Important notices

It is true, that I do a lot of life coaching. Those in life coaching, come for many different reasons. Some want to rehabilitate them self from a bad habit. Some want to spiritually grow. And some just want to learn how to be a better person.

I feel guidance is good for those who are really wanting to go all of the way in their spiritual Illumination . However, not everyone has funds to book life coaching, and I’ll never limit anyone who wants to grow or change. My posts are like daily life coaching for everyone, so that they can have the additional help, advice and inspiration. Everyone who knows me personally, like my family, friends, and even some of my other clients, they all know that I worry about all of the people in my inner circle all day long. From the rise of the sun, and until it’s setting… Yes, I am always peeking into everybody’s lives, trying to find motivation from their spirit guides, to put in my daily posts all over social media. Since many are experiencing similar troubles because they are at a similar level in their growth, it is a very good chance that the guidance in those posts,  will relate to everybody in someway. Sometimes, the guidance is meant for just one particular person specifically and to indirectly get them to feel it pertains to them, and their situation. This is to make them think, and so then they will act on it. That is my way of trying to keep everyone going. Many posts relate to quite a few people at once though.  Sometimes, their for everyone at once. I’m not like other teachers who post what only relates to them, that they like. No. I’ve forgotten about me, to everyone first.

However, I have noticed that sometimes very important posts are not heeded. For an example, throughout the week I have touched base on the Mercury retrograde cycle, and advised everyone tune be careful in their communications with others. I informed everyone,  that they would be feeling testy, and reading into things the wrong way. I mentioned that it would be better to have some time in solitary meditation during this time, instead of being social.

Another thing I advised about pertained to something that I have been warning about since all of the way back from last year. And this was  in regards to attacks then, and coming in the future, what is now the present. I have repeatedly mentioned, that there were/are a lot of negative thought forms and entities released into the air. I don’t try to be on the negative side of things, but while I am preaching about the light and optimism, I still like everyone to be informed of the negativity too… That’s because I don’t want anything jeopardizing  their path, family, or health. They need awareness in order to protect and safeguard them self from harmful energies. With there’s issues:

 1. The factories out there in Switzerland have been playing around with things they shouldn’t be.

2. Portals being opened and and a lot of attacks from Archons.

3.  Gang-Stalking.

4. Planetary Influences.

5. Artificial intelligence.

6. Extraterrestrial energies.

7. Global surveillance.

8. EMF discomfort from not only Earth, but also from wireless energy, the grid, and technology.

9. Low Base Frequencies in Television and Radio.

10. Release of tricksters mentioned recently.

Another thing that I touched base on, was in this week’s tarot reading, on my Facebook business page. It was talking about reevaluating a situation in your life, and looking at it in a way that you have not seen it before. Afterwards, refrain from making decisions for now. And try to not take any action right now. Instead, wait until the right time to do so.  However, some didn’t realize it was pertaining to them, and then forgot about it. That is, until an old situation came up. They made a jump decision, and created a whole load of drama for themselves. And this happened with two of my local clients. Both actually friends, and now enemies. Sure there are more of you out there who are still kind of stuck on something right? The point is, with all of this wonderful guidance, it could have definitely helped others to avoid drama in unfinished situations in their life.

With this, I do have to say that there are many times that I will post on things of that nature, that people need to work on and be aware of. However, it seems like sometimes my posts are ignored. And that is because I will still have a few people reach out and ask what they should do about something, that I had clearly given the advice and within the post. I understand that it may not be happening right at the moment that I put the post up. So then the person will read it, and they will say “oh that’s not me”. And then they will move on about their week. Then in the middle of the week or towards the end, exactly what I had spoken about in the post, will happen to them. But because they dismiss the post in the first place, they forgot about it and did not see that it related to them until I pointed it out after they ask for help. There are so many times that I have to say, “hey that was in the post”. So what I am trying to say is this, even if the post does not relate to you right away, keep it in mind. And that is because it’s either going to relate to you at that time, or a little further into the week, sometimes people experience it in the next week. That is because we are all a collective group, many people are experiencing this reality similarly.

