How they took the world… And the Faux Grid

Greetings to you, and divine loving blessings. May you have joy, prosperity, and longevity. Not just you, but also to your relatives, friends, and even your pets. I hope you receive this blessing with an open heart, and go into this article with an open mind.
It is amazing to me, all of the things that we come to find out, when we channel into the higher heavens. All of this time, there has been a holy Divine war between spiritual entities, and blood lines, that many people do not notice or see. When it said in the scriptures, that “the Serpent’s Seed would bruise the woman’s seed in the heel, and that the woman’s seed would bruise  the Serpent’s Seed in the head”, it was  apparently speaking about two races of beings who were at war with one another. The ultimate Creator, and the Creator Archon. Much of what really happened, is found in my Truthology courses. There, I go very deep into a lot of the truth that has been hidden from mankind. All that I want, is for people to learn. But knowledge is power., and I have seen what people with knowledge have done, once they have obtained that power. With the Divine truth that I am trying to reveal, I just cannot allow just anyone to obtain it. But, in order for you to understand what is going on today,, we have to at least start from the top.

I also go into these topics deeper in my “world Events lectures, on my website, each month. For now, be prepared to be reading for a while, because a short summary will never be sufficient enough, to cover such an intricate topic. Prepare, as we go into the “New World Order”. The elite societies use a lot of symbolism to hide their agendas, while still giving signals to their people, who know where to look. Now you too, can know where to look, and have awareness of the insidious truth in this world. Look at the symbolism in movies like “Purge, Election”. In the film, a male and female are running against one another. (Hilary and Trump). The woman is good natured though. This is their symbolism of really wanting Hilary to win, so that she can force their agenda. Trump, they feel is promoting his own agenda. So, Hilary would be their “savior”. Also, look at the underground African Americans rising up together. This is a reference to the BLM (Black Lives Matter) org?… And, look at the movie, “Tomorrow-land’. The time being sped up, and cut off. “Jupiter Ascending” movie is also full of symbolism in their agenda, as well as the movie the “5th wave”. All promoting the plans for the movement toward the New World Order. The rise of the agenda was even referenced in the” Ice Age Collision” movie, when they showed the timeline of all of the meteors that hit earth, forcing evolution of society and civilization…. The TV series, Childhood’s End, was also an indirect statement of their upcoming plans…. It is not coincidence ladies and gentlemen.

In the beginning, it was the Creator of the universe, who wanted a new Earth that would be a beautiful place for Spiritual Beings made of light, to start creating and manifesting their thoughts and ideas. At some point one of those beings of light, an Angel that was in command, decided that he wanted to be a God on his own. So he gathered his forces,. Before he started his egotistical rule, Earth was a true Collective. But he after he took over, he did not want humans to ever realize the truth, he and his legions imposed the delusion of physicality. He used the five senses that appealed to physical pleasure. But, they would never be able to get rid of the light, human too.. were a spiritual being, However, since they could not eliminate them (they would need someone to rule over after all), they believed that they could imprison the light in humans. Confining them to this planet,they made humans reincarnate over and over again, into a physical form. They made it so that, the light within humans, their souls, could never connect back to the Creator’s true light above. That’s when they began a lot of their false spiritual teachings. They wanted to keep mankind making mistakes and keep sinning. Eating meat was one deception that was given.
They even went to the extent of making a particular people, believe that they were the chosen ones. This created division and conflict. Making people believe that they alone were chosen, caused them to rise against one another. All over the thought, that they were special, and selected. Much of early civilization, and spirituality was started in Sumeria.. As Sumeria fell, the archon’s teachings were being separated and spread throughout surrounding areas such as, Babylon and Canaan. Those teachings even went into ancient Egypt. But if you look, you will see that many of the teachings are very much the same, only using different names, and different places as references. Now as time passed by, men wanted to be like the gods who were ruling over Earth, because they saw their beauty and power. All angels are forged in the light. And, when they saw that light while interacting with them, they believed them to be beautiful and Almighty. So they started to believe that they were Gods on Earth themselves, spreading this ego agenda. This went all the way down into the days of Alexander the Great. He was being used, in order to spread the agenda of a one world order. This is why he went into several different conquest campaigns all over the areas near him. In his eyes, he wanted to create a one-world Utopia, and to get rid of anguish. But, what he was not aware of was, that while he spent most of his life in a drunken stupor, they had made him a drunk deliberately, so that he would not realize that his agenda was being taken over by those he trusted most. The people closest to him found that they could promote law and order in his name instead, and take over the world. By the time that he died, a lot of his generals ended up taking over his conquests by sending out different relatives into other areas abroad. Egypt was one of them, as Ptolemy took his seat as Pharaoh. Then, Julius Caesar himself rose up later on in Rome.

