Is Earth Flat?

Much speculation on the “Flat Earth Theory” has been highly popularized lately in mainstream. I am always the first to say, that you can not always trust what is online. However, with this particular subject, I feel many are only seeing for the way that this idea is presented on the surface. I told many of my students before, even though much seems to be open now in terms of spiritual teachings, it is in fact still being covered up with new terms of symbolism. Like this concept right here. Let’s find out the truth, which is again, hidden in plain sight.


If you compare photos of the earth taken from space throughout time, you will notice many discrepancies. First to point out, there are no stars in the older photography.  With the technology that was available back then, it would had been hard to edit out all of the stars. Also, why would they want to? It can not be explained away with excuses such as, it being the angles, or the camera. The camera is fine. If it captured the other sources of light, it would had also captured the billions of stars that should had been in the background. But, it obviously did not.

Also, if you notice some of the shadows are placed in incorrect location. The earth too, looks extremely different in every photo between then and now. And also, if the satellite is the one taking the pictures for us to view, then who is taking a picture of the satellite itself? These are valid questions. Our editing software in today’s world, there have been graphics made of fake nebulas that so closely resemble real ones too. In the beginning of man’s quest to travel the globe and seek other lands and answers, they too from navigating by the stars, thought that the Earth was “flat”.  Something doesn’t seem quite right. We can notice and point out many things from the past, to today, that do not seem to line up right. But what does all of this mean?

First, lets find out where this idea is coming from. Number one, we know that everything that anyone has ever known, is a lie. We only just recently had it confirmed, that this is a holographic world. If that is so, how do we exist? Well, this truth would mean that we are simply just one form of consciousness, living in another that vibrates at another vibration made for the reality and experience we entered into. To be visible, we would need an image to be seen, and a world all around. We would also need a platform for all of that to project off of, in order for us to actually have those images. To go further, in spiritual esoteric teachings, they often mention “The Spiritual Planes”. What is a plane? A plane is a flat area in which one point is made to connect to another. Two points that connect, define the 2nd dimension. If we live on Earth in 3D, and this is merely a spiritual plane, then that is implying that we live on a flat area, with points connecting from one to the other. Is that true though?


Look at the above picture. In that picture, it is demonstrating what a 3D projection looks like. We have multiple planes here. Those above us, are what I call, the Higher Planes. The 2nd dimension, is flat. Totally. One point to the other, no depth. How did we get that depth? Well, two, 2nd dimensional planes, would have to overlap with space in between, in order for the depth.  Therefore, 3rd dimensional beings are existing between 2D and 4D, in order to achieve 3D space. The imagery of our world is able to have depth, and make a complete 360 degree turn, due to existing in between those two flat spaces which are overlapped. This is why in the course, I had taught that there are multiple planes and subplanes. Like the layers of an onion. One layer looks complete, but when you look more closely, that thick layer is made of several thinner ones. We need those subplanes, for depth.  Let’s look at a 3D model.


Looking at the 3D model, what do you see? A cube? No, really what do see? Look deeper? Well, if you can not see it, for 3D, you see a top flat area, a bottom flat area, but look… There are also two flat areas on either side. What are those? Those flat areas to the sides, are barriers blocking humans from parallel worlds.  The veils if you will, between existence.  Humans exist within these barriers, which is why it is difficult to gain access into the other realities.  How does this answer the “Flat Earth Theory”? It doesn’t. Not just yet.  Observing the model of the 4D space, and this would be the space located above that top area, what do you see?  It is a fold in the space. Take a look at the Earth’s Grid now.  earth-grid

With the earth’s grid, that is all that we see! Many folds in the reality, multiplied beyond just 4D space.  The flower of life pattern confirms this even more.  The flower of life pattern shows the vibration of energy in which our frequency exists on. When you draw dimensional shapes, you have to connect lines from one point to the next in many ways, until the shape is formed. Well, if that is the case, then what is making the lines for this dimensional shape? Energy! Better yet, consciousness!

