Staying higher vibrational: Important Info January 14, 2020

Energy Attacks:

I am putting this information up for everybody because I know that people share with me small glimpses of their symptoms here and there, I know it plays into this greater whole. Please read carefully.

First of all, we are living in a very upsetting time. You have to imagine if there are hundreds of different predictions happening in regards to worldwide situations, then it isn’t a joke, nor is it a coincidence or just by chance. Everything that I have spoken about in regards to tribulation and the purging of earth, is legit. Because of that, you have to understand also, that there are a lot of different things that are being used to suppress people on this planet at this time. A lot of fires are caused by energetic weapons, there are a lot of toxins that people are breathing in, in the air… and there is a lot of promotion going on of darker things.

If you turn on the television, it’s all about depression, witchcraft, dark entities, and television shows about the darker side of mysticism and such. This is contributing to people losing the higher vibrational state as well as feeling greatly depressed. I mean let’s be honest, that is all that is out there nowadays. People who are struggling with depression…and it channels into the air and into the earth. I’ve talked about this so many times in regards to mass consciousness and the dark energy that is being spread throughout it. Everybody is doing their best to safeguard themselves with protection and upgrading to keep their energy high and vibrant, but that doesn’t mean that nowadays, it’s going to be guaranteed to stay that way without continual maintenance. Even I myself, a being that does not need to eat or sleep usually, who is always in a positive state of mind, often feels fatigued and sometimes a little down in the dumps. But I have to pick myself back up, cleanse myself and raise my vibration up enough to shield myself from the energy weapons and spiritual energy, that comes forward to attack. Even when I use protection grids myself, it’s not always enough. It’s just one grid against an entire world? It helps, yes. It’s going to help you substantially and for some time, but these forces are everywhere and are very strong especially during this day and age. There are going to be very specific areas that are heavy in energy attacks, ones like Australia for an example. The fires there were caused on purpose and they are using a lot of energy weapons in that area. Many other areas around the world are targeted too. Anyone of a higher vibrational state who is one of those areas, is sadly going to be affected. And this is why, it’s so crucial right now to maintain a state of purity in mind, body, and emotions.

Additionally, a healthy diet, using an air purifier in your atmosphere, and trying to stay out of the harsh sun can help a lot believe it or not. I have also touched base on pollution in explaining to people that they’re going to feel weak and sick a lot because of the carbon monoxide in the air and the CO2 emissions. Every single person here no matter how high their vibration is, is still in physical form and breathing the polluted air. Their aura is still absorbing some of the toxicity from the energy, and being a part of society, they’re going to witness the depression overall as a whole. It’s inescapable. So if you are feeling weak, depressed or anything along those lines at this time and you are somebody that has had upgrading or clearings but it doesn’t seem to help… I hope that this article explains the reasons why. We are living in a very dark and crucial time in the world. There’s only so much that we can do to combat it. We can fight and stand strong personally. I’ll tell you how below. Each person though can play in active role in keeping their mind positive and not allowing other thoughts to trigger them. This also goes for psychic assassins who are also lurking around spiritual teachers especially that are under target. These are people that will do nothing but self promote, and make people question many things inside of themselves. They generally target people pretty quickly, and they are super fast befriending them. Only afterwards, the person will go from bad to worse. Be careful with whom you associate with, not just online… but also out there in the world around you. Any person at any given moment is a target and if they can tap into consciousness anywhere at any minute, they could use even just a stranger walking down the street to bring you down. No one is exempt… especially those who are awakening and working hard towards enlightenment. A lot of your drains and depression are coming from the atmosphere, social influences, energy weapons, psychic attacks, media’s influential material, subconscious and implanted ideas from others that are deliberately sent in one way or the another, online or in person…

Don’t forget that I also touched base at a previous time, on the poisons that are in your food, water, and air. Don’t you think all of that is enough to make a person feel sickly? Some say they feel like they are dying from it. You have to readjust your lifestyle. If your area makes you feel intensely drained, leave it. Try to stay in your home where air is cleaner. Eat a raw food and vegetable diet. Plus, you may feel weakened from when you first begin the process of becoming a vegetarian. Your body is eliminating a certain element that it’s been used to for a long time. You may undergo withdrawal symptoms from becoming a vegetarian, after being a meat eater throughout your life. So you’re going to want to address that as well while pumping up your protein intake. If you feel the need to sleep, sleep. But try to keep yourself ultra busy and push yourself through the drains. Keep a positive mindset and eliminate people that are manipulative and toxic from your pathway. Read, pray, meditate. Be consistent. Ask the angels to help you to stay positive. They will.