Back to the demigod idea, mankind strove to become archons themselves. Julius Caesar made claims that he had been a descendant of Alexander the Great, and continued the conquest. Rome expanded so far in the Middle Eastern Area and into Europe, expanding over many territories. He even wanted to unite Egypt as an equal with him, when he married Cleopatra. His son was going to be the representation of Duality and enlightenment coming together. Cleopatra was said to be Isis incarnate. Julius Caesar himself, claimed to be a descendant of Jupiter. Jupiter is represented by Osiris. With Jupiter (Julius Caesar) and Venus (Isis) is the symbolism of male and female symbolism joining together. But those who wanted a predominantly male rule, took over Julius Caesar’s ideas, and killed him. They did not want any kind of matriarch energy, because they knew that Julius Caesar was trying very hard to help mankind become enlightened.
Alexander and Julius Caesar themselves are not bad men. They were actually people who wanted to change the world for the better. Now, the archons started to divide and conquer the world, but used many figures who were beloved by the people. First, they used Julius Caesar, and when he died his image was placed on a cross. The cross represented the four cardinal points. The four cardinal points represented a one-world idea, United, in all four directions of the Earth. After they had taken over Jerusalem later on, we see the messenger Yeshua come into the picture. None of the religious symbolism associated with him is true or accurate. In fact he was just a normal man with an angelic soul, who was being raised by his father and brothers.  Mary had actually been betrothed to Joseph, and during their betrothal, had been raped by Roman soldiers. Women that were raped, were considered to be defiled and no good for Jewish marriage. Therefore, Joseph tried to hide this, by lying and saying that the child conceived was his son. He raised him as such as well. He had been married before, with two sons. But his wife had died in childbirth. This is why he was so adamant on protecting Mary when she went into birth on the road while traveling. Yeshua was born into a family that was rich in kabbalistic teachings.

Romans who were in the area for so long, started to adopt to kabbalistic ideas. Yeshua grew up and became initiated, through all of the degrees of initiation within his belief system. He became ascended and enlightened. He awakened to who his soul really truly was, and that was the Archangel Michael. The name Michael mean, who is like God. But when they prophesied about his coming, they called him Emmanuel. And the reason why they referred to him with this name is because, Emmanuel means, “God is with them”. So now we have a complete sentence. “Who is like God”, becomes “God is with them”, because he descended down into Earth through a physical form. To be with them “man”. Now when we look at the name Yeshua, the name Jesus has nothing at all to do with it. In fact Yeshua translates as Joshua in English. Joshua means the “comfort of God”. So, we actually have here, “the comfort of God is with them”. And that is why he said, “no one can come to the father except through me”. He was not claiming to be God himself, but trying to show people that, the only way to ever find a connection to the Creator once again, would be to go with it. He taught all who listened, to apply  an unconditional and divine love to others, once a person can truly love them self. This is why he said, “do unto others, as you will have them do unto you”. He said this because, no man can ever truly love unconditionally until they can love themselves unconditionally. And that is because you will not be able to get past the flaws in others, if you cannot first get past your own flaws, because you will just continue to project and reflect off of others what you really do not like with inside of yourself. You will always find something wrong with other people, if you continuously look at your own flaws. People are meant to be like mirrors to one another. This is why he said love your enemy. He knew as humans, we are sometimes our own worst enemy.