earth light grid

Strings of energy are responsible for connecting the points, to make the dimensional space. These vibrations travel as light does, and it replicates. Therefore, String Theory is very real. I can vouch for this as I have channeled other experiences for people, that are happening right now, at the same time. However, the one thing that makes our space different here and in other 3D realities , is that  the vibrations only travel forward and out, and not backward, back in. That is how it is, on all 3D spaces on this plane. That is why, 3D beings experience movement forward in time, and not backwards in time.  However, it changes a bit in the higher planes, because the vibration travels forward, and backward, because of that curve in the space that 4D allows. It allows the vibration to loop back. This is why I tell everyone that channeling is a bit different for me, since I am not working with psychic abilities that are confined by this space. I see past, present and future, and since I see it as if it is all happening right now, my readings can sometimes have results in one, the other or all, and it may not be obvious at the time. I also can stop time, speed up time, and even experience invisibility as a result of the higher plane access that my consciousness exists on.  I sometimes have no idea where I am at in 3D time at all due to this. Sometimes days have flown by without my realizing. But back to the lesson, once you get beyond the barrier of that top 3D area, you enter into the 4th dimension. The curve that exists there, it wraps back around. However, it does this on all sides. There is no longer a closed barrier on all sides there.

This shows you all something… That 3D is restricted. The 3D beings within all 3D space, are contained in a space that does not allow entry or exiting into that space. This is why we call it, Metatron’s Cube. Metatron by definition means, Barriers.  Yes, 3D space has barriers that prevent coming and going, in the physical form. How do other dimensional beings visit then? Well, this is an easy question. If the 3D form is only made for this space, is it true that beings in other spaces are also only made for those spaces? It depends on what those spaces and barriers are made of. We know that they are like all beings in the Universe, made of consciousness. They seem to not be limited by their space of form though, and without taking on a new one while visiting, they would only appear as energy, light, or in other terms, consciousness. Therefore, they would be able to come and go, but only by means of consciousness. They would appear in the vibration of their natural state. At a 4D vibration, they would not be visible to those who are only consciously taught to see in 3D.  Most humans here are, because of the information that is in this reality, that humans connect to, in order to synchronize with this world to experience it. Once a person has let go of that one perception, and they are taught to see in another, they can start to experience other beings, if they are there.

If you decided to simply call out to one, would be obligated to come to you? Just because you wanted it to? No. that is right. Other beings communicate when they wish, and with someone that they know can receive the whole message through being able to understand those planes and their intelligence. The intelligence is different there, due to the vibration, and the curves and what exists within those curves. This is why the Masonic teachings, place alot of focus on mirror images. In the other spaces of 3D, and 4D, there are angles and curves in those realities that are only part visible to those who can communicate with them here. For those at a higher level of consciousness, we can see them in their entirety.  However, this is why I have taught you all that these entities do not look normal to what 3D beings are used to, and it gets even more bizarre the higher that you go. However, there are ways to work on your consciousness to begin the journey.  It goes back to things that I have said throughout time. You have to ascend, and awaken to each first. Look at the tree of life.


As you can see, the tree of life, has right there in its core, the cube itself. This is proof, that you have to ascend up the tree, in order to break through Metatron’s cube. Many of the ascended master either came here already having access, and leaving that access encoded into the DNA, or they had to come, and travel through life, in order to learn how to do it once again. There are many levels of consciousness in the tree of life that one has to master to be completely ready. Without that wisdom and outlook, they will only grow in knowledge here. I am not trying to rain on everyone’s parade here, truly. I am just giving you all the honesty that no one else would. Many here who learned alot and studied spirituality, have only just expanded their consciousness more int his reality here. When you take in knowledge, you are learning about here, and things that pertain to here. But are you learning beyond here, in order to get to the next step? I designed my courses to do exactly that. It is in stages, and it does take time. However, one who really wants illumination, they know that this takes building within your inner world of consciousness, that you can expand to the world of consciousness without, until you no longer relate to this world anymore.  That take time.  No one goes into an elevator on the first floor, and suddenly rockets up 10 stories. No, in fact, you have to stop at each floor to observe it, see it, understand it, before you get to your desired destination. One big clue is this, if you are confined to the physical laws here, then you are still in the cube my friend. Those from higher planes can live in multiple dimensions at once. However, if you are still confined and can not get beyond physical existence, then you will only ever learn and grow more in physical existence only.

