Interdimensional Travel

Laws Of Inter-Dimensional Travel

When traveling interdimensionally, be sure to let go of all negative anchors at the time. You should release them permanently anyhow for your soul’s sake of evolution. However, if you are carrying any negativity at the time that yo pass through, you could infected the other realms with some of the Earth’s negative virus. Even a small amount can affect an entire realm, and grow into something much larger later on.


Be sure to shield and protect. create a bubble around your light body. If positive, your light body may be protection enough on it’s own, depending on the vibration.  If you are unsure about whether you have enough of a vibration to chase away any parasites, then shield anyway. 

Do not engage with too many beings. Interfering with too many places and beings, can leave a lasting impact, that could change their time (if they abide by it), and influence their world which may be very different according to their laws, beliefs, and ways.

Be careful not to jump up and down in the levels of the dimensions. Going too high, and then low, and back up high again, can hurt your light body. Each light body has its own vibration. Each realm has their own too. Having too many currents of energy running through your body, can be damaging to your light body. Imagine a light bulb with jumper cables attached to it. You are a light source, but that does not mean you can not be harmed. Your light body will transition from it, but coming back into a physical form is what is dangerous. It could make you feel weak, by bringing back a light body that has an altered vibration that the physical form is not used to.

Always be honest and truthful of your findings. These worlds did not ask for visitors, and they too would like privacy. However, it does not change the fact that others can and will travel in and out. Many do, from all over. So, at least being honest of what is seen, is a respectful way to show you have good will towards all that exist. Many lie. I have heard some who claim traveling or channeling, that were making the whole thing up. I also saw others who made up stories, and made a race who was kind, look like they were malicious, simply due to being afraid of how they looked. The traveler merely judged by appearance, and made it seem like there was threat, and left fear in others afterwards. This made it hard for the beings to make contact, with the stereotype attached.

 Have no judgments, and be sure your consciousness is ready. What you will see is nothing like this place. There are strange things out there, only because they are very different. Some will look a but scary according to what Earthlings have classified as frightening, but be harmless none the less. This is why you must forget everything that you think you that you know already, before going out of this matrix. This is why your consciousness should be ready first. Your vibration has to be higher than Earth’s to leave Earth anyhow. Those heading off into the astral worlds, will find that they can do with great ease. But the higher planes? Those are harder to get to, and harder to get back from. If your vibration is to low, you will not make it. If you get there and your vibrations raises up too high, and you do not know how to lower it back down, then you will not come back. It is tricky work.

The last thing he mentioned, is that anyone who traveling, must not disclose the secrets of how to do so, to those who are not ready yet. Metatron exclaims that there were many who came in and out, who had corrupt agendas, and used the wisdom and honor, to violate other beings, their secrets, technological studies, and use it for greedy gain on Earth. Wisdom is knowledge after all, and many can use it for their own purposes. Be careful to respect the realms this way.  I left him with his last words, which were “Tell them to be careful, not to bring a hitchhiker back with you too”.

Out there there are many entities who purposely float in the “in betweens”, and looking for access into another reality. They can not gain it, without a gateway. Latching onto a travelling  light body, would be the exact gateway that they needed. Once in our world, they would be invisible energy as they are not of this “programming”, but they could still have access into the energy here. Usually, they latch on to the aura (electromagnetic field around a physical body), and they will consume the energy. Afterwards, they would implant thoughts and weaken the person.  That weakness could leave them open for other entities who can travel through the realities, and also spirits who live in the planes of earth’s dimensions too. Some of them thrive on that type of energy. It is very harmful.