Now, when Rome got wind that their archon teachings were being challenged, And that this man Yeshua had been teaching people to reinstate love, rather than causing division and separation through pride and ego,  they felt like he was a threat. Therefore, Yeshua went to his disciples and also to members of the Sanhedrin who could be trusted, and made a plot to fake his death. He had already healed Pontius Pilot’s child, and because of that, Potius pilot had very much believed in him as the representative and messenger of the God above. Pontius  Pilot had him beaten publicly, to make it seem more believable, but when they had taken him down from the torture stake that was used for murderers and Killers, someone already had a tomb  and a physician  ready. By that time, he fled. He and his own wife Mary Magdalene, had ran away into France. It was there, that the original bloodline for Angelic beings had been reinstated. Yeshua’s  blood type was AB Rh negative, the true blood lines of the Lyrans, and Seraphims. Seraphims are angels who are feline like, and who created the feline races. This began the woman’s seed, spreading throughout the world. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Well, let us get into the serpentine bloodline, and how it was made. In the earlier days, as I was describing in the beginning of this article, many of the archons who had started ruling in the early civilization of ancient Sumeria, were able to genetically modify humans, to carry their DNA and programming. This would be so that those specific humans would always act out their plans and agenda. That created the serpentine bloodline that many of the world’s Elite and rulers have now today. In the meantime, they were always trying to find new ways to get rid of the pure blood lines that would reinstate peace and love in the world. This is why they burned many witches back in old times. Because AB Rh negative blood lines were extremely pure, they had an ability to read energy. They were natural healers end very psychic. Then when Hitler came along much later, he knew about this, and also tried to eliminate them through his Holocaust. Throughout history, the archons were trying very hard to take over the world through their Elite Bloodlines. After The disappearance of Yeshua, they set up powers in every single area across the globe. They even went as far down as in to England.  They started burning people and killing them if they would not conform to their ways. After Yeshua had disappeared, they decided that they would have to regain popularity, because by this time many people had turned against them. They knew that Yeshua had been a powerful teacher and beloved by many. His teachings were sweeping so far and wide, because people were tired of being ruled and confined, under the bullies that were the Roman powers. So what they ended up doing was, through the emperor Constantine, they all agreed that they would adopt the figure Yeshua, but instead of preaching his teachings, they would reinstate the agenda of the archons instead. This is why you will find that many of the Roman pagan holidays, are associated with the worship of Jesus Christ. They also started to add in their own teachings from the archons, into some of Yeshua’s. They changed his name to Jesus, because they knew that if the people continued to call on Yeshua, that they would reach Michael. They did not want the commander-in-chief of the army of the Heavens to hear their calls, nor the calls of the people. Switching the name was easier to prevent people from being able to cry out to Michael. They set up their churches and their Vatican. And then they set up the priest-kings in power throughout the world. They began religious wars and burning innocent people.. and even torture, to those who would not submit. People had feared for their lives, so much that they just gave in. People were not allowed to own any religious documents or scriptures, because a lot of the truth was still contained within them. As they became heavily laden with the agenda and lies  mixed in with the truth, they thought that people would somehow catch on. They continued to prohibit people from owning any religious material. If you even owned the Bible, you could still be burned.

Eventually, Rome and took over England, and even set up their Empires throughout being and so forth. They sent out relatives to marry into other countries abroad so that they would always have a powerful figure as a representative to hide the truth, and to convince others in that country, to adopt the Catholic teachings. As time went by, many people were getting tired of being told what to do by the Romans and their Church. Religion was ever changing its colors and adopting new ways. The story of King Arthur were also being spread, especially in England. This was to make the people confused even more, by thinking that they had a king, who had been chosen at some point to be their divine representative. But as you see, there were “Twelve Knights of the Round Table” for King Arthur. Just like there were 12 disciples of Krishna, and 12 disciples of Christ. This was representing the 12 archons that were ruling the 12 commanders that fell from the High Heavens, and their hierarchy. They continued this symbolism all the way down to this very day. But let’s get back to Jupiter for a minute.

