The Program..

Matriarch energy in many entities came together from all star systems, and places in heavens. Female Energy is not a gender, but a perception. Female is soft, gentle, and intuitive. Male sees in power, strength, and logic. Those soft energies of a high energy vibration. came together to start making a reality on Earth, in order to have a harmonious experience. As they did, Earth was wonderful. Eventually male perception joined the atmosphere too.  In the Book of Adam and Eve, it represented a blank slate to start making the reality on, and with both balanced perceptions. Those beings, projected into the reality, into male and female forms, to show the difference in these forms of perception.

After some time,  other entities wanted to join, of lesser vibration, and of even more male perception. Once they joined the collective, it was like plugs being jammed into an outlet, the plugs will surge but short out. That is what happened with those lesser beings. They surged and grew with huge amounts of energies from the others originally there, but short circuited. So, now they were huge energy bodies, but became shorted, otherwise, unbalanced. Instead of them being of a balanced male perception, it became like a virus, streaming an unbalanced male perception through out the atmosphere.

Male energy when unbalanced, is controlling, power hungry, and dominating. They over threw the original matrix, and over lapped it with theirs. Then the projected beings began to forget. As they did, the illusion sank in, and they became more focused on the physical senses than on the spiritual. The negative beings, saw advantage. Many of the higher selves went back to their original homes, leaving an open line of energy to their projected images. Still, their communication cut off, due to the blockage of negative energies now in the atmosphere. The powers that be.

Now, they started shutting down the program, DNA and keeping at just enough a level to operate in this reality at their level of awareness, they felt was easy to control. In turn they sealed up the self energy, with chakras. It locked everyone into the false matrix, reincarnating over and over again, so that they would not lose beings to control for their reality, or lose the energy that those beings had from higher self, whom had left. But what if somehow, one of them remembered? They would have to make sure they didn’t. So, they began to condition the people/being here, by programming the consciousness themselves, through others whom they could entrust to do so, offering them riches, and power if they worked along side them.

They started their own bloodlines to ensure that they would be able to do this, trustingly. So, they programmed the DNA with genetics of their program, and the Elite were born. The teachings of the positive, balanced higher selves, had been left for the projections to learn from, but now these elite groups took them over, but it had to be believable. They left parts of truth, masked in symbolism, and codes, and then scattered them across the world.

 Project Babylon was now in operation, as the truths were distorted for the public, but kept for their offspring. After years, they had built empires, and civilizations, and enforced them on the people. Catholicism, one of them. They masked the truth and told people if they did not submit, they would be killed. They kept their word by killing millions all together who would accept being led blindly by those placed in authority by corrupt Kings. People were kept in the dark, and already conditioned to the teachings and illusion of this world. It had all began with a balanced duality of perceptions, but now they had ridden earth of the Mother energy and replaced it with a male creator, male son, and male angels.

This was domination of the severest degree.  They did this to start making people think with left side of their super computers, their brains, erasing all empathy, sensitivity, nurturing, and intuition.    

 Over the centuries it has only gotten worse, because they added more and more grids for other entities who had joined along the way to use. They would one day promote the seals being opened, and be on many low frequencies instead of one higher level, as it had been originally, so that all of the matrix’s and grids would be integrated into the consciousness of the innocent trapped here. It worked, greed, sex, hate, anger, selfishness, deceit,  and corruption, all in those frequencies. Negative beings, all using them masked as angels of light Why do they use that saying when referring to them? Because they are light..

All intelligence is light, just of a different wave. And humans would have to be able to fuel all of those light beings, with their different waves emitting form within, but first when opened they would generate a mass emission, and the negative beings would soak it all up. This would be to fuel themselves after all of that time, before the big show down.

They masked good as evil, and evil as good, and then when they knew the higher selves, from all over would be returning with more forces of those who cared for the  missing particles of Source, who had been stuck there in the false matrix as slaves to the system. Some would infiltrate the system, bigger angelics, but their light would be detected, and as soon as their message got out, they would be killed just as well, and their message distorted too. So, smaller light bodies went in, ground crew, star seeds, because they were seeds of light form the star systems of those higher selves. Some started revealing truth , putting pieces of the puzzle together for the world, by joining religion together.