But please don’t think that you are not going to experience the effects energetically, through your health, or your mentality… And what’s going on in the world today. That’s why it’s important to work closely with your spiritual teacher in a program that works for you to keep you up and running. If your energy comes down, have it brought back up. No matter how much it takes, keep fighting. Positivity while hard, is key. If your mentality or emotional bodies are infected with lower vibrational energy, it’s going to cycle into your chakras and then it’s going to attach to physical organs that they associate with. That’s going to make you feel greatly unhealthy. Have a healing. All of these things help, but the point is…is to continue seeking the help and not to give up.

You have to also realize that this is basically pretty normal now, especially for those of us of a higher vibration, because we are so very much unwanted here. It’s a part of the global agenda to bring down the higher vibrational state and to put the world in a state of depression, imposing programming through media and the air that desensitizes people of emotions and numbs their feelings and sensitivity. That’s going to hit hard with everyone especially those who are extremely sensitive… As we keep thriving and pushing hard to maintain our heavenly energy here, remember… you are in a different vibration. Here it is 3D but if you have ascended then your vibe is no longer adapted to this world. This makes you otherworldly. Alien like. Then there are fully otherworldly beings that by consciousness, spirit, vibration, origin and blood are not a part of this world. Fitting into that category myself I can tell you that the experience is rough. This all effects anyone who has a different origins then earth and has definitely risen their vibration above earths frequency.

Keep seeking help! If you need constant motivation, then seek it out. Get life coaching or just maybe even a smaller program of something that can at least give you something to look forward to and inspire you, like a weekly service or daily. Everyone will have different needs. Make sure that you are seeking out other interests and passions for yourself too. Expand your knowledge as well, because it takes your focus off of anything else negative, including racing thoughts that often at times can make a person feel pretty drained afterwards too.. Talk about your feelings and most importantly, not just in the fact that you’re having drains or feeling sick, but talk about what you’re thinking about from time to time too. We need to stand together and without friends, trusted ones, it will feel worse.

If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll find that a lot of things feel a lot better for you. Then you can start working on learning how to keep your vibration at a good state of frequency, and more permanently throughout all of this. It’s not as easy as just one to three.

How to help yourself:

1. Get away from TV! –

Not only is the information on television a lower vibrational state but they also have frequencies coming out of the audio that will make you feel tired and tranced out. Additionally the frequency just from the energy leakage from the television alone, can make a person feel very ill. I try to get my family to turn the television off but with people getting bored, it’s pretty hard to. I’m going to tell you, that no matter how hard it is to do so, you have to. Turn your television off. Watch your number one favorite show for an hour or maybe just an hour and 45 minute movie a day, and leave it at that. It’s not called a magic box for no reason. The TV projects a lot of negative energy into your home not to mention unhealthy frequencies.

Put on some music instead. There are a lot of meditation audio’s that have ambient sounds such as rain and Ocean Waves, that can really restore your peace.

2. Change your diet!-

Like I said, if you are becoming a vegetarian, many people who are just starting out are going to feel sick from that by itself. Your body is used to having blood. Obviously, if you’re on any medicine for many years it morphs into your body and becomes at one with your system. It aligns with your consciousness in your bloodstream. It’s the same with anything else that’s in your body. When you take away the element, you are going to get some form of withdrawal from it. But with meat…once your body is cleared of it, without it, it is going to make you feel less heavier, and more energetic. Be sure to replace your protein though. You need that for energy and strength.

Start eating a lot of leafy green vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits. Make sure you balance it out too, so that you’re not getting too much glucose in your body from just eating the sweet fruit. Too much sugar or not enough of it, can make you feel tired and weak. Drink a lot of water too! Do not take in a lot of fruit juices, as that’s going to make you feel lethargic. If I were you, I would totally eliminate any junk food in your body whatsoever. Get rid of the chips, the cupcakes, the caffeine overintake. It’s OK to have maybe one cupcake a day, or even to have a cup of coffee. But to be honest with you, I would just eliminate those things as well. I am the biggest sweet freak in the world and I have let go. It was hard as heck too. My withdrawal from sweets gave the term “shake and bake” a whole other definition LOL… I don’t take any of that stuff in anymore. It’s poison!

3. Stop bad habits-

It’s understandable if you’re on a medication that you need to be on, but there are other things that a lot of people take into their body by choice. If you smoke or drink, then you can be sure that any upgrade that you get, is going to come spiraling down. Any type of toxins that you’re putting into your body are going to affect the organ it’s associated with. The energy after turning negative, is going to channel negative energy through the linked chakra, into your aura, and then back in all over again in the cycle of your flow. You’ll feel better after a while in just eliminating bad habits that contain toxins.