A lot of the worship of the archons, was centered in and around astro-theology, which is the worship of planets and celestial bodies. However, it is said that the angels are the heavenly host, and have even been referenced to as stars. Jupiter is the largest planet, and the king of kings. Jupiter is actually the real morning and evening star, and is represented by a Osirus in Egypt. But in truth, is called Lucifer the son of the morning, the son of the Dawn. If you go back, you will also see that Christ had been called this in the New Testament. Jupiter is visible very early and on. Venus is not the only morning star in our galaxy. Jupiter ( In Latin: Iuppiter, Iūpiter) is also called the morning star, and it is this morning star that is spoken of in the bible. Hence, Venus is NOT the true morning star of astrotheology. When the bible says that there fell a great star from heaven, they are simply referring to Jupiter who is also known as Jove, the supreme ruler God on high, to whom the ancient Greeks and Romans had called  Phaethon, which really means “blazing.” Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is called the son of the Sun, and has been known since the most ancient of times, to astrologers. It is on average, the third-brightest object in the night sky after the Moon, and Venus. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System. It is visible to the naked eye in the night sky, and can occasionally be seen in the daytime when the sun is low. Jupiter is not only the King of all  planets and called and at times referenced to as,  Lord of the entire meaning of the saying “As above, is so below”. It is also the morning star, blazing star, and the star of Bethlehem, of the bible.
The brightness of this morning star can be best seen in December and January, right around when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who in the King James bible, both Jesus and Lucifer are called the morning star. For example, we see Jesus call himself the “bright morning star” in Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star,” and it is also applied to Lucifer, where we see the term appears in the context of an oracle against a dead king of Babylon, who is addressed as (hêlêl ben šāḥar), rendered by the King James version, as “O Lucifer, son of the morning!” and by others as “morning star.. So as you can see, there is the symbolism that Julius Caesar was trying to reference in his marriage to Cleopatra, or better yet, Isis, or Venus. This upcoming August, Jupiter and Venus marry again, in a conjunction that sets them only ⅓ of a degree apart. The bride reunited with the bridegroom. This marks, after several blood moons, super moons, and solar eclipses, the beginning of the end, with a new beginning to back it. The rapture, but not as you think.

Rapture is actually the harvesting of souls, as seen in the “Jupiter Ascending” movie symbolism. Everyone knows this symbolism is always placed in films, because Hollywood is often reference to as the home of the Stars. Everything that has ever been written, has always been coinciding with the agenda of the archons. They want to get rid of any of God’s chosen people who still exist with pure light and wisdom here on the earth. This is why they allowed Project Camelot and New Age movement to come to be. Project Camelot has a motto that , “the best place to keep a secret is out in the open”. So they have allowed a huge wave of conspiracy theorists to come up and rise, so that most of what they are saying is true, and the government can say that everyone had knowledge of their plans. But when the conspiracy theorists are talking about it, no one will believe them, because they will think it is just that, a conspiracy theory.

A very smart reverse psychological strategy, if you ask me. Next to this, the New Age movement is combining all of the archons teachings back together again. This is so people will believe that they are leaving organized religion, when really they are just entering an even larger one, all of them combined. And they told people that they can awaken and become enlightened like the descendants of the archons who are called Nephilim. But the truth is they will never allow anyone to awaken, because if they do, then everyone will leave here and go to a higher plane. Then they will have no one to control or dominate. Instead, they make people focus on topics like reptilians and Awakening, and then for others who have no interest in spiritual topics, they make them chase the newest and latest cell phones or technology, fast food, sex and love, and the latest celebrity gossip. This is keeping people’s mind off of what is really going on just like the election for 2016 for example. I will get into this in a moment.

Ancient astrologers have always associated Jupiter with the birth of kings, and Venus with fertility. This is why Jupiter is called in ancient mythology, the King planet, Father of the Sky, Father of the Gods, and Lord of Heaven. This fact is paramount in understanding that the planet Jupiter, for thousands of years, has always been associated with the birth of kings, and it is the star in the bible of the Magi and Star of Bethlehem. In Sumerian texts,  Jupiter is called mulu babber – “bright sun-like star” and is also called Nibiru which simply means “ferry boat or to cross.”  The child-bearing Jupiter was a common subject of the artists of that Hittite people, the Etruscans. There was a lot of hype surrounding the planet Nibiru for quite some time now. In this they have made people believe that there is a group of reptilians who will come and take over Earth, and that many of the world’s Elite groups are made up of reptilian blood lines. Some of the seraphim angels who fell were serpentine, called Seraphs. The archons are serpentine, they are seraphim. Those are the reptilians, and the humans who were genetically altered by them. But they did find other races from Alien Planets, who wanted to help them in their agenda.

However, they are the ones who are talked about in ancient times, as being the reptilians here. People get confused between everything because there are other Reptilian races out there. But the many races that are working together only do so, because they are somehow alike. Some of the serpentine seraphim have reptilian races who have joined  with them, from other places, and all have become malevolent forces. They all work together in world domination and control. Many of the demons  who rule underneath of the archons, were created out of blackened souls of humans, who were led to make many mistakes and choices that were negative. They were led to do this by vices, which are spirits that are used to induce negative thoughts . Once they do so, they suck out the light energy in the person that they got to do these little things. They keep that energy and create an entirely new Shadow Self. they keep them in their world and Kingdom. Then, they use those dark energy bodies to create even more conflict out there for people.

