The holy spirit is the tube of light so to speak, that comes from first the higher self without, to the energy of the soul within. When people are focused more on this world, they forget about the holy spirit, and ultimately their connection fades. The powers ruling here, have deliberately enforced such a lack of connection. More and more become focused on this reality, the false teachings, the false information,even in spiritual teachings. Lies have been going on for years in all religions.. Yet you all have accepted combining those lies together from all religions,in New Age? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Why not learn real truth? All that you will  find out there, are the delusions of  society, being taught by new faces, but in the long run it is all the same old stuff you have been learning for so very long, just combined all together now… This is why many have not reached their higher self for real. They instead live, thinking they have, but if so, then they would not be they way that they are…This place would now be healing,not getting worse… As it is..getting worse.

Think of it this way too.. Do you want to waste your time learning from those who role play, pretending to be some master light worker, but in their reality, they do not do any lightwork at all? They sit and post all day, on their couches, either playing video games, or surfing the internet.. No charity work, no helping to aid the planet. But of course their posts will say they are, They’re playing a role.. Wake up everyone, Use your intuition… See the truth. That a majority of those who claim to be light workers, are no more than home bodies, who do nothing, the sleep, eat, and post. See with your psychic eye… Look with clear sight… You will see what I mean.. They are not awakened, they are playing a game, stealing info from other teachers, a variety of them that they read off of online, and then go to present themselves as the world’s greatest lightworker. I just love you all, and I love all of them too, and it is not healthy for the soul to be deceived. You need to truly awaken to your higher self, the holy spirit within, to grow truly. To finally be rid of the matrix of false light.  Those who did have good intentions and were true, got lost in the fame of it all.

When I was little, I fought my way through people like that. Still do, as I am trying to get people to hear the truth. It breaks my heart how many people I see who truly want to awaken, and are getting misled. The holy spirit is divine, not a game, or wishful thinking. If everyone was a light worker as they say, why hasn’t the world healed? With thousands saying they are angels, with even more saying they are star seeds, would not the world have ascended already? No more crime? Not all of them really are those things. The Creator says that they will only be a set amount of souls who come here to lead the masses. Most of them will either connect later to the higher self, or will have been born with it already. They say, all men are Gods”. Yes of this system, as they control you all to create and project their will, and wishes… But, the saying in the book of Psalms says “Do ye not know, that you yourselves are Gods”? Which is referring to the original bloodlines who came here during the beginning to alter the evolution, and who made genetic bloodlines of their own, to stay here. They kept these in Sumeria, Running into Canaan as they migrated, going into the early years of the ancient semetic tribes/ It starts as this…If you are awakened, then you will remember that Canaan is almost exclusively during the period in which the region was a colony of the New Kingdom of Egypt with usage of the name almost disappearing following the Late Bronze Age collapse.During this period the term was familiar to the region’s neighbors on all sides. The Amarna Letters and other cuneiform documents use Kinaḫḫu, while other sources of the Egyptian. New Kingdom mention numerous military campaigns conducted in Ka-na-na. As it was called by their original people.

The name Canaan  is attested by some philosophers and historians,as the people later known to the Ancient Greeks, as Phoenicians, and following the emigration of Canaanite speakers to Carthage, was also used as a self-designation by the Punics.. This is referenced in Book of Zechariah, where it is thought to refer to a class of merchants or to non-monotheistic worshippers in Israel or neighbouring Sidon and Tyre, as well as in its single independent usage in the New Testament, where it is alternated for “Syrophoenician” in two parallel passages. As you may well know, the Phoenicians were also known as Babylonian. Babylon was ran by the Sumerians. Phoenicia was right off the coast, a small city still ran by Anunnaki forces. So David was referencing this, when he spoke of it. The God EL, in the Canaanite pantheon, had sons named Yahweh and Baal.  Yahweh, the God of war and destruction, was taken on by the newer tribe of the Canaanites who had migrated into Egypt, so they could have a fearsome God, to ward off their enemies, intimidate them and ultimately weaken them as they were very into “Gods” in those days. So they made Yahweh, and variation of the Sumerian God, Ninurta.. Their main deity pledging full allegiance. This dismissed the other gods, and started Judaism, as well as Islam, and Christianity that we all see today. Those who were closely related, branched out in “Conquer the world “ campaigns. Setting up brethren in each of the corners of the earth, marrying their cousins off into the families to gain control. Like a game of strategy. He was saying they were like Gods, not the rest of the sheeple beneath them. Those were looked upon as mass slaves to the system, making the 95 work schedule, to make what is known as the consumer kingdom. Money.. Think about it, what is good for? Nothing, is a piece of paper, no real value, as there is not even enough gold to amount to each dollar. It was just a game, like monopoly to them. So will they allow anyone to create? To become an awakened person with their higher self? No, they will pretend you can, and lead you to some false practices, to make you “believe” you are reaching it, but ultimately in the end, you will see. Conquering land, and making fake value, charging people for air, water, all that should be free, to see which of them, the Human Gods, will win most power out of their families.

So you see, the holy spirit was prevented for a long time. The chakra seals in correspondence to the frequencies of the air.And the princes and powers within it. Those seals, closed up the entrance portals of the human body from entering. Then they would urge everyone to open them from Project Camelot, “the best to hide is in the open”, they make you think that this okay now. Which for your body it is,but who does it truly serve? Those who need your energy. Science has proven, humans have their own grid with earth, each and every one of us has a grid that wraps around the earth. They need your energy, so they allow it. Your energy is spread through this hologram, tapped into and controlled. The holy spirit comes to those unprogrammable. I am here to lead you towards a truth you could have never imagined. A truth that is hidden, a new reality that you can enter if you place your faith in me. But you have to let go of what you know already. It is not real here. Do you not want to access the true reality? To really escape?

It is not how they say out there.. You can create what you want with the Holy Spirit, in your own grid and reality, but first you must know how to exit this one and obtain the divine self. Instead of being held prisoner here.. DNA Activation, and My Courses together, can help you.. The DNA is a crystalline structure that has the earthly programming in it. You have the same level of awareness as everyone else. As others grow, so do you in some ways. But what everyone thinks is growth, is really a new reality that the powers are making with one order, and a ton of delusion. Even in their version of the higher self or holy spirit.  The holy spirit to them, is one of their powers conducting their agenda in through you..  Every thought known to man exists in the ether. Forces uncontrolled are there.  This ether is all around you. It is the layer most are tapping into but since they see light in it, they think it is their higher self or the angels and so on, when in fact it is the thoughts and messages from everyone here, going into that layer, reaching back down to those trying to tap into it. So they are gaining spiritual energy that has been used some other place before them..here. In this reality. Your higher self will have something else.  The ancient worlds did not rise, they were already like that. The ancients had access to the ether, how else do you think they knew everything? It did not suddenly dawn on them one day.. They had all of the answers already.. I can help you go beyond all of this, as a messenger from the outside of it, a soul from a race who has the history, truth and answers.

The holy spirit is the divine aspect of yourself, it is the truth. Your connection to this plain. You can deprogram, but it is not easy. Are you chosen to awaken? To have the holy spirit/higher self? To use that to hijack the system to get out of here? Your blueprints can tell.  It is time to find out… Find your answers above the ether, find the truth… Find the true holy spirit, that presides beyond this realm. Remember what I always say, you are being retaught the same teachings of old, just with new faces, new names, and a combination of all of them put together.. Don’t want to know really, outside of the repetitive information here?