4. Exercise-

You may be feeling extremely tired and you don’t want to get up and do anything at all. That is called being unmotivated. Once your body and your mind become unmotivated, it’s hard to get yourself going in terms of pushing yourself for any kind of exercise. But to be honest with you, you don’t have to go and kill yourself at the gym. A simple 15 to 30 minute walk a day will help you a great deal. But the point is, is to make sure that you get in the 15 to 30 minute walk daily… everyday! Without it, you’re not allowing your energy to flow through your spine. Without movement in your physical form and spine is going to bring down your kundalini energy. The fluid in your spine is crucial for your health, as it stores almost everything that’s ever been in your body. Keeping the fluid loose and clean through good dieting and exercise, will keep your kundalini energy high.

5. Remove toxic people from your path-

Listen we all want to be nice people, accepting, forgiving and loving. But sometimes as higher vibrational beings, we do that to the detriment of our own healthy state. We want people to learn from our example and to feel the love that we hope will change them. But there are some people that are just a part of the program of the matrix, programmed to be toxic. That’s right! Some of them were already initiated by the matrix to be trolls, or just to even give you a hard time in your life. Naturally. It is said that “the wicked and the good, were both created for that day”. That “day” is now. The matrix knows every soul that’s here, and they are going to send anyone to bring you down on your path if you are a soul that is chosen. I have an article here on this website explaining how to look out for these people. In fact, there are a few articles. Look for the signs that you read in the article, in others. Look for them online, and in your own personal life. Get away quickly. If you have a spiritual teacher that’s working with someone that’s like that, there may be a secret underlying reason that they choose to, and because of that, you may just want to leave that area up to them. Otherwise, fill your life with positive people. If you see people that are struggling or depressed out there in spirituality and they don’t seem to fit the bill of being a matrix troll, then of course adopt them into your arms and try to help them. Or point them in the right direction. That is what we’re here for. But there is a difference between struggling people and matrix trolls for sure. This also will include people in your life that just don’t change after decades of going through negativity with them. There should be a cut off point. Although, you still want to keep yourself open in showing love to them and maybe associating with them lightly here or there, so as not to eliminate people from your life entirely, but to still be a better person. The point is, you are trying to eliminate your own baggage and you don’t need to take on the baggage of others. You are not a professional, and so you shouldn’t guide or direct people in areas that they need professional help in. Point them where they need to go, be kind and supportive, but leave it at that.

6. Safeguard your air-

The air nowadays is overly polluted. I mean several years ago we were already above doomsday on the CO2 emissions scale. Imagine how much worse it is several years later? With all of the fires that are pumping toxic carbon monoxide into the air, and all of the trees that we are losing that are responsible for cleaning that out, imagine how sick people are going to be especially living close to those areas? Wear a mask when you go outside. Use an air purifier in your home. I suggest that for everybody. But I don’t think everybody wants to walk around wearing a face mask, so at least get the air purifier and limit your time outdoors.

7. Keep up to date with clearings and info-

Listen, when the energy gets worse, then there’s more need for healing. It’s a shame that it has to be that way, but it’s the truth. Even I feel the effects of what’s going on in the air today, and I have to keep myself going with many healing’s. I work with so many people, even people that are suffering worse than most. I’ve taken a lot of their energy. As an Oracle, I take in a lot of energy in that environment too. It’s not easy. If you knew what I knew about the crossover of worlds, then you would know that right now, we have an entire army of negative spiritual beings floating around in the airwaves all around us. That’s why it’s more important now than ever before, to have protection and to keep it clear. It’s not something that you need to be paranoid about though. Just keep up with your healings and maybe do them a little more frequently. If you can’t… then prayer, chanting, drumming, those three things can really help a lot. You can also cleanse your energy by taking a cool bath with salt and rose. You can add sage in there too as well, but you want it to be cool water for cleansing and then give yourself a blast of steamy hot water at the end to flush out your spiritual layers. These methods are highly temporary, but they will make a difference.

For a better hold on a refresher healing (aura/chakra combo or Light therapy) I suggest angelic light therapy or angelic Reiki. Try even removing your seals too. There are different forms of them. There are some that are matrix seals, and others that are sealed over your chakras. If you had a chakra expansion then your main seals are gone, but you may very well still have the matrix seals. There’s an article on here for that subject too called Jehovian Seals. You’re going to want to remove those. Even if you have had them removed before it’s more likely that a few of them have been put back after time. The matrix is always watching, so keep up on keeping yourself clean and clear of their efforts of control.

Also a lot of the predictions of information that I put out, they have a negative quality to it because it’s the truth and it’s really happening. I’m just the messenger, I wish with all of my heart that I could say that we were entering paradise or getting ready to enter global peace. I truly do. But that is only possible when people change, and if everybody is submitting to the energies that are happening around them today, how will that change ever take place? So it starts with every individual who is fighting for their spiritual battle. Stay up-to-date with the information of course, but don’t dwell on it, or allow it to bring you down. Keep a positive mindset in knowing that you are a chosen person to witness this time. Stay positive in just knowing that you are lucky to know these things in advance because you have a good teacher and angelic Oracle that provides you the information. Stay positive knowing that any changes that you make, make a difference and that you will always be provided safety by the heavens. You can also stay positive knowing that after your experience here, you are promised greater things. Be there for your fellow man. Support one another. Give words of encouragement.