But, it started a large movement that people would opt for, since everyone deep down knew something was wrong, even asleep.  When the system of the faux matrix and the powers that be, saw this, they took it over, promoting the joining of truth, but they added even more deception to it. They masked negative beings as ascended masters, St. Germain (Sir Francis Bacon-Black Magician). EL Moyra (Henry Steel Olcott- idolized by Helena Blavatsky), and so many more. They said to open the chakras and Kundalini, while it is good to do for you, it was even better for them, as it fueled their energy. 

 In regards to the chakras, since we are on the subject, lets forget the teachings of old. You all have already learned them. They only ever promoted the control agenda anyhow. Now, take part in learning truths freshly brought from the heavens, and get to your destination. Messengers sent in this day in age, are not here to talk about what is already here, but to bring new information. That is why I always say a true angelic or channeler should have new info.  But many go on ancient teachings.

That is why I am here, but I need people to listen. I am no Ascended Master, but I am a Messenger, here with new truths that work. Truths that liberate.

Chakras are something that shouldn’t have been, to begin with. First of all, humans thrived on higher self energy in the beginning. But, as the negative energy took over the environment, it made a block to the higher self, from the avatar self. Then, chakras were created, in order to store energy, while they were kept shut down, for ages. The higher selves projecting the images or avatars into the experience, want to reconnect, but it is difficult. For starters, the chakras being closed off for so long, are like a champagne bottle being shook up. It stores the pressure. Then explodes. Chakras did just that!. They stored the pressure of the inner energy, and then when the government started promoting the opening of the chakras through New Age , it lured people to open theirs. Then everyone according to trend, started opening them, and the kundalini. And the energy expanded into the atmosphere, but, due to a block in the atmosphere, it never reaches the higher self, instead the rulers of the system get to suck up the energy to fuel their energy bodies, and grow, making them stronger in their corruption and control. Which is why many people, especially new agers, feel drained too.

The rulers wanted exactly that. So while opening of the chakras was true, and needed to connect back with the higher self, they sneakily and cunningly urged it, for their own agenda so that they would intercept it, instead of the higher self, and expand for more domination.. Just as they do anything else, they took a truth, and made it fit to their agenda. You can find out more in my video, Rapture 2015- Part One on YouTube.

With that being revealed, many feel sick, drained, unmotivated, and whats worse, they feel like they are only getting so far in the ascension. It doesn’t have to be that way though. That is why I am here. To help you all. Chakras can be a good thing, but in general, they should be eliminated once the higher self energy connects,but with that dense energy in the air, it won’t, it can’t. Only negative beings will absorb the vibration instead, adding to their energy bodies, and making them stronger, against the light forces whom are working for good here. The Seven Seals,are outlets for the energy within since humans were cut off from the higher self in their experiences, to cycle energy within and without and eventually power up enough, to reconnect, but instead they are being tapped into by the “middle man”, the powers that be, When it should be, the higher self connecting back to them. They deliberately imbalance your chakras as well, Here and there, they tap into your energy centers, to pump even more psychic energy out of you too. But, you do not have to be a victim.

Activate your higher self energy, and then remove the seals, (Chakras) and you will finally reach what you have been after all of this time. But how? Many others will say, “I can take them off for you:, but the truth is, it took some pretty advanced being to create them, and it will take some pretty advanced beings to remove them too. Angelic codes, and knowledge of the divine blueprints must be applied in this case. These seals are called “jehovian Seals” and operate on a masculine energy. Higher self energy is balanced of male and female, meaning emotional, intuitive, compassionate, and empathic. Masculine is logical, instinctive, strong, powerful, and surviving. It is now a masculine energy in the air, that rules this world, why else do you think in the beginning, spiritual beliefs were ran by mother and father creators, and then went on to be represented only by a male god, with a male son, and all male angels? That shows you right there. It is a masculine and controlled world, with the powers that be, promoting truths merely to take advantage of those who seek it. They use other false teachers to promote this truth/false agenda, as angels of light, or wolves in sheep’s clothing, and then they lead you part of the way, and you end up wondering why you haven’t reached your skills yet, or higher self as promised. Where is your ascension?