Let’s get back into the Mercury retrograde thing for a minute. Mercury is retrograde cycle creates conflict. It is a very heavy and intense energy. Things are spoken out directly and bluntly, and also read into negatively to. For an example you may get the wrong idea that someone is not supporting you anymore in your life, just because they gave you the direct truth. You may feel that somebody is deliberately trying to hurt your feelings or plot against your back. Things that you feel are negative during this time, really may not be. It’s a heavy energy that creates a lot of problems in relationships and communications, that’s for sure. It also creates a little bit of paranoia. And that is because Mercury relates to the element of air. The element of air relates the thoughts. And that is why intuition isnot so greatly useful during these times. That is because your intuition may be interrupted by the judgments of your thoughts. And if your thoughts are disrupted because of  Mercury’s cycle, then you’re definitely going to pick up on things the totally wrong way. It’s better to just be open and honest, and a kind and sweet manner. You may have to walk on egg shells, but isn’t worth it to conserve relationships? If you feel that you read into things negatively, just ask the person directly and with love. One cycle of mercury going in retrograde , is not worth you were losing a cherished person in your life over.

Even though I already explained this, there were many people who had gotten into confrontations with others any help because they did not listen to the post. There were many people who were friends, who now felt some type away towards their friend because the energy of mercury made them feel as if they were against them.

Now getting into the negative energy that I mentioned last year and into this year, and then into one of my posts, there is a lot of negative energy and entities attacking. Many people are experiencing some severe energy drains, mood swings, pain, nausea, hot and cold flashes, as well as being extremely tired. Many are also feeling a strange vibe around them in the air, and experiencing a little bit of bad luck. This is no joke. I keep saying we’re living in a period of tribulation. Even though you feel like you are safe there in your own little home and surroundings, you’re not. If you don’t have protection when you’re going to be affected by this. I say all of the time.already, I have had six people contact me this week, having felt this way. Some of them even had the issue long before this week but just never sought to figure out a way to get rid of it. They confused it for it being something wrong with their health. The electromagnetic energy of earth is heavier than ever. Then you also have a lot of entities swarming like a beehive in the air around you. This will cause strange and uncomfortable dreams. Weird visitors, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, as well as arguments and negativity from the people in your life. You will feel like you were sick or suffering from some kind of abdominal issue, because all of the negativity is trying to pass from your body. And since it does not have a healer to release it, it’s trying to come out as toxins. You are made with many particles of energy vibrating at 3-D. Therefore even though you believe you are physical, spirits around you know that you are not. They can send energy that can just walk right into your aura and then you were late body and then create pain. While your body is trying to fight it off, there are no other outlets except through The solar plexus and if there something wrong with your solar plexus, then it’s going to push the energy down into your intestines and it could feel like it’s creating issues in the reproductive areas.until you can get the energy out of there, you will find that you have really bad gas and stomach cramps,  as well as nausea. You’ll feel extremely tired during the day and then have a great period of energy during the evening that will then fade out again before the night is over.

Your spiritual centers are responsible for cleansing out toxins that are ready to get trapped in your body of light. This is so they cannot get inside and create health hazards and issues. But if your spiritual centers are off-balance because of the heavy energy itself I’m in then it’s not going to do a good job of cleansing you. You will need someone to help you. The energy can also create migraine headaches and pains in your neck or shoulders.

So what I am trying to say in this post is, that many of my posts that I add up on social media should be listened to. It’s for your best interest and to help you avoid uncomfortable situations one way or the other. It also helps you to know how to change other things going on in your life as well, if there is a need to. Right now many people are being spirituallyattacked and also messing up their communications due to the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury is retrograde cycle can definitely hurt your spiritual centers too alone, because you’re overthinking things or taking things personally, upset the balance. Whenever you are using more energy in one place than the others, it can definitely set your spiritual centers off of their aligned frequency. Animals and kids are more susceptible to these attacks especially because their energy is pure and innocent.