The archons do not want the Creator’s true light to prevail. So, when incarnated Angels came, such as myself (and I am not the only one, and we are real), they will track us and try to prevent us from getting any kind of following what so ever. This is why some people never find the truth. This is also why, they set up so many false teachers and people who copy off of other teachers and repeat the same information. They use this so that people will find those false people and teachers, instead of finding the real ones. This is why they predicted False prophets. They planned having false prophets all along. Now there are many things that are going to take place as a result of everything coming to a head . First of all, this has been being planned since the dawn of mankind, but you will notice that things started to get really bad after the year 2000. Crime and corruption were already prevalent in the 1980’s upward. But it was within the last 16 years that things really started to take a terrible turn. C’mon, since then.. people lost memory, there is alot short term memory loss induced. Even time has sped up to make it seem like days are shorter, that people have less time to do responsibilities, and while speeding to keep up, there is lost time with family, interests, and dreams. It was then, then that people became dazed, drained, and overwhelmed. You feel it, …something is very wrong. Something will happen with the election this year, and to think it was never even a democracy, as the elections were always rigged. They made people think they had a say, but the winner was always chosen before hand, and so is the future outcome of this election too. You will see what happens after.

Then when the year 2012 came, that is when it started the beginning of the agenda, by telling us that there was a shift. Delusion and strife. What you see is not really what is there. They knew that the incarnated Angels Messengers were coming, because it has been predicted a long time ago, when Enoch  was here. Enoch was the incarnation of the Archangel Metatron, who had come into this world in order to study the Matrix. As you know, we all make up a collective in this world. Each and every good Angelic Soul coming together in their huge energy bodies, connect to one another to make a huge grid of light energy that is the reality that we live in. It was the archons who used their energy to overlap that, and create a false grid of light. The Creator had seen what was done, and that many Souls were stuck here. He also saw that humans were also given seals, 7 of them, placed upon their spiritual centers, so that lower energy beings could suck out their energy, and control them. Using the spiritual centers as plugs to walk into human beings, and getting them into doing what they wanted them to do. This is why the chakras are on all different vibrations energy. The root chakra can be anywhere from 100 Hertz, up to 500, depending on who you are. And each chakra  will be a different vibration, higher and higher until the crown.That is not how it should be.

With everything that is now being revealed, you can see just how it dark agenda it is. When they said they would come as angels of light, they were not lying. Because all angels are made of light. And since they are made of light, people who come in contact with them would think that they were good, being misled like that. Of course they would present some truth to lure them in even more. Then, they lead them to total deception and delusion, such as they have done through using their human families here on Earth with the genetic program that they have, to communicate with humans and lead them into destruction. Many people will say that they are Awakening, but the truth is, is that is what they want people to believe. A true Awakening brings much all knowing wisdom,and power. People’s lives would be so completely different than what they live already.These beings are cunning, the most witty of all.

They knew that the Creator would try one last time to redeem his light from the world. And lead people to another reality to live, as they were meant to. So they started the agenda right in and around when they believed the Creator to be planning to do so. When everyone that was a true Messenger, would begin their missions. Too many people believe themselves to be messengers.  However, they do not have much of a message. Their message would be so true, that no one could deny it, because it would be of a higher wisdom.  No matter how much the facts sound like fiction, they would just know it in their heart. They would be taught how to live as the Creator would, and to surpass duality. Now everything and the agenda itself, are going to start coming to a head. We are looking at many of the signs that they calculated would happen to really to mark their stages of the development of their new world order. The new world order that they have been trying to accomplish since the beginning of time.