If you notice though, there is not only just one cube in the tree of life. There is the one that you are on now. In truth, there is one above this one too. What does mean? Well, it means that there is another reality, way higher than this one, that experiences another greater form, of an even greater size. This is where your higher self consciousness exists. There, you transcend your old ways, outlooks, wisdom, and form, to embrace a greater one. The tree of life only pertains to earth’s structure though. What is beyond that?Let’s talk about that another time. I can say in the meantime, that if the tree of life is within the  vibrational matrix of one reality complex, then you can be sure that billions and billions of more cubes are out there, located all over the web of light, that is our vibrational pattern. This means that the structure of Earth’s reality complex would resemble something much like the diagram below instead. That is because the only areas that could house a reality would be in the cubes.


What about the flower of life though? That is the frequency of our reality is it not? Yes. However, realities only exist in the cubes as I stated. In those curves, we find time and some other things. I call these, the In-betweens. This is because there, time, and loop holes are found, rather than a reality itself. Traveling in the curves would continue to cycle you around within the streaming energy that holds data, and not in the actual realities themselves. The Wheels within Wheels, as Metatron himself called them when he described his experience beyond the barriers of this space. Well, in other terms. usually, the wisdom of Metatron can be applied to many things at once, because he is the scribe of the Data, in between. I personally call these “veils between worlds” myself. The spiritual veil for the crossing over of the deceased, is one of those,  This is why many who pass on and end up there, repeat old memories on constant replay. They have called this purgatory.

So how does this answer the question on whether the earth is flat? If you were caught on to the lesson, it is not the Reality complex that is flat. It is actually the platforms above and below, and to both sides, that are flat. 3D beings exist in the space in between. What are human in between? 2D, as the floor, and the lower level of 3D as the ceiling. Then, parallel 3D realities on both sides. This means that my model is correct. Because if this 3D space has the two sides, and there are parallel 3D spaces there, this means that they too, are constructed of the same cube structure too.  Times infinite. As above, is also so below. So the reality is made of cubes running forward and backwards, as well infinite cubes above, and infinite cubes above that etc. With curves and bends adding space to loop around, our actual reality complex  looks like the photo below, however only from perspective.


My model was showing this reality and its many layers and parallels. However, looking at this photo, doe sit give you any ideas of what else it reminds you of? Back to older lessons, I had explained that energy is light, light is consciousness. Consciousness stores intelligence in the form of  creation codes, and while there are ones for this reality complex, there are total different ones for others. Not everything that you learn here  will pertain to the others. With consciousness, it exists on frequency. Frequency can be translated into those codes, and in this 3D world, they can even be translated into sound and shapes. Existence is defined by light traveling infinitely, holding intelligence within barriers.  Some have likened it to artificial intelligence. But I reassure you, that it is not artificial. It is very much alive.

So to answer the questions out there as to whether we live on a flat Earth. We live in between two flat planes that give us 3D space. So yes, in a sense. Everything that you see around you, is only the perception that you were given to live by, see, and experience, by the codes of the reality itself. What you see, doesn’t mean that it is actually what really is there. Many had thought that people were claiming the planet itself  to be flat. However, now you can see, it was just another surface presentation of a deeper truth.

I hope that you will join us for the next course, Lightology, coming up in September. We are going to go deeper and learn how to start actually seeing what is really there, and learning how to use it. See you there!