How to know you are cursed….

Many experience trials, bad luck, illness, loss and more… but there could be many reasons as to why. These things can certainly be attributed to life in general as all of them unfortunately happen naturally in life. Things that happen in those categories could even be as a result of Dark Consciousness too. I predicted it’s coming and elaborated on the subject in various blogs and a YouTube video. But situations that happen like bad luck, loss, mental break downs, ill health etc… can also be from the result of someone wishing it on you or even actually going as far as performing a ritual or paying someone to do one… to make something happen to you.

Kinds of Curses


Magical rites such as Santeria, Brujera, Dark Hermeticism, Wicca, Voodoo and even basic lunar or candle spells are used against unknowing victims. The universal law here on Earth in magic no matter what form, is that it not be used to harm anyone or anything. But many break it, uncaring even about their own consequences that will happen as a result of breaking that law. And thee will be consequences, as thee is a cycle of cause and effect, the laws of karma. But how evil that one would hate you enough to risk harming themselves just to harm you? What could you have possibly done? For some, nothing. There are people out there that may look like they are your very best friends but beneath the surface, you could in someway be competition for them or there could be underlying jealousy that you were unaware of. Where is some vendetta against you, for something that happened years ago that you had once that was resolved. Or maybe you have something that that person wants. Whatever the case may be, people are very good at hiding their true feelings and intentions. The people closest to you even, could be the ones that are hurting you the most behind the scenes. Or perhaps maybe even paying somebody to?


Did you know also, that a curse is not considered just to be in the forms of magical rights? I have been doing this type of work my entire life as it also has been passed down through my family lines for centuries. Having an angelic soul, I can see many things that have happened in this world and are still happening today as well. I know very well that consciousness is energy. Energy is in the form of thoughts and feelings. In fact the thoughts and feelings of an individual energetically make up half of their spiritual body. Spiritual body is comprised of the emotional self, the mental self, the spiritual self, and the physical self that carries it. Therefore, just thinking or feeling about somethings how are you are using half of your entire spiritual self.

However, not everybody has magical powers although they do have the ability to affect others with their energy or thoughts unknowingly or even unintentionally. People do this every day, not having control over their own selves or what they think or feel about. People are usually very unaware, of themselves overall. If somebody is sitting there focusing or obsessing over you in hopes of something happening to you… It very well could. But that is only in extreme cases of having an enemy. And when I say enemy, I mean somebody who really really hates you enough to focus all of their thoughts and feelings toward you, all day long or for most of it. When that happens the energies from their thoughts and feelings can definitely affect you and start their work in your life. This would also fall under the category of a curse. in some cases, the person may not really want those things to happen to you but are just focusing all of their anger and hurt toward you, and the hateful things that they are thinking or even wishing would happen to you. However, there are some that have gotten mad at people and wished something against them that they really didn’t mean in their hearts to happen. Within this, it would be considered unintentional because the person doesn’t really expect it to take place.

Family Lines

Families also have curses placed upon their ancestors that can travel down the family line. It will weaken eventually, down the generations further. However, it’s still quite unpleasant to experience when you are living in a cloud of bad energy that just seems to follow you everywhere that you go. There are some other things that people need to understand about the family curse subject, because there are a lot of factors that go into this that keep the curse going for so long, and still having such affect. You can find this subject under generational spirits some where in one of my blogs. However, if you want to inquire into more information about it, you can always email me personally about your situation and I can try to inform you as best as I can. Reading may be required. Nevertheless, family curses can be awful because it’s on just one person that I fax. They can affect every single family member bringing a lot of tragedy and a lot of hardship to the entire family over all which just magnifies the tribulation and every individual is the experience it as a group together. I mean think about it, it’s bad enough when one person is having bad luck and a hard time. If you have everybody in the family just having one bad thing happen one after the other, that’s going to be one very unhappy family. Everybody’s Energy is just going to keep bouncing off of each other and it will intensify and worse in overtime. What effects one, will then affect another like a domino effect. You may see that some families with curses, often experience the same things that their relatives are, either at the same time or later on.

Self Cursed

Yes! You read it right! A person can certainly curse them self. This is a little different than the above curse categories that I have explained about. The reason why it’s so different is because the person is in more control of what’s happening to them then they think. If the person is wallowing in their own misery or self loathing, they are naturally attracting more negative energy toward them self. If they can’t break out of their way of thinking were there low emotional state, what’s going to happen is that that negative energy is going to start attracting negative situation is. I would consider this to fall more under the category of a jinx because the person is actually just jinxing them self. Still though, if a person is doing that, it’s going to be a heck of a hard time removing it. That energy builds up over time, and the more and more that it piles up, the harder it is to lift. As a result, this person may end up living in a state of depression, insecurities, and attracting many trials and hardships into their lives. This too will affect any relationship that they may be in. A self-induced curse can actually be passed through your soul ties to your partner.