First of all, it all had to start in one particular area which they call Babylon. Because, they tried to create this Babylon so many times before in many other areas, and they finally stabilized and secured it, here in the United States of America. The references to Babylon are such, because in Babylon there was a lot of homosexuality, and even men who were dressing as women. I have nothing against homosexuals because if  a soul and its Twin Flame or soulmate have been in love in many other lifetimes that they shared, and then reincarnate in the same life as the same gender, they cannot help who they love. If it is out of perversion, and that is a different story. However, the United States of America is promoting homosexuality as a state of perversion. They also endorse drug addiction by being responsible for allowing the narcotics industry to bring their drugs into this country. They know that it is a huge source of income. So they act like they are against it, and that they are fighting the war on drugs, but what they’re actually doing is intercepting the drug trade, and any drugs that they confiscate are merely just put back into the streets later on. They are also overly medicating their people. They come out with new drugs for every single thing you can possibly think of, that could be wrong with a person. Including low self-esteem. Quick fixes, that lead to long term issues.

They know how medication can alter the Consciousness. A long time ago herbs and medication had been called Pharmakia. Pharmakeia is a word that translates into “sorcery”. That’s why they call it a “pharmacy”, after the word pharmakeia. They are also feeding the people toxic poisons in their food, water and air supplies,. they have been adding all kinds of toxins to the jet streams of airplanes, making chemtrails. This is to make people sick, and dazed. I can tell you, when I step outside, I get a very distinct feeling. They are trying to slow down, and confuse the people that live in this country, so that they can continue their agenda without any uprising. But they also know that they need uprising, in order to have a reason to invoke a state of emergency, that will allow the president to invoke martial law. Once he does that, he will be able to postpone the election. That is what he plans on doing, but of course he has to have the backing of Congress to do it. America is definitely a huge country that is run by the rule of the archons. America is a sister country to England because, every president can be linked back to the kings and queens of England, and it was England that had started setting up colonies over here to begin with.

The fight for freedom in the Revolutionary War, was merely just a fight so that America could have its own representative. But that representative still, and always will, have to answer to the queen. But the queen herself is not the highest ranked. It is the people who own the money in the world, like the Rothschilds and Bilderbergs, who are really in charge. Marital Law, False democracy, Drugs, and organized religion, put into one large organized religion, is all a part of the new world order. Be aware.. That is my only hope.

The queen and the president are actually just faces for a power that goes beyond them. They have to be able to unite the world in a one world conquest, in order to finally achieve the rule of the Antichrist. The word Christ merely translates as anointed. “Anointed” means to be chosen or selected. Yeshua  spoke of this when he was on Earth. Enoch, again, also known as Archangel Metatron, also mentioned this way earlier before Yeshua. But both of them spoke of there being chosen select people, for the Creator himself. What will be anointed? The soul, and the soul is merely just the Consciousness and energy that resides within a physical vessel. Within that, contains intelligence, memory , power to heal, as well as there being a devotion and loyalty to the Creator. A lot of reverse psychology has been placed within this world when they said that creatures with horns were bad, because the horns are actually representing the area in the brain that is responsible for memory.

This is called the hippocampus . They also tried reverse psychology on everyone, by saying that the light was evil. Sure the light can be evil, especially when it is used to control and harm. But they never wanted the anointed to awaken to the light, because they would use it, to try to take back the light. So those that will be anointed, will be people whose Souls will wake up, and remember, and try to fight for the Creator. Knowing that the word Christ means “anointed”, we can look at the word “Antichrist’ and its meaning a lot better. ‘Anti” I mean to be against. Therefore, the Antichrist will be a force that is against those who are (christ) anointed. The antichrist will be a one world government, that will suppress little common people including Messengers here, in order to turn off the intelligence and memory even more so, and permanently. That will make it easier to dominate and control. They want people to lack a  level of awareness as to what’s going on around them. The term Antichrist, just means that they will shut down any aspect of a person’s soul that is still connected to the Creator and the higher self ,as well as anyone who is living according to the truth within their soul. So why would they want anyone to really awaken? Instead, they promote a fake awakening.

So there is a whole lot to cover on this topic and so much more. The New World Order is already being formed too, and on its way. They have so many different plans to carry out before this can happen and it’s all going to be taking place in the near future. You can find out so much more truth in my Truthology course, which is set up to really help you in working out the stages of Awakening. There are three actual stages, and Truthology can help. The course is only offered to certain people who are serious. Those that the higher self or creator, does not feel will use the wisdom in a good way will not be permitted. Or, those who might not  be able to understand it, will also be turned away. If it were meant for everybody, then why did even the most purest of Messengers and ascended masters continue to use symbolism in their teachings? They did this because those who worked for it, would already be able to see right to the truth, without even ever having to be explained deeply. It would just catch on and make sense. So they disguised and used symbolism, and the people that did not understand it, took it as it was on the surface. Those who did, continued to teach it as well, and they used rich symbolism for the same reasons. I am not going to be using symbolism, but instead telling the clear-cut truth.

