The gateways of consciousness. They are hard to unlock. I have the realest, most honest students in my course, that they themselves will tell you, many out there promise that you can be “enlightened”, have supreme psychic powers, and that you can become God. Is everyone really psychic within? Can everyone access spirit, the dimensions, or the consciousness of one another?  Well,it is not completely a lie, and it is not completely the truth. I am not here to dismiss any teacher, or any other psychics. It is true. I have not spoken against any other teachers, nor have I put them down. I would never. I truly feel that many truly feel that what they are teaching is true, and I feel that they all start out with good intentions. However, reality is reality. Or is it?….


Illumination started with we otherworldly beings. In the “Truth of Living Light” course, I discuss with the students how this all came to be, how it was formed, what it really all is, and some of the symbolism behind it all.  Many believe illumination to be knowing their self. That is means, doing what you please, learning some of the surface wisdom out there online, and all of a sudden, they are illuminated. But the truth is, there is much more to that. The steps to illumination, there are no short cuts. What has taken secret societies thousands of years to conceal, would never be leaked all of the way. Think of the people who had to pledge secrecy, and pass initiation while afterwards climbing the levels and ranks, that their families had to keep secret, and pass this sacred oath down to. Do you think they went through all of that for nothing, simply so that people could easily get their hands on it through the internet? No. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. I only ever speak on truths, that many seem to think are conspiracy theories.  If it isn’t true, I do not talk about it. It is hard to get others to see the sense and truth in things, if they do not want to though. That’s for sure. But this is true. Wake up. The internet is full of lies. However, there is no wrong in reading some stuff, if you feel that you are intelligent enough to discern the real and the false.

Illumination and awakening are two different things.  As are ascension and awakening. The path includes all three though. What is ascension? Ascension is raising your vibration. People say, “I raised my vibration, I don’t do this anymore, or I don’t do that”. Your vibration has nothing to do with your knowledge or what you do or do not do. Alot of evil people has a fast vibration. Corrupt people have a fast vibration. Raising your vibration is merely having a higher frequency in existence. How do you do this? You first take care of yourself physically. Then, you try to have more energy. That is it. Awakening, is becoming more aware of something. One can awaken to anything. Your eyes are “awake” A spiritual awakening is when a person is now wide awake to the fact they are not really only physical. Does this make them enlightened? Well, what is the definition of enlightenment?

the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.
“Please enlighten me more, on the topic of work this weekend.”
synonyms: insight, understanding, awareness, wisdom, education, learning, knowledge

Illumination, it is not the same as the others. Illumination is where a person has not only raised their vibration to the highest vibration that it can possibly go, but it is also becoming awake to who they are as a person, who they are meant to be, and who they are spiritually. They become awakened to deep spiritual knowledge. The deep spiritual knowledge includes quite a few things. Not just the same old concepts of spirituality used throughout the ages with the same foundations, but new names or faces teaching them. This goes well beyond that. And it too, is done in stages. For example, the course only brings them to illumination stage one. It takes people into an awareness of the truth as it came to be. Next step is, coming into the spiritual planes, and then their own connection to it. However, everyone’s will different. I’ll go over that in a moment. But illumination ultimately includes at the end of it all, being able to see your purpose on top of all of that, and to then take your life and start making your fate out of it. Living life totally in the glory of the higher self. In this, there is no pain, no negativity, no depression, and no more trials.

When a person has reached illumination, they are now at their highest capacity in existence here, that they are beyond the human need or experience.


Illumination is a hard path. It begins with those who only think they are weak. While angels are gentle and loving, this path starting from the human perspective is not an easy one for humans. Not at all. You have to tear down your whole entire world. No one wants to do that. No one wants to step outside their comfort zones. And they want the easy answer.  But this is why I am the last resort for everyone. After time, they have been sitting around pretending and fooling themselves form the easy way, and they realize that they do not want to the fake version of “awake”, as it is called in some spiritual communities. They realize that there is still so very much wrong in their lives.