Chakras are being driven by this force, and blocked form the higher self, and absorbed by the powers here that be, leaving you stuck, and drained. Lets stop this. By applying the higher self tools, I can help you, and then we can work though removing the seals after you know the truth, reach a balance, and then open up enough with a certain understanding that you need, to allow the higher self to reconnect with you. Then you will be no longer an avatar, but instead, one with your true self. But it takes work. And many do not want to put the work in, but instead accept false promises of instant miracles and results. Miracles, healings, and DNA activations are real, but seldom work due to lack of belief, or the blocking of the ego, or negative forces attached to the person unwittingly. I can help, if this is truly what you want.

Having the seals removed, will aid you in obtaining the enlightened state to move you beyond the illusion here, and then you ascend in consciousness, and operate based on higher self wisdom.  But please, no one try this on their own. It is dangerous, and could create more issues for you later if done the wrong way. Also, more stuff needs to be done first. You can not simply remove your chakras until, you have the higher self energy for real, to sustain you. But once you do, you will find your higher self, and then be free from this system’s rule, and finally reach that which, you have been working hard for, ascension.

It is a shame that souls, seeking truths, would be misled so greatly. That you all would be told that you could reach something, without proper tools to get there. Spirituality goes deeper than anything anyone has to offer out there, as those teachings are based on resurfacing ancient teachings, and re-explaining them, simplifying them, instead of doing that, what needs to take place, is that new truth, truth without infiltration of the system, needs to be exposed, and I have it, as an angelic. Honestly, do you think Pleiadians call themselves Pleiadians? No. That is an earthly term. This earth needs Celestial Knowledge. I want to teach you all, and then have you apply new teachings that are directly brought down from the heavens now, as they were back then, but without corruption added, and more understanding of the truth, instead of the elite keeping for themselves, and then giving it out at their disposal, little by little, by those that they choose.

Adding the new with old, can give you full understanding, as those older teachings were more for the control agenda, and the ones that I have are for the agenda of freeing everybody. But yes, the seals are the chakras, and opening  them has been dangerous. It has fueled the system enough to create havoc, and give enough energy for those negative beings to come at everyone harder, and more deceitfully. I want to go up against them, and save you all, by liberating you…..

Learn a truth, a real truth that no one else has here, from me. Visit I would do a whole bunch of videos on the truth, but I have to be careful, as indicated in the youtube video recently uploaded on the Rapture.

They said you would ascend, but didn’t give you all of the info. Instead, they led you in a circle of trying only resulting in a dead end, to keep your mind off of what they would do next. They promoted false Doomsday prophecy after another, so that it would be like the boy who cried wolf, and when it would really happen…. no one would believe. They even disguised the real tribulation and rapture, as one that would be literally seen in the sky, when in fact it would be within, ran by forces of light in those embracing true light, against those of negativity, embracing this false reality. They lied to you about what happens when you die, so you would, and it would not be what you expected, and the fear would send you right back to reincarnate instead. An infinite cycle. to use you.

Yes, the contrast reflects off of one another, but in truth, not in such an unbalanced way. That is how came into the Universe.  They even promoted a reptilian agenda. And everyone got crazy over that,  not knowing it was yet another symbolism. See how they made good into bad? Serpents represent lower energy rising into a higher state of consciousness, but they made you fear it, through the agenda. Whats worse, they lied about humans being the only life in the Universe, and when they could not conceal it, they made you fear the others, the reptilian agenda a part of the fear.   Yes, reptilians are real, and lower consciousness,but the only real reptilians out there, are them. As they represented themselves with this symbolism, as they were once the lower consciousness entering earth;s original matrix. trying to rise to the same state of the higher selves who started it all. They passed it down to their offspring in the elite, and making you fear it so you would never grow, The same way that they forced you into religions by saying you would go to hell if you didn’t conform. Who are they?