But I still have to be careful who gets their hands on it. But, just so that I can at least notify many people on what they need to know, and perhaps not everyone can enroll, I will also be hosting a webinar event once a month. It is called “world events and truths hidden  in plain sight”. You can find it under the main page’s tab. The webinar event will go into many of the things that will be shortly taking place. After all of the signs have passed to mark the beginning of this end in time, humans will be forced to embark on a new day in age, and a shift in the evolution of human beings, towards becoming little robotic minions of the archons here. We need to start addressing what is actually going to be taking place, so that you can make sure to guard yourself. Being aware, leads to, taking precaution. And I just want everyone to be safe. Please make sure that you attend, and also read my site It is most certainly time, for a lot of people to wake up. I hope that you will enroll in my Truthology course, if you feel that you are one of the people ready. But for the rest of everybody, you can still have the webinars. The time has come, let;s prepare together.
So there will be two raptures. Those who are still here of the Holy Divine Bloodlines,  soul origins, and soul types. They will go on to ascend into a higher Realm. Those that are not, and the people who make up the sheeple, will  be raptured into the new world . And that new world order is going to be very much like hell let loose on Earth. Total immoral conduct and behavior, violence, crime, corruption, as well as there being a lack of freedom, and even more dazed and confused people who are in trance, by what is going on around them. It is time to start collecting the people that are meant to escape this. Is never my intentions to be a doomsday prophet. But I have to be honest and tell you the truth so that you can at least have a choice. Otherwise there would be no choice, and you would be stuck going into a terrible future, especially those with children, would have their kids going up in that generation without being able to decide for themselves if they even wanted to try to get away from it and choose a different fate. Please have faith in the Creator, and The Messengers that were sent for the Creator, so that you can learn all that you possibly can, and finally leave this place behind you. Thank you so much for reading this , and I hope that you have learned a lot. There’s so much more to come. I hope that you will attend the webinar and the courses in order to learn. Wake up, the Bible’s are manipulated, you are not living as a divine being would. And, there is so much happening right now beyond human understanding.. You do not even know the real truth of this reality or what lies beyond it. Find out, and free yourself. I hope to help. It is time to be free from this prison planet, and ascend beyond the false grid.  Do you know what that is? If not, read below. The false grid was another way that they used to imprison souls here.


Earth had been constructed of a beautiful web, to project the holographic reality here, off of. it was full of spiritual light, and the benevolent energies, who were the original creators of planet Earth. However,we can not ignore the fact that our Matrix was hijacked many eons ago, by entities who somehow went from perfection, to being consumed with the ego. Their Masculine energy from duality, taking on the male of the twin flame of Source, led to an imbalance in that masculine energy, leading them to domination, control, and overusing the Law of One. Much of the teachings on Earth, came from their agenda and propaganda, delivered through Anunnaki culture, in early Sumeria.  Angel Ariel, says that the Lyrans tried to restore balance to the Masculine energy, by sending in Lyrans to live on Earth in Lemuria and Atlantis times. Did you know, when you record “Lyra”, and play it backwards, it actually says “Ariel”?!   I am not changing my information here,merely expanding on it.

 Ariel was responsible for sending in the Lyrans, who also went on to form an alliance with the Pleiadians. During the great descension of those beings, some of the Pleiadians were trapped, and became a part of the renegade Pleiadian group, who started working with some of the Archons ruling this domain.  Many of the Lyrans, and Pleiadians who still stayed with the forces of light, went on to manifest psychically here in Lemuria, as did the Angels, and then branched off into Atlantis, thus making some of the original bloodlines, RH Negative groups. Those bloodlines carry the programming of the original grid. The Angelic/Lyran Bloodlines, would be used for true incarnated angelic souls to be born into later on, if they chose. They would need a body to fit the programming of the huge soul, and this bloodline, was perfect, as it had come from Angels, and Lyrans themselves. Even though Lyrans are not angels, they had the program similar to Ariel who made them. So, being similar to the angelic program, it would be perfect for an incarnated angel to also use.