8. Stay busy-

If you are going to go to work and then just come home and sit around, then you can be sure your energy’s going to drop. Your grid will help keep your energy going for a while, but without a positive vibratory jolt from activity each day, it’s not going to hold up for longer than six months. Remember the vibrancy and health of your kundalini and your grid depend upon how you continue to maintenance your energy through your lifestyle, diet, mindset and activity. Don’t submit to the matrix. Don’t sit in front of the Internet, or stay in front of the television. Read, plan cool things to try, keep working hard, try to stay busy. If you feel a high state of energy, go with it. Jump from one activity to the next as much as you can. That’s going to keep that frequency up for you. But if you get bored or run out of ideas and just sit down, then you’re going to get used to doing that and then your energy is going to lower. Do positive things.

Volunteering is great as it gives back to the world as we should be doing. Right now in our group on Facebook called Truthian Circle which is actually based off of this particular blog and it’s classroom found at The School of Illumination we have a motivational promotion that we are all doing in regards to offering our time and energy to a worthy cause every weekend. This gives you something to do, keeps your body moving, and there’s a positive state of mind that you gain from it, giving back. Give back as much as you can in other ways too. The more good that you do, the better you feel.

9. Relocate-

Last but not least, on top of all of the advice provided in this article here, if you are in an area that is utterly infected with fires and natural disasters then you know that it’s an area of target. Get out of there. Relocate if you can. If it’s not possible, try to make your home life more positive by following the advice in the article by staying busy and volunteering. Stay away from depressing outlets like television and Internet as much as you can. Keep your diet healthy. Exercise. Remove toxic people from your path by distancing yourself a little. But the main idea is, maybe it would be better for you to change locations and start over new in an area that’s not so targeted, and perhaps is a bit more fresh for your vibration. My family and I are getting ready to relocate ourselves as we are here in the East Coast, and the energy in the air is very low and toxic. So we’re going to try to go somewhere that we can feel a difference. Ponder doing that yourself too.

You will want to stay out of major cities were in states that are just bordering other states that are metropolitan areas. You also want to make sure that you live in an area that does not have a lot of cell phone towers, power structures or powerlines. Ask questions about the area that you live. Are there powerlines above or underground? Are there any underground water sources where you live? Underground water can generate electromagnetic energy. Any powerlines that are too close your home can make you feel drained but if there are power structures or plants nearby including cell phone towers, that can start to weaken your energy to where you could even get cancer. Try to also look for areas that are very woodsy with trees in a lot of vegetation. Live close by to a body of water but just not over top of one. Ask if there are military bases or cemeteries nearby as well. I struggle every day of my life because we have a military base for the Army reserves close by on top of, and underground water source, underground powerlines, a cell phone tower that’s only a mile and a half away, and also having a lot of cemeteries in the surrounding area. I swear it is the worst LOL.

You may also want to move to a higher altitude because the air is way fresher up there and should there be any reason that radiation becomes a problem, being of high will help you to not be as affected.

You also want to stay educated, and up to date with the information but again don’t let it bring you down. It’s for awareness. Learn how to use awareness to work around reality and to use super consciousness. It’s hard to reach it, and once you do… it’s hard to maintain it in a world that’s crumbling down. Don’t you see that we are living in the heaviest, most depressing state of society that has ever existed before. Crime is at an all-time high, and people have lost love. Love really was the only thing keeping things going. But you don’t have to lose yours! Keep giving love, and don’t allow the depressing energies to get you. Stay positive, and active. Keep expanding your mind in great knowledge and wisdom. Be the best person you can be. But don’t just expand your mind of the knowledge, use it. Be a righteousness and virtue. When you exhibit the virtues in your every day life, things are so much better.  you will especially find a greater vibration in pursuing different goals and hobbies. Try something new every week. Plan something with a friend or loved one, or your family Weekly that you all can do together that satisfies each person. It’s hard to find balance and a family especially because, everybody wants to do something different and it turns into an argument. Hey I have children I know LOL but talking things through, and working together, everybody can choose something new each week and you can all enjoy getting to know one another’s interests. If you don’t have family or friends, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy life by yourself. I am a loner and my children are getting a bit older to where I don’t have them around nearly as much. While I do have the younger one, before that… I was always by myself. I always did the little hobbies that I posted online for fun. I didn’t care that I was sitting somewhere by myself and neither should you. Actually I think one’s self can be better company anyhow don’t you think?

Good luck to everybody.