Everyone craves knowledge. No one deserves to be lied to. What you put into the consciousness, you take with you when you go. This is why the best spiritual teacher said, “Store up for yourselves, treasures in the heavens, and not on Earth”. Heaven is your consciousness, the soul. The things you see, hear, and experience, go into your “database”. Even the richest person, has nothing, if they do not have true wisdom. No more subliminals, no more signs and symbols to cover up knowledge. All have the right to have it. Man had dominated man to their injury long enough. Now, it’s time to let the heavens guide the way. Let’s make the saying “and the truth shall set you free” come true.. Do not be a prisoner here any longer.


Truthology, is, well..”ology” means “the study of”, and truth, means quite simply..truth! Truthology is the study of spiritual truth in all of it’s deepest layers. Here you will find topics ranging from the Universe, all of the way down to Earth, and in between. This site, is derived from my Truthology Courses.

The courses give you even more, deeper insight, into breaking down encryptic messages in religion, to metaphysics. Here, you will broaden your scope of understanding, and find out the real truth behind the world’s evolution, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and esoterically. It is going to be a journey! Get ready to embark on your awakening..

Please be ready though. This knowledge is not for everybody, and many will not understand. In that case, what people do not “see”, has been dismissed over all through out time..  Truthology will open your eyes! Until then, enjoy this site. Learn, grow. Please share the wisdom, but let others know where you got it from so that they too can have the chance to learn more. Awakening is found in stages, and is a life long journey. The wisdom which has taken many brought up in it, all of their lives to learn, can now be yours.