They are advanced beings whose consciousness became about control. They didn’t start that way though. In any case, all energy is consciousness, all light is energy, and we are too. Going into the body to the point of visibility under a microscope, we are merely energy and static. An image,  So are they, but a much more intelligent form. A few groups came first, and again, humans defined what they saw by likening it to something in their world at the time.

Those entities can only project some energy into this reality from their side of the matrix, the next dimension over, the 3rd subplane in astral realm. I can not give names, as I am already a target for having direct contact with the heavens. My light, like all of the other larger messengers has been detected in this network, this reality. But, their offspring intend to open that plane, to let them back in. How did they get there to begin with? When they joined the original higher selves, like I said, they surged, joining at first with them. But after they unbalanced, the higher selves created that realm for them, so they could not directly, manifest and interfere. Instead they used the offspring that they made, before being sent in that realm.

They couldn’t use the material of the original earth matrix for their vehicles. So, instead they found beings whose programs could hold some of their too, through genetics. Now, they are being let out by those offspring, and soon. As they foretold it in their own agenda that was overlapped within the truth teachings of the Angel Emmanuel, also known as Michael, or better yet, Yeshua. I explained what happened with that. True though, the book of revelations was their subliminal code to their own, what they intended to do, when, and how. Now, this month in September 2015, it happens. So, much deception, so much confusion. Once, they even said science was witchcraft, gee I wonder why.

 As a messenger who came from 8D, my energy lowered until arriving here, until it passed into the lower realms of 3D. But, being so high already, it didn’t lower too much, and I was still born at 6D consciousness, with memory, and blueprints. I channel the message for you, from the original higher selves. They cannot come into this atmosphere, as it is too low in energy now. The powers that be, did that to hold you here. They will not channel through anyone lower than 5D, and they will enter this atmosphere, or else the matrix here, would drain them, making them like me, lower than the started.  

So, as an angelic, and an awakened soul, with the truths, I take the foundation our true family of light gave to earth, tapping into the original program for you all. Then, I add the truth that was to come, later, to take their time,so as to grow and enjoy this world,  to that foundation, giving you all the entire blueprints for the temple, and so that yon integrate yours, and be free. Only, will you listen? Or stay asleep?  That will be your choice. If you listened though, I could have you out of this reality, and back to higher  self, in ascension, and awakening, and then to go home finally. But are you controlled? Programmed? Let’s find out.

Are you  Programmed?

Everyone is being manipulated for the other side. It is true. Controlling mankind has been a trick of old, since I can remember. The Powers behind the scenes are encoding the vibrations of the air with codes to enslave mankind. I know this to be a fact. They are trying to desensitize everyone, make them act only on instinct, and to make them fill their greedy material desires, instead of leading everyone to the most important thing, the infinite soul. The soul is forever, so why would people not promote looking into it. Who is the driver behind your car, so to speak? Who is the consciousness driving the human body? That is what my soul readings are all about. When you were made, and where you first developed, and why you came here. It is the first step in knowing who you are. But, others should have been telling everyone to do the seeking, and they should have revealed truths too, for people to have guidance and direction, but they didn’t. The truth was hidden from mankind for ages, and whenever it leaks out, it either is overlapped with deceptive lies, or the person telling the truth is attacked. They want to be aware, while everyone is a dumb sheepling, following the crowd. And it isn’t fair! Enough is enough! To their demise, some of us came here already awakened, and many of you are working on it as I speak. But, they try to distract you with false teachings, doomsday prophecies, and incredible promises of a new age.  All while controlling you!