Illumination is doing away with the negative. You no longer have attachment to the drama, and you no longer experience it. To get there you have to go through a destruct and rebuild mode. It takes great insight and some help.  This is a stage that forces change, and hard work. But once you get through it, you look back and tell yourself how easy it really was. Life becomes grand. You somehow find purpose, and it will not be about what everyone is else is doing. It will yours, and it will make you free and happy. But this is why some never make it.  They do not want to change. They would rather pretend that they have instead.  Awakening and ascension  are a huge part of it, but so is change. It does not happen by itself. Anyone in the true path of illumination will tell you that. People talk about ascension and awakening all of the time, but let’s first look at what awakening does not look like:

You are not awake, or Illuminated:

  1. If you are living the same routine over and over again. Illumination is doing what you love, really living life. If you can’t all of the time (You do have responsibilities as you are here) that is okay. But truthfully, illumination brings the manifestation of your dreams come true.
  2. If you have to numb or cope with drugs, because the path of illumination does not need them. That is because there is nothing to cope with, after you transcend the world and its issues.
  3.  If you still have issue after issue.  Illumination rids you of issues, you are now manifesting everything that you could ever want and solutions to any challenges that come into your life.
  4. If you do not yet have all knowing wisdom. Illumination at it’s peak, is having all knowing wisdom. But in awakening and the stages of illumination, you can become awakened or illuminated to a particular area of knowledge.
  5. If you can’t see the truth of the world around you.
  6. If you still have a strong connection to the material things of this world. (That does not mean that you do not need them, you are here after all). This only means that you not have to have what everyone else has. You are making your life a living dream come true. Your attachments are to wisdom, love, and manifesting happiness. Material things come as a bonus, and are acknowledged as being blessings.
  7. If you have lower feelings such as depression, jealousy, competition, spite, or a need to be like someone else. You are your own person, happy and loving it. And it is not based on anyone else life either.


Those are a few of the signs that you still need some work. But what happens when you do reach your illumination? Well,  now you can  make life what it is meant to be, because you have a connection to higher self that now anything that you want is brought down, but there is a key piece of knowledge that you need to do that. What is it? That you are not you. That is is the higher self who is the real person, and you are but an image for them use while here. Also, your higher self is divine, and connected to the soul parent. Your soul parent will then have to answer to whoever is above them in the hierarchy. Those in the hierarchy answer to their powers, and the power to, well, the Creators. It is a huge part of illumination to understand that there is a hierarchy and no matter who you are, you are a subject of that hierarchy. There is always someone above you. Being this miniscule particle of light, there will always be a bigger whole. There are entities who made this reality, and there are others beyond this reality too. C’mon, if you were a master creator, would you only have one reality? Would you only want to experience one reality out of many that you had made? No. In this holographic Universe, the higher planes are multiplications of the others. Many think that they are a God, because of the higher self. Well, if you do not know what the higher self wants, (and I can assure you that it will be very different from what you want) then you are not a god of your life. And still, even in connection with higher self, they have a power and authority to listen to. But yes, if you can communicate with your higher self, you will come to realize very quickly a deeper truth that not many have mentioned out there in the spiritual communities. A secret so deep, that even I will not mention it. Not here anyhow…

Yes, illumination is having your higher self’s version of the dream and knowledge of all that is around you, and in between. But it manifests over time, if you still experience time.  Time should be none existent for you at this point though.  This path is one that is a life long journey. That is how it is, for many who grow up in families who introduce this type of power and wisdom. It is a life of luxery for most of them, because they know exactly how  to “look into things” stay on top. It can be the same for you. However, you first have to get to a place of advancement, in order to enhance here. It is becoming the master builder, of your life. That is why many in these higher places have the obsession with Master building. It is symbolic for being a builder “as above and so below”. Having the ability to grow in both ways.