For an example there have been so many negative energies floating around and trying to attack everyone, that my children and my animals all got pains in their stomachs and started throwing up. There were other elements brought into the situation of course, but upon talking to a couple of other people out there, they were also experiencing the same things. Once you let your spiritual centers misalign, Then you become vulnerable if you do not have any protection. That is because negative entities look to enter in. That means thru upset vibrations as well. It’s a noon and given fact that spirits always attack those who are weak in spirit. Having your chalk is out of balance can definitely cause that. That is why they try to create illness, depression, anger, or upset in there targeted victims. Feelings of suicide will also sometimes be present. You have to take care of your spiritual Audi. And that is because you are not really a physical body at all. All of your energy and light, comes together to make you who you are, and really it is all just Atoms. They can be greatly upset if you are not careful.

So I just ask you your best interest and because I love you, to listen to the post that I put up. If you need help for anything, you can always come to me as I will always be here for you. Take care of yourself and those around you. I know a lot of people who come for help for themselves and forget their children or their pets. And seeing how my children and pets were affected by the negative energies as of late, I definitely thought I could add that in years mind everyone. My family doesn’t use protection grades only because my entire  houseas a grade on it, and everyone is usually cleanse before coming back in the home. Visitors are also cleanse when they enter and exit too.  And not through using Sage all of the time. Sage sometimes does not always help.but yes our home is very safe unless I drop the protection for whatever reason. And I did have to do that recently, to help another client of mine in Luring a spirit away from their home while they stopped by. Bringing the spirit here, and then dropping inside of my protection grid, makes it hard for it to escape until I’m able to disintegrate it. However in that process it seems, that my children and animals were affected so very quickly by it. It hadn’t even been here all that long in there they were sick and vomiting. After I cleanse them and removed whatever energy bodies were trying to violate their sacred space, I then had gotten any emails from people who were also fighting off their own. And that’s what made me think to write this, because I feel sometimes if the articles we listen to, and pride could be put down for a few moments, then everyone would find safety and healing as well as reassurance. I say pride, because many will read things like this and say “nope that’s not me I’m a light worker I’m too strong for that to happen”. But the truth is you can be a great beacon of light, and spirits are always drawn to that late because they are lacking of their own. Spirits live feeding off of the energy of others, and the brighter the better. So please take my advice and safeguard yourself during this very trying time. Just like it was said that there would be entities released to miss lead the inhabited earth, now is that time. It reminds me of back when King Solomon was rolling. There had been a magician that had opened up the portal and Rome, releasing all of the Jinn. Solomon mastered them and enslaved them. But, it was destined to happen again as it was for told. And there are so many, Ancestral, generational, earth spirits, malicious elementals, governmental energy, electromagnetic low based frequencies, jinn, demons, extraterrestrial, interdimensional, and Astral. Also, you never know who is thinking something negatively about you, and that energy can definitely travel through the connections in the collective to reach you. You can even attack your own self, with negative thinking that then comes right back to you through your toroidal flow.

In conclusion, safeguard yourself from negative influences, and Mercury is retrograde cycle. Even when Mercury turns direct, there are still many entities in the atmosphere, looking to devour those that they will claim as victims, just like a hungry lion looking for prey. I am always here for any of you who need the help or assistance. Please just contact me if you are in need, and don’t hesitate to reach out. But yes listen to the posts. This way you can avoid situations from taking place, and have an easy-going time all the way through. It would definitely avoid any kind of feelings of illness, drains ,irritability, pain and even flu like symptoms. But most of all it will keep you spiritually healthy.

Just as an ending new, if you do end up getting any kind of healing or cleansing with me, be sure to drink plenty of water. This helps your body to release the toxic negative energy, whether it is creating feelings of illness or pain, or a spiritual attack. It’ll help you to feel much better.