The soul had its own vibration, and when it came here to be born, its vibration was altered to sustain the reality it would take part in. The seals were added to hold the original energy in. Many have chakras on all different vibrations, instead of one higher self energy. It isn’t right. How does one break from the matrix and awaken, if they have seals controlling their energy flow? They can’t. In the meantime, many entities place codes to make you live according to their agenda. Everything you say and do and think is of their doing. It was programmed there through TV, Music, Trends, School, other programmed people you are around, and even religion. In everything that you do as a part of the society, you are acting on their will, not your own freewill. Then when your higher self finally gets a message through, you will not believe it, because it will be totally different from the will you think you have, from this world, and your interests built from what you learned in it. Its time to fight back. Give them no chance to do anymore of their “programming”, and surrender to the Source. The higher self, the true one, will help you leave the way of seeing this reality as they wished for you to view it. All you have to do, is surrender, no questions asked. How many are willing to do that? How hard will it be? Very. You will see the world for what it is at this time, and no matter, because as more and more surrender to their higher will, the more control we all gain back. What were half of us sent for anyhow?  Exactly that, to free the minds of those around us, to form the new heaven on earth, in awakening to the wrong in it, to change it. Not to ignore it, and only fix you. It starts with you yes, but afterwards , it goes beyond that.

Many will ask me who are the rulers? People of all beliefs have their own names for them, Christians call them Demons, Pseudo scientific people call them Aliens. Islamics call them Djinn. Some call them Reptilians. There are many names for them. And all of them are right. Religion used to be one. Then it was broken into pieces and distributed to every corner of the world, so no one could connect those pieces to see the whole truth. Each entity has a place in the dimensions, and they are all working together on each level for the same goal. To control mankind. In truth, energy is spirit, as energy is light, and light is consciousness. And these entities work and exist on energy. They harvest your energy. Use it to infuse theirs, as they run out more and more over time, since their matrix is so dense, it can not sustain them anymore, with out new energy being added, and with a world full of enslaved souls stuck in the human experience, how can they tap old energy that they drained already, form you in your past lives? They need new energy. So they have everyone raise their vibration, and that vibration reaches the air around them, the domain of those entities. Why else do you think that ,any of you are drained and tired lately? It is not ascension because if so, your vibration would have been raised high enough by now to be above those dense energies, to combat them naturally. Are you programmed? Here are some signs that you may be, and if you are, it is time to deprogram and come back to the true reality.

Symptoms of being programmed and How They do it:

These entities are using little implanted energy bodies to track people, and implant little programs of thoughts in to the aura. Very specific shapes, distinct codes. They are sometimes undetected by many “seers” out there, as they are foreign. If the reader only knows the earth stuff, as well as all of the trendy hype out there, then how can they see something they do not know to look for? They can’t. But I can. And I have located hundreds in people’s energy field already, removing each one. They also use clouds of invisible energy to over lap the aura, as another reality all around them, making many experience psychosis or feelings of being lost and confused. Among that, they also go through the government to do so too. TV, Media, Wireless energy waves, music, and news.  Here are the symptoms you are programmed with one of those devices or another.

1. Loss of memory (could be ascension

2. Childhood blurry( could be ascension

3. Yesterday blurry(Could be ascension

4. Lack of emotions

5. Iritiability

6. Extreme fatigue or energy loss

7. Depression

8. Feeling stuck

9. Bad relationships,

10. Failing careers

11. Sexual thought that are unbalanced

12. Watching the same old re-runs over and over again on TV

13. Coming home from school/work feeling like you have ot immediately go online

14. Overly using electronics.

15. not feeling like keeping up on your hygeine

16. Dreading your day

17. Not being able to see what is in store for you, in the future

18. Withdrawing to being totally alone.

19. Not keeping up with friendships or in contact with family

20. Dreading when someone does try to call you

21. Mood swings, one minute happy, one minute you will be snappy

Another is, if they have you tracked and controlled, then so are those devices that you use. If you want to check your PC for hacker trackers, try this. Go into Command prompt as an administrator. Then type into he command, netstat /?… Then allow the options to appear, and afterwards, type netstat -b. Once you do, all of the connections on your PC will appear. Any of the ones that say Established and the connection is no familiar to you, are hackers. You can also google search the name of the address, and see what it comes up as.

