How the Archons Control.

There are many ways that the truth has been hidden, its time to wake up, in more ways than one. First if its hard to wake up spiritually, you have to start with seeing past the deception here in front of you but hidden right under your nose.

The truth is, through subliminal messaging they have been conditioning, and programming everyone since TV came out. Even before that, by using religion.  Religion put all together is truth, of the beginning of the world. You still have to sift through the lies on each individual belief, and then connect them all together of course. Then you’ll find truth to use as a foundation. That’s why religious wars waged in the past. They didn’t want any of the other pieces of the puzzle to get out.  Next they only allowed elders of their choosing to hold the scripts, and people who could not read anyhow, were dictated to. They didn’t ask questions, they just submitted, because if they didn’t, it was considered heresy, a crime punishable by death by fire. They also started something called Monarch Mind Control back in the 30’s.  It is a form of mind control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain’s trauma response of dissociation to create a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) wherein various triggers can cause the slave personality to surface and respond to commands given by the master (“Handler” in Monarch parlance). They have been doing this in television programming for decades. They do not call it “programming” for nothing. The master is the television, and children are the easiest. with “handlers” such as Disney, Nick, and more. I do not want to get myself in trouble now LOL.

In any case another method is that they are using wireless energy, mapping the grid lines, or energetic prison, by satellites also used to track your whereabouts on your phone. They pump waves in through the cable boxes into your living room, to put you in a sedated state while you sit in front of TV, so that you absorb the messages. This is no lie. Not only that, but this world uses alot of symbolism. Its in the architecture, its in the maps, and in their logos too.

Another method that is used, is planting info or news into movies for “their” people to catch, but as for the news of the regular guy, its rigged, with crisis actors and all. You can research all of this stuff if you , before you call me radical or crazy. Inform yourself. Knowing how they disguise the truth, can help you keep yourself updated to it. It is the first step to an awakening, because in first seeing what a vial world this is, and that it doesn’t have to be, but is imposed on all of you, then you will want to know the real truth beyond that, to escape it…

Backwards speech, right mirrored images, all of that is disguising the truth too, as well as their having changed history to fit their own agenda instead of stating how it  really happened. They also kill, stalk, or intimidate anyone who tries to tell the truth, like me. Each day, I have hackers from an underground base on my PC, as well as helicopters, and spyware in my home. They do not want anyone getting in their way. While I am a small force due to their keeping it that way, there are others who are revealing the truth, and anonymously too, so no one can stop them. Me, well I have divine protection, but do not want to push them too far.

It is true too, that the archons use wireless energy waves in the air to control.  They implant spirits, entities, into the aura, in any one of the layers of your spiritual bodies, and they can get a person to do anything. The person would seem normal, and just “Act Out”, something out of their character, but still too slight that it’s missed. Gradually, it builds over time. The person ends up in a downward spiral. And what is actually happening? Those implanted entities are sucking light right out of the person’s soul, and after using it to full themself, it gets deposited into negative energy bodies, and builds up over time. Until there is nothing of that person left. That makes a shadow self, and then the body is empty, for the spirit to move in gradually, so that the body does not die. This is caused spiritual possession. A spirit does not always inhabit a body. Sometimes, it operates through connections, on the outside in the chakras/seals, or aura. That is called, hosting. Possessed people do not always flop around on the floor, and growl in Latin, to show possession. They never speak on the cases, that are so sly, they go un-noticed. They do not want people to know, so that more and more people can host an entity. God said, that the evil spirits would walk the Earth, and they do. Through other people. Possession sometimes has no signs at all except fatigue or irritability. A majority of famous people have a parasite that they are hosting. Some do not know. Some of them do, having agreed to it, for a term of riches. Then, they agree to be a sacrifice when their term is done. This is why so many celebrities die on specific dates.

The subliminals, and reality that was created all around you, things you see, learn, and hear here, all then go from the mind, into the memories, and the information stores it into the DNA. Why else do people think and act like their parents? The DNA keeps everyone programmed to this world, for Archons to control. Lies, spiritual deceptions, trends, media, and so on, are all devices.

alura cein,
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