There is contrast in our Universe, dark and light, male and female energies. And, then there is a combination of these energies in what is called “Androgenous Energy”.  But, like I said, anything can become imbalanced. Light goes on a positive and negative spectrum, and  darkness is needed for the reflection of light, without it, light would have nothing to reveal itself with. However light on the negative side of the spectrum, is what caused all of this chaos. Beings who started out in a light form, started losing vibration. When Light travels further from its Source, it lengthens, and slows down. That is what happened to those archons. The masculine energy they were made went from Logic, strategy, leadership, and power, to becoming domination, control, and egotistical. Still they were made of light. Negative light. That light was interlaced over top of Earth’s original matrix, enclosing souls inside, and susceptible to the control.  Light is intelligence, but on what side of the spectrum is that intelligence on? I hear so much propaganda of people saying “Be Aware of the Light, it is actually evil”. I hear people say that they channel into the light, but yet do not know what side of the spectrum it is they are channeling on. It can be confusing, and mixed up.


 The best thing to do is to keep this in mind. There is no evil in light or darkness, only evil in the imbalanced ways that either can be used. Caution should be heeded if one does not know how to discern the signatures of those spectrums, so as not to come across an entity of light or darkness, who may be using their energy for negative agendas. Without access, one can not be sure, as those beings will try to convince a person that they are good, just to get their foot in the door in using the human consciousness to promote false information. The elite as I explained above, who are descendants of those first archonic rulers, tap into the light of the matrix all of the time to manifest and attract their hopes and wishes. How do you think they became so rich and famous in the first place? While everyone else lives on their terms, limitations, distractions, and corruption, for the simple fact of controlling humans to reach their goals. The whole idea is to free one’s mind from the control of this false light grid, and to reach the true light of higher self energy. It can be hard with all of the groups working together in this imbalanced energy, as they absorb pure energy form humans and nature. Just be aware, and free your mind, connect with the higher version of self, and learn as much truth as you can… Not everything you hear will be true. And even if it was disguised as sounding true at first, it could result in it being a half truth, leading to run around in circles trying to reach your true ascension. 

The reason many are not really reaching ascension, is because of this grid. They know who is who, and where everyone is at. They know who is scheduled to ascend and that is a threat to their agenda, as the more who ascend and awaken, give them more of a threat in their agenda being revealed. So, they try to put out false information so that no one reaches their goals, only think they have. That is injustice, and you should be fighting for your souls… Knowing how to hack back into the matrix is what will help you to find out what they are doing in regards to controlling your light, and you can be two steps ahead of them, finally reaching your goals, and having a happy, healthy, spiritual life, here on earth, full of truth and true light… It is hard to do, but there are a select few who can do it for you, if you can’t yourself. I certainly can, that is the beauty of coming as a Messenger, and having seen what happened here on earth, and the Blueprints. Although many do not know who those archons really are, mainly mainstream speculation, some saying Anunnaki, some fallen angels, some say Reptilians. Some confuse everything and say the Reptilians are the Anunnaki. The truth, well it will be revealed in my “Truthology” courses, it is dangerous, and mystifying information not revealed elsewhere. In the course, I help you to understand the grid, the truth, the light, spirituality, and things that were hidden in plain sight. I do not put it up publicly. But for now, the only thing you need to know, is how to free your mind, body, and soul, from the archonic rulers of the false light grid. I now have a reading that can help you see how much they control and hold you back, by the heavenly hosts, and in hijacking the light that is meant for you. I show you how it should be for you, and that gives you a good idea of what to work towards, in freeing your mind. For now, there is a natural grid holding this reality together made by the benevolent creators of Earth, and then there is the false grid of light under that, made by the archons, so humans and others, cannot get out, without their knowledge. Then, there is a technological grid, made by the government, with wireless energy waves in the air. Lastly, there is the grid, that all us make up together, as our auras, overlap.  All of our vibrations come together, to make up a grid of our own, to share thoughts, feelings, and emotions in this reality. Without that, we would not exchange those things in mass consciousness.


One day, both will be removed, and the positive, original grids of earth will be exposed again, bring in a new state of consciousness, that will recreate the grid we all share as a collective down here. It will ascend everyone in a positive way for the better. Until now, it is a difficult life here, living under the rulership and their prison, in how they took over the world.

alura cein,
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