Symptoms you are cursed

curses are very similar to just having some bad energy but there are very distinct things to look for that you can pretty much assume that you have a curse placed upon you. Very slight details, that can help you to become more aware of what you may be experiencing rather than just chalking it up to some pure bad luck. It’s important to always be aware of what’s going on around you, whether you are causing it yourself or if it is being intentionally or unintentionally caused by others.

1.Curses come in waves.Obviously if someone places a curse upon you we can only last for certain amount of time depending on what type of magic they have use. You will notice that there will be periods of good luck and then suddenly all of the hardship will come back out of nowhere once you’re doing well again. this can also happen with dark consciousness, but dark consciousness rather keeps you down and stagnant for longer periods of time where you still have the ability to make great strides in your life beyond it if you try….where as a curse certainly hold you back entirely.

2. Similarities

It has many different vibrations to it because it is created by everyone here on the planet as well as other factors. Therefore, it has many different vibrations to it and it will feel different all of the time. For a curse, it’ll be the same feeling of energy that comes over you during the times of hardship, illness, or bad luck… Whatever is occurring to you at the moment.

3. Very specific patterns-

Dark consciousness makes it so that a lot of negative things are happening in your life all at once, where as a curse very specific things will happen one after the other repetitively.

4. Targeting your most loved things or connections-

With a curse, sometimes the energy is so greatly sent that it can affect some of the weakest people in your family leading to loss. Dark consciousness can cause loss and accidents to happen, but with a curse you will notice that it happens to very specific people., usually the people that you care about the most, because when you are targeted, that person is going to know who means the most to you that if something should happen to them it will affect you extremely. For an example, someone was trying to curse me sometime ago when I had my baby. I was posting online about her and how much she meant to me being my new child in the world. Suddenly she had a series of incidences that kept happening to her around the same time that a cloud of bad luck started happening.

5. It works it way through important areas of life in a pattern-

Like I said with dark consciousness you’ll have a little bit of hardship and bad luck in many areas of your life at once. With occurs you’ll notice that it starts with certain areas of your life and starts working up into greater areas as time goes by. For example, it may start attacking your financial foundation, relationships and then lead up to illness and death.

6. Intuitively picking up on who your attacker is

When you think of the bad energy, if it is a curse certain things will come to mind more so than others. For family curses you will think about your family and maybe the energy having come from them. You’ll know intuitively. If it’s somebody specific you’ll think of those individuals when thinking of the bad energy that is affecting you. This is especially in cases where blood magic is used in the curse self. Blood magic will almost always give up the person who is doing the spell to the victim intuitively. Or in paranoia you could be assuming so you definitely want to have a reading to make sure. A lot of the times to it’s the most least expected person so you may be thinking heavily over a friend and I could very well be them as well. I know it’s hard to make sense of but that’s how all this works.

7. Specific timing

For some curses, they only last during certain seasons. Depending upon the cycles of the moon and when the spell was cast. You’ll notice that that certain things happen only around specific times of the year if that’s the case where lunar magic was performed.

8. Your entire life is falling apart-

Dark consciousness just keeps your life down and leads you to live in a very depressive state where you don’t grow beyond where you are and less you’re fighting for it. The depression is so great that a lot of people don’t even feel like fighting anymore. It’s a very unmotivated and there are a lot of negative thoughts in the depressed state that you will have. When I comes to a curse, it’s only meant to do one thing. And that one thing is what the person that had cast it, had even cast it for in the first place. The agenda of what they intended for it to do. And that is to eradicate your entire life for the purpose of why they’re casting a spell against you. Maybe they want you out of the way because you are a competition. Maybe they want you out of the way because you are with someone that they like. And like I said earlier on time or maybe there is something that you did to them, that you don’t even know about but made them feel salty for some reason. If somethings happened that offended them i’m a people many of times won’t say anything so that they can avoid an argument with you. But yet they will still carry the resentment of it with them. You will notice that a curse itself will tear your entire life down from the inside out starting with a smaller things, leading to the bigger things that you need in your life to get by. That is the only way to take a person down after all isn’t it? Skilled magicians and spellcaster’s won’t know exactly how to bring the tower down on a person so much so, that it brings them to a level of weakness where they are not a threat for their client anymore. just doing a few things here there did the person, leads to them having some space for recovery later. But if every area of their life is down into shambles in the ground, that will give a person enough time to build their empire while the poor victim is scrambling over a long period of time to fix the devastation from the curse.