As for seeing if you “hacked”, you will need help for that. There are even very tiny things to look for as CERN opened the portal, they are using tiny black holes for even tid bits of negative spiritual to enter. You need them located and removed. This will help you regain yourself again, and needed in this time of trials. Many think it is getting better, and although I do not like talking on negative topics, people still have to be aware, so I am here to make them. The world is not getting better anytime soon. Common sense shows it, and divine heavenly intelligence says so. The only thing they are doing, is trying to advance the technological era, into where humans can become machines, even more programmable. And they disguise it as evolution of mankind. Ick…

If you are having any of the symptoms above, you need those implants removed, and your energy protected. I say it time and time again, but no one listens. They come back later, as tell me they are even worse, and then I help, but it takes more energy to do it that way. It is better to catch it early. But, if people are being influenced by another entity, programmed, then that is a form of external possession, and in that half just like Christ said, most of the population is. Now is the time to connect to the higher self, and not be a puppet to this system or the entities running it.

Types of programming:

In the first diagram, is a healthy aura. The second shows a small  attached programmed mass of negative energy. It can contain many of the symptoms above, but for the most part changes moods, and makes thoughts depressive. Iritiable mood swings, and fatigue. The third is a multiple programmed aura. This has not only has one type of program, but many. This is where the person is not acting like themselves, but rather many people. Many emotions, and moods. Doing things they wouldn’t usually. Confused thoughts. People who suffer with addictions often have this. Once you allow one, it attracts more, and all of different issues. Which is why the Ascended Master Jesus said, 

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.”

 People often see possession as it is in the movies, and that is not true. You can be totally functioning, and not even know it, chalking it up to disorders, or depression, or issues. The fourth shows someone who is not in control of what comes in and out of their thoughts anymore. Constant depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, aggression, and lack of will.Paranoia, disillusionment, false sense of self. They do not know reality anymore. It can even make people want to hurt others,  As not only a psychic but a psychologist too, I have seen this in patients I had, who ended up being murderers, or sociopaths, narcisists. The fifth, is someone who has their entire original soul program in the ketheric template, programmed over with a programs spread out into it. This person is not going to be easy to bring back. Once I tired for six days on one woman, who actually wanted them there. She said they gave her psychic abilities, but for a price, she was always paranoid, and eventually lost it. Not a place you want to get to. Not only are the negative programs in those forms, but they do, like I said come in symbols hidden through out the aura.   The symbols are the hardest to find, but I do find them.

It is important that in this day in age, which was predicted to come, as the rise of the antichrist (Christ meaning anointed), a time when being against the “anointed” consciousness would come. The movements out there, put up a bunch of Hollywood want to be spiritual teachers, and dismiss us real ones, to promote their agendas, of “self”, to become god-like, and worry about your own growth which is so egotistical. The ego is what is blocking people from growing to the truth, and anything in opposition to the anointed consciousness, is known as anti. So the ego is the anti christ. And many of the movements out there promising spiritual enlightenment only fuel the ego with titles, and role playing.  While knowing who you, and where you came from is the first step, it isn’t what it is all about. What the awakening and ascension is about, is awakening t help someone else, or many.  but with enabler programs like false movements, TV, Media, Trends etc, they are helping those entities to put these programs into your aura. Keeping you back from helping people, with thoughts of “People are too negative, we have to stay away of they will hurt my vibration”. LOL. You aren’t supposed to worry about that, you have to help them, its what you are for. As a true creator, you would see even the lowest of beings, as a member of your family and rescue in some way. To love everyone as your own child, to nurture. The Christ once said,

  “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”.

That is what he meant. Free yourself from the real culprits ruining things for you, and be a true ascended being. Clear out the programming before I gets worse, or many will end up the walking dead, ready for blood shed, and void of emotions. Even Stephen Hawking, the world’s most brilliant mind said, if we wanted to see intelligence gone wrong, we can look at the future of planet earth.” How can there be an ascension, if that is the most probable outcome at this point. Open your eyes, I plead to you. Join me, and we can do this together. I truly have my heart in helping you. Not for show, not for money, not for fame, but for you to all come home.

alura cein,
Do not steal, copy or paste this content. It is protected by copyright, and bad karma..