9. Spirit Encounters

You may see fleeting spirits from the corner of your eye, or looking directly at it but it disappears. You may see shadows, and get a feeling of not being alone.

10. Strange infestations-

This happens in generational curses through the spirits who come with. Demons etc. It also happens during a curse as a result of the spirit whom is acting out the orders of the curse. Flies, carrion beetles, or spiders will show up and more than ever! If you have carrion beetles then generational spirits or curse may be plaguing your family with death. This means that after inflicting depression, misery, illness and sorrow that somebody in your family may be targeted to be put to death through the energy of the curse. Generational curses are infamous for this. My mothers father was a mason in the secret service and into demonology deeply. The entities followed his children including mom and her sister who loved across the street. The family had a generational curse and they had carrion beetles in their household growing up. There were a lot of shadow beings growing up in that house. Dark figures of pitch black nature. The Beatles mentioned here, are ones that feed off of dead bodies, especially any kind of dead carcasses in the woods or nature. There were also had bats in the home. All creatures of the night. It was a home with poltergeist activity, misery and a lot of mental anguish for mom more so but I witnessed it. This was demonic activity at its extreme. It was chasing father toward death for years. He almost died in 1987, 1997, 1998, 2010, 2016, and again in 2017 by I was there to save him in 2010-2017. I had dreams as a kid of man who held a lung chasing me. For every time daddy almost died, it had something to do with his lung. Whether an accident that punctured his lung, later collapsed his lung, broke ribs that stuck into his lung or lung cancer. A generational curse is still a curse and still executed by demons. Science can try to explain it but never will. Carrion beetles represent death coming for sure. The entities associated with that situation that I’ll go into another time.

Flies show lighter demonic activity, most likely a a lower lord in that realm or any servant under them. Flies and carrion are attracted to smelly aromas. A Sulfuric smell comes with demons. It’s also a reason that they are attracted to the cursed area. Flies are a sign of violence or tragedy. Spiders in swarms show that the demons are sent to act out curses surrounding deception, betrayal, lies, or spirits of perversion which come from generational toned curses specifically. Bed bugs show disease. Bats reveal curses that are there to drive you into a state of fear. These are general, as there are more forms pestilence that come with curses and what they represent. With the flies, you’ll notice that they are attracted to certain individuals.

11. Dread in the area

If you are cursed than you can be sure that the place that you spend the most time in, has that curse energy as well. Even if it’s not you who is cursed, the area where the cursed person will be unpleasant. Sadness, anxiety, and dread. You will dread being in the home you reside in if your curse leaks in to atmosphere. You will dread being around any cursed person too. It’ll feel like you dread coming home and while there it’ll feel like some impending doom is coming.

12. Malfunctioning

Not only will you be sick more but with a curse you will more nausea. The area a cursed person lives becomes infested so weird things will happen like dark mold or stains. Technology glitching, lights flickering, weird calls with no one on the other end, missing or levitating objects, fighting among family, plans that fail, and strange noises.

Other outside signs

There will also be some signs that you’ve been cursed. For one, dead animals. pets that mysteriously disappear or die suddenly. Seeing a lot of dead animals around also be an indication that occurs is being laid. You may also notice changes in the people that you love the most, around you. Those who were ones happy and lively, will start to withdraw. People will also avoid you when you are cursed. Many times cursed individuals will be treated so meanly too. Others will just naturally treat them like an annoyance, no matter how nice they are.

How long do they last?

For a good spell caster, the curse lasts years to a lifetime. But for other casters, a time frame in which a curse lasts is determined by what type of magic was used to cast it. For some magic the curse can last a month, between specific moon phases, during a season, or an entire year, several years or several seasons for years, or even a lifetime. Amateur spell casters (not beginners, just uneducated) usually lay curses that last a month and fade while weakening at the end. A good spell caster will lay a curse that lasts a long time and gains power some time before the end to finish the person off before it fades off for specific curses that are meant for certain intentions. But generally a real curse to destroy a person, never fully fades.


Overall, there is a blueprint to everything, even a curse and the person casting it that requires heavenly ability to read them so as to know exact. Tarot is not specific enough. Basic channeling will provide answers but you still have to see into other info to fully remove it, that’s not available to a basic channeler. Either they didn’t remove it all or the curse was resent after it was removed. In that case, it was definitely sent by someone you know, or else they would not of known when it was removed. Unless they are of a angelic origin and fully mastered but an angelic soul would never wish harm on anyone to begin with. So it would have to be somebody that knew what you were doing to put it back. Or, the remover did not know all of the info psychically to clear it all or deeply unroot it.

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